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Sick Fashions!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Most of our Jamaican audience, would know that there is a huge increase in the amount of people getting ill either from Chikungunya, the Flu or from a whole host of other things. Today I thought it would be cool to look into the whole issue of trying to be fashionable when you have to leave home or be seen on the street when you’re not feeling 100%.

There may be some instances where you might just start feeling ill or even after when you are getting over an illness, you still want to be comfy and still protected from the weather.

Some comfy and stylish options exist nowadays such as stylish leggings/jumpsuits, scarves,sweatpants and boots and todays' feature is about exploring some of the possibilities that exist.

Printed Leggings

Now most people don’t consider leggings as a go-to for a sick day but its quick its easy and there are so many patterns,textures and even thickness to choose from there is literally no excuse to look bad even when you don’t feel amazing. Leggings can also be paired with so many other  pieces the possibilities are endless.

I just love his outfit for lazy day at school

The Jacket

Most important on a sick day. The jacket can range anywhere from a hoody to a cardigan or to a full wool trench coat depending on the climate or situation. Jackets are good in the sense that if they are stylish and bold enough no one will really care if your sniffling or sneezing underneath they will just focus on how amazing the jacket is. Jackets are also good if you just feel like rocking jeans and a t-shirt on that sickday.

sick day look

Sweat Pants 

Now before you get ahead of yourself and think of that half-dead pair of sweats that you work out in or maybe even sleep in sweatpants have come a long way in the last few years and as long as they are in a neutral colour can help to form the base for many an amazing ensemble.

sick day outfit

The Beanie 

Many a sick day Savior the beanie comes in a plethora of shades,textures and colours and can help you keep warm and cozy and of course be the best topper to an awesome outfit.

what to wear on a sick day

Haute tip- Any of the pieces mentioned today are amazing as the statement piece to an outfit or they can be used as part of the outfit working together with other pieces and remember just because you're sick your fashion can still be haute

More info on topics just like this can be found on

Haute Mess


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Style Profile : Gary Matalon

Monday, September 29, 2014
If you live in Jamaica , you know that the Matalon name is synonymous with successful businesses. You've seen him on "The Innovators" on TVJ each week .... you've seen him on Events Photos related to Tracks & Records , Fiction , Fiction Fantasy and so much more. Today , we round off our Style Profile with Mr. Gary Matalon!


According to a recent study published in the Journal of Social Psychological & Personality Science: "men who choose to go bald by shaving their heads are perceived as being more masculine, even taller and physically stronger than men with hair". Gary sports the cleaned shaved head like a true Boss. If you look at all the pictures and on the Innovators , you will see that Gary opts for no hair at all times. This low maintenance look is perfect for the C.E.O on the go as it requires visiting the Barber every 2 weeks ( or less ) to shave the new growth and to get a line-up as opposed to getting up and brushing the hair each day.


Bounty Killa- Left | Gary Matalon- Right | Bugle -Right

One has to always be on time when you are in Gary's line of work. One staple item we've noticed are watches. Gary seems to be a fan of the Hublot brand of Watches especially the Usain Bolt Collection. He also sports his Wedding Band proudly often complimented with a chain with a black pendant that we could not quite make out with most outfits.


His style can be defined as "Clean Cut". There are lots of suits ( as seen on the Innovators) and button down T-Shirts. On more Casual days , Gary can be seen in the short sleeve versions of his Button Down Shirts or a T-shirt.

Who was your favorite Jamaican in our Style Profile feature?


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Product Review: Huawei Ascend Y330

Saturday, September 27, 2014
This is the first time I will be reviewing another item that does not fall under Cosmetics ** I will try my best **. Exactly a month ago I purchased the Huawei Ascend Y330 From LIME. On that specific time LIME was having a Sale on this item for two days for $3,999 with a 30 day plan.

Huawei Y330 White

The Price

What they failed to tell everyone was that there are hidden fees. If you don't already have a LIME chip, prepare to buy that .. the supposedly Free credit you get with the phone .. it shows up on your bill at checkout... don't forget the 16.5 % GCT!! My total was $5,930. Please also note , at the time their POS was broken so i had to walk back to the ATM , get the cash then go back to the store.

