How To keep your whites bright

Washing white clothing can be quite fickle. There is obviously a weird chemical imbalance created with sweat a cotton t -shirt and deodorant.There is always an unsightly yellow residue. I have come up with a list of tips and tricks to keep your whites looking oh so auh mazing :-)

The Jamaican Way : In Jamaica, we have a blue bar soap known as "cake soap". This small bar of soap is quite potent. It is used to wash whites and delicates. Here is how it works:

  • First, create a lather at the armpits of your favourite white garment and all other areas where stains are visible.
  • Make sure the shirt has been properly lathered. There should be 100% effervescent rate ( Bubbles).
  • In a small wash pan , filled with water , add half cork of bleach.
  • Place lathered shirt in partially bleached water.
  • For best results, place wash pan in the sun for around 15 minutes and cover it with a clear plastic. If you want your shirt to be really white. Let the wash pan stand for over night.Also, if you are like me and are not "domesticated" there is the option of buying the cake soap in white. This will eliminate that "bluish" look
Soak the stained area in hydrogen peroxide. Be sure to dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water , this is because hydrogen is a really strong solution.

For machine wash :
  • Add two aspirins in the water. Make sure the machine is at least half way full. Aspirin contains Acetysalicylic Acid. This acid creates a sort of counter reaction with the perspiration stain and eliminates it.

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