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Tessanne & Tami : Double Trouble

Friday, November 28, 2014

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Am I Dateable?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Its common practice for people who have an interest in getting married, have a list of characteristics, physical features et,. that they are looking for in a potential spouse. I know I did. (Tall dark and handsome, two out of three not bad right?) But do you have a second copy, so that daily with pray you make these criteria for yourself?  If you answer no, then you are not yet date-able. The Bible says in Song of Solomon 2:7 ESV I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or the doers of the field, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases. You are date- able when:

     You can bring valuable contribution to someone else’s life. You are an asset not a deficit. Because you have found your purpose, content with being single, have plans and visions for your life. So work on you before you actively start searching for a partner. Proverbs 19:2 ESV says, desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses is way.

Growing up there were lots of children games that send the message of getting married and having a family. One that stands out to me is a skipping rope game *upstairs downstairs underneath the toilet* each round you would have list of things you desire to happen to you in the future. Eg, first round you would present a list of names of the people you would want to marry, and as you jump rope these names are repeated and once you "out" (rope gets tangled with feet), the name it stops on that’s your future spouse. Other rounds are more things you desire from your future partner. These games were focused on what you look for in someone, none I recall was designed for you to prepare yourself for that someone.

The quest for an ideal partner invariably begins with a long look inward. You can practice communication techniques, make endless lists of the characteristics you look for in a partner, but until you’re willing to work on yourself and be the person you hope to, the chances are good that you’ll remain unsatisfied in practically any relationship. 

I hear persons say when we are on the subject of “what is it that you want in a partner”, “what are you looking for in a partner”, “who would be the perfect partner for you”.
Be the person you want to find, I would like to ask are you being the person they are looking for, hoping for, praying for, and desperately asking GOD for?  If not it’s time to clean house. Ask yourself: How can I make myself better? Am I complete or a work in progress? Am I being the person I want to find? How can we make each other better, instead of how can he/she make me better? Through prayer, work on you and focus less on what you want from him/she.

     There is an acceptance that you don’t need a partner to be complete. Your “other half” is NOT! Missing. Your life is not of any less value because you are not yet married. It’s in marriage; I have come to learn this. It’s dangerous to think your partner will complete you. If he/she falls short in “completing” any area of your life you expect, you will be greatly disappointed, and too much pressure is on the other person to make you happy. With prayer and faith you will become content with this stage of life, and come to recognize and accept that a partner is not needed to make you complete or even make you happy.

You don’t just sit and wait on the Lord, and think that your life will begin after finding a spouse. Make yourself date-able by working on your career; work on your finances, start saving, get closer to God through studying His words. An advantage of being single is having more time to spend with the Lord, and to work full time in ministry.

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Charlie Wilson to Perform at Jamaica Jazz & Blues

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The R&B soul icon will bring all of his love to Jamaica for the first time
Montego Bay, Jamaica (Nov. 16, 2014) – Jamaica is in for a high impact performance like no other, when R&B icon, Charlie Wilson takes the stage at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, scheduled for Jan. 29—31, 2015 at the Trelawny Stadium. This will mark his first appearance at one of most anticipated event on Jamaica’s music calendar.
“We are extremely pleased to have Charlie Wilson on our line-up for 2015”, says Festival Producer, Walter Elmore. “He is known to put on an amazing show and Jamaica Jazz and Blues fans can expect him to deliver an unforgettable performance”.

A seven-time Grammy nominee, Charlie Wilson has been critically-acclaimed around the world for his live performance with sold-out shows in the United States, France and the UK. His numerous awards and accolades include a BET Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 which will long be remembered as one of the finest tributes ever paid to a legend. Wilson has commanded center stage since his days as the lead vocalist for the GAP Band (“Outstanding,” “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”). As a solo artist he has topped the Billboard charts with numerous hits including “Charlie, Last Name Wilson,” “Magic,” “There Goes My Baby,” “Can’t Live Without You,” “You Are,” “Life of the Party” and “My Love Is All I Have.”
In addition to his success as a solo artist, Wilson has collaborated with numerous chart-topping artists and producers including Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Fantasia, T. Pain, Justin Timberlake and 2 Chainz.
With a repertoire of countless hit songs, Jamaica Jazz and Blues audiences can expect to be taken on a thrilling journey by this musical maestro.

