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Katalys Crew Performs at Keesing Live

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
The Dynamic Reggae Inspirational band Katalys Crew better known for conscious hits like "Breakthrough" & "David Dance" treated patrons to a wonderful night of an intimate yet nostalgic performance at the music event held on Keesing Avenue in Kingston known as Keesing Live! last Saturday.

The "Roots Inspirational Reggae Band" has been around for 10 years and has taken a new direction with the support of Heneka Watkis-Forter, founder of Patwa Apparel.

The moment they went on stage the audience was in high spirits as they went for the popular classic  "I've got News for You".

Below are highlights of their performance


Katalys Crew a dynamic force in Reggae Music. For over 10 years the band has proven that a collective consciousness can indeed produce life changing experiences for our music industry. Formed in 2003 the band launched its first album in Emancipation Park Jamaica in June 2004. The launch was indeed a true testament to the future successful journey and destination of this group. Dubbed by industry insiders as one of the biggest, most intriguing and captivating launch ever in Jamaica, over 7000 people gathered in Kingston’s Emancipation Park to witness and celebrate the creative, inspirational and powerful musical expressions.

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