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Mission Catwalk All Star Season Review

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Another successful season of Jamaica's Reality Designers series , Mission Catwalk came to an end on November 21,2015 where the talented Designer from the Bahamas was named the Season 5 All Stars Winner.

This Season we were re-introduced to a few of our favorite Designers which includes Ayana Dixon , Shenna Carby and Andre Shirley from past seasons. We have witnessed the immense growth in craftsmanship and personal development for each designer who entered their respective season as newbies.

We were also introduced to a new mentor , Mercedes Gonzales who was not afraid to give the Designers her honest opinion ( whether they liked it or not ) Mercedez left no stone un turned as she gave her wealth of knowledge on how to not only make quality garments but also how to market themselves to be recognized as a worldwide brand.

For the final "Mission" the final 3 Designers were given the challenge to create a mini collection previewing 3 must haves for their Spring 2016 collection. These looks had to be creative , cohesive and of course looks that every woman would want to hand down to her daughter.

The live "Final Showdown" was held on November 15,2015 at Devon House at the Formal Gardens. Fashion Enthusiasts , Bloggers and Media were invited to view what the Designers had to present for their final walk. David Rolles' collection was a crowd favorite as it had beautiful pieces inspired by the Caribbean and the pieces were not only beautiful but wearable.

Mission Catwalk Season 5 All Stars was packed with excitement , creative pieces and of course drama! For the next season we love love to see "behind the scenes" of what happens when the Camera's stop rolling and those moments when people


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5 comments on "Mission Catwalk All Star Season Review"
  1. I would love to see this - I am a fan of catwalk shows and even attended one that dogs were wearing fashions. My dog walked in it.

  2. I haven't seen this series. I will certainly be catching shows next season. I love it when the judges actually tell it like it is like Mercedes Gonzales does

  3. I must live under a rock but I have never seen this show before. Love the bold coloured jacket they put on that young man...wish I could convince my hubby to wear something like that!

  4. What a great show and event you were invited to attend. Love that long trained dress too

  5. I love these kinds of shows! I hope to catch some of it this season. Those dresses are so amazing!