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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Reggae recording artiste Kyenie will definitely connect with the female fans with his latest single ‘Love Means Everything’ and corresponding video project. The single, which premiered in March, showcases his versatility as a reggae singer with not just conscious reggae tracks but reggae soul singles as well.

 The spiritual yet rebellious artiste who has been recording for just over a decade has seen success for previously recorded material, including his self produced singles 'Wings Of An Angel' and 'Rain' that made it to the soundtrack for the Hit movie 'Shottas' staring Ky-mani Marley.

With this brand new single, Kyenie was first impressed with the actual instrumental itself produced by Globalistic Muzik and D.N.A Management and decided that it was time to sing something for the ladies.

The inspiration started the moment my producer Andre Dre-Tegs Hawthorne gave me the instrumental, not really knowing the vibration would have taken me into great relationships that I’ve seen my friends even strangers in and love that we’ve all lost. I just let the energy whisk me off to where it wanted to take me and the outcome is absolute beauty” Kyenie explained

The official music video; shot in various locations in Kingston and Portmore, was directed, produced and edited by Dario Magix-byART, Don Mcgregor, Crawba Genius and the D.N.A team. Kyenie believes the visuals connect with the content of the single quite clearly,  it isn’t the everyday concept but still is relatable to almost everyone.

 It defines love in its highest and purest form, unconditional and transcending stages, It reflects on triumph over adversity and shows what the title of the track says - Love does mean everything!” Kyenie added

Kyenie is currently in the US completing a one month promotional stint to highlight  the ‘Love Means Everything’ project. He recently performed for the first time at the 2ndannual Cape Coral "SpringBreak" Reggae festival in Florida. The event also featured Ky-mani Marley and a host of others.

The ‘Love Means Everything’ single is set for its digital international release in a matter of days and will be available of platforms such as ITunes and Spotify.

Janice Young
Radio Announcer (FAME 95 FM) 
Event Planner/PR Director/ Media Consultant

Five Steez tells 'The Story'

Sunday, March 27, 2016
Rapper Five Steez has followed up on February’s release from a developing project, with another song titled ‘The Story’. The track, produced by DJ MTM, features him telling the tale of an independent Hip Hop artiste over a military-style drum track, with vocals cuts that speak to being an underdog in the chorus.

The Story’ starts with a “kid with a dream” who “knew the life he wanted to live since a teen”. Five Steez contrasts the main character’s stages in life, rapping that his mother “used to hide his tapes ‘cause they explicit / now, she tell her friends how on stage, yo, he rip it”.

Five Steez says, “The beat for this just felt perfect for a story about a hero. I wrote my verses, but I didn’t hear myself on the hook. I felt the track needed cuts and DJ MTM came with his ideas and skills to seal the song.”

The song’s chorus speaks to being underrated and being “ready for the payment”, making it quite fitting for a project that Steez says will be called ‘The Story of The Underdog’. The body of work, which is still in its infancy, is expected to be complete in 2017.

This unannounced release aside, Five Steez is slated to put out ‘Momentum Vol.3’ with DJ Ready Cee this year, as well as two EPs.

Five Steez is an independent rapper who began capturing attention in 2010 with his ‘Momentum’ mixtape series alongside DJ Ready Cee, and later his 2012 debut album, ‘War for Peace’, which received great reviews from various outlets, including iTunes. In 2014, Five Steez followed up with the EP, ‘These Kingston Times’ – listed by World Hip Hop Market as one of the year’s best international Hip Hop releases.

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Taylor Swift As a Good Role Model: Taylor Swift’s Resonance

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Many people have been jumping on the bandwagon of Taylor Swift fever—even my 20 year old female cousin. Taylor Swift is a revered female pop icon and it is easy to see why she is a good role model. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female.

It's not just about her glamorous looks on the Grammy Awards stage that gets some of us males going, nor because she has done eye-popping shoots for Cover Girl. Taylor packs a lot more,oomph in her package which goes beyond her sublime looks of fame.

She is often viewed as a role model for young females and over the years has differentiated herself from the pitfalls that have affected superstars such as Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears just to name a few. Apparently, Taylor is in a "moral class" of her own because she strives to be an example of what aspiring young female celebrities should become.

Why does Taylor Swift resonate?

