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Introducing the Collection Moda 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014
T.G.I.F! Here is another reason to get excited ... we are only weeks away from the Collection Moda 2014. What is that you might ask? Well , the Collection Moda is an exciting week long series of events targeted at creating an awareness & appreciation of the "Business of Fashion".

Since the year 2012, there has been a growth of Fashion Designers , Models & Curators of the Arts here in Jamaica which is reason enough to have an event of this Magnitude. "The Collection Moda celebrates fashion and expression through three fashionable events. This annual event features emerging designers from the Caribbean and the USA".

Korto Momolu - Designer | Project Runway Alumn

Now in it's 3rd year, The Collection Moda promises an exciting line-up of events starting with MoDA Bof Seminar on November 20 , followed by the exciting MoDA Fashion Showcase on November 21, 2014 and rounding up the Events with MoDA Market on November 24 , 2014.

Patrons can look out for works of Designers like Claudia Pegus , Dexter Huxtable , Korto Momolu , Lubica , Janel Jolly & Andre Rowe.

Registration for most of the Events is still open so you might want to visit the Website as soon as you can for information.


Connect with Collection Moda at these places below:



Johari Window: Building Trusting Relationships

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Have you ever had one of those “OOHHH” moments, where something you learnt ages ago finally comes clear to you several years later? At the time you were learning it, it was understandable, even got that “A” in the exam. But it really came together when you were able to apply it practically to your current situation. How most of those math topics will help me today…? (I digress). During my final year at University, I was privileged to several free electives. (Courses not related to my degree directly). My boyfriend, now my husband encouraged me to do a Psychology course, he thought that what I learnt would help grow our relationship. So, after classes I would share what I learnt and we discussed it.

I had an “OOHHH moment” today. After a long day of motherhood, I really felt like I needed a secret place I can go to and escape for a while. After shedding a couple tears, because reality is that I have no such secret place. I was surprised at the thoughts I had on how to deal with the situation. Then I remembered The “Johari Window” from the course Interpersonal Dynamics. It was a concept created by two psychologists (Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham) for the purpose of building trust through communication and self-discovery.

It looks something like this…

Or does this one helps better understand it?


It looks somewhat confusing but the main point of the tool is to:
  •         Built trust, by revealing things about yourself
  •        When feedback is given; take the information to learn more about yourself, and use it to address personal problems. 

The more you share with someone the closer you become. You are best friends because you have so many “secrets” for each other.

This is not a mini lecture so I go back to my “OOHHH moment.” I was hiding information in the “B or #3” area, not because I love keeping secrets but because I never thought it was important. But after finding myself in the situation and these hidden thoughts almost played out in the light, I realized the importance of disclosing the information so I can get help.
The more you reveal to your partner, the closer you will become. So, the ultimate goal in our relationships is to widen the “open area,” through self –disclosure and/or feedback. It takes different situations to discover information about us in the “unknown area,” and for us to consider revealing hidden information.

If done carefully; and with great sensitivity, couples and all other relationships, can become more trusting, solve more issues, resulting in a more meaningful relationships. 


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A Day in the Life of a Blogger

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Hi Guys! The topic above tells exactly what this post will be about ; you might find it interesting or boring .. whatever it is I'm sharing :-) Secret: I have a designated day for Blogging , which is Sunday! Every post you see ( from me ) is written on a Sunday. It helps with writers block instead of sitting there on the day searching for ideas.
6:30 : Alarm goes off the first time. I'm awake, but didn't get out of bed. The Alarm goes off again at 7:00 a.m I'm finally up. Early morning thing on a Sunday is not nice at all.

7:00 : Time to hit the shower or bath rather ( i hate showers .. something about the way all that water hits your body ...eek) Baths for me generally last 5-10 minutes .. I wash all the important parts as well as the other parts and keep it moving.

7:15: Out the shower, now it's time for Make-up. Secret 2: I can't stand long beauty processes so again like the shower it's a good 15 minutes. Foundation , Powder , Mascara , Eyeliner , Groom Brows and that's it! The full face thing is not my thing ... don't get me wrong it looks really great on other girls and makes a huge difference but I don't have the time for all that ... as long as my freckles are covered I'm good.

