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Haute Peoples' Hottest Couples of 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016

We love seeing young and old love and of course we live for those Celeb Romances. We've rounded up the Best and Hottest Couples for 2016 and without further ado ... here is our list! ( In no particular order )

Rihanna + Drake

Miley Cyrus + Liam Hemsworth

Hilary Duff + Jason Walsh

 Tyler Posey + Bella Thorne

Brooklyn Beckham + Chloe Grace Moretz

Chris Evans + Jenny Slate

Gwen Stefani + Blake Shelton

Usain Bolt + Kasi B

Mac Miller + Arianna Grande

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom

Taylor Swift + Tom Hiddleston

Rob Kardashian + Blac Chyna

Kylie Jenner + Tyga

Lea Michele + Robert Buckley

Most of these couples have probably broken ( that's celeb life ) But! Their PDA posts were fun to see while they lasted.


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Thursday, December 22, 2016
Spice up the Christmas Holidays and make it into something meaningful, festive, spiritual and cheerful with this guide of tips, tricks and hacks that you cannot forget while you celebrate Christmas with loved ones.

One way of getting into the Christmas spirit is with a Christmas music playlist. Start a Christmas playlist that you can listen to at home, at a Christmas party or even in your car. You can keep it classic with some Gladys Knight and Nat King Cole or keep it recent with some Michael Buble, Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber.
Check out this playlist:  

Attending Church with loved ones is the perfect way to make the Christmas holidays more meaningful and spiritual. Take the time to celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas day and to extend love and charity to all. 

Nativity Scene

Reserve a slot during the hectic holidays to give back to those who are less fortunate. There are many charity events which are held during the season where you can donate your time, talent and treasure to the needy.
Snowball fights and ice-skating are not the only ways to have fun outdoors at Christmas. Have a picnic at the beach or in a garden and feel the cool Christmas breeze while you drink a refreshing glass of ole time Jamaican sorrel or eat an ice cream. Dine out at restaurants with the family or go to a Christmas concert.

When entertaining guests at a gathering, keep the food exciting. Make some skewers with glazed ham, pineapple and cherries and serve some finger sandwiches with some spicy sorrel chutney. You can also serve some sweet treats like Christmas fruit cake squares, Christmas sugar cookies and sorrel popsicles.
If you would like to “veganize” your Christmas food, I recommend Suprisingly Sweet’s holiday themed vegan dessert box which is comprised of fruit cake, apple pie, maple-cinnamon glazed gingerbread muffins and chocolate-peppermint sandwich. Just writing about it makes my mouth watery.

Suprisingly Sweet's Holiday Themed Dessert Box

For the big Christmas feast, adorn your dinner table with glazed leg of ham, roast chicken or beef with gungo rice and peas, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, roasted vegetable medley and baked plantain with cinnamon and nutmeg. Beverages can include sorrel, eggnog or rum punch. Yummy! 

Christmas Fruit Cake and Sorrel

The Christmas vibes can be turned up even louder with Christmas decorations. Make your Christmas a more economical and greener one with real, fresh Christmas trees that leave your home smelling pleasant and beautiful arrangements of flowers like poinsettias and chrysanthemums. 

An arrangement of red poinsettias

You can also do fun and easy DIY activities at home with friends and family like sparkly painted branches and pine cones.

Sparkly painted branches

Sparkly painted pine cones

One of the hardest things to do in the Christmas season is coming up with a great gift for a relative or friend. Well, here are some unique gift ideas for what you can put under the tree. Purchase an investment portfolio in stocks and bonds, an essential oil kit or blend with ingredients such as orange and cinnamon, a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones or a chocolate gift box.

                                  Ferrero Rocher Chocolate boxes

                                                         + EPs' Premium Bluetooth Wireless earphones

With these tips, tricks and hacks, you will be on your way to having an amazing Christmas celebration with family and friends.
Consider this my Christmas gift to you! xoxo

Written By
Zo Tulloch
Fashion Contributor

Instagram: @zollinax
Pinterest: zollinax


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Super Easy Beauty Routine

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
It has always been said that "Beauty is Pain", but I think all you need is a Beauty Routine and you will be #skingoals. I love watching "Beauty Routines" and decided to share my very own using a few Fab, fun products. Keep reading to see my quick and easy Beauty Routine featuring Rodial and Nip + Fab.


Nip+ Fab Exfoliate: Nip+ Fab Exfoliate contains 60 Pads to re texture + brighten the skin.
+ Glycollic acid re-textures
+ Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes & refreshes
+ Blue Daisy soothes + calms
Directions: Wipe pad across face , neck +decolette'. Apply to cleansed skin twice daily.
My Experience: It smells so good! The pads are soft and they are moist enough and goes on the skin so smooth. This is great for those times when your skin looks dull and sallow and you need a face "pick up". Use this product as recommended and you should have no problems.


