From Day to Night

Picking out a fashionable work outfit can be relatively easy. Picking out an outfit that transitions from day to night can be really difficult. Let's say you have an event to attend after work or you have a hot date after work. Surely you can't wear a mini dress to work nor can you wear a librarian type outfit on your date. As always i have come up with some tips on how to go from day to night in a snap :-)

  • Change up your make up. Add Lipstick or lip gloss: Some people are general "lipstick wearers" but there are certain colors that are not suited for work. To go from day to night , wear brighter colors , such a red and pink if your skin tone allows it. Add BOLD Eye shadows.

  • Swap your workbag with a cute chic clutch. Be prepared to store the clutch in your larger bag until you are ready. Also, if you have a medium size bag that has removable straps , it will do fine :-) That is   like having two bags in one.
  •  L.B.D :Remeber this would be "a great little investment?" There you go. Let's say in the daytime you wore your L.B.D, with an open jacket with opaque leggings and a belt of your choice. All you have to do is, simply remove the leggings and the jacket , and depending on your style you can either choose to wear the belt or not. I would wear like a skinny belt with embellishments just to make my outfit pop.

 Above is a style guide on ways you can go from day to night. In this picture , a floral strapless dress was paired with an open front cardigan for the daytime look. For the night time look , the jacket was removed , a statement ring , a dangle necklace , a gold watch and a clutch were added. Not to confuse you , but the jeans are for a more casual day to night look  ... in one. Sometimes most companies will have "Casual Friday". For this look a pair of  straight leg jeans was paired with the same open front cardigan, deep v- cut pumps , gold watch and dangle necklace. As i said , it depends on your style , you decide what you want to add or take away.

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