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My Isaac Mizrahi Wendy Satchel Bag

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I've been on the search for a Nice Everyday Bag that is nicely designed , can go with everything , affordable , big enough to hold all my stuff and Designer. With all that criteria in mind I headed to Marshalls where I came across the Isaac Mizrahi Wendy Satchel Bag in a Camel color.

What the Makers Say

The Wendy Satchel is everyday bag of our beautiful Wendy Collection. The satchel has a leather border surrounding the middle section giving it that same color blocked look as the rest of the Wendy collection in a bigger and bolder way. Dare to be bold this year. Genuine leather with lizard embossed leather detail. 12"W x 9.5"H x 4.75"D. 2.8 lbs. Zipper closure. Double handles with a 7.25" drop. Two side slip pockets. Interior zip pocket and two slip pockets. Wipe with a damp cloth. Imported. Visit ISAACMIZRAHI.COM

  The bag retails for $298 but It was in the clearance section at Marshalls for only $20 !!! When I found that I was beside myself ... literally! I said "Girl , you've got to grab this as you won't find it anywhere else for such a steal" So far I'm loving it and I wanted to share that experience with you.

I really appreciate how lightweight the bag is and that fact that is deep so I can fit a lot of stuff! It comes with side flaps to expand the bag so that I can fit even more items.

The thing that really stand out to me about the Bag is the gold hardware with the signature "I" for Isaac inside the bag. The only thing I did not like was that it does not have a front Zipper. This is where I like to store all my items like Keys and spare change so that it's easy access. It comes with a matching Camel Dust Bag with Pink Strings.

If you are looking for bag that is just like this or similar , check Marshalls. You might not see all the clearance items Online , so I would recommend going into the store physically.


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Following the Rules of Blogging

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Happy Tuesday Guys!

We are back for another exciting feature in the "Blogging for Business" series and today it's all about following Blogosphere Rules. We are not one big FREE for ALL and it's important to know that there are certain rules to follow to keep you on the right side of things. Here are a few rules you need to adhere to as a Blogger.

Publish Original Content: If you've been an avid reader of this Blog you would have realized I've stressed this in almost every "Blog" related post so it must be important. Yes! you can recycle content on the Internet and even Books in your own words. You must not take content from somewhere else word for word for your site. That's plagiarism! You can get sued!

Provide Attribution: This really means you should always have links to your sources. This can be done in any way you choose. Let's say for example you did an informational post where you got a bulk of the info from a website , you would then link that.

Eg. 1 Women make up 70% of the world's population according to or you can link a key word in the sentence . N.B this is not a real website and information is not realisti

Don't Publish Spam: I wish there was a "Spam Police" but there is not. Don't go around leaving links and comments multiple times on other Blogs and Websites. This will be viewed as spam. If you really want to get noticed , there are other ways and other things you can do.

Be Nice: It's never a good idea to attack another person's Blog or Business in a hateful manner. You can however leave constructive criticisms in a diplomatic way so that the person can take something from what you have to say. Nobody likes a Cyber Bully and that is exactly what you are when you don't play nice.


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The Latest in Wedding Lingerie

Monday, August 29, 2016

Having spent months searching for your perfect wedding dress, have you wondered what you will wear underneath it? Choosing the perfect underwear and lingerie to wear on your wedding day is just as special as choosing your bridal dress.
Bridal Lingerie is a combination of undergarments which can be made up of wedding panties, stockings, bridal bras and bridal garters that brides wear underneath their gowns. Traditionally bridal underwear is made of silk or satin. Having such delicate lingerie against your body all day will make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy throughout your special day.
Laura Bridal Halterneck Tulle Silk Satin Bodysuit
 Before you start searching through all the different types of sexy lacy undergarments you could wear to surprise your partner on your wedding night, begin with the most practical question- what bridal lingerie will work with my dress? This all depends on the type of bridal gown you have chosen.

Just as your wedding gown reflects your personality to friends, family and your spouse, your wedding lingerie is more personal and intimate affair with your soon-to-be-spouse that should bring out the passion and love you have for one another.
Bridal Panties
Traditional wedding dresses are typically white or a shade of white which would suit nude or white colored underwear to be less visible. Some modern brides may opt for wedding dresses that are of color, made of thick fabric or have many layers, giving you more colour options for your undergarments to choose from.
Alexina Bridal Ivory & Silk Heart Embroidery Suspender Shorts

Remember when choosing your sexy “for-their-eyes-only” lingerie that your gown is thick enough to conceal any details or color and don’t forget that white lingerie can sometimes be more visible underneath a white dress. So be sure to try on your entire outfit with the lingerie before your wedding day to make sure everything looks good.
Daisy Bridal White Silk Bow Tie Garter Belt Suspenders
When you are buying your bridal lingerie, consider the type of materials the garments are made from and take into account the weather and season, if it is summer or midsummer, choose cotton and avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon.
Belle Bridal GrecianTulle  Bra
Every woman has a different style and dress sense, which should be reflected in the way the wedding dress and bridal lingerie has been chosen. Your wedding day is your special day which will only ever happen once, so getting it right is essential.  Whatever you choose, make sure it’s fun, flattering and a little bit naughty!

