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PatPat is the best FREE Shopping APP for Parents

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Times are hard and as parents , we want to ensure the dollar stretches as far as it can and then some! Children are miniature human beings and are constantly growing and need stuff! All this stuff can get pretty expensive and overwhelming. Thanks to modern day technology and living in the "Digital Era", there is an APP for that .. literally.

Enter the PatPat App! Other than a cool name, PatPat is a new FREE to download App where moms can snag high quality on trend essentials such as kids clothing and baby clothes for up to 90% off! This might sound "too good to be true" but it is. I have tested and tried it for myself and it's all that plus more! Think of PatPat as the "Mother" of all E-commerce sites for parents. In order to have access to amazing deals and more , the first step is to download the App by clicking HERE.
Upon downloading the App the first thing I liked is how easy it was to navigate the site. There are no bells and whistles to distract you on the site just an "Ease Of Access" to really great deals. There are up to 20 new deal events every morning plus exciting shopping events. If you see something you like act fast as you just might miss it!
Lime Green On the Way Backpack ( discounted )
One amazing deal I came across was a Lime Green On the Way Backpack originally for $20.99 and only $13.99 via the App , the fact that this offer was available was almost surreal but the price blew me away! Umm , yes please! Saving money in these times is of utmost importance and the amount you will save from using the PatPat App could be used for a luxurious well needed "Mommy Treatment".

One of the main missions of PatPat is offering the best deals to families and to prove that having the best does not have to break the Bank. PatPat was also featured by Apple on the home page of the App store as a best new app. If you are a parent ( in any shape or from ) or even an expectant mother you need to download the PatPat APP Now! The money you will save could be stashed away in a future College fund.

Apply the Promo Code HAUT35 at Checkout for 35% discount + $5 off your first order. Click Here to download the PatPat App.

This post was sponsored by PatPat


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15 comments on "PatPat is the best FREE Shopping APP for Parents"
  1. That sounds like an awesome app! I love new ways to save money!

  2. This is the first I've heard of the PatPat app! Sounds like a great way for parents to save money!

  3. This is amazing! I can see wanting to use this app every day. I love deal shopping apps.

  4. Do you know if they can ship clothes to Canada from this website?
    I love snagging good deals but I want to make sure I don't shop my heart out and find out they can't ship anything to me.

  5. I heard about this app the other day. It sounds like a great way for parents to save.

  6. Have never heard of this app. Will have to check this out. Love saving money on things I need to buy.

  7. Wow this sounds very resourceful for parents! Definitely helpful and saves time all in one place!

  8. Where was this stuff when my kids were little? I sure could have used it.

  9. Saving money on kids items is so important! This sounds like an awesome app!!

  10. This sounds like such a great app! Where was it when my kids were little?!

  11. wow this sounds like an awesome app! I like new ways to save money! I'm like a huge coupon fan.

  12. I really like that you can find new deals every day. This sounds like it's worth a look for the deals alone, not to mention the shopping!

  13. I never heard of this app. Anything that can save busy parents is worth sharing and I will be passing this on.

  14. It does sound like a great app. And how awesome to be featured by Apple!

  15. I have been experimenting with this app myself for the past couple of days and I'm loving what it can do so far.