7:30: Breakfast! Oh Lawd .. food time! My Breakfast is Scrambled Egge or an Omlette , Bagel , Chocolate  Chip Waffles or Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Breakfast Sausages ( CPJ Market makes them ... tastes so good you can get a pack of 12 at Megamart for $270 jmd) & Turkey Bacon , Yogurt , maybe a fruit ( if I feel sickish ) and Coffee! Sounds like a lot but I like to be full .. it helps my brain activity , I'm happier and I just feel good. This may take up to 30 minutes because I like to watch inspirational/ motivational YouTube Vids on my Phone in the mornings. Follow me on Instagram @hauterane to see my food posts!

8:00: Check & Respond to E-mails

9:00: Grab my note books and put together all the jottings I've made throughout the week to combine posts that make sense. This writing process will go all the way up to 5 p.m as I have other writing gigs that I do. * This is not done all in one sitting , as I might watch a show or Movie on T.V , Social Media & everything in between. During this time I might Skype new Bloggers friends I've met outside of Jamaica for tips & tricks in the Business & how we can cross promote each other!

5:00 : Have Dinner!

6:00 : Spell Check all posts , ensure pictures are inserted etc

6:45 : Get ready for "Sunday Night T.V ". Family Guy , American Dad, The Simpsons , Once Upon a Time .. just all the "Sunday Shows" that are good on T.V.

9: 00: Plan outfits for the week , check schedule

10:00:  I'm back on YouTube watching " The Lavigne Life " , ItsJudytime , April & Justin TV, Nikki & Jamie , Miranda Sings ... just any new Video that comes out to people I've subscribed to.

12: 00 : Bedtime !

In theory it sounds like it's not a big deal but this Blogging Business can be overwhelming at times .. there might be a Review where you have to take pictures and add links or somebody wants a feature last minute.

Hey Bloggers! I would love to read about your Blogging lives .. share below!


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The Haute People Growth Campaign

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Hi Guys! With an effort to provide you with even more Content by integrating HD Videos, Photos & Graphics, we've launched "The Haute People Growth Campaign". The goal is to raise $1,500 to aid with making all these things possible. Please click link below:

The Day of the Dead

Hey Hauties!

With Halloween just a few days away I thought I would make today’s feature absolutely ghoulish and look at an art form that  is the definition of controversy. I am talking about “the original show of real human bodies” envisioned,conceptualized and carried out by  the famed Dr. Gunther Van Hagens. The exhibition is entitled BODY WORLDS and has been on display all over Europe ,Asia and North America.

In essence the showcase fits in with Halloween because the concept involves using dead bodies and transforming them into art. The process includes removing the outer layers of skin and sculpting the exposed muscles and tendons in a stylized way. The body is filled with a special Plasticine resin specially developed by Dr. Van Goens. These  figures are then posed and form part of an exhibition that  currently has been seen by millions of spectators who are both intrigued and shocked by the spectacle.

The bodies on display once  belonged to people “who declared during their lifetime that their bodies should be made available after their deaths for the qualification of physicians and the instruction of laypersons.”


Van Hagens and one of
his sculptures

Animal  Depictions

Apart from using his patented plasticinization technique on human bodies Van Hagen has also used it in creating installations involving both land and sea animals.  Plastinization has come under criticism by individuals and religious group but with relation to plastinization the use of it in animals is credited to have academic and scientific value as animal specimens can be seen in their full anatomic framework. This allows for study and investigation of animal structures;blood vessels and organs.
Below are examples of animal installations that will be put on display in Animals;Inside and Out April 2015 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

For more info checkout


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My Weekend

Monday, October 27, 2014
Hi Guysss Happy Monday! "You don't need a lifetime to change the world , all you need is a Monday" This will be one of the first posts of this nature where I share personal bits. If you live in Jamaica, you would know 2 major events took place in Jamaica over the weekend. Click Here to read what they were.

Event 1 took place in the 2nd city of Montego Bay. Each year I get invited and can never seem to make it. Why? I don't know about anybody else , but I don't have money just laying around like that! Now, with most of these events I get them because of this Blog which would not have been possible without you, so Big up yourselves and thanks for the support. Because I'm an independent person as opposed to attached to a Media House, all expenses lay on me! Yes, Yes I do have cash coming in but just not like that to Book a Hotel , Pay for a Round trip on Knutsford  Express or Plane, Outfits , Hair , Make-up and most importantly FOOD! I'm not one to live above my means and follow a crowd just to be seen in the Public eye when I know I can't afford it so I just stayed home and prepped for the Sunday event in Kingston. I thank that Marketing & P.R company for inviting me to these events ( This is like one of 4 for this year ) but please remember the people like me who are independent ... put us in your budget. We are the ones who can truly connect with the Jamaican Society in an organic way as opposed to putting up a story just to be the first to beat out a competition.

