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Dating with Children, Part 1: Putting the Children First

Thursday, July 31, 2014
By now if you are following my blogs you will notice I say dating is challenging a lot. Well, the concrete jungle of dating is even more difficult if there are children in the mix. An ingredient that is very important within this dating mix is the consideration of the children’s minds and hearts. 

If you are dating and not looking to get serious; you are just in it to have a good time, the children don’t fully understand this. They are using what they see as a blueprint for the navigation of their own lives. They are using your guide to mold their values, so they need to feel safe with your actions. Your self-conduct while dating is powerful, the models you create shape their behavior in love and life, from a very young age. 

It is  not a good idea to mix your life as a parent with dating life until the relationship you are in is established, and adequate preparation was done to introduce the new partner to the children. 
At the point of introduction, this new partner should be the only one in the picture. No other potential contenders. Children get easily attached, so their hearts are deeply broken when a partner suddenly leaves and they get confused if someone moves in again too quickly. They are in the dating game with you, plus their experience with the changes could be more devastating than yours. The child is forming new experiences, all your actions and what you introduce them to has an impact, the bad and good. So your unrestrained frog kissing hurts them greatly. As such, I believe the parent and ex-partner should explain age appropriately why they will no longer be together. Maybe the blow to the child could be softened if they understand that the relationship is not working because they are not happy together.

Every single parent would agree that their children must take first priority. However, living up to this is challenging when “love chemicals,” is in play. But, remember your child’s welfare must remain your focus. I am not suggesting giving up dating until the children are fully grown. I am saying happy, healthy children are nurtured by parents who make decisions that are wise. 


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A July Wedding : Planning Your Wedding Reception Menu

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Hi Guys! July is so over , this is the last post in this series. We thank you for the support and all the questions you sent by E-mail. We've decided to make this final post special and tailored just for you :-)

I know most of the Brides to be will be planning a menu for their guests ( essentially ) bare in mind, this is YOUR day. Plan a menu with items that you and your groom would actually eat. Below are a few tips to help with your menu.

1. Stick to the budget: Planning a wedding should be a fun and exciting time in a Bride's life. There are un-planned things that could come up that can cause over budgeting. Find a Chef who is great at providing a menu that is within your budget and that is also what you want. From all the wedding shows I watched :-) Brides tend to start out  with a budget in mind, then when they meet with the Chef, then a luxury item like Lobster is added to the menu which sends the budget over the roof.

2. Don't Procrastinate: Traditionally, it takes 6 months to plan a Wedding. That's 6 month's to know exactly what you want and the type of food you would like to be served. Don't wait until you have 2 months left to scramble around trying to find a chef and so on. What if all the Chefs you know are booked? What if a particular Fish you want is not in season? The day you get engaged, start planning your menu and everything else in your head; write it down, then execute it!

3.Serve it in Style: Gone are the days when people used those traditional boring white dishes and silverware to serve their meals on. Pick dishes and silverware that are colored  and fun! Give your guests a treat after sitting for hours at a ceremony, then waiting until you arrive after taking pictures. After-all, its the least you can do. Times are modern and there is not one way that something has to be done.

4.  Have Options: It is a dream of mine to have a huge spread at my wedding ( if I do get married ) just because I'm a foodie. I'll be spending a lot of money and I just want to eat!  Have more than the traditional Fish or Chicken! Have Shrimp , Lobster , Vegetarian and whatever you like ( and can afford )

5. Switch up the Seating: This kinda has nothing do do with the menu but kinda does at the same time. Weddings consist of Family and Friends. These people might not mesh well with each other at times so it might not be wise to seat them together. I would say, put people together who you know actually talk to each other. This might not be so common here in Jamaica, as people tend to just sit anywhere they please.

Please share your wedding stories below
If you are shy, send an e-mail to

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Haute How To: The Many Lives of Scarves

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
It is very rare that one comes across an accessory as versatile as a scarf. It has the amazing ability to function as different parts of an ensemble as your day progresses. Scarves live many lives possessing the ability to transform from head wraps to bags; even tops and so much more. This week’s feature is dedicated to highlighting the uses of the humble scarf as both a handbag and a necessity.

