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A Case Of Too Many Courier Services In Jamaica?

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello my Savvy Shoppers! We are well into the new year and I you are a true go-getter you would have accomplished at least one thing from your New Years Resolutions List. Surprisingly enough , one of my goals was to sign up with a Courier Service that i can truly trust to Ship my packages on time and where i won’t have a to pay  for that one package 3 times. What i found out was really surprising.

Since the middle of 2013 several Courier Services seemed to have sprung up out of nowhere. Sure variety is the spice of life and there is nothing new under the Sun due to Globalization …But! Do we really need all those Courier Services? We are all familiar with giants like Mailpac Express and Shipwize but what do these new Courier Services have that sets them apart from the “giants”? The interesting thing is that a vast majority of these Courier Services are located in Kingston and are all offering the same things at similar prices. How does an Online Shopper truly benefit from all these? In no way at all . Let’s look at a breakdown between Mailpac Express and Go Global Ja Ltd. They are both located in Kingston , they both offer Worldwide Shipping  (same services).
As an Online Shopper I’m not impressed by a Courier Service that has a cool website or lists their high-end clients on that website: What Truly impresses me is the actual service. How well they respond to their clients and also how quickly they are able to ship packages. There is nothing wrong with all these Courier Services , it shows that as a nation Jamaica has realized that we live in a “Digital Age” and it is time to meet the needs of the people. It is important that these Courier Services are there to serve the people and not compete with each other.
Do you think there are too many courier services in Jamaica?
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Three C’s of a Healthy Marriage

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Marriage is a beautiful experience once it is entered in with two people who love each other, and is willing to keep the love alive.  Here are my three (3) C’s of a healthy marriage.


Healthy marriages require partners having an attitude of give and take. When it comes to compromise; out of love, you put aside your wants and consider your partner’s wants first. This will only work in the favor of the marriage, if both partners keep this concept at the forefront of their minds and act up on it. Sharing “one flesh” doesn't mean sharing one brain. As such, there will be disagreements as you are two different people. So, for the sake of being able to boast of having a healthy marriage partners must learn the skill of compromise.
To strengthen the marriage, openly discuss your problems and fix them. Many can be fixed with compromise.


I say this without apology; it is extremely difficult to have a healthy marriage without Christ at the center. In order to have Him at the center Husband and Wife must have Him in their lives personally. The sinful human flesh is unsurprisingly selfish.We are inclined to think about our personal best interest first. Sadly, our selfishness is a killer in relationships. For marriages to work we must be willing to put our partners needs above our own. That is an essential part of unconditional love.
We definitely need Jesus at the center of our relationship, to help us get rid of our selfish nature. No matter how we use every trick available to us for motivation, removing selfishness from our lives is not something we can do by ourselves. For the success story we must surrender our lives to God, sounds strange? This secret is THE powerful truth. With Christ in our individual hearts, a strong connection to the family altar, learning to love like Him, selflessness will definitely be achieved. 


Obvious? It should be. However, it’s worthy to emphasize. Solid communication builds successful marriages. Listening is an important skill of communication to learn. It’s easy to find good talkers, and difficult to find good listeners. Within marriage, you are sharing your lives together. Communication is the backbone of keeping your spouse closest to you. You should be able to go to your partner openly and talk about any and everything. To give the confidence to your partner for him/her to talk to you freely, you must intently listen when they speak.

Hearing is a passive, natural physical process. Listening is hard because it is much more than hearing. It is a conscious choice, it requires concentration to really understand what the other party is saying, catching the meaning fully.

Certainly I have not exhausted the C’s of a healthy marriage. But this is the start hubby and I are working on.


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Preachers of LA : Jamdown Aftershow , Episode 2

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Good Night Friends ... the latest addition to the Reality Show scene is Preachers of LA. This show launched last year on Oxygen and after episode 2 it became a regular show for me. Since it's inception , this show has been dubbed as controversial and has received some not so nice reviews. I will try to give a little review of the show after each episode every Wednesday Night ( If I can Remember ) .

