"Finding the perfect bag is like finding the perfect boyfriend, it should be reliable and suit all your needs".

Bags come in various styles , colors and shapes. I have broken down the most important categories of bags that you will need to build your wardrobe. As i always say , we are all different and have different opinions and needs. The categories I've selected can  be deemed as the "basics".

The Everyday Bag

This is your "go to  bag". It should be big enough to hold all your important items and it should also be stylish yet functional. I would advise that you stay away from patent leather. This material is not durable and it cracks when exposed to sunlight over a period of time. It would be smart to set aside some money and invest in 100% top quality leather bag. " its a good little investment :-)

The Evening Bag

This is deemed as your special ocassion bag. It will not be worn everyday. This bag , though generally small , should be able to hold your essential items. Money , lipgloss , tampons , a small cellphone  and a small camera. I really like the ones that have a little pocket on the inside. That way , nothing will ever get lost.

The Over sized Clutch

 As I've already said , we all have different opinions and different needs. The reason why i decided to add this bag is because i kinda like a more polished look. I go to a lot of networking events and i like to look a bit professional as well as fashionable. For me , the over sized clutch is like a polished version of my "everyday bag". I also like the fact that it holds all my important stuff and it doesn't give me that weird "burden" on my shoulder like the everyday bag does.

The Tote

Ahh ... "old faithful" , With this bag , you can do a whole lot of stuff and it is waaaaaaaaay big enough to hold all your essential items .. and more. I use this bag for school because it is really strong and it can hold all those heavy books and any other miscellaneous items i might have. Most people use a tote for the beach , but there is nothing wrong with that. This is a multi functional bag . It is auh mazing!

The Travel Bag

This is a bag used obviously for traveling or outings. This one can be a bit tricky. It should be big enough to hold all your essential items. But the bag itself should be light enough for you to carry around. Remember , you will be taking all your everyday items with you .. plus more I'm sure , so the travel bag you select must make sense. Asin ... there are some bags that carry a lot of weight themselves even when there is nothing in them. Pick a suitable bag that you are sure you will be able to manage to carry around.

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