A Scarf to Carry All things

It might be surprising but a scarf makes a good carryall for days at the beach or when you just need an extra purse in a pinch. gives a simple and easy way to turn your favorite patterned scarf into a useful handbag.

Select a square scarf in a pattern you like.
Lay the scarf smoothly on a flat surface with the side you want to be the outside of your scarf handbag facing down.
Grab two opposite corners of the scarf and bring them together, tying them in a knot.
Grab the other two opposite corner of the scarf, and tie them into a knot.
Slide your arm under the two knots, and your scarf handbag is complete.

Below are two other techniques to transform your scarf into an emergency bag whenever and wherever you need it.

Now there’s no more complaining that you don't have that perfect purse to complete your ensemble. Remember to turn what you have into what you need

Haute Mess


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Introducing the Design Jamaica Fashion Showcase

Jamaican Fashionistas, Socialities, Media Personalities and all Fashion Enthusiasts mark your Social Calendars for August 16, 2014. Prepare for an extravagant night of High Fashion at the highly anticipated event The "Design Jamaica Fashion Showcase". The lavish event will be held on the grounds of a beautiful private residence in Stony Hill called The Knole. The event is scheduled to commence at 6 p.m and is being put on by local Designers Simone Neilson of miSim and Summer Jarrett of KAJ by Summer Jarrett.

For Patrons

This is a Black Tie event, come dressed to the nines! This is sure to be a night to remember. Come out and support the future of Brand JAMAICA. Tickets are ONLY $2,500. Tickets available from @zimitickets !! There will be a shuttle that leaves from Manor Centre on the day of the event.

For more information visit Design Jamaica Fashion Showcase
Follow @designjamaica

Images are the Property of Design Jamaica Fashion Showcase

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Girl Talk: First Date Etiquette

Monday, July 28, 2014
We are in the last week of July! That's crazy right? Today, we will be talking about that magical first date. I know must of you are like "seriously , dating is obsolete , we don't do that anymore , we simply post a half naked picture on Instagram , then whoever we attract .. that's who we link up with". 

This post is to help those who are still into relationships and are looking for something more substantial. Here are a few tips to help.

1. Check your Date: If you met the person on Social Media ... do a thorough search. Check for pictures , videos and even Police Records. We live in a veeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry strange and messed up world where people are going around "catfishing" each other. I also recommend going with a friend and having that friend stay close just in case your date turns out to be a total psycho.

Nev & Arel Shulman , MTV's " Catfish: The T.V Show"
2. Less is more: This goes for the way you dress and what you say. As it relates to dressing , I'm not saying you should be scantily clad and have your reproductive organs on display. A 6 inch heel , tight dress/skirt, noisy jewelry might be a bit much. Tone it down a bit and give just a little exposure of skin. Also, a first date is not a therapy session, don't go telling the person every detail of your life.

3. Be Decisive: You have to know what you want ladies ( and gentlemen) If your date is asking what you would like to eat or drink ... please don't say "I don't know" or "It's up to you", you have to know! This already tells the person that if they are to have a serious relationship with you, you will be terrible at making decisions.

4. Don't Have Sex:  Sure Chrissy Teigan slept with John Legend then went on to have a 5 year relationship , and is now married. However "Puss and dog don't have the same luck". There are some guys out there who might think that since she puts out on the first date, she's not looking for anything serious.

5. Eat like a Normal Person: Ladies why must you do this to yourself and the guy? You order a full salad and only eat half of it, then your stomach makes those weird growling sounds all night( did this once and regretted it Guys like a girl who actually eats like a normal person. If it is that you are not used to eating with knife and fork, just ask your date to please excuse you as you are not in the mood to do so ... then eat.

First dates are usually weird tricky and completely awkward. After all, you are taking a chance meeting a stranger or a person you know very little about. I'm sure that with these tips , things are sure to go smoother.

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Gender Bender : The Androgynous Look

Friday, July 25, 2014
Androgyny is a term that refers to the presence of both feminine and masculine characteristics within the same entity whether it be in reference to an individual, clothing or any other aspect of fashion. Reinventing what's considered male or female has long interested designers and Haute People alike since the invention of the Chanel Suit.

For today’s article I wanted to look into two fashion trends that have caused us over the years to re- evaluate how we see women's and men's clothing and what possibilities exist for blurring the lines between the two.