Deitrick Haddon, Dominique and Pastor Jay Haizlip

Deitrick , Dominique and Daughter
This is a continuation from last season and last week. Soo, Gospel artiste/Preacher Deitrick Haddon had a fall after a Divorce when he got a girl on the choir ( Dominique ) pregnant. This of course was a big deal which caused him to forcibly take a break from being a Pastor and even some drama with his family , friends and members of his church. It was just a hot mess! Fast forward to the end of last season .. he married Dominique to make things right and because Bishop Noel Jones was away .. Pastor Haizlip stepped in. So they got married and everybody happy and ting. Episode 1 of this season , we see Dominique with a new Baby Girl and it was found out that they were pregnant when the Pastor Haizlip married them. The drama and argument started from this where Haizlip was saying that if he knew that she was pregnant he would not have married them. Now, here's what I think. Deitrick knows he's wrong and should admit that and apologize to the big man. He grew up in the church and know that fornication is wrong. It was pretty obvious that they were still having sex even after his fall. Yes he's human like everybody else and get urges and so on. He should man up and accept his mistakes and try to move forward. I don't think Haizlip was being judgemental , he was just voicing his opinions.

Noel Jones & Miss Loretta | Bishop Ron Gibson

Bishop Noel Jones & Miss Loretta
One piece a drama with Miss Loretta and Bishop Ron Gibson! Here's the thing .. Bishop Jones and Miss Loretta have been friends for 16 years! Not 6 years people .. 1-6! So the big thing is Bishop Ron Gibson and his wife are concerned that their friendship is more than just friends and they are not fit to participate in Big Events like the Crusade. First of all ..Miss Loretta is one patient woman , that to me is like auditioning for the same role and getting rejected over and over again for 16 years straight. What else is really going on in that friendship? That's what everybody else wants to know .. and why are they so defensive about it. In a way the other people need to mind their business and on the other hand Bishop Jones need to do better as an influential person. I wonder what his sermons are like.

About that Justin Character who came on the show .. I'm hoping he's really in trouble and need help because his scene seemed so fake. I'm sure the magic of editing had a lot to do with it. But! he just came in the Church right as Hazlip was getting doubtful , he drank his magic juice , nodded off., then passed out.

Any thoughts on this episode?


Behind the Seams: DJ Kevin Crown

Today, we bring you a special edition of "Behind The Seams". This individual comes straight out of NYC and is here in Jamaica to bring the ultimate Club Experience. He has also coined the phrase/s #clubkilla and Natural Born Club Killas Today, we introduce to you the one and only DJ Kevin Crown. Haute People had the opportunity to interview the Celebrity DJ over the weekend.

H.P: Do you remember the very first show/event you did?
K.C: First official Event ... I was 16 years old. I remember not having professional equipment so I had to borrow equipment from my house. It was an interesting story... when my parents got home they thought they were robbed until they saw me coming back with the equipment. It turned out to be a good little show. My parents wasn't that supportive at first ... but I won an Award for DJ of the Year at the Young, Gifted & Black (YGB) Entrepreneurial Awards (2013/2014), which I dedicated to my Parents.

H.P: What is an important Life lesson you learnt from being a DJ?
K.C: Always know your worth. Sometimes other DJ's in the Industry might not give you the credit where it's due ... and Promoters might not put you on the "Big Shows". The difference about me is that I'm an Entertainer, I'm much more than a DJ. Truth is I'm too good for just any show.

H.P: You have so many passions, what would you say is your favorite?
K.C: I love Martial Arts , but Deejaying is my first love. I've missed so many training sessions and competitions for martial arts. Once I'm booked for a party ... I go wherever. It's more for the love of it .. a true passion.

H.P: Tell us about your upcoming role in "Jamaican Mafia"
K.C: Contrary to what people might think .. I'm not making a Cameo appearance. I have a role ( script and everything ) This is new and different; I'm not a badman/gunman in real life so it's interesting to play one. I really want this role to make an impact. I would definitely like to do more acting.

H.P: Describe your Fashion Style?
K.C: Different ... Trendsetting. I don't like to wear things that everybody else is wearing ...( points to self ) Look at me. It's also about the shoes. Everybody has Jordans which are nice ( expensive) shoes, but I like fresh ... different shoes. Here I have the Jeremy Scott Tall Boy by Adidas and Supra Skytop IV.

Adidas Jeremy Scott Tall Boy and Supra Sktop IV |  Joyrich Backpack
Beats by Dre Headphones
 H.P: Finish the sentence: "I cannot live without my .....
K.C: My Daughter Cadence. She is a beautiful individual who has given me an entire different perspective on Life. She told me when she grows up she wants to be just like me. It's impressive that she is 6 and has a black belt.