1. Breaking Records with ‘Moral Class’: One thing that makes her an icon is that she is the first female to win the category for Song of the Year at the Grammys twice. This milestone in womens entertainment deserves to be celebrated by someone with such musical class in an era where loose and superficial music seem to be on the rise. To top it all off, during her 2016 Grammys speech, she gave words of advice to persons that they should never give up despite people trying to take their fame and their glory. I will always remember these words as diamonds from Taylor Swift.

2. Keeping It Sexy, But Not Loose: You may argue that Taylor sometimes looks slutty in her videos, but this doesn't seem to be intentional on her part because in some way or another female celebrities on a whole want to at least give you a sneak peak of their wild side. Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and even Selena Gomez can be accused of occasionally being slutty in their videos too, even via their choice of words. Taylor dares to be, morally different in that she doesn't seem to be overly graphic about her sexual experiences, even when using coded language. She sings about love in its purest form. Ok, but despite her slightly sexual undertones, she does not lower her moral standards to please anyone.

3. Staying Clear Of DUIs, Drug Abuse and Alcohol Addiction: So often we've heard of celebs lives taking a turn for the worst, even those whom you least expect. Don‟t we remember our beloved Justin Bieber’s DUI allegations in 2014? Or can you go a bit back in time to remember Lindsay Lohan’s extended DUI and rehab saga? If you're a an avid follower of Hollywood news programs, sure you can.

Like a swift vehicle, Taylor quickly stays clear of anything that could ruin her moral reputation. “How long can she keep this up” you may ask. This remains to be seen...

If you're thinking that she might screw it all up, the facts show that this may be only seen in your wildest dreams. She continues to prove the haters wrong every time. Her resonating celebrity life story continues...

Written by Errol Blair


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5 Times Zendaya Gave us Closet Envy

Friday, March 25, 2016

We are know Zendaya as "The Disney Kid" who grew up right in front of our eyes and also a member of Taylor Swift's Squad. Zendaya is certainly enjoying her career and youth and is always stepping out with flawless , slay worthy looks on the Red Carpet.  Here are 5 Times Zendaya gave us Closet Envy.

When she made laying cool by adding a twist ... camouflage

When she paired Louboutins to add some life to Tomboy chic and a sleek ponytail

I know most people did not care for this look and thought it was even clownish , but she's young and allowed to try new things and we loved it. What a way to spice up polka dots.

Culottes came back in style in 2015 and while we were all afraid to wear them , Zendaya stepped out and made the look cool again,

When she paired Ankle Boots ... with a Dress! That's unheard of!

Do you have a favorite Zendaya look? Let us know!


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Behind the Seams : Shante Gapour , Miss WaterHouse 2015 / Miss Tourism Jamaica 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Beauty Pageants for some mean a world of glitz , glam and all things girly and fabulous. There are some who use it as a platform to showcase their talents and reach their goals by appealing to a wider audience. Sure the Prizes and Fame that comes along with Pageants are well worth it but there are some who go beyond the Pageants to do what they are destined to do by fulfilling a lifelong dream or fulfill their passions. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Shante Gapour , Miss Water House 2015 and Miss Tourism Jamaica 2016.

H.P: Where you surprised when you were crowned Miss Waterhouse 2015?  Describe the feeling at that moment.
S.G: Elated yet humbled. I was so excited about being chosen to represent my community. I was in awe at the response of my community when I was crowned Miss Waterhouse 2015, I was excited to start working to make my community a better one.
H.P: When did you decide you wanted to enter Beauty Pageants?
S.G: I decided I wanted to enter pageants a few months prior to hearing about the Miss Waterhouse Competition. I was at home thinking how I could go about getting a platform to share my views on issues that are close to my heart. I said to myself that by being a title holder it would give me a voice to speak out about the problems being faced in my community and my country.

H.P: How do you maintain a balance between school, life and pageant duties?
S.G: Keeping a balance between school, life and pageant duties was a hard task at first however I sought advice from my mother; she told me the first step was to tell myself that I was going to complete my studies. Then we went ahead and made a strict timetable without neglecting my social duties, my duties to my family and my duties to my God.

H.P: What are a few life lessons you've learnt so far as Miss Waterhouse 2015?
S.G:  A few lessons learned so far:
-  Never settle when you can dream bigger.
-  Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it; at the end of the day no man is an island and no man stands alone. With that being said I would like to thank the team at Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd for their continued support
-  Always remain positive; always have a positive outlook on life.