Courtesy of Jamaica Jazz & Blues 2014
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Advice for new Bloggers

Monday, November 24, 2014
Hi Guys! As the year winds down ( next year is only weeks away ) I've decided to share a few tips with my fellow Bloggers & new Bloggers. This advice is of course based on my experience in this Blogging World here in Jamaica.

Things are never as they seem: Sure being a Blogger might look glamorous ( maybe it is ) but there is a lot more that goes on Behind the Seams that we wont't post on our Blogs. Bloggers will post beautiful pictures of events they've been to and people they met, but! they won't post the other in between stuff.

You don't need a MacBook to be a Blogger:  This is the biggest misconception ever! I even thought that when I was just starting out. All you need is a creative mind, great writing skills and of course discipline. If you can afford a MacBook that's great .. but any computer will suffice.

Don't Steal Pictures: Pictures are great as they make your Blog look auh mazing... however! You can't steal people's pictures and place on your Blog or Social Media just to get a forward . I've seen people do this a lot!! For example, there was a popular event like The Collection Moda Events , you didn't get invited , you take a picture ( or few ) from Skaan and place it on your Blog just so people can check out your Page. It's actually illegal ...If you don't have original pictures just say "Photos may be subject to Copyright".

Just be You: Never ever try to be like that Blogger because they are popular or famous. Blog with your own voice and uniqueness as this makes you stand apart. You will appeal to your own audience so there is no need to worry.

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A Little Trip to Asia

Thursday, November 20, 2014
If you live in Kingston , I'm sure you've all been hearing the Buzz about the hottest spot in the Corporate Area. Asia's Cafe is smacked right in the middle of Half Way Tree inside York Pharmacy which makes it a perfect location for everyone.

When I first heard about this place, I was a bit concerned as it relates to sanitation and overall Hygiene. In my mind it was a food place in a Pharmacy … If you are having those same thoughts as me… Fret not! Asia’s Café is a legit Restaurant that has a nice open Layout and Great Lighting ( perfect for Selfies or taking Pictures of their many food options )

Usually when I review a new Restaurant I give them 3 tries. On my first go I tried their delivery and ordered the Curried Shrimp Roti & Shrimp/ Conch Soup. The Roti was seasoned to perfection and it actually has Shrimp ( Big up yourself Asia’s Café ) usually when Shrimp Dishes are sold here in Jamaica, they skim on the Shrimp but Asia’s did not disappoint in this area at all… not only was the Shrimp evenly distributed but they were Jumbo! The Shrimp Conch Soup was out of this world , I’m not even a Soup Person and I enjoyed it … all I can say is that it tasted really noice .. not too spicy and not lacking flavor .. just right!

Shrimp/Conch Soup

Visit 2 : I decided to go in and meet the wonderful folks myself just to see how the Face to Face Customer Service is. Its good but it can be better in that the ladies didn't say enthused … How could you not be happy to be around Food all day long? This time I tried the Shrimp Pasta … I loved the portion ( lunch & dinner serving ) but! I didn't really care for all the Parsley on the top … great garnish but not great when you are on the go then have a meeting right after ( if you know what I mean ) Can you say “hello lunch”. Of course I had to try another soup … on the Menu was Pepperpot … again I don’t know what they put in it .. but it was Noice… nuff Shrimp :-)

Visit 3: For my final visit I did delivery again and ordered a Restaurant Week Combo which was an OMG! Burger w/ Fries, Bread Pudding & Soup for $630. This time I had a little trouble with the time of the delivery and one of the items were not received. I contacted the Manager to resolve the issue who handled it in a dignified manner where I got back my Soup and some refreshing Coconut Water.

I would definitely give this place 5 out of 5 and really hope they keep things consistent as it especially relates to the taste of the food. Be sure to check out Asia’s Café for this Restaurant Week and also on a daily basis. They also open 24 hours a day so you can have great food all day long (literally)

Visit Asia's Cafe on FACEBOOK

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Wedding White

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Just a few days ago pictures from Solange Knowles’ wedding surfaced and Hauties I almost had a fashion heart-attack. What I Like about the wardrobe choices she made was that she stood true to her own style and had things her way and she definitely broke all the rules. Here’s a pic of her bridal party and everyone looks amazing. The picture is very Lauryn Hill-esque and I love it.

