Shopping Tips

We all shop! Whether its for clothes or groceries. You DO NOT have to be a fashionista to shop. With that being said, I've come up with a list of tips and tricks to get the most out of your shopping experience.
  • Be sure to have a pre-prepared list of all the items you think you might NEED. Shopping without a list is like cooking without a recipe! D-I-A-S-T-R-O-U-S. In these economic times , a list is essential.
  • Pre-shop : So you've made your list , now its time to see which stores have the items you need in stock.You also get to see which store has the best deals. Its crazy to run around like a headless chicken not knowing where things are. Take my advice and PRE-SHOP! Designate a few hours even.

  • Set a budget! AS i said, times are tough. You will always work out better when you have a set amount of money in mind to spend. 
  • Wear comfortable, sensible clothing. Try to stay away from layered pieces. Remember , you will be trying on tons of clothes. Jeans and a top will do fine, or a nice dress. "Easy Off".
  • Be sure to carefully inspect your garments. ( It is your right  as consumer to receive quality goods)
  • Do NOT shoplift! That is a crime and you will get caught
  • Do NOT dress like a homeless person ( you will be followed).
  • Do NOT get doubles! Juts because something looks good. It dosn't mean you have to get its twin. ( i'm just saying)
Remember : " A well dressed woman with nothing to say is just a mannequin with DNA".

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