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Emma Stone Fashion Killa'

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Remember that weird girl from the House Bunny or Easy A? That's the same girl who has been silently killing the Red Carpet and has also been nominated for several Awards. Emma Stone can be described as the "Girl Next Door" as she has that sweet , friendly innocent vibe going on .. but If you blink too hard you just might miss her wonderful talent and style!

See how her style has evolved over the years!

Golden Globe Awards 2015

Screen Actors Guild Awards ( S.A.G Awards )

The Birdman Premiere

The Metball 2014

Magic in the Moonlight Premiere

Film Independent Spirit Awards
Emma Stone is the perfect example of being comfortable in your own skin. If you have a specific Style, way of wearing your hair of whatever it is that might not fit into Society's perfect Box ...  hold fast to whatever it is. That thing others consider weird will totally make you stand out. As long as you believe in yourself , stick to your goals and never give up ... you too can be like an Emma Stone

What would you say makes you different?

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18 comments on "Emma Stone Fashion Killa'"
  1. She is very pretty and has a great stylist. I love everything she's wearing.

  2. She is just amazing. Totally beautiful and she seems like such a fun person. HA! Beautiful looks, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always love seeing Emma Stone on the red carpet. She is a gorgeous girl, and she has impeccable fashion sense!

  4. My teen daughters admire Emma Stone's fashion style (and I do, too).

  5. She is so beautiful and such a great actress. The green dress she wore to the Birdman première is just stunning.

  6. I LOVE her style! She is so pretty and such a great actress!

  7. Easy A was a great movie! She is very talented!

  8. I love Emma Stone! She looks gorgeous in every one of these photos!

  9. I love her! She seems like she'd be completly down to earth and normal.

  10. I love every single look. The pink one looks like it was made just for her, it's a perfect!

  11. She looks great in every outfit. I particularly love that gorgeous dress she wore to the Birdman premiere.

  12. I think it is great just to be your own person. Love her.

  13. wow, she really does have an excellent sense of style. She looks fantastic!

  14. She looked stunning in all the outfits.

  15. She is so pretty! I love her hair color too.

  16. She is just so beautiful. She always has the most beautiful dresses and outfits.

  17. I love her! She looks amazing in that hot pink dress!

  18. She has fantastic style. Love her dresses.