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Rihanna x Kendrick Lamar = Loyalty

Monday, July 31, 2017

Rihanna is trending again for another successful collab but this time with Kendrick Lamar. The video for their single Loyalty premiered last Thursday on YouTube and is already a major hit!

The video opens with a ferocious dog barking in what looks like a dark alley. It's eyes reflect a bright light that looks as if it has been charmed/charged to attack those who come close to it. The scene transitions with what looks like "a pleasure party" with scantily clad women dancing around the singer who appears to be blindfolded. Think a modern day Bonnie and Clyde type of vibe with a dark hip hop/rap twist and you get the concept of "Loyalty".

The imagery is strong in this one and is deep and definitely not for shallow thinkers. There were scenes where people were seen sinking into a nether region--sunken place or nah?? We the viewers are left to decide. With each situation that arises Kendrick is tempted to stray but remains loyal to his beau (Rihanna) hence the name of the song.

Since it's release, the video has garnered over 15 million views and continues to grow day after day. One thing we know for sure is that women will be heavily influenced by Rihanna's hair, make-up and outfit (as they always do) for the Summer.

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Island Grill launches Supaah Food Menu

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jamaica's healthiest quick service restaurant Island Grill yesterday launched their Supaah Food Menu at their upper Manor Park location in Kingston. 

The Supaah Food menu option is an extension of Island Grill's philosophy of "Eat Good, Live Good" which was in high demand by customers to fit in with the health and fitness trend. The supaah food menu is a mix of locally grown Jamaican "comfort foods" like green bananas and pumpkin paired with signature items like jerked and barbecue chicken. For the first time in QSR history, Island Grill is setting the trend by offering a vegan option dubbed "Jus Food" which is 100% plant based.

The event commenced with Island Grill's chairman Howard Mitchell who introduced the new offerings in a light-hearted manner as he also expressed "consuming a Supaah Food meal as a conscious choice for a better Jamaica and a better you" as media, farmers and members of the Jamaica food and beverage industries tuned in intently.

The Supaah Food Menu came in perfect timing with the Corporate Challenge Campaign launched just last week by Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Chris Tufton that encourages Jamaicans to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day and to incorporate healthy eating. Thalia Lyn signed on as one of the corporate persons who will participate in the challenge with response to a need to reduce non-communicable diseases like hypertension that affects 79 % of Jamaicans. Ms. Lyn remarked that she was excited to share their new range of healthy Jamaican Foods and each meal is prepared fresh daily. Liewelyn Grant Small Farmer and supplier to Island Grill for several years spoke profoundly of Ms. Lyn's continued support and interest of Small Farmers on the Island. Other speakers included members of the Food and Beverage industries who supply Island Grill.

As of July 26, 2017 Supaah Food menu items will be available at ALL Island Grill locations.  If you ever visit Jamaica, be sure to stop at one of the 18 Island Grill locations as you will experience the taste of authentic Jamaica Jerk (minus the smoke from the jerk pan).

We here at The Haute Lifestyle is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we encourage you all to try an item (or two) from the new menu. We tried the curried chicken and veggie stew options and were pleasantly surprised at how hefty our boxes were. See below for the happenings as captured by our talented photographer, Dale Stephenson of Dale Stephenson Photography.

Island Grill Founder and CEO, Thalia Lyn 

From left: Craig Hendrickson, Thalia Lyn, Dennis Chung and 

Minister of Health, Dr. Hon. Chris Tufton

Chairman of Island Grill, Howard Mitchell

Small Farmer Llewelyn Grant

Thalia Lyn and Llewlyn share a moment

Andrew Warrar of Jacmel Farms

Photo Credits
Dale Stephenson | Dale Stephenson Photography

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Summer's hottest trends are at

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We here at The Haute Lifestyle deem ourselves as "Professional Online Shoppers" and is always on the lookout for online stores with great deals and great items. Last week on one of our weekly searches, we came across and would like to share a few items we found and loved.

First off, what kind of site is StyleBest?

StyleBest is a new fashion site, focused on providing high quality clothing that is unique and long lasting. We want to provide access to clothing brands that we have close relationships with, like ZANSTYLE, Dadayuga, and Dear Lover. These brands are tested and researched by us at StyleBest to guarantee their style quality and overall strength.

I came across 3 key pieces that I really like that fit with my aesthetics currently and the look I've been going for which is comfortable and trendy yet stylish.

I know this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but Palazzo pants are back in! These look so comfortable and come in this seasons hottest colors. I know that I will be able to get tons of wears and comments from these pair.

This would be perfect for a vacation! Think cruise or a nice resort vacation! I love that the colors are vibrant and looks like the Caribbean.

Off the shoulders are still trending and you need at least 1 in your closet for summer. This one can be either dressy or casual depending on how you wear it. I would wear this with jeans or a nice pair of high waisted pants for a dressier look. 

Our Vision

1. Style is affordable: Shoppers deserve the top fashion designs and latest trends at doable prices.

2. Quality control: From product sourcing, procurement, through to our class-leading quality control.

3. End-to-end satisfaction: Start with a great shopping experience, end with total satisfaction.

At StyleBest, we want to combat that needless consumer cycle by providing high quality, long lasting clothing. Pieces that will always be in style and withstand the test of time. Investing in your wardrobe is one of the best ways to save money and save the planet. Even just a simple high quality t shirt can be a positive impact, by having an item that will only get better after many washing and can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. This way you don't have to keep purchasing clothes that are just going to end up either on the floor of your clothes or in the trash, doomed to enter a land fill. Getting key clothing items, like pants, a dress, or a skirt that are unique yet versatile so that they can last you at least a year on your circuit in this life. These items don't have to be a sacrifice of your style or freedom but allow you to explore what you have at your disposal already.

We are always working towards creating a truly unique shopping experience with these key clothing gems. Our minds scan the fashion horizons and are extremely invested into the latest fashions, just like you!

We are also going to be offering various coupons and deals, designer spotlights, editor's picks, and MORE! Life is full of creativity and we are going to bring it you!



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