I have always been obsessed with fashionable wedding story. One of my favourite bridal movie scenes is the one in Sex & the City where Carrie Bradshaw has her bridal shoot for Vogue wearing nothing but bridal couture.
This all got me thinking should a bride feel pressured to stick to the puffy white dress with the mile long train and veil? or should she be a trailblazer and make her own decisions?Personally I think its your day and you should do it however you want.Here are some off the beat suggestions for that little extra wedding day glamour while still maintaining your personal sense of elegance.

1. The Deep Plunge
Back in the early 70’s when Mick and Bianca jagger said “I DO” they did itin true rocker fashion. Bianca took the plunge both in marrying a raging rockstar and with that wedding day suit. She wore a plunging  white jacket and skirt combo and topped it off with a wide-brimmed hat and a veil. This look is tame by today’s standards but cause quite a raucous back in the day.

2. Off to the Beach

MK and Ashley may have just been bridesmaids at this wedding but this would make an awesome inspiration for a beach day bride.

3. Drip-dry Green
Naomi Stole the show at the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco. She might not have been the bride but who says you can only rock neutrals as a bride?

4. Canary Yellow


Who can forget Elizabeth Taylor and her first time round as Richard Burton’s wife. The clean refreshing canary yellow dress is perhaps one of Taylor's most iconic looks. She might have had many husbands but just like diamonds her style is forever and so can yours.

Your wedding day is your time to celebrate love and life and only you can say what your dress should look like, Be true Be You Be Haute

-Fashion Contributor


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Presenting MoDAMarket 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
I'm sure by now you must have heard about the Collection MoDA series of Events ( unless you live under a rock) Well ... The Fashion Showcase might be invite only , but! The MoDA Market is open to the Public this coming Sunday at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

For $1,000JMD Patrons can get their hands on some of Jamaica's top Designers such as E11venCollections and exquisite international pieces from Korto Momolu. The MoDA Market is the place for Fashion enthusiasts and lovers of all things Lifestyle to get one of a kind items found at the event.

About MoDA Market

"More than your average trunk show - an expanded opportunity for all designers to showcase, and for those who delight in embellishments and enjoy the look and feel of beautiful clothes - an opportunity to acquire! Comfort and convenience features, including fitting rooms, specialized lounges and signature drinks are all a part of the offerings and the senses will revel at the aesthetic of this uniquely designed and curated market place"

For info on Tickets , visit:

Video is the property of The Collection MoDA | No Copyright infringement Intended

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A Jamaican Black Friday?!

Monday, November 17, 2014
People! I discovered something this week that I must share with you. I don't know how many of you know about American Culture/History .... but the Firday after Thanksgiving ( November  27) is deemed as "Black Friday". ( November 28 ) Black Friday marks the first day of the official Christmas Shopping Season. There are crazy and I mean crazy discounts on everything. Usually after Thanksgiving Dinner, people camp out at their favorite stores for "Door Buster" deals which start as early as 6.a.m and last year I went to one at hhgregg that started at 12 a.m ( the people dem nearly kill mi ... lawd god ) but that's an entire story.

I am happy to report that Jamaica being as "innovative" as we are, have decided to have our very own Black Friday.... this is actually year 5! From November 27 to November 29 stores in The Village & Mall Plaza and Rapid True Value in Half Way Tree in collaboration with National Commercial Bank ( NCB ), The Gleaner Company , Power 106 and Music 99Fm will be having crazy discounts. Haute People will of course be there ( if nothing comes up ) to capture this Shopping Extravaganza . Some of the things I recommend splurging on are of course Electronics, Perfumes , Jewelry , Handbag and Household items. For clothing , I find that here in Jamaica when stores have these specials , they tend to put out of season clothing ... then think of a clever way to get you to pay the full price ( in a way ) while having you think that you got a great bargain. There will still be a few good pieces you can find .. but you will have to hunt! Keep your eyes open and wear comfortable shoes.