Event 2 took place here in Kingston. Call time was 10 A.M and I got there at 10:45, it was a Sunday and I wanted to ensure I had a proper Breakfast in my system. Tip: if you are on a team for an Event and they will provide you with food .. ensure you either eat from yuh yaad or take something with you! This location to me fit the theme but it was not ideal! Waaay too hot and just an inconvenience. For an event like this where there will be models, make-up artistes and Designers ... a location with A.C would have been ideal. The Divaness was turnt up! .. everybody was hot, hungry and miserable. A popular MUA went completely Diva and decided she wasn't doing any Make-up except for three people. Side note: Don't believe everything you see on Social Media .. some of these people are not so nice in real life. I went there like a hot girl in heels and all and within 5 minutes had to change into flats .. lol . Be sure to carry or wear flats if you'll be working. Generation Y ... why unno so fool fool and frighten? I was given 2 volunteers and they were soooo ... soooo think of an adjective lorane ( worthless ) nobody was born bright but it's great to volunteer , ask questions and ultimately learn ... smh ... that's really all I have to say about that. Anyway it was a great show overall , but there is always room for improvements.

How did you spend your weekend?

For my international readers , some of the texts are in my native language , Jamaican Creole


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Mission Catwalk : Halloween Edition

Saturday, October 25, 2014
Tonight on Mission Catwalk , the challenge was to create a High Fashion Costume for a Sophisticated Halloween Party.

There was a Maleficent inspired Design , Minnie Mouse , Lady Gaga , A Mermaid and Andy's Design. I must hand it to Andy , that a midst his antics in the Sewing Room he has a creative mind that looks far beyond what is in front of him. Kurt , Kurt, Kurt always bring the Couture! It takes a a certain level of sophistication and extensive knowledge of Fashion to always have High Quality pieces. Also on this episode , we were graced with the presence of Fidge Fletcher, renowned Stylist.

At the end of the Night , the Winner was Zidelle Daniel and the worst Design from Tonia which resulted in her being sent home.

To see more photos of the show visit the Mission Catwalk Page
Remember to vote for your favorite Designer to win Prizes


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2 Events you Must Attend this Weekend

Hi Guyssssssssss! A few things I would love to get into but can't at this time ... but stay tuned :-)

This Weekend we are treated to two equally fun Events one featuring Celebrities and the other celebrating Love and all things in between. Below are the two places you need to be if you are a Fashion Enthusiast.

Ocean Style Fashion Showcase

The Ocean Style Fashion Showcase is one of the major Products of Ocean Style Magazine which showcases the good life in the Caribbean to an educated, affluent and upwardly mobile audience with a taste of luxury and sophistication. The Fashion Showcase features brands like Moschino & Ashley Martin just to name a few at the beautiful Iberostar Hotel in Montego Bay. Celebrity guests include Anthony Anderson from the popular show Blackish on ABC. For more info on the show click HERE 


This event was suppose to be earlier in October however , the final Fashion Show is tomorrow. There are two Shows one at 2 p.m and the other at 6 p.m. Come out early to see pieces from local Designers like Miakalani , Petals & Promises and White Lotus. The event is being held at Hope Gardens from 
10 A.m . For more info click Here

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It’s My Birthday!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014
I was always big on celebrating my birthday; from as far back as I can remember.  I made a huge deal over it, threw hints or be very straight forward about the gifts I would like. I try to do something different with my hair, buy two new outfits, one for going out on my birthday, and one for church.  Since I got married; it dawned on me that my birthday celebrations will need some adjusting, as my husband view birthday as “just another ordinary day!” can you imagine? These are just some reasons I celebrate my birthday with confetti and drums. I am slowing dragging him to celebrate his birthday just as loud.

   I am Alive!
I have lived to see another year!! This reason is definitely my number one. Celebrating my birthday is absolutely much better than celebrating my death. Yes, even in death I would want a huge celebration.