H.P: Any tips or advice to girls wanting to compete?
S.G: Go for it.  There's a lot more to pageantry than the cool prizes and this year the prizes will be amazing. Competing in pageants allows us to gain confidence,  self respect and worth and allows us to network with others. It teaches us etiquette and grace as females.

H.P: What is the one beauty product that you can't live without?
S.G: Water! I believe water is the best kept beauty secret. It cleanses and hydrates our skin, by drinking water it flushes out toxins and eliminate the dirt that clogs the pores of our skin,  giving us a healthier glow.  It also helps us to lose weight, tones our skin and gives us glossy hair.

H.P: What are you most excited about for Miss United Nations Pageants?
S.G: The United Nations Pageants is charity based and that is what I'm most excited for. Being able to contribute to my community through volunteering; I'm helping to better my country for myself and others. Charity begins at home and the United Nations Pageants is giving me the platform to raise awareness to problems being faced not only in my community but my country.

You can find Shante's United Nations Fan Page by clicking HERE

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Haute People Growth Campaign

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
If you are an avid reader of this Blog you would have known that in January we launched The Glowup Plan which is a 365 Day challenge to make Haute People a Global Brand. Thing is , we need some equipment to make us grow.

This equipment is expensive and is ideally things to build our Studio which includes but is not limited to:

- A Macbook or iMac: Either the Desktop or Laptop. We would like to have more memory and of course storage as well as the ability to edit and give better quality.

- A Camera: The one on our radar is the Canon Rebel T6i Or the Canon 70D.  People receive information in different ways and while some people might like reading our posts there are others who like Video. We would like to make High Quality Videos on some of the topics we discuss here on the Blog and an upgrade would be nice.

- Studio Lights: Of Course we need lights to light our Videos and make them look good.

To help with this We've launched the Haute People Growth Campaign on with the goal of $3,500 to help with the purchase of the above. We say help because we already have funds saved towards this project and this is where you come in. They always say "Teamwork makes the dream work" , and we would be glad if you can come on board to help us grow.

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you helped to build a brand? The minimum is $5 which is waaaay less than a cup of Coffee or even lunch for the day to help us grow.

Click the link below to make your donation or click on the campaign link to the right side of the page.

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5 Ways to Style a Maxi Skirt

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Maxi Skirts are one of our favorite staple items here at Haute People as they are extremely comfortable and versatile. With the right imagination and accessories , you can style up your Maxi Skirt in a number of ways to make you go from casual to even formal in seconds! Keep Reading for 5 Ways you can style a Maxi Skirt.

Go Bold with Prints!

Yes you can mix different prints provided that their color schemes are the same and there is at least one color from both prints in each Design. Makes sense? To even kick things up a notch add fun colorful accessories and you are sure to stand out.

Add a Button down Shirt

We call this look "sophisticated on a budget" , who says you have to spend thousands of dollars to look well put together and sophisticated? I'm pretty sure you already have a button down shirt in your wardrobe so all you need are simple jewelry and you'll look like a million bucks. Pop your collar why don't you!

Add some Denim

For an edgier and cooler look , add a Denim Jacket and it will make you look like you are #trending! Ensure your denim is fitted rather than loose as this can easily make you look bulky.

Pair it with Flats

Yes! I know the idea of pairing closed toe flats with a long maxi skirt  will make some people cringe but! All you need is imagination and a lot of confidence to pull off this look . If you pair a Maxi Skirt with the right shade of nude flats you will look oh so chic.

Add a Blazer

Girl! Have you ever noticed how put together people always seems to look when they pair a Blazer with a Maxi Skirt? Your "put togetherness" will be on another level ... try a Drake level ...#levels . 

Maxi Skirts never seem to go out of style and is considered a staple item. If you have one laying around with no idea how to wear it , I hope this post inspires some ideas.


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How to Build a Capsule Wardobe

Monday, March 21, 2016
I always believe that a great , timeless wardrobe is not one filled with Designer pieces but one that has a nice mix of a little of everything. A capsule wardrobe is one that stands the test of time as Fashion like History repeats itself , you want to ensure you have pieces to get you through all the seasons and trends. Keep reading for simple ways you can build your very own capsule wardrobe.

