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Tips for starting an Online Business ( Successfully )

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Gone are the days when people would have to struggle to start a Business. 2015 was the boom of the Online Business which saw many young professionals earning a substantial income online ( while they sleep ). Here are a few ways you can successfully start your Online Business and generate an Income.

Product vs Service: This all depends on what you are more passionate about and want to offer your potential clients. I find that Product based businesses do better than services just because of consumer needs. No matter how broke a person is .. they will still need that Necklace, Clothing or whatever it is. If you decide on offering services , be sure to do some research and offer competitive rates.

 Looks matter ... a lot: Not physical appearance in this case but the look of your Business. You will need something visual like a website or fan-page to display some of your best work. Its great if you could ask your customers to provide feedback.

 #Goals: I know you are thinking "duh" I went into business because I have goals. As it relates to Online Businesses , there are people are go into it "just because" or they heard they can make a lot of money right away. If this is your goal , you still need to set a plan to figure out how best it can be executed.

Start Now: As people, we make excuses about everything in life! I don't have any money , I don't have enough time or just an excuse. Once you have something fresh in your mind .. start right away! I'm not telling you to quit your day job right away. But you need to get the wheels in motion and start making some moves.

Be efficient: An Online Business is a lot different from an Offline Business in that it offers you flexibility. If you are not tech savvy , there are really simple websites that you can set up which will still give you all the things you are looking for and more. If it means opening earlier and closing later then do it! My Digital Marketing Boutique is open 24 hours per day so that I can accommodate my clients all over the world.

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3 comments on "Tips for starting an Online Business ( Successfully )"
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