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The Rise of the Female Fitness Guru

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"The Fitness Industry is Dead!"

This is one of the articles that came up when I researched this topic and as you can tell by the title it's definitely alive and kicking ( pun intended ) 2016 was the year of enlightenment when women started to have a greater appreciation for their bodies and decided to do things the healthy way. Today , I would like to introduce you to 5 Female Fitness Gurus who are making their mark on the Fitness Industry.


Patrice is so much more than a Fitness Guru she is #Bossgoals. Patrice is a Jamaican Entrepreneur for The Dynamic Lifestyle and is a Lifestyle Transformational Coach.Think of her as the B.F.F who will have a great Night out with you , then wake you up at 4 a.m for Bootcamp! Her Fitness program is not for the weak at heart and you best not cry! Patrice has used her personal weight loss journey and built it into her Fitness Empire. Some of her clients include Jamaica's top Media Personalities and Jamaica's movers and shakers. The one thing we truly appreciate about Patrice is her drive to be the best in her Industry , the level of dedication she has to her clients and her success stories. PROGRAM INFO: Bootcamp starts at 6 a.m | Daily Personal Training Sessions start at 4:30 A.M


Dubbed as the Instagram Fitness Guru , we can see why Kayla dominates the gram!  Kayla has over 6.4 Million Subscribers on Instagram and has Apps , Books , Equipment and a Community of dedicated supporters and has been featured on sites like the Daily Mail and appeared on the View! Kayla has tapped into the Millennial era by making her program easily accessible and it specifically targets one thing ... the perfect Bikini Bod! As women , there is one thing we are not 100% confident about as it relates to our bodies and she has taken this illusion away and whipped it into shape.


We love us some Cassey here at The Haute Lifestyle because of her enthusiasm!  Exercise is the one thing people will procrastinate just because it requires so much work and Cassy makes it fun. Her well produced Videos can be found on YouTube ( for FREE ) and if you want to go more in depth , then you can visit her website and purchase more intense programs. Cassey has used the power of the  Internet to bridge the "exercise fear" gap to make it more fun and entertaining. If you don't know Cassey Ho you are probably not in the 21st Century.


This name is one that is synonymous with popular American TV Shows like "The Biggest Loser" and one of Hollywoods' highly sought after Trainer. At just 5'3' she shows us that there is no limitations of what we can accomplish ( no matter our height ) Her fitness programs are fully interactive and personalized ( If Needed ) and you can work out anywhere , anytime when you purchase her program for just $3.99 per month. You know you are #Goals when your business is your First and last name and your website is named after you:-) Let's take a moment to appreciate Jillian Michaels 


If you grew up in the 90's you would have remembered "Buffy the Body" in almost every Rap /Hip Hop Video. Buffy has turned her popularity into a Health Empire where she offeres Workout Videos on Youtube , DVDs and now apparel. Her workout routine is for the average girl looking to have that Hot Bod where she focuses on a Bigger Booty , Flat Tummy and a smaller waist. We are at the Haute Lifestyle like her workouts as they are quick and fun and we like that she keep things real by showing us how far she came from by eating more calories and working out to get her desired shape.

In 2016 the Fitness Industry pulled in over $81.2 Billion Dollars ( according to Statista ) where most of the key players were Females. This male dominated industry is getting a shake up in a major way , thanks to these women above and a few others. The Fitness Industry also saw the Rise in Workout gear and Accessories such a the Fitbit and various Fitness Trackers. 



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