A Capsule Wardrobe features 33- 37 pieces of clothing that is rotated every 3 months and includes shoes , outwear, dresses and tops.

Here are the pieces you will need :

  1. Black Purse
  2. Brown Purse ( Nude Color Works too )
  3. Clutch Purse
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Black Dress
  6. Ivory/White Dress
  7. Gray Dress
  8. Black Skirt
  9. Sequined Skirt
  10. Jeans (4 Pairs ) Light , Dark , White , Distressed
  11. White Capris
  12. Gray Dress Pants
  13. Black Dress pants
  14. Pullover sweater
  15. Emerald green open cardigan
  16. Ivory Blazer
  17. Black Blazer
  18. Black Tank skinny straps
  19. Black Tank wide straps
  20. Orange Tank
  21. Light Green Tank
  22. White short sleeve button down
  23. Light Blue pinstripe long sleeve button down
  24. Soft denim long sleeve button down
  25. Blue/white stripe shirt
  26. Black V-neck short sleeved shirt
  27. Black wrap shirt
  28. Black sweatshirt
  29. Black flats
  30. Black sandal heels
  31. Purple Heels
  32. Flip Flops
  33. Recreational shoes
  34. Black Heels
  35. Nude Heels
  36. Gold Necklace
  37. Hooded Sweater
I know 37 pieces sound like a lot to build a wardrobe but trust me its the right amount. The key is to only get essential pieces , there are occasions where you can get a stand out piece but once you have the above , you will be well set. The great things about Capsule Wardrobes is that you get to build out and can even create seasonal capsule wardrobes from your main capsule wardrobe. 

I challenge you to build a capsule wardrobe and send us pictures :-)


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5 Artistes to Watch in 2016

Saturday, March 19, 2016
The world of charts-topping songs as you know it is a topsy-turvy one in terms of how long a record lasts in the minds of today's generation. It's one thing for a rising star to emerge, but another for their music to last a few months or even for just one moment in time.This year will offer its fair share of artistes and their songs to watch in 2016 as there are several new "kids on the block". It is interesting to see who will stand out above the crowd of competition as they battle for the supremacy of music currency in a fairly large Grammy Award minded space. Here are five artistes to watch in 2016:

Shawn Mendes

As the artiste who leaves "Stitches", the 16 year old Vine star Shawn Mendes (like Justin Bieber) uses his voice to pour his heart out about the status of his relationships while wooing the ladies at the same time. It wouldn't be surprising if he picks up a few awards this year as a relatively new artist with current Billboard songs such as Stitches and I Knew What You Did Last Summer.

Zayn Malik

Zayn's first R&B solo single Pillow Talk had ears buzzing to his sex-soaked sound since late 2015. For many, he has a sound which can be likened to that of Chris Brown, a sound that the ladies can identify with as hitting the music sweet spot "in the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day.” Alternative R&B has made a statement with this song which was a number one hit on the Billboard Charts just a few weeks ago.


The "Whip" and "Nae-Nae Dancer" whipped it by inventing himself and a dance move at the same time. Watch Me was one of the biggest hits of 2015, but can he keep people dancing to his sound waves this year and maybe even do another dance move? Let's watch and see.

Charlie Puth 

The man with the Nine Track Mind has tapped into collaborations with Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor and the unforgettable song See You Again that he did with Wiz Khalifa. He is so "track-minded" that he has made sure that we will “see him again” in 2016 with an even smoother, jazz-like sound. 

 Dej Loaf

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, new female rap artiste on the block Dej Loaf brings a sort of fresh approach to topics that females rap about such as being able to get the attention of guys. In the song Back Up featuring Big Sean, she raps on that this becomes annoying to the point that she has to tell them to "back up" off her. The term, "back up off me" has connotations regarding sexual activity, but is used by the artiste to symbolize her power to reject men who use annoying pickup lines such as “I can do you right, I'll do you better than your exes...” Like Iggy Azalea, she used wicked punch lines to send warnings to men that she is not a walkover and that women too should back up from the Lady Killa. 

These are just five artists to watch in 2016 among the crowd of those vying for the crown of  
Best New Artist or Best Breakout Star. Stay tuned because music speaks loud.

Written by Errol Blair


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