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The Haute Lifestyle was launched in September 2011 as a Fashion Blog and has grown into a Lifestyle Blog. The Term “Haute” can be defined as “Fashionably Elegant” or of High Quality.

This blog looks at topics from Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Hair Trends, Pop Culture as well as exciting new features every month. A favorite among our readers is “Behind The Seams where influential people from the Creative Industries are featured.
Haute People are Smart, Bold, Creative and Individualistic. If you have an innate passion for Lifestyle, Fashion and all things current, you are HAUTE.

Our Team

Lorane “Rane” Rhoden, Founder - Madame Haute

Lorane has come a long way since doing various Summer Jobs in The Creative Industries. Working in a Fast paced environment was not something that was in the stars, as she started out wanting to become a Medical Doctor or Pediatrician. As fate would have it, while pursuing her B.A at The University of the West Indies, Rhoden soon discovered that she had an innate “passion for fashion” and loved to express herself by writing. The only sure way to combine these two loves was to create a blog. This blog has somehow grown into a small empire which now offers marketing services as well as Styling. Rhoden recently plans to launch an Online Lifestyle Magazine at the end of 2017 that will be an extension of the Blog to be released 3 times per year.

Favorite Fashion Memory: When I was invited to the Mission Catwalk Season 2 Launch Party. I felt like I had accomplished something truly amazing. It meant that my blog was being read because I was invited through it. That moment I looked around the room and saw some of Jamaica’s Top Models, Media Personalities and all the “important people” in the country, It felt truly amazing to be one of the guests.

Blog Tip: Do your research! Don’t steal other peoples work or photos and call them as your own.  Also, PROMOTE , PROMOTE , PROMOTE!!! and PROMOTE some more. Lastly, just be yourself -- everyone else is already taken.

Instagram: @the_hautelifestyle

Natasha Parkins | Photographer - Lady Natz

Zo Tulloch | LifeStyle Contributor - The Model

Zo Leah Tulloch (born November 18, 1997) is a model, dancer, blogger, music enthusiast and culinary student. Zo is also a self-proclaimed foodie.


She is a graduate of Campion College and is currently taking a gap year from her tertiary education to pursue her modelling and writing dream.  She launched Zoleah Cafe which is a cold pressed juicery, smoothie bar, vegan and vegetarian cafe. 

Instagram: @zoleahcafe

Dale Stephenson | Photographer - Missa Dale

Dwayne K. Smith | Photographer - Mr. Vibes

Dwayne is the newest addition to our team and his portfolio is quite extensive.

Haute People does not support Cyber Bullies or any form of discrimination. If you can't be nice... get lost :-)