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Mission Catwalk : Halloween Edition

Saturday, October 25, 2014
Tonight on Mission Catwalk , the challenge was to create a High Fashion Costume for a Sophisticated Halloween Party.

There was a Maleficent inspired Design , Minnie Mouse , Lady Gaga , A Mermaid and Andy's Design. I must hand it to Andy , that a midst his antics in the Sewing Room he has a creative mind that looks far beyond what is in front of him. Kurt , Kurt, Kurt always bring the Couture! It takes a a certain level of sophistication and extensive knowledge of Fashion to always have High Quality pieces. Also on this episode , we were graced with the presence of Fidge Fletcher, renowned Stylist.

At the end of the Night , the Winner was Zidelle Daniel and the worst Design from Tonia which resulted in her being sent home.

To see more photos of the show visit the Mission Catwalk Page
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