The Phone

I chose the white version of the phone which I think was sleek. It's lightweight and glides into your pockets with ease without that bulky look. About the second week into having the phone I realized the Touch pad was having issues and the phone would freeze for a couple seconds , then would go back to normal. After that, the Apps started to do the same thing! I cannot have a session on Whatsapp without it freezing and the text looking distorted .. Google Play and everything is the same. I'm was beginning to wonder if the issue was with the Phone itself or the Apps. If you are one of those people who live on your phone .. be sure to walk with the charger , the battery life does not last long .. I would say about 5 hours. When making calls the Phone got really hot and the Speakers are really low.

The Camera

These days, most people will purchase an expensive Phone just for the quality of the Camera because we live in the selfie era. This Camera 4/10! There is nothing to zoom pictures and the quality inside is really poor ... your pictures will come out dark! It also does not have a front facing Camera.

 I give this phone a 6/10 for the Price ( affordable ) though there are hidden fees and for the functionality. This is a great phone for people on a Budget who is not looking to shell out thousands of dollars on a Phone.

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5 Most Annoying People on a Plane

Friday, September 26, 2014
T.G.I.F Guys! The Summer Travel season is over and the December season is fast approaching. For all my people who have travelled on a plane to another country , I am sure you've met at least one of the people on your journey below. Travelling should be a fun experience , you get to go to a new place and discover new people and cultures.  Here are the 5 most annoying people to look out for on a Plane.

1. The Sleeper: This person apparently did not get any sleep the night before their journey , then as the plane takes off .. boom! They fall asleep on you!  This person is usually significantly heavier than you , snores and even drools. No matter how many Jamaican "ease off", you give this person .. there goes their head on your shoulder.

2. The Know it all: This takes me back to the scene in "Friends with Benefits" where Justin Timberlake's character Dylan keep telling the story about the pilot who wasn't really a hero because of the way he landed a plane .. then he got that "shut-up" face from the passengers. Knowledge is infinite but can be annoying .. nobody asked you anything about anything at all... so keep it to yourself and shut up!

3. The Talker: This is kinda similar to the "Know it all" but this person talks from take off to landing.. Lordt! They will literally talk from one country to the next. If this person starts to take out pictures of their entire family ... you are in for a loooooooooooooong ride.

4. The Passer: You lucked out on seats and the only seats available were aisle and middle seat. There you are with earphones in and your favorite music or audio book playing , eyes closed .. you are in that inner Zen. All of a sudden you feel something passes your face and realize it's somebody's .... posterior ... lawd!  The most this person could have done was to gently tap you on the shoulder and ask you to allow them to pass ... no sah .. they just get up and pass 10 times!

5. The Hypochondriac: Does anybody else get freaked out when people cough and sneeze on a plane? These are the people who have those thick heavy coughs and flying sneezes that protrude all the way to the cockpit . Worst part .. they don't cover their mouths or noses. You are sure in your mind that you are bound to come back with something.

What is the worst flight you've been on?
Did you meet any of these 5 people?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014
Based on the response of the crowd of golf enthusiasts who attended the OCEAN Style’s ’Let it Rip’ clinic and exhibition with Maurice Allen; it was clear that the event was a rare and appreciated treat. With over one hundred and twenty guests at the Constant Spring Golf Club leg last Friday evening and another forty at the Cinnamon Hill leg of the kick-off to the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend last Saturday morning one can easily deduce that the clinic was a smashing success and the local golfing community the happy beneficiary.

Maurice Allen demonstrating signature long drive at Ocean Style " Let it Rip " Golf Clinic Exhibition

Onlookers were immediately engaged from the moment that Friday’s event “teed-off” with two putting competitions -- one for the juniors and another for seniors.  Tiana Cruz stroked her way to victory; emerging winner in the juniors category while Mike Bradford was the winner in the open category. The competition segued into the clinic and with a few tips and some stroke correction from the Long Drive Champion the improvement in each participant’s driving game was evident. However, even the tips were not sufficient to help member Wayne Sutherland and Assistant Teaching Pro, Fabian Cummings as they challenged Allen’s speed and power. The evening’s exhibition ended on a spectacular note with demonstration of Allen’s prowess and agility when he drove a golf ball into a watermelon; needless to say the watermelon was no match for Maurice’s fury.

