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Jamaica Avant Garde FashionFace Weekend x Deiwght Peters Season 3 Wrap Party

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jamaica Fashion Season has officially been launched --- thanks to Saint International Modelling Agency Principal and visionary, Deiwght Peters. The most fashionable host on television celebrated the end of Season 3 of "The Deiwght Peters Show" with an Epic Wrap Party. On March 24,2017 the grounds of the Cabana Pool came to life with beautiful people, great conversations and good food as the Event dubbed as "Jamaica Avant Garde Fashion Face Weekend" served as the kick-off event for The Fashion Face of the Caribbean Model and Jamaica Avant Garde Designer of the Year Awards were held. The Haute Lifestyle was on the scene to capture the Event through our lens. Stay tuned for highlights launch of The Fashion Face of the Caribbean Model and Jamaica Avant Garde Designer of the Year Awards.

Photo Credits: Dale Stephenson Photography


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Keneea Linton-George Launches All White Capsule Collection

Monday, March 27, 2017
From left: Kellon Williams,Meika Lewis, Ella Vornik, Keneea Linton-George , Dianne Brown and Ashlie Barrett
On March 11,2016 the words on every one's lips were "Keneea Linton-George's" All White Capsule Collection. The posh boutique located at 80 Lady Musgrave Road came to life as models rocked the runway with pieces from the collection as well as a showing of Fashion Designer, Meiling from Trinidad and Tobago clothing. The collection was presented just in time for Jamaica's latest Social event, Diner En Blanc set for March 25,2017.

The Collection featured posh ivory pieces like lace, organza and ruffles which are #trending for the season. The greatest thing about this collection is that it is a capsule collection which means it can be worn for years and seasons to come and the pieces can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

The All White Capsule Collection attracted International Lifestyle and Travel Blogger Ella Vornik who was on the Feel the Vibe Adventure by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Ella was invited to tour the Island to experience what Jamaica had to offer.

The Haute Lifestyle was invited to the exclusive event and would like to share a few highlights through our lens.

Blogger/Stylist "Tiaclothesgirl"

Ella Vornik, Rick Van Harris

                                                                                 Ella Vornik, Rick Van Harris
Photo Credits
Natasha Parkins
Natasha Camille Photography


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First Impression : Earth Elements Bentonite Clay Mask + Activated Charcoal Scrub

Thursday, March 23, 2017

There I was fresh from 29 and going into 30 when my skin freaked out! All of a sudden I had one bumps .. 2 bumps and then came those marks. I can't be 30 and have Acne Scars when I didn't have Acne in my Teens I just can't . Something had to give and that something had to be natural! Then came that friendly Instagram post from Earth Elements that suckered me in!! Hook , Line and Sinker! I drove to the store as fast as I could. Today , I would like to share my First Impression of Earth Elements Bentonite Clay Mask + Activated Charcoal Scrub.

Side Bar: I purchased these products 2 weeks ago and wanted to give a fair and honest review of my experience with them.

Activated Charcoal Scrub $550 JMD | $4.90 USD

  • Purifying/Retains Moisture
  • Absorbs deep into pores
  • Eliminate Acne, Bumps & Blackheads
Ingredients: Activated Charcoal , Australian Clay , Apricot Exfoliant , Ylang Ylang , Lime Essential Oil

My Experience

After seeing YouTube Videos and Instagram Photos I was most excited to try this particular product. Based on the Photos , I thought it would have been black rather than an ashy grey color. This product has a texture to it as I felt small grains similar to an exfoliant  ( Apricot Exfoliant ) I followed the instructions and left it on for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes had passed , I washed it off with warm water and my skin was as smooth as butter! No lie , no joke and definitely no gimmicks.. it worked ! It really really worked! I went to bed straight after and my face was smooth the entire week! There were none of those tiny bumps or nothing at all .. smooth and tight skin. To make the product really work for me , I used an Eye cream and a moisturizer. 

I definitely give this a 10/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bentonite Clay Mask $550 JMD | $4.90 USD

  • Purifying /Acne Treatment
  • Tighten Pores & Detoxify Clay
  • Deep Pore Cleansing
Ingredients : Bentonite Clay , Australian Clay , Apricot Exfoliant , Ylang Ylang . Lime Extract

Looking at this it pretty much has the same ingredients as the Charcoal Scrub ( minus the Charcoal ) I knew nothing about this product but I saw it on Earth Elements Instagram and decided to try it. First off , the smell ... It smells so yummy that I was tempted to taste it ( but did not ) and it would make a weird great cookie mix ( don't listen to me ) Anyway , jokes aside this like the Charcoal Scrub works the same way where you leave it on for 15 minutes then wash with warm water. It's not as tight as the Charcoal Scrub and it gave me a nice clean feeling afterwards. It honestly was not my favorite as I didn't see it working. Every skin type is different so you might have used it and it worked for you. I did like that when I woke up in the morning my face was not as oily as it usually is and Make-up went on effortlessly and it lasted longer on my skin.

I definitely give this a 4/10 ⭐⭐

Have you tried any of these Products ? Let me know how you liked them

All opinions were completely my own and products were purchased by me


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Victoria Beckham x Target = Posh Pieces

Monday, March 20, 2017

Since the rise of the popular girl group in the 90s "The Spice Girls" , "Posh Spice" has always been my favorite. Fast Forward to today and "Posh" now goes by her first name Victoria and is married to former Soccer player David Beckham and has made a name for herself in the Fashion Industry. Keep reading as we bring you a first look of the Victoria Beckham for Target Line.

We have been on a 90s trip since ever and after seeing and hearing Victoria Beckhams commercial over the weekend we had to get the deets. Victoria Beckham is not the first Designer to collaborate with the powerhouse department chain as we have seen Missoni and Jason Wu just to name a few. What is the Collection like ? Victoria Beckham's style in a ready to wear format that can easily be transitioned from Day to Night and is completely functionally. Think 60s + 70s and a little bit of Androgyny with the staple Pants Suit. Pieces from the collection include Scalloped Necklines , Peplums in a variety of flirty colors. The best thing about the collection is that it is completely affordable as everything is under $70!! We checked and the cheapest item for Women is only $26. The Collection also feature over 200 pieces as it includes Girls , Toddlers and Babies ; your family will be as stylish as Victorias'.

It is set to officially Launch on April 9th but we anticipate that they will sell out as soon as items go live! We also like that the items can be mixed and matched with each other ( plus your old outfits ) so you can easily create a Capsule Wardrobe from a Designer line.

Be sure to visit to get your Victoria Beckham pieces before they are sold out

Will you be purchasing ? Let us Know





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