What makes him unique and places him in a category all by himself, is his love of the arts, martial arts that is. When he is not playing at some popular night spot or spending time with his daughter you can find Kevin in the Dojang. He is the only DJ that holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has won numerous competitions on stage and off. The days of “specialty” DJ’s are over, Kevin Crown is single-handedly reinventing the DJ movement. Having a background in dancing and has choreographed for some of the top reggae artist Kevin unleashes his daredevil dance moves night after night. With his rock star image, he has been called a trendsetter, showstopper, and trailblazer. For more info click Here 

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Cultural Celebration at Inaugural African Fashion Week Houston

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
The first annual African Fashion Week Houston brought together Houstonians and international guests to celebrate the cultural traditions of African fashion, dance and music. The runway show and concert showcased creative African fashion designers and performers from around the world on August 16th, 2014 at the prestigious Ayva Center in Houston, Texas. Guests were wowed by models wearing stunning African fashions in the elaborate ballroom decorated with chandeliers, covered chairs, ceiling drapes, floral arrangements, DJ, live band, catered food and drinks.

This was a grand affair designed to bridge the gap in cultural diversity by bringing together and presenting fashion designers, musicians, performers of different arts and comedians from different parts of the world. The show opened with an electrifying performance by Dundunba cultural dancers and special appearance by Nnenna Agba, America's Next Top Model contestant. Models walked the runway to a live band in fashions from TeKay Designs, Kachi Designs,Southern Gents, SANERD Inc., AfroniQue Concepts, OGE! Fashion, Merocki by Diva Styl, etc.

International fashion brand, TeKay Designs, showcased their African-inspired formal and bridal attire with vibrant colored geles, a headpiece worn by Africans on a global scale. TeKay's presentation was comprised of brightly colored garments made of Ankara print, jacquard, cotton brocade, satin, george, kente, and embroidered laces. "During the event, we released a preview of our Spring 2015 formal collection comprising of sexy and fitted evening gowns, semi-formal attire and casual wear. The detachable train on several short sets made with Ankara print mixed with solid fabrics allow easy transition from day to evening look which makes the outfit versatile. Gold, yellow, green and purple are the dominant colors in this collection. The shimmering gold embroidered lace and beaded satin bodice on our new couture gown represents wealth and prosperity globally which is fitting for a Nubian Queen. The purple color on the gele (headpiece) personifies royalty in most parts of Africa and the world. Headpieces are symbolic in many parts of Western and Southern Africa, and for some Africans, an outfit is not complete without the headpiece." notes Designer Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs.

The three day event included a meet and greet fashion mixer, a fashion and arts workshop, and the Fall of Signature Essence (F.O.S.E.) runway show and concert. "I am quite pleased with the level of support provided by the community during African Fashion Week Houston. We achieved our goal of rallying the community around a common platform and promoting African fashions to a greater audience. We wanted the event to be entertaining as well as educational. That's why the Fashion and Arts Workshop focused on the influence of African Fashion in the global market", observed Nkem Oji-Alala, Executive Producer (F.O.S.E.). Portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit Hospitals for Humanity, a nonprofit organization committed to providing access to quality and affordable health care for people who are in dire need, especially those who live in developing and third-world countries.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 692454, Houston TX 77269
Kimma Wreh, Creative Director & Designer
Phone: 281-807-0589

7502 Braeberry Court, Richmond, TX 77407
Nkem Oji-Alala, Executive Producer
Phone: 713-576-6285

Big Screen Fashion: Gossip Girl

In movies and television shows clothes can be used to complete a character and to make a scene much more amazing. Fashion has the ability to transcend the catwalk not only to the sidewalk but also to the big and small screen. I've been using some of my summer days and nights to catch up on some of my favorite television series and movies. I've realized that part of the reason why a story or character is so memorable and beloved, is because what they wear helps the audience understand their points of view in a tangible way.

With all that being said, I wanted this week to look at the fashion of Gossip Girl and the impact that it  has made in defining the characters and publicizing popular trends.

Eric Daman (Costume Designer) really helped to shape the wardrobe for each character on the show. It’s like the wardrobe played a supporting role to each character and we all loved it. Some of my favorite characters S, B and little J more popularly know as Blair Waldorf ,Serena van der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey to me epitomize the sense of style that a lot of girls both Brooklyn and Upper East Side can relate to. Lets start off by looking at their characters and some fashion trends that we all loved from the show.

Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen

Serena's style as define by Eric Daman is “Kate Moss effortless as if she just woke up and threw on her jean shorts that were on the ground and her $5,000 silk blouse”. Serena is the effortless beautiful party girl and socialite and her character is brought out even more by her style.

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf

Blair is the quintessential upper east side princess her style involves a lot of headbands and classy silhouettes. Blair is the one you don't want to mess with the same is true for her style

Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey

Evolution is one thing i think about when it comes to Little J’s style she grew up before our eyes and our style showed her evolution. She went from Brooklyn Babe to Rocker to Upper East Side Queen B

There were a lot of other Trends highlighted throughout the show like Mixing Trends ( frowned upon) and Blair's signature colored leggings. To date , Gossip Girl is one of those shows that has inspired blooming Fashionistas both off and on screen.

What is your favorite "Fashion Forward" Show?

Haute Mess - George


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Stick To The Status Quo?

Monday, August 25, 2014
Hi Guys! Happy Monday and Happy last of August .. Christmas is merely months away :-) This is the last in this "Back To School Shopping with Haute People" series. I wanted to make this one special ( hopefully ) Apart from the outfits , gadgets and appliances needed for school .. what about your friends?

It is said that the friends you make in University are the true friends you need in life. University/College life is a lot different from High school Life .. if you were that popular guy/girl .. chances are you might not be ( let that sink in) University is like a community within itself and there are thousands of people in this vast ocean. Below are a few types of people you need to look out for.

The Presidential Body: At U.W.I , we referred to this as the "Guild". The Guild is like our very own Government ... these people are of course elected by us the students and try to make the University run as efficiently ( as the Principal ) allow them to. These people are usually overachievers or popular and you might want to make friends with them early :-) These are the ones who will have connections with all the movers and shakers on Campus but in real life.

The Smart Kids: People! you need to know this , it is actually cool to be smart in University. I said cool , not a know it all who gives unsolicited advice. These are the people who are present at all Lectures, always at the Library ( it does exist ) and they are the ones who genuinely care about their education. These are the people you need for group work and also to be a part of their study groups. Please ensure this friendship you are seeking with them is genuine.

The Party Animals: These people are great for post exam shenanigans! It's an auh mazing feeling to always be on the Dean's list and get good grades, but it's even better to have peace of mind. After the 1st year college/university gets real, you will need to truly have fun every now and again to cope. Being friends with these people gets you into the best campus parties free or at a discounted cost. Please don't let them pressure you to go to a party every other night! This might have a negative impact on your grades.

The Vampire: Ok .. this is a bit of a stretch right? But .. Let me Explain :-) This is that person/ people that you never see ( during the day ) at any class. However, if you are on campus after a particular time ...this person suddenly emerges and it's like you are graced with their presence Nobody knows their name ..the first time you saw them was during orientation week. These are the people you also only see during exams. Stay away!

The Great Debator : These are the smart @$$, know it all types. They are at every class , at the front! And they have a question/answer to everything. These people are extremely annoying and make Lectures seem like they are longer than they actually are. I remember this one girl in my Lectures who would take Flash Pictures of all the Lectures... what was up with that?

What group did you fit into in College/University?


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The Jamaica Nation Pageant 2014 Commentary

Sunday, August 24, 2014
Last Night was the first staging of the Miss Jamaica Nation Pageant and I thought I would share my experience with you guys. Contestants are barred from using artificial enhancements such as hair or eyelash extensions and tattoos. A fun-filled night interspersed with beauty, fashion and entertainment from Cherine Anderson and Dalton Harris.

Upon his return to Jamaica, Pageant Director Ken Williams decided to bring the 20 year Miss Jamaica US Beauty Pageant to an end and in its place launch this iconic event in Jamaica. He, however, observed that women were being encouraged to use an unending list of beauty enhancing products and so felt it seemed necessary to use the platform as an opportunity to remind women and young girls that they can look beautiful naturally. With this decision the Miss Jamaica Nation Beauty Pageant was born.

The pageant will be contested by 13 young ladies aged 18-26, with each representing one of the island’s parishes. Each contestant will be required to reveal interesting facts about their parish and share their views on the way that that parish can contribute to nation building in a 60 second slot.
Sponsors include: HOT 102FM, Abar Restaurant & Lounge, Dizinology, Hype TV, Dolphin Cove, Iberostar Rose Hall Beach and Spa Resorts, Beautiful Earth Natural Hair Haven, and Diva Supplies.