 Assistant Golfing Pro, Swing Solution Camp, Fabian Cummings was happy that his junior team came out in their numbers; he said “it’s a big thing to see someone consistently drive the ball 370 yards and it was entertaining for the golfers and the non-golfers.” In relation to his game he added that “If I apply the tips he has given me my drive will easily increase by twenty to thirty yards.”  This year the OCEAN Style Golf Weekend is also open to junior competitors.

This event marked the second time that golfing aficionado Gregory Mayne has had an opportunity to witness the professional golfer’s dexterity. He shared that he “had seen him at Tryall because we were in a tournament together. This evening however, I was quite impressed not just with his ability to hit but his ability to share his knowledge, expertise and the level of dedication it takes to be able to understand the golf swing and how you can maximize that power.” He continued, “it’s an amazing opportunity for golfers, their spouses and their kids to witness the level of exhibition here this evening. I have entered the tournament and so I plan to be there.”

At the event’s close, golfer Carlysle Hudson shared his impressions of the Guinness World Record holder “he is dynamic. He has flair. I am impressed that he has only been playing for four years!”

OCEAN Style editor-in-Chief, Douglas Gordon added  "we're delighted with the outcome of the clinics.  Maurice was able to share some insights into his golf game, impart tips to some golfers and demonstrate his tremendous ability." 

Jodi-Ann Munn- Barrow ( Jamaica Golfing Champion ) along with Jamaica's up & coming Golfers Kei Harris & Tiana Cruz

Golfing and sporting greats such as Jeffery Dujon, top female golfer Jodi Munn-Barrow and Lindsey Delapena were also in attendance at the Constant Spring Golf Club.
While both national golfing champions and corporate giants elected to take part in the Cinnamon Hill clinic on Saturday. Champion golfers Sean Morris, Teddy Richards and Radcliff Knibbs were happy beneficiaries. Mike Drakulich, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Mystic Mountain and Glen Lawrence, CEO Couples also spent time with Maurice Allen improving their long drive at the 8th hole.

Past players and celebrities of the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend include Lennox Lewis, Donovan Bailey, Shaka Hislop, Anthony Anderson, Courtney Walsh, Jeffrey Dujon, Rockmond Dunbar and Andy Cole. 

Prior to his arrival Maurice Allen stated “the golf clinic will be very different from anything experienced on the island because number one golf is fun! I want to make golf fun for everyone from the die-hard golfer to the person that's never picked up a club before.” Without a doubt he achieved his objective.

This year the tournament boasts some top notch prizes from the US $1 Million Hole in One Prize to a private jet membership with 

The OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend will take place on October 24 and 25, 2014 in Montego Bay at the White Witch Golf Course on October 24 and at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course on October 25.    For more about the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Invitational please and for the FashionShowcase Weekend website visit

Man Talk : Confronting the Other Woman

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Man Talk has been getting a lot of great feedback ... it is where we all voice our opinions on relatable "man & woman" issues. Today's topic came through E-mail this week and it's about confronting the "other woman". It is always said that a lady should never confront the other women but in these times things have changed! The wife and mate are both in unison and are aware of their status. Below are some of the responses as it relates to confronting the other women.

Leslie Mann & Cameron Diaz - The Other Woman -2014

Kelly: Well , I was dating a guy for 6 months until he became my Boyfriend. Everyting good , him treat me well and always supportive. Mi neva suspect a ting until mi see this one girl always a comment and like everyting pon him Instagram. Long story short .. dem did deh 3 months into my relationship wid me .... I find har address somehow and show up ova har house .. she was outside .. I gave har some lick yuh see! I don't know what come over mi .. but looking back mi would neva do dat. She did end up Press charges .

Mark : Wife a Wife .. mate a mate! Leave it up to the man dem fi be di dawg. I think when a wife confront a mate it downgrading in a way .. but we a human and all have feelings. Just mek sure when unno a confront har unno have backative!

Sharon:  Mi come home early one day only fi see one long mawga gal sprawl out pon mi settee ... Mi grab har buy har hair , and give har couple kick well! Bright ... afta she nah work fi put food pon mi table ... hiss teeth! I confront har yes!

Stacy R: I just think when you find out him cheating .. just move on .. best revenge eva.

Anthony: Ladies , never confront the other woman, Nuff time the other woman don't know about you .. some a dem know and will dry eye with it .. but I say don't confront dem ... as a man ... man we do dat fi get bun out!