Ladies! These two Products are quite interesting with the way they work and their application.
Nip+Fab Body Bust Fix

+ Nip + Fab Bust Fix: A revolutionary formula packed with fast acting mangosteen extract. This light serum can be used to visibly plump + firm the appearance of skin around the bust + decollete'.
Directions: Apply on skin in circular movements around the bust area , for best results use daily.
My Experience: As a proud member of the itty bitty community, I can honestly say that it does plump the boobs and gave cleavage!

Nip+ Fab Body Cellulite Fix

Nip + Fab Body Cellulite Fix: Body Sculpting Gel with powerful cell active shape. 
Directions: Apply on clean skin in straight, upward strokes, focusing on problem areas. For best results, use twice daily.
My Experience: I gained a few lbs in the fast 3 months and I noticed that Cellulite slowly creeped up on my. While they are not easily noticeable , I realized that after using this product they are even less noticeable. What I like about this product is that it is a sculpting gel , I imagine that it would work great with a waist trainer ( as those girls do ) to really shape your body.

Nip + Fab Smooth

Nip+ Fab Smooth:  In one step this priming gel transforms the look of skin to blur away the appearance of pores, smooth the skin's surface + control oil production with  matte finish. Use alone for a naturally flawless complexion on or before make-up.
- Smoothes the visual skin surface
- Liftonin -xpress reduces the visual appearance of pores
- Sesthetic enhancing polymers give a soft focus effect + help reduce the effects of oily skin.
Directions: Apply to skin from the center of the face outwards, paying particular attention to the t-zone area. Allow to absorb thoroughly before applying make-up.
My Experience: I have oily skin especially around the T-zone area and this could not have come at a better time. I like that it does mattify the skin and it gives that smooth "filter" look. On an extremely hectic day , there is no need for foundation as it makes my skin so smooth ... definitely "flawless victory".

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen ( Black )

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen: Soft Smokey -effect eyeliner
Directions: Draw along the lash lines and gently smudge to level of smokey-effect desired
My Experience : Soo ... reading the label and seeing "Pen" I though liquid which I'm not too fond of but it's actually a Pencil. This is highly pigmented and glides on the lid with little effort! I hate liners that you have to draw harshly along the eyes then your eyes begin to water ( not about that life ) If you are not that great at Make-up application ... I highly recommend this product.


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Disclaimer : I received this items for the purpose of review from Collectively , Rodial and Nip + Fab. All opinions are my own.

Worst Christmas Gifts EVER

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Last year I did the worst type of Christmas Gifts to receive ever and this year the folks over at Siege Media picked up that post on their radar and put their own spin on it. Can you say #goals! Today , I wanted to share this fun graphic created by Siege Media which contains the worst Christmas Gifts to receive .. EVER!


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Naughty + Nice MakeUp Look

Monday, December 19, 2016

It is the week of Christmas and all through the City , people are going crazy! If you have been an avid reader of this Blog , you would know that I am not the best when it comes to Make-Up. I like the cute packaging of the products and that is as far as it goes. The wonderful folks of Sway Group sent me a Make-Up Package from GA-DE (JADE) Cosmetics and I did two looks! Keep reading to see the products used.

The Products

- Idyllic High Definition Volume & Length Mascara $18
- Basics Matte Eye-shadow $32
- High Precision Matte Eyeliner $16
- Idyllic Soft Satin Lipstick $20
- Idyllic Soft Satin Lipstick $20

Of course I'm gonna talk about the packaging which I can only describe as classic. You can never go wrong with classic black, it looks sleek , elegant and expensive. I like that the Eye-shadows are of a larger size ( as you can see below ) but! They did not show on my skin-tone. They are really soft and light colors and I had to use an eye-shadow base and packed them on. I tried it wet but it did not make a difference in the application. The colors are lovely and it is definitely great for travel as you can easily create day and night looks.This palette is definitely great for people who prefer a light Make-up look or who want the "no make-up look ".


My favorite products were the Mascara and Eye-liner . The Precision liner is the! If you are a novice like me this makes it super easy to apply as it glides on so smooth and it is easy to remove. I liked that the Mascara brush is small so you get all the lashes both top and bottom.

 These Lipsticks go on like butter ... literally! They don't have that weird "Lipstick" feeling where you can feel there is something sitting on your Lips. They feel like a Chap-stick but with soft pigments. The wine color was used to create a Night time look while the Nude color was used to create a Daytime look.


Go here to get the Products



GA-DE Cosmetics ( pronounced like the gemstone "jade" is a brand that will take care of your every beauty need from timeless makeup, innovative skincare ranges and fragrances to arouse your senses.

To wear the GA-DE brand is to feel the beauty of everyday life, to feel powerful feminine and to live for the richest experiences life has to offer. When you wear GA-DE , you'll feel beautiful- not just look it.