The Contestants: 7/10


The competition featured 13 young women each representing a Parish. Each Contestant had to either be enrolled at University or already have a Degree , which i think made a difference. The organizers wanted to make sure that the winner was at a certain level , where she would have all the right tools to not only represent herself but Jamaica on a whole. This was a completely different Pageant unlike other popular Pageants . Contestants were not allowed to add anything extra to make themselves look more appealing. That is , no hair extensions , no body make-up , no , lashes , no nails .. no nothing. Just Natural Beauty with a little make-up to highlight their features. Some of the members of the audience however must have not understood the premise of the pageant as they asked " Why she couldn't cover that mole" or  "why she never buy some virgin hair". Lordt! This shows how people perceive beauty ( in their eyes ) and how superficial our society have become.

Entertainment: 8/10

The audience was treated to an engaging and energetic performance by the multi- talented artiste/actor/entrepreneur Cherine Anderson. Cherine delivered a wonderful performance as the audience participated in hit song "Rebel". Next up was Digicel Rising Star Winner , Dalton Harris. This guy might be small in stature but he can sang! Dalton belted notes ( in Acapella ) from his latest hit "pauper". The only issue with the Entertainment segment was with the sound ... it seemed as if they didn't get time to do Sound Check. Both artistes had to stop and ask them for the music and tracks.

The Hosts 6/10

The event was hosted by mother-daughter duo Rasheda & Cathy-Lynn Beckford. Rasheda is a former pageant girl who studied Fashion , Design, Nutrition and so many other things over seas. Cathy-Lynn is a Pageant Mom who hosts and participates in events locally and regionally. I found that throughout the event Raschda became pushy as it relates to the audience and getting the girls out on stage for various things. Other than that .. they did an "ok" job.

Overall Experience : I must commend Mr. Ken Williams and his team for delivering such an event to Jamaica. I felt that it came at the right time when women feel they need various enhancements to make them selves look good. Throughout the pageant , the importance of inner Beauty was emphasized. Seeing that it was the first Event .. I think there is a lot of room to grow as it relates to sponsors and so on. I think it was a nice clean , wholesome event ( minus that one guy who shouted for everything) Look out for more pictures on this event. Hopefully , the next event will start on time and not 56 minutes later:-)


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I Want a Million Page-views like ...

Saturday, August 23, 2014
Soo I've been seeing this Tag or popular Video on YouTube and I wanted to do the "Blogger" edition since I only have one video on YouTube The Tag is mainly about how people are in the YouTube/Blogger Community ( in Jamaica ) and it's suppose to be really honest.

I want a million Page views like ... Patricia Bright!

The Blogging community in Jamaica in my opinion is non existent. I remember going to a few Blog related outings and these events made absolutely no sense .. it's like everybody was running around with their heads cut off. There was one set of people who seemingly knew each other and another set just floating around. I don't think there is truly any unity ... like for real. For all the people on Blogger .. since the last Blog Awards ( That's a story by itself ) I counted well over 100 ( serious bloggers ) why are we not following each other? It's like people are saying if I "join" his/her site .. he/she will have more followers than me and will get better opportunities. Its nothing like that at all .. just like there are different types of food and different types of people who like to eat them .. there are different types of Bloggers .. we all have our Niche' and the types of people we attract with our personality and writing style.

Another thing I've noticed is that there are people who got into Blogging for the wrong reasons ... TO GET FREE STUFF!! If that's the reason you are doing it .. you will never get that ( guh look a werk ) There are certain perks involved in Blogging ( when you are serious ) but how desperate are people to just want Free Stuff? is that all your life is worth? For e.g, a U.K Hair/ Cosmetics company saw my Blog and asked if I wanted to join their Blogger Program ( over a year ago )... this program gave me the opportunity to choose any item on their website to review every 3 months. They also told me to choose 3 other Jamaican Bloggers since Jamaica is a predominantly Black Society and their products would appeal more to us .. fine no problem. I found 3 other Bloggers .. contacted them about this great opportunity and they all said they were too busy for this opportunity. Flash Forward this May .. those same people are wondering what am i doing to get all this Free stuff and why I can't share with other Jamaican Bloggers ...Of course I was wondering if these people are serious.... I'm yet to respond to any of them. What is it about "free-ness"? A majority of Jamaican Bloggers rarely spend time researching Blogger Opportunities .. instead anything they see on your Blog they just grab it! Yes the Internet is there for all but nobody uses it for the right reasons. All of a sudden everybody has a Lucky Contributor Button or is offering Advertising Packages . Why couldn't you think of this before you saw it here?Creating a successful Blog requires a lot of time and dedication .. there is no magic app to get you viewers .. it requires work. If you put in no work , post every other month , bad writing , bad layout .. how do you expect to attract people?

