Fall Trends 2011

"How you doin" ? I was watching the Wendy Williams Show last night and saw them showcasing the popular trends for this fall. I decided to do a mock-up of what they displayed .. you know the cheaper version. The whole aim of that particular segment was to display trends under USD 100. In Jamaica that's like over $8000 for one particular piece , they did not say they had all the pieces together for $100. So here i go :

Stars and Polka dots :

Well , it takes a really bold and adventurous girl to pull this look off. Well the "stars" at least . Ok , so i would buy scarves and tights in these ( in black of course) as i said these two patterns are a bit "busy". Scarves typically go from $500 - $1500. And tights are really cheap, generally from $400 - $1200.


Both Lilly Allen and Katie Holmes are right on point with trend.

Flannel :

Yup , they have "revived" flannel for fall. It became dormant for a hot minute , but it is back with a bang. This time it is not limited to clothing. Flannel appears in accessories and so on. OK , I'm sure we all have at least one flannel shirt, simply add some accessories , and it will be as good as new. These go from$800 - $1500.

Red and Black flannel headband. I see twinsies , Both Mary-Kate and Ashley are on point. As per usual :-)

Lace :

There is nothing more sensual yet delicate like lace. This season , it is not limited to lingerie. Lookout for really cute booties. If you  have an account with Sole Society or Shoedazzle , now is the perfect time for you to update your show room.

Okay, so these are not really "cheap" right? But, the first picture is actually of Louboutins which are under USD 100 btw! and the second pair are Givenchy lace booties. But aren't they just sooo cute :-)

Bow Ties /Ties :

This is deemed as the "Dandy Girl Look" . The Dandy Girl trend was derived from the 20th century and its main proponent was Coco Chanel. She mixed the tailored masculine look with a more feminine fitted look. This can be linked to "Androgynous" . This is where women with similar boys types as men , are able to be styled as men .. get it? So this look is really popular this season.

Both looks are being showcased here. There is the look with the bow tie , and also with the regular neck tie. This look can of course be "toned down". If you add a simple button down shirt , you can simply add a bow tie or regular neck tie.

Dangle Necklace :

Last season it was all about chokers and statement necklaces. This season however , the dangle necklace is totally in. The one used on the Wendy Williams Show was from Rich Rocks. He has three diffrent metals , gold, silver and a mixture of both.

These are not from Rich Rocks, but they are a much cheaper alternative. Any dangle necklace would do fine.

Disclaimer : The pictures used in this post are not my own , they are from various websites. They serve as visual images of the trends being discussed.

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