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Man Talk : Confronting the Other Woman

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Man Talk has been getting a lot of great feedback ... it is where we all voice our opinions on relatable "man & woman" issues. Today's topic came through E-mail this week and it's about confronting the "other woman". It is always said that a lady should never confront the other women but in these times things have changed! The wife and mate are both in unison and are aware of their status. Below are some of the responses as it relates to confronting the other women.

Leslie Mann & Cameron Diaz - The Other Woman -2014

Kelly: Well , I was dating a guy for 6 months until he became my Boyfriend. Everyting good , him treat me well and always supportive. Mi neva suspect a ting until mi see this one girl always a comment and like everyting pon him Instagram. Long story short .. dem did deh 3 months into my relationship wid me .... I find har address somehow and show up ova har house .. she was outside .. I gave har some lick yuh see! I don't know what come over mi .. but looking back mi would neva do dat. She did end up Press charges .

Mark : Wife a Wife .. mate a mate! Leave it up to the man dem fi be di dawg. I think when a wife confront a mate it downgrading in a way .. but we a human and all have feelings. Just mek sure when unno a confront har unno have backative!

Sharon:  Mi come home early one day only fi see one long mawga gal sprawl out pon mi settee ... Mi grab har buy har hair , and give har couple kick well! Bright ... afta she nah work fi put food pon mi table ... hiss teeth! I confront har yes!

Stacy R: I just think when you find out him cheating .. just move on .. best revenge eva.

Anthony: Ladies , never confront the other woman, Nuff time the other woman don't know about you .. some a dem know and will dry eye with it .. but I say don't confront dem ... as a man ... man we do dat fi get bun out!

Kevie G: Bwoy mi nuh know enuh ... catty dem a move x out a road over we! Man short still .. so if she want fi fi defend har man ... dweet!

This was a funny yet serious post to do and some of the answers are even funnier.

Have you been in a situation to Confront the "Other Woman"?

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17 comments on "Man Talk : Confronting the Other Woman"
  1. I agree with Stacy.. best way forward it to move on... There is no better revenge... go make a great life for yourself!

  2. I also agree with Stacy - the best revenge is just to move on.

  3. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Once a cheat! Move on and take the upper hand, you will only regret the pain caused my hanging in there. This applies to both women and guys, Nice post. Thanks Stephen

  4. I guess in situations like this a confrontation is bound to happen. Moving on is also a better option.

  5. Actually no revenge is needed.. Just live the best in yourself!~

  6. So do I, just move on or make the first step forward and your up and running for new experiences.

  7. Nothing comes out of confrontation but bigger confrontation. Sometimes if not most of the time, in times like this --- you just have to keep quiet, keep calm and move on.

  8. Great responses, I must say. Hopefully this wont be the issue in the future *wishful thinking*

  9. hmmm... I don't really understand a portion of the conversation as it doesn't seem to be in English. But I don't think the best way is to move on, the best way is to get back confidence, and show the ex that you've grown better and stronger without him or her, and then move on!

  10. I agree with @Kylie no revenge is needed, any why I waste my time in these small things as time is money

  11. Sharing is the best opion, maybe she's good than the other woman. Then, if you don't like sharing, the best alternative is to find another man, better than the first one. Move on, life is a continuous process until you find that suits your preferences.

  12. Everyone's situation will be different and I think it depends on what you have at stake as to whether you should confront a cheater or not. If there is risk of violence definitely stay away..

  13. ive watched that film and loved it! ive never been in a situation before and i hope not lol

  14. Any woman faced with this kind of situation will feel extreme hatred and anger. It depends on how the wife reacts... Will she be smarter than the mistress or a scandalous one.

  15. Anonymous2:15 AM

    These stories happen every day, though I have never been in such a position to confront the other woman. If there was another woman, she must have hidden herself very well, so that I never noticed her existence!

    1. lol @ hidden herself very well ...

  16. Agree with Stacy - just move on. No reason making our own life a miserable making everyone around living in hell.