Kevie G: Bwoy mi nuh know enuh ... catty dem a move x out a road over we! Man short still .. so if she want fi fi defend har man ... dweet!

This was a funny yet serious post to do and some of the answers are even funnier.

Have you been in a situation to Confront the "Other Woman"?

send questions each week to | @hautepeople

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White is the new Black

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
In a world where over the top clothing has taken over and is now the norm. Sometimes its good to take a step back and do something on the simpler side. Its not everyday that you are going to want to be in a Dolce and Gabbana suit or in a multi-coloured floor length gown. Sometimes, you need a simpler alternative is easier on the eye and easier on the pocket :-)

Personally, I have to get up early in the morning and run errands and my "go to" items are a pair of cotton shorts/pants and a pair of loafers and that's me. I love simple white pieces also especially when its extremely hot out. Today I wanted to share some simple white pieces that are  just as versatile and simple to assemble as any all black ensemble.

The  White Button-Down Shirt

Many a fashion moment has been made with the simple white button down from the boyfriend's button down to that white shirt you throw on with cargo pants and loafers. Some may even decide to rock the white button down in a more formal way like what Carolina Herrera is known for making this really a transitional piece. But believe me if you're spending the night over your boyfriend's house unprepared  and need to run to the store why not throw on one of his shirts.

Wide-Leg Pants

Nothing can be more comfortable and fashionable than a pair of white wide-leg pants. Now I know a lot of girls out there are a little apprehensive about strutting around town sitting and standing in white trousers but believe me its a great style solution in a pinch. Bring a Tide to go Pen and you are good to go!

The Simple White Dress

The Simple White Dress

White dresses come in every shape style and length under the sun and of course there are a million and one ways to style them. Dress them up and dress them down believe me the possibilities are endless throw on some jewellery, some shades or even some colourful flats. But the most important thing to do is to have fun!

Haute Tip - Next time you have an errand to run or need to just run out the door quickly in the same way that the color black is transitional and appropriate for anything. White is just as versatile and easy to put together

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Style Profile : Lisa Hanna

Monday, September 22, 2014
Beauty , Brains and Brawn are just a few of the words used to describe Today's Style Profile featured personnel. In 1993 this striking beauty graced the stage and won the coveted Title of Miss Jamaica World Jamaica, then went on and dominated the Miss World in that same year where she the won the title. Flash forward to December 2011, she was appointed as Minister of Youth and Culture. Today , Haute People brings you the style profile of the Fabulous , The Honorable Lisa Hanna M.P.


The Honorable Lisa Hanna 
Lisa is the Queen of the slicked back Pony Tail and a great Blow Out. The pony tail look usually deemed as a lazy hair do is worn with grace and elegance by this multi-talented lady and looks absolutely effortless. Lisa likes to mix up the traditional Pony Tail by adding a side or middle part. For special occasions, Lisa cane be seen sporting a voluminous Blow - Out.

Jewelry/ Accessories

We can tell that Lisa is a "shoe girl", who isn't really? Her daily pieces are always complimented with a really chic pair of shoes from Designers such as Roberto Cavalli ! There is nothing wrong with being the Minister of Youth & Culture who wears nice shoes. Small dainty earrings and pearls are used to compliment outfits.


Not your everyday boring run of the mill "politician" suits that are black or grey. Just because a woman is in power, doesn't' mean her wardrobe choices should be limited. Lisa can be seen most times in figure hugging dresses tailored to perfection to suit her everyday lifestyle and responsibilities. We discovered something interesting about Lisa while researching for this post and that is ... she gets most of her pieces made. As in she goes to the Fabric store/s , downtown and gets them made! On more casual occasions Lisa's staple item seems to be Jeans which she pairs with button down shirts and pulls it all together with a multi-purpose Gucci belt. 

To read up more on The Honorable Lisa Hanna M.P , Click HERE


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Proper Work Place Ethics

Friday, September 19, 2014
Today's post is a bit different from the usual Fashion or Beauty related post. We will be looking at how to behave at work. I've actually went back into the working world after 2 years from working at home due to the fact that I left school and there were no jobs. I decided that I would do my own thing ( which I'm surprised worked ) . I might do a post on working from home, hopefully soon :-) Below are a few of the tips I have for proper work Ethics.