   I Grow in Wisdom
I have one grey hair on my leg to prove it! I no longer make the same mistakes in my teen years or early twenties. I look forward to all the life lessons before me.

 More Accomplishments
As I got older the more I accomplished. Looking back, I know for sure I have not done my best in all things. But I am very proud of myself for completing. At my age, I have a Bachelor’s Degree; I wear the hat of wife, mother and entrepreneur. I see myself in the future still wearing these hats, but wearing them with more sophistication.

  More Time to Love
Having a partner to love another year is awesome! Hugging my children and loving them every day is wonderful! Another birthday means more opportunity to say I love you and prove it.

Another year was granted to reflect on how merciful my God has been to me. I see my countless blessings, and I am GRATEFUL. My journey is really appreciated because of the miles I put in. I plan to burn the tires out on life by creating more memorable moments.

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Celebrity Hairstylist Nicola Augstine stops in for a Chic Visit!

Monday, October 20, 2014
Hairnistas , Weavenistas , Naturalistas ... hair enthusiast from far and wide once you hear the name Nicola Augustine, the first thing that comes to mind is "Hair Whisperer". Nicola Augustine has been a stylist for over 12 years and is considered to be one of the most sought after Hair Stylists in the world.

Hair Stylist Nicola Augustine
Nicola took a few days out of her busy schedule to visit us here in Jamaica by inviting patrons to get their Hair done by her ( at a cost of course ) She was hosted by the wonderful staff at Chic Hair Ja located in the Lee Gore Complex on Waterloo Rd in Kingston ( right before you get to Megamart ) For those of you who did not know, Chic Hair Ja is the brainchild of Olympian Gold Medalist, Pocket Rocket Shelly- Ann Fraser- Pryce born out of her love for hair and of course nation building. Since it's inception, Chic Hair Ja is one of the highly recommended places in Kingston where you can get High Quality Virgin Hair. Since then, Chic Hair has expanded its services to a hair Salon.

Nicola was well received by the patrons and used her expertise and charming personality to give life to the hair of all the ladies who sat in her chair. Below are a few pictures of this great hair event.

To find out more about Nicola Augustine, visit her Website.

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Moschino To Headline Ocean Style Fashion Showcase

Moschino To Headline OCEAN Style 

Angel Sanchez Spring 2014
Angel Sanchez Spring 2014

Pulling a veritable fashion coup, OCEAN Style has booked Moschino for this weekend's seventh staging of the OCEAN Style FashionShowcase in Montego Bay. 

Featuring some of the biggest names in the international industry and some of the most sought-after designers of Caribbean origin, the show will allow many to experience a fashion show with an atelier of such prominence for the very first time.
Headlining design house, Moschino, has an esteemed place in the local vernacular, thanks to publications such as Vogue and Elle. Now, thanks to OCEAN Style's, editor-in-chief Douglas Gordon, Moschino will be gracing the catwalk on the Rock for the first time.
"We are committed to closing the gap between the Caribbean's burgeoning fashion industry and the more recognised ones across the world. The industry in the region is developing in remarkable and sometimes unexpected ways, and we want to be sure that what we do during the OCEAN Style FashionShowcase Weekend complements and supports it," Gordon told Outlook.
To satiate the appetite of its core supporters, this year's event has incorporated fashion into four key elements of the weekend. These are RIP the STRIP - a fashion-forward street party that fuses runway and entertainment, with more than 12 local and international designers on the catwalk. An all-white fashion show at the weekend's all-white soirée Eyes Wide Shut; the OCEAN Style Fashion Award Dinner for this year's honoree - Freddie Leiba, and the piece de resistance at Saturday night's FashionShowcase.
On Friday night, Angel Sanchez of the eponymous named design house, will add a dramatic edge to the all-white fashion show. Initially trained as an architect, he has become one of the foremost names in bridal couture and evening wear, and his gowns can be seen on celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Giselle Bundchen, Beyoncé, and Eva Longoria.
Not merely a collection of trends, the OCEAN Style FashionShowcase Weekend has become a go-to reference for the fashion-forward on the island. Lisa McIntosh, designer of the Jamaican house Neahlis who will share Friday night's stage with Sanchez, said, "It is an honour to be placed on a platform with an internationally acclaimed designer." She added that "the week's activities will provide an opportunity for local designers to show their abilities to an international audience. My participation in last year's event allowed me to connect with Vivica Fox and to strengthen my relationship with her. Out of that experience, she has purchased and been featured in my designs."
Another designer of Jamaica origin whose work will grace the runway is Raxann Chin. The Montegonian has now become a recognised member of the international fashion community. With her conceptual designs inspired by elements of a bygone era, she has acquired a growing base of raving fans among Hollywood's elite. In fact, Raxann's pieces have made it to the red carpet at the 2014 Oscars and the red carpet at the 67th staging of the Festival de Cannes. Later this month, she will return to Montego Bay to unveil her House of Femheka gowns.
Trinidad-born Anya Ayoung-Chee has achieved several firsts in three short years and brings a hybrid flavour to RIP the STRIP through her cANYAval that makes its Jamaican debut. Ayoung-Chee, who we met as the audacious Caribbean designer initiate on the reality hit, Project Runway, has achieved a level of experience and success that many long-standing designers have yet to. She now has her own label and her own following, and is sharing her expertise with younger Caribbean designers.
For the second year, Ashley Martin's Attitude with Ashley will also be shown on the catwalk along with designs from both Mission Catwalk judge, Carlton Brown, and New York-based designer, Carlton Jones.
This year's OCEAN Style is all about aspiration and inspiration for fashion devotees and bon vivants. Staying true to the roots of its event; the enterprise is still finding great ways to celebrate the region's fashion industry while creating an event worthy of international attention