By Kathryn Porritt
Kathryn Porritt is the owner of Bridal Style Inc., your feminine online wedding shop filled with a curated collection of bridal accessories, wedding lingerie and wedding gowns to buy online. A celebrated author on all things weddings and parties, and an experienced wedding planner and stylist, Kathryn’s unique feminine wedding style is brought to her customers through her beautiful online wedding collections.


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A Day In My Life : Chill Day

Thursday, August 25, 2016
I don't know about anybody else but I love watching Youtube Videos and seeing what people do in a day. Since I'm on vacation ( from life ) I decided to show you guys what I did today through Photos.

Today I went to the Adventura Mall in Fl and just took some time to browse the mall and saw some stores. This was actually my first time travelling that I got the chance to visit some of my favorite Designer and I felt like I was transported into the pages of the Magazines I read about. The Designer Fabrics were so soft , the high end Make-up so pigmented and the customer service was off the chain! See below for my Day :-)


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Dorm Room Décor Tips

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
For Young People all over the world, this is the beginning of the rest of your life! You’ve taken all the tests and overcome all your challenges and now you enter the life of a College/ University student.  One of the things that make you feel like a legit College/University is having a Dorm Room. Keep reading for décor tips for your Dorm Room.

Color Scheme: I always believe a splash of color makes a dull room look super cool and lively! What you can do is plan with your roommate to coordinate the colors so that your room have somewhat of a flow. Accent pieces such as lamps and throw pillows can make your room look really pulled together.

Bundle Deals: Make use of Bundle Deals! Depending on where you live, there are stores like Best Buy and Walmart that have special Bundle Deals for College/University Students. These can include a microwave and mini fridge combo or a TV and DVD player combo. These are essentials that you might need so it helps if you can get a good price on this.

Storage is Key: Most Dorm Rooms are small (unless you are Blair Waldorf) so you will need to get creative when choosing your furniture. Look for pieces that are multi-functional. Bed frames with shelves do exist so you might want to start searching.

Have a Décor Theme: This in some way encapsulates all we’ve said above but having a décor theme is like having a Blueprint for your room. There are so many different décor themes to choose from and I would say pick one that suits your personality.

Less is more:
Take what you will from home but do not take everything. Be mindful that you will have a roommate and they will need space as well. A cluttered room is definitely not suited for a college/university student especially when things get hectic and you have less time to clean.

Haute People would like to congratulate all the College/University “Freshers” on taking a major step in your life. Remember to balance school and a social life but make school a priority. 


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Writing Different Types of Blog Posts

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome to another exciting “Blogging on Blogging” Post and as you can tell by the topic above, it’s all about writing. Every Blog related information you find will tell you “Content is King” as without content you literally don’t have a Blog. Here is a list of types of posts that you can probably write about as a Blogger.

Lists:  This is the easiest and everyone loves them. Listing involves “listing” ideas on a topic in a numerical or alphabetical format. For example “Top 5 “to “12 Steps” to everything else in between.  A blog title that falls into this could be “Top 5 Gifts for Men at Christmas “.

How To: I love “How to Posts” and this Blog was partly inspired by the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. These types of posts are instructional in nature and basically guide the reader in a step by step format. For example: “ How To Make a Dress from an Old T-Shirt”.

Reviews:  Online reviews are very popular nowadays as they help readers with their purchase decisions. This basically involves you purchasing or receiving a Product then talking about your experience with it. Here you can list the Pros and Cons, get as creative as you want and whether or not you would recommend it to a friend.

Trends: This is great for Fashion Bloggers and Niche focused Bloggers who are taste-makers in their respective fields. If you have an eye for Fashion and can spot the next big trend, this will work well for you. Another side to this is writing about popular “trends”, these are items that are getting hits on platforms like Twitter, Google and Yahoo. A great tool to help with this is Google Trends. Visit , thank me later. If done the right way this can give you a boost in page views.

News: As humans we always like to be in “the know”, instead of simply reporting the news verbatim, why not add your own spin on it? Be as engaging and factual as possible. If you choose this type of Blog post be sure to do your own research and get information from credible sources. You will not believe how many Bloggers simply copy and paste information from elsewhere to their own Blogs.