Reading is important: In these times where people are logged into Social Media .. nobody reads. However ( guys ) you need to read. If reading is not your thing "how do you have a job? Reading is important because most documents , memos etc are sent via e-mail which contain WORDS need to be carefully read and understood.

Leave Your Personal Problems at Home: We are all humans and not perfect. If there is anybody out there who has the perfect life , never had a problem , issue or setback ( please comment and say "MY LIFE IS PERFECT ) For the rest of us , we need to leave personal issues out of work business. When this is carried over into the workplace it is taken out on co-workers and affects your performance. My tip, just do what you have to do to the best of your ability and go home at 5 or 6 p.m :-)

Arrive on Time: Time is  big deal for me! I can't stand when a person is late .. then sends them self on a 1 hour break 5 minutes after they arrive. If work starts at and you arrive at 9 you are late    ( regardless of what your Contract says) When you arrive on time, you get to settle in ... get your mind in order and have a clear idea of your objectives for the day.

Never Argue: People , this goes back to point #2 . Never argue with your superior or any one in the office. The type of argument I'm talking about is the heated kind where voices are raised and there is anger and furniture knocking etc. Remember it is work and not a tenement yard .. there are certain things that you should not do at work.

Don't Steal: Never under any circumstances should you take anything from the office that does not belong to you ... not even a Pen! Remember , because of this place , you are able to buy a car , live in a nice Apartment and pay your Bills. Taking things away from the company affects everyone.

Common sense tip : Please bathe and brush your teeth! Oh Lordt .. don't go in the people place and leave an "impression"

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Involuntary Side Chick

Thursday, September 18, 2014
It’s my opinion that, most women who are side chick are unaware that they are. Unfortunately or fortunately; whichever way I decide to look at the situation, I too was an involuntary side chick. After reflecting on this past experience, I came to realize that there were telltales that I was a side chick, but I missed them. Let me share with you three major signs I missed.
He/She Lives Where?
After dating for quite some time, knowing where your partner lives is a must. The option to visit should at least be on the table. The secrecy of residence could mean he/she is not comfortable with the aesthetics of the house or hiding a family inside. Question his family history; if it’s mystery, chances are you are a side chick. 

Did I Hear His Phone Vibrate?

The phone goes on silent or vibrates when you go out (nowhere public). Question the reason for doing this and don’t fall for the; I want undisturbed quality time with you, or I forgot to put it back to ring after leaving the office etc. Then there is the issue of answering the phone, but then walks away and asks to be excused. Be alert of the phone issue.

Not Seeing You Again this Christmas?

You are highly likely a side chick if you never spent a holiday together. Being extremely busy during the holidays, family emergencies increase (someone in the hospital). Plans are made for the next holiday, but are then canceled at last minute.
I am confident that if you keep your eyes open, and you ask all the necessary questions you will find out if you are an involuntary side chick. Let my experience prevent you from making the same mistake.


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Man Talk : Why do women cheat?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
As you can see from today's topic .. Man Talk is back for a second random Wednesday post ( by popular demand and lots of bad up ) Everybody as suggesting that I do a post on the women ( since we are not perfect ) "Why do women cheat". Below are some of the answers I received from Social Media.

Melissa S : "Women Cheat for various reasons!"...One,'SEX!!'...(if you're 'partner',can't please you 'sexually',women usually seek another Lover,to 'satiate',their sexually appetite!).

Jody Ann R: Times are hard , the same reason people have different jobs to make ends meet ... same way there is a man for a specific Bill. For me is like a business transaction ... I don't think it's cheating still ( my boyfriend ) must know him neva give me certain things ...

@Princesspassion356: What a Topic .. what a question! Well .. for me , I was just bored. I lived with my boyfriend and everyday him do the same ting .. work , come home , eat dinner , play game or read a book then bed! No likke surprise just nutten suh. One day him friend come over fi wait pon him and one ting lead to another. Woman need attention and adventure ... man caa just boring suh!

Sharri Lee: I remember in Psychology class, it was said that mainly girls with daddy issues cheat. They are constantly seeking something they didn't have hence the multiple partners. It's kinda rough .. but that's my comment

Tashana H: Just like how man give we bun! We must can give it too don't? Yes man! some a dem a ole krebbie! come sweet up people good good girl pickney when dem have nuff ooman. Haute People .. all mi a say is dis ... what is good for the goose is good for the gander .. don't?