There are so many opportunities to be created from Blogging .. If we are all serious and do our parts , these can all be accomplished. To my Bloggers out there wondering when they will reach a million Page Views .. keep pushing .. it will happen one day , if its meant for you )


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How To Use A Subscription Box Program

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello my Savvy Shoppers … I trust we are all in good health and have been trying our best to follow those new year Resolutions. Today, i would like to introduce to you Subscription Programs. Subscription Boxes are basically non- existent but if you are reading this it means you have done some form of Online Shopping . This post explains all you need to know about using a subscription Box.


A Subscription Program is one which involves a certain amount of money being paid for products/services where one has the right to receive that product/service continuously. These programs are particularly popular in U.S, Canada and Europe , however thanks to the World Wide Web and a great Courier Company you are able to subscribe to any of these programs from anywhere in the world. These subscription programs feature products from Hair, Food , Make-Up , Jewelry and even Food! Today I will be using the popularBeautyBar as an example. Please bear in mind every program is different, however once you get the basic idea it will be a breeze.
Once you get to the page, select “Join Sample Society Now” it cost $15 + tax per month. From here you sign up by entering your e-mail address and your preferred password. It then prompts you to enter your shipping information. If you’ve signed up with a Courier Service , enter the U.S SHIPPING INFO. It then prompts you to make payment of $15 , from this point you are now able to Shop. For that $15 per month you will receive:
Eleventh Gorgeous Show off August Ipsy Box
  • 5 Delux Samples from brands like AlternaBy Terry and Dermalogica.
  • $15 Gift Code to Redeem on a purchase of $50 when any of the sample products are in your order
  • An exclusive mini-magazine
The great thing about these programs is that you get a chance to sample some of the top products before committing to making a big purchase. By doing this you get to decide whether or not you are willing to buy the product in full size.
Other Subscription Programs are: JustFabGlossy Box and Ipsy
Post from Check out this and other Posts
Learn how to shop Online

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Money Matters in Relationship

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Even if we ignore it, the fact still remains that money matters in a relationship. So each couple must have productive money conversations throughout their relationship. Money talks are important because money can cause strain on a relationship. This strain can come from varying angles, such as loss of steady income, inequality in earning, too much spending, attitude towards money differ, among other things. These things can lead to arguments and resentment.
Here is what I have learnt so far in my three plus years of marriage, my top three to lessen money conflicts.
1.    Talk Often about Money
Schedule if you must “money talk time”. Treat this aspect of your relationship like a business. Talk about everything in detail. How much income each person is making, how much each person is allowed to spend without consulting with your partner, who pay what bills, how much to spend on entertainment etc.
Come to a conclusion about what works for your relationship and stick to it. This might not be the most pleasant conversation but it is necessary. You’ll be thankful later.

2.    Financial Infidelity
This is hiding debt, purchases and secret accounts from your significant other.  Doing this breaks down the trust and intimacy in the relationship. Be open about everything in your relationship. Money matters definitely should be an open topic.

3.    Spend Money to Enjoy Each Other

Ever so often, budget some of the money for distressing purposes. Use it for romantic dinners, concerts, taking the children to new places, etc. Spend the money to create lasting memories, than on material things that won’t last forever. Happiness is found during the experiences and long after when reflecting on the memory.
Please share with me how you deal with money in your relationship to lessen money conflicts.


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Man Talk: Is Monogamy Dead?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Hi Guys! As you know , Wednesday is the day we do Random posts on just about anything! Today's topic is all about guys and their preference. Times have changed significantly! In this "New World" anything goes , I wanted to know what guys thought about relationships in the era ... soo , a  few guys on Facebook were asked this question:

"Are you happiest when in a relationship with one person or with multiple partners"

This is not the regular Haute topic but sometimes a little spice is nice. For all my younger readers .. this will be totally PG. Below is what the guys had to say:

Mark T , 29 : "It is less stressing when you have one partner as you only concentrate on her; as the saying goes happy wife happy life.Compare to multiple partners as u have too many personalities to deal with..and in having too many to deal with it can cause emotional and mental stress and also expense is another factor.But then again it depends on the guy or girl motive in having multiple partners as it may be the best thing ever as they either just doing it for revenge Or literally jus dont care".