Deciding on your Blog Niche, you can choose one of these Blog Post styles or use them all. The best thing about being a Blogger is that you get to try many different things to see what works best for you and your Blog.

Please email us at for topics you would like us to write about or you can always comment below.


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How Much Do Athletes get for GOLD MEDALS?

Saturday, August 20, 2016
The Olympics is that amazing time when nations from all over the world come together to celebrate their Athletes in various sports. The games are amazing to watch and for many Advertisers and Marketers it's a great time to really get their Brands out there. I've always wanted to know how much Athletes who score a Gold Medal get paid. Keep reading as we bring you our findings!

The amount of money Athletes get for Gold Medals vary by countries . See the graph below found on Statista.

Unfortunately , I was not able to find any for Jamaica or who pays the athletes. If you have the findings for this , please comment and let us know.


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Jamaica Wins the Men's 4x100m Relay

Friday, August 19, 2016

August 19, 2016 is a night to remember as Team Jamaica won the Men's 4x100m with a time of 37.27 seconds.The team consisted of Asafa Powell , Nickel Ashmeade , Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt.

The man of the hour was the legendary Usain Bolt who ended his sprinting Career like a true champion with 9 gold medals. According to Bolt " I just really want this one to make it nine because I like them in threes,”

Team Japan ran a time of 37.60 seconds which earned a Silver and Team USA ran a time of 37.62 but was disqualified which gave Team Canada the Bronze Medal.


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Usain Bolt Win Men's 200m in Blazing Speed

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jamaican born sprinter Usain Bolt won the Men's 200m race just moments ago and while it was not his best time it was a heck of a race!

Sound the alarm , get the pot covers buss a "Tom Cruise" as I know the entire Half Way Tree in Kingston just "tun ova".

According to Bolt "I just wished there was somebody faster to push me ... i did my best but my body just couldn't handle it". Bolt was seen slowing down just a bit as he reached the finish line and completed the race in 19.20 seconds.

#teamjamaica #foreverfaster #jaminate


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Allyson Felix Drops the Baton ... Team USA GET 2ND CHANCE

What a morning it has been for #TEAMUSA ! First Justin Gatlin doesn't make it to the Men's  200m Final then Allyson Felix drops the Baton . Here is "what had happened".

There they are running the women's 4x100 heat when Allyson Felix is supposed to pass on the baton to English Gardener when all of a sudden the Baton goes flying in the air then crashes to the track! Boom! The camera shows a fumble between Allyson and the runner from the Brazil Team in the next lane. That poor Brazilian athlete will always be known as "the girl who tripped Allyson Felix in the Women's 4x100". Dear other athletes .... go easy on that Brazilian Athlete it was probably nerves and immense pressure of the Olympics. Gardener was still seen with her hands stretched to receive the baton then her hand went on her head with the expression "Oh Sh!t ... did that just happen".

Team USA however did manage to complete the race and showed true"sportsmanship" and what it means to be a team player. Finishing the race is a requirement for filing a protest ( which was later successful ) as there was an interference during the race.

Team USA now has one final chance to make the final , alone on the track Thursday at 7 p.m ET and they will have to beat China's time of 42.70 seconds.

Let's continue to use the hashtag #jaminate throughout the Olympics to support our athletes.

Photo Credit

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


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Summer Sandals Haul x Rue21

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Hi Guys!

I'm back with another Haul :-) Here's to keeping consistent and sharing new things. I must say Rue21 has an amazing site wide Sale going on where on select Sandals when you buy one you get another one FREE! I have been making use of that and may or may not have picked up a lot of new shoes! Today I'll be sharing the Sandals I picked up at the Sale. I hope you Enjoy :-)

Black Chained T-Strap Sandal

This is just an everyday/throw on wear that can go with any outfit. I like how light and simple it is on my feet and unlike most T-Straps , it does not rub my toes.

Cognac Stone Embellished Gladiator Sandal

This was one of my FREE items that I grabbed because it was the first thing I saw in my size in my mad dash from the Cashier back to the Sandals. I really like the color of this one in that it's not tan neither is it brown. The cris-cross straps make it trendy and functional.

Snakeskin Caged Gladiator Sandal by Celebrity Pink

This was my second FREE item and this is a conversation starter piece. I see myself wearing this with a solid color outfit with minimal accessories and it being the show piece! The faux snake-skin makes it quite interesting and the black laces give it a nice color contrast.

Gold Diamond Gladiator Sandal

 Of all 4 Sandals , this is my fave! I love the fit , the look and the color. This you can dress up or down depending on your mood and of course the outfit. I like that it looks expensive ( but it's not ) and I see this being worn several times (even after Summer ). A Black Sandal with gold details is a staple item for every wardrobe.


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