This was such an interesting discussion ... the women seem to cheat out of boredom and as a means of getting things to get by. Men! buckle up and improve, the ladies are speaking out.

If you have any suggestions on a topic please comment , e-mail , tweet , call .. send a bat signal

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I do not own the rights to this Video, No Copyright infringement intended

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Maurice Allen - Special Guest at the Golf Tournament
                     (September 15, 2014, Montego Bay)  OCEAN Style has announced a new iteration for their annual Celebrity Golf Weekend set to take place this October 24 and 25 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  They will kickoff the tournament this week with golf clinics and a long drive exhibition by Atlanta based professional Maurice Allen.  Now in it's seventh year, the OCEAN Style FashionShowcase Weekend, of which the Golf Weekend now forms an integral part, will bring it golf tournaments to White Witch and Cinnamon Hill courses in Rose Hall in October.
The two tournaments that comprise the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend are the Anthony Anderson Golf Classic which will feature individual golfers going head to head while the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Invitational will feature teams of four. 
This year the OCEAN Style tournaments will be launched with complimentary long drive clinics and skill exhibitions by long drive professional Maurice Allen.  As the Guinness World Record holder states: these “golf clinics will be different from anything experienced on the island…I want to make golf fun for everyone from the die-hard golfer to the person that's never picked up a club before. Golf is an amazing sport that can help everyone in their day to day life, and I just want to spread that love for the game to everyone that I come into contact with.”
The OCEAN Style Golf Clinic 'Let it Rip' with Maurice Allen at the Constant Spring Golf Club will be held on September 19 from 4-5pm. It is to be followed by a golf exhibition and 'playalong' from 5-7pm. Golfers and their non-golfing counterparts will have an opportunity to chip and putt in their way to prizes in the playalong.  On September 20, 2014 ‘Let it Rip’ moves to Cinnamon Hill, Montego Bay to be held from 9am-10am. To participate in the clinics, golfers are asked to contact the Constant Spring Golf Club at 924-1610 or the Cinnamon Hill Golf Pro Shop at Cinnamon Hill 953-2984 or
“Every year we look for ways to improve and innovate our weekend.  We are delighted to host Maurice Allen and add this extra dimension to our annual golf event” stated Douglas Gordon, Editor-In -Chief, OCEAN Style Magazine.
 This year the tournament boasts some top notch prizes from the US $1 Million Hole in One Prize to a private jet membership with  About the prizes on offer this year, Gordon stated "Our objective is to continuously push the envelope - to push ourselves to bigger and better and to expand and surpass the expectations of our guests.  We are delighted with the prizes we have secured thus far and are working on a number of other prizes which we feel will excite and suitably reward our golfers."

Past players and celebrities of the tournament include Lennox Lewis, Donovan Bailey, Shaka Hislop, Anthony Anderson, Courtney Walsh, Jeffrey Dujon, Rockmond Dunbar and Andy Cole.
The OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Weekend will take place on October 24 and 25, 2014 in Montego Bay at the White Witch Golf Course on October 24 and at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course on October 25. For more about the OCEAN Style Celebrity Golf Invitational please visit: and for the Fashion Showcase Weekend website


OCEAN STYLE produces OCEAN STYLE TV and OCEAN Style Magazine with a mission of using television, print and web, to show the world the rich, fabulous, and engaging Caribbean life.  OCEAN STYLE TV is a 30-minute show comprised of a worldly mix of travel adventures, runway showcases, event and fine living features. The show is broadcast to 28 islands, 3 continents and over 85 million households across a number of different markets that include the U.S., Caribbean, Europe and North Africa. OCEAN Style Magazine blends the finest in fashion, beauty, food, luxury travel and entertainment with engaging features and profiles of designers, artists, tastemakers, and celebrities to showcase the good life to be had in the Caribbean. For more please visit

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Haute How to: Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye is seen by many as a relic of the past and an ode to the hippie culture of the 60’s and 70’s. What you need to know now is that whats old is new again and in this instance that is definitely the case. Designers such as Stella McCartney, Raquel Allegra and Isabel Marant have favorited this trend and found new and alternate ways to wear this look. With modernizing any trend from the past execution is the most important thing and can determine if the outfit is Haute or a Hot Mess.