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La Vida Fridays starts with GIRL

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Eden Garden Wellness Resort & Spa came to life last  Friday night with the first staging of La Vida Fridays. The Resort located at 39 lady Musgrave Road is now home to the weekly Friday Night series.

According to Recreational Manager and Promoter of this event Mr. Etmour Williams "This is my baby , the goal is to get people to see that we are more than a Wellness Spa with so much to offer ... there will definitely be more elements to this series as I hope to pair an established artiste with an upcoming artiste for each showcase".

Though the night started off a bit slow , it picked up momentum when new Female singing sensation GIRL graced the stage with her sultry performance and effortless way to thrill the audience with her overall presence. 2 lucky patrons received complimentary passes for massages at the exclusive Spa.

As the night progressed, Host  Honi B had the audience in high spirits as she introduced Cherine Anderson who gave a riveting performance.

If you are in the Kingston area , check out La Vida Fridays which is sure to have you in high spirits after a long week at work.

Honi- B Host for the Night

Etmour Williams - Recreational Manager Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa
First Patron winning his Prize

Keep it locked for more photos of the Event on our Facebook Page

For more info on the event , find them on Facebook. Click HERE

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Sportswear : Alexander Wang

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Alexander Wang one of the most influential and celebrated designers of the last decade dubbed "the boy wonder" recently  joined the ranks of several designers by dabbling in sportswear. Designers including Wang and Betsey Johnson have shown ready-to-wear collections and used it as a launch pad for success.

Today I wanted to look at some of the pieces from Alexander Wang’s debut collection for H&M launched this week and see how some of the looks can be transitioned into everyday wear whether you are sport inclined or not as Wang puts "I don't do any sports! I only wear sports clothing".

Alexander Wang for H&M
This first piece lends itself to something physical like going to the gym or even throwing on a pair of jogging shoes and taking a nice run. It might be a little bulky to actually work out in but on your way to the gym or afterwards this is an awesome throw over. In replicating this look in our Jamaican scenario I think I would recommend pieces from Rashad St. Patrick’s line VULGAR. Its not always about matching the look exactly but taking inspiration from the shape and functionality.

VULGAR  (Spring/Summer 2014/2015)
vulgar 2.JPG          vulgar 3.JPG      adam vulgar .jpg
One of my favourite female looks in Wang’s collection was this little dress right here, I thought it was interesting because when one thinks of sportswear a dress is the last thing that comes to mind. In terms of finding a suitable alternative.
Wang 2014 for H&M

I am just taken back to Cedella Marley’s line for our Jamaican olympians. It was amazing and I love her use of patterns and shape: similar to Wang’s aesthetic

CMD for Jamaican Olympians

For more info on the looks seen today, please visit


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