Opening hours

The official opening hours of The Village and Mall Plazas and Rapid True Value Store for the Black Friday Weekend Sale are:

• Thursday, November 27: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

• Friday & Saturday, November 28 & 29: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

• Early-Bird specials - Friday & Saturday: 8 a.m.-10 a.m


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Precise in Time

Sunday, November 16, 2014
Russian born Leonid Khankin fits the profile of a vibrant Hollywood celebrity. Upon talking with him you find that he is humble and passionate about horology. I had the honour of meeting him when he took a cruise to Jamaica. He is the Managing and Creative Director of Ernst Benz, the Swiss watch brand that is inspired by aviation.

Leonid Khankin
The company has not been around for centuries yet with its unique and contemporary designs they developed, in my eyes, a cultish following that transcends race, nationality and economic standing. With collaborations from R&B singer Mary J. Blige to celebrity chef Mario Batali, limited edition timepieces have just gotten interesting.

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali & Lenoid Khankin
After buying your timepiece the company allows you to customize it at no additional cost within certain design and time limitations. Let's say you wanted to add mother of pearl, diamonds or complications, then you may have to cough up a little bit more.

Price on the watch starts at around $2,500USD and the straps are from $100USD.

A number of young Jamaican jewelry professionals like myself own an Ernst Benz timepiece.

Where to buy:


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Confessions of a Blogger : Rane

Saturday, November 15, 2014
Happy Weekend! A few weeks ago Relationship contributor Shana wrote about " Confessions of a Blogger". I thought this was a cool post and decided to copy her:-) Here i go!

1. I'm not Tech Savvy: I know people think since I Blog I must know how to build websites and all that stuff. Truth is , I'm not that interested in Technology and this shows in my life ( until a few months ago ) I just got a smartphone less than 3 months ago .. for realz .. I have a Tablet that I never use .. like ever! My computer is a Toshiba .. not a Macbook. And I'm still alive! I also don't have Photoshop!

2. Social Media Annoys Me: Again ... one would think that since I Blog I live on Social Media ... not so at all. Having a great Social Media presence would help the Blog and me as a person, but I really can't bother at all. The thing that annoys me the most is the over-sharing ...If people could take a picture of air and share it they would.. then there are the people who are just sitting there waiting to like, share or comment smh .. The world has changed.

3. I pick the Events I get invited to: As a Blogger P.R companies and Designers will invite me to various events .. however! I don't go to all  of them! I feel like there is this secret group of only elite people who only invite their kind ( if you know what I mean) then the wider society who can benefit greatly is left out! It's kind of a shame but it's how the world is I guess.

4. Sometimes I miss Deadlines: This year especially .. I missed a few ... like 3 or 4! I sent in an article to a Magazine I write for on the day , I R.S.V.P to 2 events on the same day ( had to be in 2 places at once ) and I just didn't show up for another.

5. Blogging is hard work: Most people think that Blogging is taking fashionable pictures from websites ( without saying its copyright) then putting it on their Blog and bam! It done! No so at all .. You need to create quality content , add pictures ( copyright them or add your own watermark ) ensure there are no grammatical errors , publish the post , then share and market that post and do it all over again. What about Event Coverage? You have to ensure you are dressed accordingly ... take pictures ( bring a photographer ) then go home and write on the event add pictures and do the writing process above ... lol What if you are working backstage at a Fashion Show ... Well .. you have to ensure things are steamed , make-up is done , Designers and pieces are on time .. models are dressed .... then amidst all that chaos ... talk to the models and Designers to get a story for the Blog. I don't even want to go into interviews , reviews and collabs .. It's just a lot of stuff.

6.Jamaica is a tough crowd: I love my country and all but! There is an age old expression " If you can make it in Jamaica , you can make it anywhere in the world" T-R-U-E ... When I just started to take this seriously people had no idea what a Blog was or if it was just a post College Student "trying a ting"... it was a struggle trying to reach the Jamaican audience.