Stella McCartney Winter 2014 Collection
Tie-Dye was popularized by Western cultures such as the United States in the mid-1960’s however forms of Tie-Dye actually can be traced as far back as the 8th century in Asia and Africa. Techniques known as shibori involved dying plain fabrics with natural indigo dye in specific styles.

Today, I wanted to share a few simple steps on how to dye a simple white dress


What you need - Any type of fabric dye in any color, gloves, a large basin, water, rubber bands, something to stir with (a wooden stick or anything long enough)

STEP 1- Select garment/fabric to be dyed. Fabric should be porous enough to allow the dye to remain. Cotton is always a simple and effective fabric especially for beginners

STEP 2 - Fill basin with warm water and add dye: Stir clockwise initially while adding dye slowly and then begin counter clockwise stirring action until mixture is uniform and die is incorporated.

STEP 3 - After mixture is totally is incorporated let mixture stand covered for between 20 minutes to an hour.

STEP 4 - While dye is setting folding of the garment  should begin.The way the fabric is folded determines the pattern that you will get. Below are techniques that can be used on a simple white dress.


STEP 5 - After dye mixture has set, take folded garment and bind with rubber bands in whatever style you choose. Submerge folded garment into mixture and stir using wooden stick.

STEP 6- Remove rubber bands and  rinse fabric to remove excess dye, let dry and style away Hauties!!

And Voila.......
Hold down garment in mixture for a few minutes and remove leave to dry for at least 20 minutes.

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Style Profile: Garth Walker

Monday, September 15, 2014
In Kingston Jamaica , Garth Walker is Synonymous with the Wealth Brand. There is Wealth Magazine Business Access, Wealth Auto Show , Wealth Home Sweet Home and the list goes on. This Business Mogul is also affiliated with the High Society Brand Creative Media Events which he formulated with Leighton Davis. These two single handedly changed the entire concept of all inclusive & themed parties. This is the Style Profile of Garth Walker.

Hair: Based on what we dug up , Garth prefers the "no hair" look that is clean and well shaved. This is complimented by his well groomed beard .. sometimes it's a tad past the chin, but it works.

Jewelry: Small earrings , wedding band , wrist watch and the signature piece ..."the money chain". We've seen this chain making it's appearance in several photos & events along with a diamond encrusted  pendant
( as shown in the picture above )

Clothing: There are two staple pieces we've noticed ( maybe 3 ) A Blazer , Button Down Shirt and a Bow Tie. Yes ! Bow Ties are so in (depending on how you wear them ) Suits are always well made and fit well .. not too tight or too baggy but they fit. Garth also likes to take risks by adding bold colors to his ensemble. We've also noticed that the suits are not your typical type of suit ... there is always a texture or pattern to the material that is used to construct the garment.

Garth Walker is the perfect example that you do not have to do what society expects you to do. Find your own passion and turn that into a career

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Blogger | Vlogger| YouTuber?

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Happy Sunday everyone! It is the start of a brand new week :-) Look how last week run off quick! Jamaicans are starting to embrace this fresh crop of Internet sensations ( which is good ) but I think they don't really understand the various categories. Below is the breakdown of the various categories, just so there is no more confusion.

Blogger: A Blogger is a person who Blogs ...Think of a Blog as an Online Diary or Journal You choose when and what you want to post. Blogs are the written forms: they can contain Photos & Videos. For example Haute People is a Blog .. Perez Hilton is a Celebrity Blogger.

Vlogger: This is where the confusion comes in ... Jamaicans seem to use this interchangeably with Blogging (which is so wrong). I've heard people refer to certain person as Vlogger when that person actually writes posts. Vlogger = Video Log. It's where a person walks around with a Camera and videos aspects of their lives.  Popular YouTube Bloggers are; TheGridMonster ( Ingrid ) and Patricia Bright.

YouTuber: This is a person who creates videos on YouTube. Videos have a topic or are in a series form. They are not walking around with a Camera documenting their every move on a daily basis. TraBass TV for example is a YouTuber as is DuttyBerry.

Content Creator : This is a person who does a mixture of all the above. They make Videos, the have an active Blog , they Vlog. They use all these elements to create content for their respective audience/s. Michelle Phan is the perfect example of a Content Creator.

Michelle Phan
Now that you know the differences , please place people in their respective categories. It's kind of like calling a Sheep a Goat, they are in the same family (ish )but are extremely different.