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My Nightime Routine Ft The Dreamland Company

Friday, June 30, 2017

I love a great brand story and when I saw the opportunity to receive sleepwear from The Dreamland Company I knew I just had to be a part of it! The Dreamland company was started by Lynn Sasso and Melissa Wexler who realized there was a gap in sleepwear. People only had 2 choices which were sexy lingerie or something you would find in your Grandma's closet.
They decided to combine forces to create something that was stylish, comfortable and of high quality and thus The Dreamland Company was born!

I decided to incorporate my new Shady Lady Sleep-shirt from the brand in my night-time routine! If you like seeing how other  people prepare for their nightly slumber, keep reading!

Shower Time

I've always preferred showers over baths. There is just something about stewing in your own dirt that I find strange: and there is always that extra ring around the tub! At this time I would light a candle and have it going for the duration of the shower. Depending on the time of month or temperate, I usually take a cold shower. *I live in the tropics so that works best to cool me down*. I then put on my Shady Lady Sleep-shirt which is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It reminds me of an over sized shirt that is enough to keep you warm on a cold night but also enough to keep you cool on a warmer night.

Wipe the Day Away

After showering , I hop out the bath tube and it's time to give my face some lovin". If I wore make-up that day, I would use my Clean and Clear Acne Control as it removes all the make-up (even eyeliner and mascara) If it's a no make up day ... simple water and that's it. Since I've hit the 30 mark I find that my skin needs more moisturize .. so I moisturize like there is no tomorrow (not really). I've been using the Revitalift: Daily Revolutionizing Moisturizer from L'oreal and it smells like an expensive department store moisturizer. This keeps me moisturized for the next day and it diminishes fine lines and tightens the skin after 14 days.

Seal It

Another important step in any beauty regime is to lock in the moisture! This step helps you to retain the moisture which in time gives your skin a youthful glow and also retains the skin's natural elasticity. For this step I use the Dragon blood fix hyaluronic shot from Nip + Fab and it's quite an interesting product with a dropper.

It's time for Brain Food

I'm now at that final stage of the night where it's time to crawl into bed and rest my tired body A great night's rest is dependent on the mattress (believe) it or not and I came across a company called Leesa where helping people get great sleep is their mission. The Leesa mattress features:three layers of high quality foam deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep, night after night. If you are in the market for a great mattress under $1,000 visit Leesa.

I also usually read a chapter or few pages of a book just to fuel my brain. I'm currently ready "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... And it's all Small Stuff by Richard Carlson which basically tells you ways to get around the small things in life that stresses you. After that I'll watch YouTube videos or a Movie online until I fall asleep.

Do you have a night time routine? Tell us all about it


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Pasta Supreme 2017 was a Delicious Success

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Constant Spring Golf Club was the place to be last Sunday, for the annual staging of the event known as Pasta Supreme. 

The venue was transformed into an Epicurean Escape that featured over 20 Pasta Dishes from 10 of Jamaica's noteworthy Chefs and Restaurants. 

When The Haute Lifestyle team arrived on the scene, we were able to witness the set-up of the booths and catch up with some of the Chefs. The rich aroma of each dish seasoned to perfection filled the air as we made our rounds to the booths. The bold flavors of spices topped with fresh vegetables and unique ingredients like Octopus truly intensified the taste and took it to a whole new level. A hearty cup of soup by Simma's Soupery and Bakery served as fuel for the remainder of the day as we captured each moment. 

We watched as patrons perused each booth tucking into forkfuls of the creamy Italian staple dish. Pasta Supreme had something for the entire family as there was a Paint N Sip set-up for VIP Patrons and had activities for kids. Just in case you felt like you were missing the BET Awards, Quiet Jamaica provided headphones so you could experience the Awards via Headphones.

The day progressed with live entertainment by Aisha Davis while on the turntables were Coppershot and DJ VEE YG who got everyone in high spirits.

Pasta was not the only food offering as there was pizza, salads, soups, alcoholic drinks and nutritious shakes provided by Serge Island. Part proceeds of the event went to Diabetes Association of Jamaica. Pasta Supreme 2017 was definitely a success! 

With another event under our belts, we are off to the next one and hope to see you soon! See photos below as captured by the talented Dwayne K.Smith of Dwayne K. Smith Photography.

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Dwayne K Smith | Dwayne K Smith Photography


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