7. Jamaica is not my #1 Audience : I have no idea how this happened .. but! U.S.A has always been the #1 audience for my Blog ( would love to hear from other Bloggers about their #1 audience) I'm thankful nonetheless.


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The Hypocrisy of Women

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Women often times think they should always be praised or pampered and our male counter-parts must always be willing to climb those “rocks” for us if that’s what makes us happy. Don’t get me wrong we deserve it! However, we must be willing to climb those rocks too. If he is loving enough to give you a foot massage be willing to give one back, it’s not a “tit for tat” contract but it is at least an agreement to make each other happy!

Some of us complain that men change after the chase, no longer as sweet as they used to be. The “love text messages” have stopped and no longer do you get a phone call from your man just to say I love you. Have you stopped to consider that maybe the men in our lives feel as if they are giving too much and not getting anything in return?  Did he stop sending those text messages because the last couple you didn’t reply to them like you used to?

We women complain so much about our failed relationships and how the wrong guys always show up in our lives. Words of advice don’t complain about the failed ones; use the experience to enhance your new one. For the love of yourself, stop sit and wait for your “perfect” guy to find you. Maybe you need to consider dropping your pride and go out to find him.  Or is it that our “perfect” guy DID find us but we were so caught up with our past relationships’ baggage and we lost him? 

To conclude, stop pointing fingers or complain about the problems, instead spend some time to think about them. Ask yourself these questions, where did they start from? Am I the root of the problem? Then when you have found the source of the problem be the solution.

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Behind the Seams : Pentateuch

This Reggae band released their debut Album "Genesis" in 2011 and later released Genesis Acoustic amidst the fact that artistes on a whole don't release acoustic Albums.  With appearances at Reggae Month Events , Rebel Salute and European Tours , this band is making a steadfast career for themselves.  Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Pentateuch.

H.P: Pentateuch ... speaks volumes , how did you come up with that name?
PEN: The name Pentateuch came as a result of our upbringing. 
As Jamaicans we are deeply rooted in the whole idea of God, the bible as well as spirituality 
So with the band being 5 members it seemed natural to have a name that connected our spiritual existence 
and that which we learned from just being Africans in Jamaica.  

H.P:  How /when did the band form?
PEN: It came as a result of Brady and I sharing an idea, we spoke about it and called on the brothers and it has been like that since. 
We formed in 2007 while attending Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts and Performing Arts.  

H.P: Describe your sound?
PEN: Our Sound is the Sound of Pentateuch.

H,P: What was the inspiration behind "Pressure "
PEN: Live one day in Jamaica and you will feel it. Check this, everything gone up but for the working woman her pay nah go up.  Everything gone up and the working man pay nah go up.  Further, even if the pay go up every thing else goes up, light, water, light, food, light, gas. light, telephone and so on. Even the youth wishes to go to school and on the wish there is a cost.  So its earth runnings that give life to this tune.

H.P: When playing at Events ... which member takes the longest to get ready?
PEN: Good question lo lol lol i wont answer but i will tell you he plays drums.

H.P: What can fans look out for from Pentateuch in the coming year?
PEN: We have just released the video for Pressure, was filmed in Kingston by eL Peru and Kush-I.  In addition to that we have an acoustic EP on which we revisited some of the songs from our Genesis Album. The Lead off Single "Black Face"  will be available for you and your audience November 24th, 2014.  

H.P: Where can we find your music?
PEN: Find our music on the  itunes, amazon etc. as well as our facebookpentateuchband.  Blessed love

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Video is the Property of Pentateuch | No Copyright infringement intended

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The Collection Moda introduces "The Business of Fashion"

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Do you have a passion for Fashion? Like really .. do you? Well , If you have an innate ability to spot trends or put pieces of clothing together that nobody else would ever dream to do .. then the Business of Fashion Seminar is for you. The Jamaican Fashion Industry has grown significantly over the years and who would not want to be a part of this auh mazing Industry?

Learn all about the "Business of Fashion" from industry Pioneers both locally & internationally.
This seminar is great for aspiring Fashion Designers , Stylists , Online Boutique Owners & so much more!


To register online for this event visit the link below

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Mission Catwalk Final Showdown Highlights Pt 2

Monday, November 10, 2014

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