Sean G, 28: "I'm happier with one but the fair is plenty times overwhelming hence why some men cheat some are just born that way. I am happiest that way because there's someone that I can think about other than my self and that sort of thing comes natural unless damaged ".

Beenie Man -Nuff Gal

Derrick F, 21: " At this time in my life ... jah know ... Mi nah too look fi settle down .. so I'm happier with more than one. Variety is the spice of Life so me just a gwaan enjoy my life. As long as they don't know about each other I'm good. Multiple for me!

Tony B , 35: " Well I'm married so i'm happy with my one woman. It's nice to go home to her and know that dinner will not only be on the table but she actually care about my day and want to help me go further in life. These young guys don't know about building a life .. all dem care about is who have the hottest girl"

Gully Pete,37: "I get 6 youths because "yutes affi born" , all a dem is different mother.. so me alrite with more one! It just better to me .. no commitment , no stress , just an understanding. One thing though it cost nuff money .. as the pay reach it done!

Based on the responses I would say each guy is different , this could be due to socialization or they somehow got lost along the way. I would like to thank all the participants and for allowing me to use their names :-)


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Mission Catwalk Season 4 Set for Saturday Sept 20,2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Picture from Season 3

Viewers are in for a spectacular season of Mission Catwalk as the dramatic creations showcase the uninhibited talent of our regional designers. Dubbed ‘The High Fashion Edition’, season four will allow designers to create one-of-a-kind pieces in every episode based on different challenge themes set by the producers. The hour-long series comprises of four segments in each episode: the challenge, the design production, the runway show, and the elimination. Season four will feature designers from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, and Guyana battling for the top prize to show a collection at Milan Fashion Week, the home of Italian ‘high fashion’.  The winning designer will be whisked away to Milan courtesy of our sponsor CAMPARI and will be hosted by The Campari Group for a tour of Milan.

Mission Catwalk has partnered with The University of Technology, Jamaica and is now filmed on location at the new Fashion Design facility on the university campus. Mission Catwalk continues to nurture emerging design talent and will provide a scholarship to study fashion design courtesy of the University of Technology.



Mission Catwalk season four premieres on Saturday, September 20 at 8:30PM on TVJ

Mission Catwalk has featured designers from eleven different Caribbean countries and will air on local TV networks in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Grenada, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos and other Caribbean islands.

The winner will receive the following prizes:
·      An opportunity to show a collection at the Milan Fashion Week c/o Campari
·      JMD$500K funding to start their clothing line c/o NCB-SME
·      Industrial sewing equipment valued at JMD$200K c/o Singer Jamaica
·      A fashion editorial in Jamaque Magazine
·      A scholarship to pursue fashion programme at The University of Technology
·      Internship with a regional design house


Host/Exec Producer:   Keneea Linton-George – Fashion Designer/TV Producer
Judges:                        Novia McDonald-Whyte – Senior Associate Editor, Jamaica Observer
                                    Carlton Brown – Menswear Designer

Mentor:                       Jill Becker – Head of Fashion Programme – The University of Technology  

Contestants:               Andy Cummings-Guyana, Carl Swaby-Jamaica, Carla Gittens-Barbados, Jermell Williams-Turks & Caicos,Kadian Nicely-Jamaica, Kurt Campbell-Jamaica, Machel Sandy-Trinidad & Tobago, Romeo Williams-Jamaica, Tonia Samuels-Jamaica, Tonilynn Mcfarlane-Jamaica, Yah-Shira Lindsay-Jamaica, and Zidelle Daniel-Trinidad & Tobago.     
Guest Judges:             Sara Lawrence-face of Loreal Caribbean, Ibrahim Konteh-Brand Manager Campari, Rachael Barrett-Owner Three-Sixty Degrees, Jennifer Mckenzie-Fashion lecturer UTech, Kara-Ann Anderson-Fashion Contributor Jamaque Paridis, Fidge Fletcher-Creative Director The Style Factor, and Hugh Okoye- ATL Group.

Core Team:                 Gareth M Daley                    Director / Director of Photography
                                   Kimberly Adamson               Assistant Director / Editor
                                   Keneea Linton-George          Executive Producer
                                   Carolyn Bolt                         Senior Producer
                                   Kenisha Linton                     Producer