"Crack a bottle"

Does anyone remember the CoverGirl Crackle nail lacquers?  Well , they popped up like 5 years ago in most beauty stores and they came out of style as quickly as they came in. However! Crackle Polish is back with a vengeance. This nail polish has been revamped and there is also a lot more variety.This new fun nail trend is quick and easy to do and you can have salon quality nails in as little as 15 minutes depending on how quickly you can paint. This look can be achieved in 3 easy steps. Yes , you heard me right . 1-2-3 easy steps :-)

 Above is a video from Youtube of a "Crackle Nail demonstration" . This video tutorial takes a little more time than my easy steps , but it's always great to learn something new. Knowledge can never be too much.


Step 1 : Paint Base coat.
  • It can be any regular nail polish , and will serve as sort of the "background colour" of the nail.Please make sure your nails are clean.

Step 2 : Paint on Crackle Coat

  • Make sure your base color has completely dried. Simply paint the "Crackle Polish" on , then watch to see like magic as it forms that "crackle look". If you want a more lasting look , paint on another coat of the crackle polish.

Step 3 : Paint top Coat.
  • This can be any regular top coat. In Jamaica we know this as " the clear/natural colour nail polish". Thats the one that goes on top. This will give it that glossy salon look.

 If you dare to be different , mix it up with bold colours. For example , if your base coat was red , you may choose a yellow "crackle colour".

This look is so easy , fun, cool and creative. I guarantee you that people will stare in amazement at your beautiful nails. Below is a small gallery of the "crackle look".

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