GA-DE has a range of products to suit all skin types, and makeup that is practical , wearable and timeless for an effortless and elegant look - GA-DE is your everyday makeup that enhances your own beauty, rather than altering it.

Disclaimer: I received these products from GA-DE Cosmetics and Sway Group for review purposes. The onions are my own.


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8 Questions with Fashion Designer Heather Laine

Friday, December 16, 2016

Just in time for the Christmas Season, I sat down with the beautiful and talented ladies behind the Jamaican international fashion house, Heather Laine to talk about their 2016 Christmas Collection as well as their fashion brand that has managed to stay on the scene since its establishment some 20 years ago.
Here are 8 questions with Heather Laine:

1.       1. .How would you describe this year’s Christmas Collection?
This year, the Christmas collection is all about bright colours and a lot of loose fitting pants, long flowing skirts and dresses, and jumpsuits for casual and elegant occasions.

2.      2. How would you describe the woman that is wearing this collection?
She is a fashionable woman of the working class. She is sexy, confident, classy and sophisticated.

3.       3.What was your favourite part of designing the collection?
The satisfaction you get from seeing the finished product and seeing the clothes on the clients at fittings.

4.       4. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
It depends on our moods which change every day but we are also financially-motivated.

5.       5. What is the ideal place or atmosphere for you to work?
Peace, tranquillity and quiet with friendly and appreciative customers.

6.       6. How has the fashion industry evolved in Jamaica?
There are a lot more fashion designers coming out of Jamaica. However, everybody is also into overseas products and the clothes from Jamaican designers are not as popular in Jamaica as they are abroad.

7.      7.  What are some of the challenges you face as fashion designers?
Sometimes we have to deal with indecisive and fussy clients which will always be a part of the job.

8.       8. Define fashion in your own words.
Fashion is simply an explosion of happiness. It is colour, style and trends. It is something that we love to do.

This group of hardworking trendsetters have proven their passion for fashion, creating beautiful and exquisite lines of clothing every season. Their cheerful and easy-going characters truly come out in their work. The pieces in the collection are modern, tropical, effeminate, comfortable and vibrant. Shop their collection at or visit their shop at 10 Lancaster Avenue, Kgn 10.

Written By
Zo Tulloch
Fashion Contributor

Instagram: @zollinax
Pinterest: zollinax


Twitter: @hautepeople
Instagram @haute_people

The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation Feed Orphans at the Maxfield Park Childrens Home in Kingston Jamaica

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Maia Chung MD MCADF Shauna Fung Yee CEO Down 2 Earth Production
Tuesday December 13-2016 saw the first phase of the December 2016 Feeding outreach element of The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation.
This year’s efforts which involve feeding and supplying orphans and the homeless was embarked upon in collaboration with Down 2 Earth productions.

Some of the items donated by the various Corporate Sponsors
Maia Chung
According to Managing Director of the Foundation Maia Chung, Down 2 Earth significantly augmented the ability of the Foundation this year, to help the needy, by reaching out to several major corporate donors, to solicit aid for the programme. These new MCADF donors, as well as the consistent donors to the MCADF, resulted in a wider array of supplies and food, to disseminate. This says Chung means we will be and have already started to cover more ground for those in need.

Further Chung said, “without the efforts of the D2E team, our spread this year would not have been this big”.
Chief Executive Officer of D2E Shauna Fung Yee was successful in acquiring donations from Cal's Manufacturing, Dairy Industries Limited and Grace Kennedy for the Foundation’s outreach for orphans at Christmas. The three companies are renowned throughout the nation, for their high commitment to charity.
Among the items handed over were food items, cooking supplies, diapers and other essentials needed by the home to care for its 104 wards, over 40 of whom are babies.
The effort this year also included recording artist Veli of Fire Royal Records.
Veli represented the Foundation on the occasion of the handover. The event took place the grounds of the Home.

Veli Recording Artist MCADF Volunteer
The young artist, known for his songs such as Better Days joined the Foundation as a volunteer and along with the donation of his time to assist with Foundation activities of all types, also provided donations along with Corporate Jamaica and the MCADF itself…for the Maxfield Park Orphans Outreach.
According to Veli his music and outlook reflects upliftment, and he was encouraged to partner with the MCADF, an organization he says he has become acquainted with through media, that appears to hold a value system, he would like to present to the audience he is targeting.
Manager of The Maxfield Park Children's Home in Kingston Jamaica Winston Bowen (l) receiving goods from Veli for the home's wards

Manager of the Maxfield Park Children’s Home Winston Bowen received the donations on behalf of the home’s wards. Expressing his gratitude Mr. Bowen indicated that the needs are ongoing, especially with approximately 40 babies making up the Home’s population.

The Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation is a regular donor to the home, under the auspices of its work as a non-profit and non-Governmental.
The next activity for the MCADF will be the feeding of the homeless on December 16-2016 in Kingston.

Contact Maia Chung 383 7521 cell and whatsapp


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