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Caribbean Based Technology Driven Media Monitoring Service Launched

Friday, April 17, 2015
DRT Communications Limited, a Caribbean based communications agency, is now the Caribbean’s first full service technology-driven media monitoring agency with its recent launch of a full suite of Media Monitoring services.  With special focus on tracking Caribbean media in addition to international media sources in broadcast, print and online, the services provide a revolutionary method of analyzing a brand’s media impact. 

DRT Communications CEO, Danielle Terrelonge-Irons in describing the service says, “Our Media Monitoring service is geared at answering the call of regional marketers with an Innovative technology driven service.  Not only is it the first of its type in the Caribbean, we see it as a tool to put the Caribbean marketing landscape on par with global standards.”

Through the new DRT Media Monitoring service, clients will be able to access daily content generated about their brand, industry, and any other topics of interest.  This in turn, will enable better tracking of trends and proper analysis of what is being said about their brand and aid in more accurate real time decision making.

The service monitors radio and television broadcasts; press clippings from newspapers, magazines and other print media; as well as online data.  Tracking online data looks at consumer sources such as social media, blogs, and forums. 

Terrelonge-Irons elaborates, “Used by marketers across the world media monitoring is usually used to identify mentions of a client’s organization, brand, industry or specific issues, it is also used to gauge the traction of news releases and PR campaigns, manage brand reputation, understand target markets, identify new business opportunities, evaluate corporate communications, as well as to analyze competition in an effort to dominate a particular market.”

DRT Media Monitoring makes use of global technologies and is unique because of the ability to understand and interpret various Caribbean dialects and most languages around the world. The suite of services include:

·         Global tracking of all media types i.e. print, broadcast, online and social media.
·         24 hour information processing and in-depth analysis
·         Access to over 200 million current news items
·         Concise and accurate reports delivered promptly
·         Service to Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and other Caribbean countries

“It was important for us to answer the call of organizations in the Caribbean.  We have invested in the best technology and have licenses exclusivity with our global partners.  This is an exciting time for marketers throughout the Caribbean.  The response to the service has been extraordinary and we know it will serve our clients and potential clients fully realize their ROI on their marketing and corporate communications spend.”

DRT Communications Ltd. is a marketing communications agency based in the Caribbean. It was founded in July 2008 by CEO, Danielle Irons.  The company since then has provided the most creative communication solutions to clients.  Some DRT Communications clients include:  Red Bull, Caribbean Broilers, Diageo/Red Stripe, Guardsman Group of Companies, J. Wray & Nephew, Jamaica Money Market Brokers Group.
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  13. Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging words. Danielle & the DRT Team!