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Blogging Myths Debunked

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Hi Guys! hopefully you tuned in to the interview on Hot102 F.M last night. Just in case you didn't, here are a few things I touched on briefly. Think of this as a F.A.Q type of thing as it relates to things you've probably heard about Blogging/Bloggers.

MYTH: Bloggers make a lot of money!
TRUTH: Starting out, we don't make any money at all or maybe very little! If you are looking to get into this to make money right away, you might as well look an office job. If you are already a famous celebrity and make a Blog you might money right away. For the rest of us regular folks , it takes some time.

MYTH: We get a lot of FREE Stuff
TRUTH: Sometimes , but it's not for fun. It's either for a review or a sponsored post.

MYTH: Blogging is not a real Job .. its a Hobby
TRUTH: Lies! If you Brand and Market your Blog the right way, the money you can make could easily replace your day job and allow you to live comfortably.

MYTH: Bloggers are mean and Stuck Up
TRUTH: Umm , where did you hear that? We are all different and have different personalities. The ones who are mean clearly have some issues they need to deal with.

MYTH: You need a lot of money to start Blogging
TRUTH: Not at all , however if you want a great Blog with quality content and High quality photos it could get a little expensive. I started with a dream and a Laptop and have been doing fine.



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16 comments on "Blogging Myths Debunked"
  1. ROFLMAO... I have heard that bloggers are stuck up but I sure hope I don't fit that bill!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! It's amazing how many myths are out there about blogging. Thanks for debunking them!

  3. Bloggers are mean and stuck up? None I know. Although I have seen super snarky, catty comments flung around and I just scroll on by.... But most of the bloggers I see, and know are amazing! - Jeanine

  4. Yeah, it;s not actually free. Our time is valuable and the time it takes to write the review is often times worth more than the value of the product.

  5. i cannot stand when people think we get "free" stuff. It is not free, we work for it - it is our compensation.

  6. I like the way you debunk those myths! I've been blogging for five years but only recently treated it like a business. It's like it's new again and I have a lot to learn.

  7. When I was starting out I actually did end up with a lot of free stuff that I would send to my kids in college with care packages. I've managed to filter out a lot of that since then, so I'm not accumulating as many things though!

  8. I think bloggers are kind, the majority of them at least. Interacting w/others is one of my favorite things about having made a blog. :)

  9. So true! I guess people get all of these bad ideas about bloggers solely because some take too much advantage of the freedom of speech and are way past libelous. Makes me wonder if too much freedom is bad for people. There has got to be control, discipline and ethics that has to be self taught and diligently instilled.

  10. So true. Glad you said about the "we make lots of money" and get stuff free, We work for that"free stuff"

  11. These are good busted myths. Bloggers truly don't get anything for free contrary to popular belief. We "work" for those review products and sponsored posts...and it's not an easy job, but I love it!

  12. Everyone always things I just get free stuff. They really have no idea how much work actually goes into that "free stuff". Great list!

  13. These are great myth busters! I get asked things like this all the time as a blogger!

  14. SO so true. I always hate when friends and family are like "oh you got that for free for your blog" yes, it was "free" in the sense I didn't pay cash, but it comes with strings attached like anything else! We WORK hard for the money-sometimes more hours than a full time job!

  15. Very true....I hear them all the time. Amazing how little people know about blogging.

  16. It definitely takes a lot of hard work to make your blog a success, but it's so worth the effort!