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Make a Seasonal Statement with Larimar

Friday, November 20, 2015

Winter can be a challenging season to accessorize for. Spring and summer fashions are often inspired by a lightening of the air and a brightening of color, but fall and winter can be more difficult to work with. After all, the colder days and longer nights more often inspire hibernation than fashion. There are ways that you can still make a fashionable statement during these colder months, however, while remaining true to the colors and tones of the time, and one of these is with Larimar.

A Cooler Palette

While a colorful, full-spectrum palette of clothing and accessory options is often popular in spring and summer, it’s often only the cooler end of the color spectrum that gets seen during winter. Gray, blue, cream, black, and green are often the colors most used during this time of year when the colors begin to reflect those seen most frequently in the landscape.

That’s what makes Larimar such a perfect accent to your winter wardrobe. This rare form of blue pectolite has a naturally crystal blue color, with tones of cream, white, and blue-green as well. Paired with any winter wardrobe, Larimar is the perfect complement, accenting these other colors and helping to add some depth to the palette as a whole.

A Holiday Accent

In addition to working perfectly with a traditional winter color palette, Larimar can also make a beautiful statement during the holidays as well. Larimar’s cool blue tones offer the perfect foil to the more ubiquitous reds and greens with a color that is analogous, yet separate enough to be different. And for those that want to nod toward the season, there are also numerous pieces of Larimar with a deep red vein running through them courtesy of both oxygenation and hematite inclusions.

Wearing a Larimar bracelet, such as this open-ended Larimar bracelet lets people know that you appreciate beauty and the finer things in life, while at the same time embracing your own sense of style. This lightweight cuff, for example, would perfectly complement not only a cream sweater and pair of gray slacks, it would also cool off and update a bold red dress at the same time with the dual pieces of Larimar calling extra attention to the piece.

 A Statement Piece

With so many people wrapping themselves up and hiding away during the winter months, those that choose to make a statement with accessories and jewelry like Larimar truly make themselves stand out in a crowd. Larimar has a unique color, clarity, and triclinic crystalline structure, which makes it stand out from other, more common gemstones. So when you choose to wear a piece of Larimar this winter, you’ll be attracting attention and making a statement that puts you apart from those that choose to let winter define them, rather than the other way around.

A Rare Choice

Larimar can be found in only one mine in the Dominican Republic, and each piece is handcrafted by artisans who pay attention to the stone’s fracture pattern as they shape each piece. Combined with the stone’s unique coloration, this makes Larimar truly different from common gemstones, some of which are produced in a lab.

Make a Statement with Larimar

This winter, rather than letting the drabness of the season dictate your fashion choices, set yourself apart with fine Larimar Jewelry by Laura Bonetti. This cool blue stone never goes out of style, and will help ensure that you’re perfectly adorned for the season.

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18 comments on "Make a Seasonal Statement with Larimar"
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