The Best Fall Skirts for your Shape

I know most women spend the least amount of time and money picking out skirts. This my be because they feel that skirts rarely compliment their figures.  It is time to go shopping for the style that makes the most out of that hot body you're hiding. I will be highlighting 4 body shapes in this post.

A little tummy

Lets face it , we are far from perfect. The battle of the bulge is one of the major problems facing most women. This can be disguised by skirts that have waistebands. It would be good if you can find a skirt that has a dark waistband. An angled skirt would also be good because it draws the eyes down. The focus will be on your legs and torso , but not your tummy.

Petite and or Curvy

It is so hard to find skirts for short people. Omg! ( I'm short so i know) . If you find one that really fits you , the length will be totally off. It is either it is too long or it is too short. I like to get skirts that fits higher up at the waistline because it gives the illusion of longer legs , while the waistband also accentuates my small waist.

Plus Size

Most plus size women tend to shy away from wearing skirts because they feel they are exposing too much of their body. The trick is to wear skirts that are at least 2 inches below the knees. Also , stay away from prints and horizontal stripes. Focus on skirts that you can move the waistband upwards. A high waisted skirt will do fine.

Straight up and Down

Pleats give the illusion of curves . They will fill you out more and give you a more womanly figure. Skirts with ruching may add a little oomph to your straight figure . Also , try to find skirts that have bright colours. Remember darker colours slims you down , and you already have a straight frame.

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