1 The Chanel Suit

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was the ultimate game changer when it came to revolutionizing women's fashion and putting it on par with that of menswear. Chanel took inspiration from men's suits and began crafting a simple stylish suit for women that was both comfortable and practical and facilitated work and play both inside and outside of the home. The suit became complete with a collarless boxy wool jacket with braid trim, fitted sleeves and metallic embellished buttons with accompanying slimline skirt and is the precursor to the present day women's pants suit/skirt suit.

2. Skinny Jeans

Most people know the modern and trendy uses of a pair of skinny jeans for both men and women but most people don't know that wearing skinny snug fitting jeans was once seen as a trend for mostly male actors in TV Action series in the 1950’s as a way of exuding sex appeal and captivating the audience. Eventually with the rise of punk-fashion and fetishism skinny jeans became a staple as of the early 2000’s in everyone’s wardrobe; man woman and child alike.

In closing , I leave you with this quote from Virginia Woolf

" Different though the sexes are , they intermix. In every human being a vacillation from one sex to the other takes place , and often it is only the clothes that keep the male or female likeness , while underneath the sex is very opposite of what is above"

xoxo, George,

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Summer Romance Lessons

Thursday, July 24, 2014
The weather is heating up and suddenly you are starting to feel different; you feel free-spirited and your beauty becomes something you’re just starting to notice. You are taking on a new Philosophy in life... everything this summer will be good!

Because of this new philosophy and new found confidence in your beauty, you feel free, your attitude towards everything will be good and then the unforeseen happens. Here comes the unexpected romance! The new, happier you caught the attention of someone’s eyes. Though unexpected this summer romance might be, it could be a life lesson you need.

Summer kisses are hotter, tastier, giving you a refreshed feeling that sets you aflame! Blink your eyes, that’s how quickly the romance intensifies. The new free spirit you have propels you to live in the moment.

Lesson #1 

An unexpected Summer Romance makes you realize that true timeless affection doesn't need a forever promise to be real.

Lesson #2

It opens your eyes to the fact that you are desired and worthy of a lot of attention.

Lesson #3
Given the nature of summer romances (they are short lived), you see the importance of enjoying every moment, making each experience take your breath away. You allow the heat of ecstasy to take over.

Lesson #4
Summer romances make you realize that life is not just about struggles, life can be purely beautiful.

Lesson #5
This one is my personal favorite, you learn of the person you become, who has no worries, a less stressful you. That person you should try to hold on to always.

Grease - Summer Nights

Lesson # 6
Summer romance is a short beautiful love (or that love feeling) experience. You know it will end quickly, but you have no regrets because this “great love” served its purpose. A memory you will always cherish.

Our long term committed relationships could be so much more beautiful and fulfilling if we applied our summer romance lessons don’t you think?


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A July Wedding : Finding the right dress for your Body Type

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
It is officially hump day! The week as we know it is almost over! Today's post is another reason for you to smile. We will be helping you to select the right dresses for your body type ( that's if you are getting married )

A woman's wedding day is a special time in her life. It is that time she will feel like a princess and have everything and everyone at her beck and call. Finding the right dress to fit your body type on your big day is the most important thing as this could really pull everything together or apart. There should be no pulling down or tugging up! Below are tips to help you find the perfect dress.

4 different body types

The Hour Glass: This body type is identified with wide shoulders and hips and a noticeably smaller waist.
The great thing about this shape is that just about anything will work, however the top 3 dresses that will show off your figure are:

Hour Glass
  • Sheath: This has a streamlined silhouette that is slim from head to toe.
  • Ball Gown:  Look for dresses with a structured bodice and a full skirt. This will give you a feminine princess look.
  • Mermaid/ Tulip: A curvy fit and flare will hug your curves in all the right places. This creates a more modern look. Tip: Do not go too tight with this as you could end up looking hoochie , make sure it fits your body.

The Triangle: People who have this shape have wider hips than shoulders. In Jamaican we call this "bottom heavy". Below are the dresses that work well with this shape.

Triangle Body 

  • A-line: This has a fitted bodice with a skirt that slightly sways off the body. It's not too tight nor too loose. Since the bodice is more fitted, the point is to create the illusion of boobs.
  • Empire: This also places emphasis on the small upper frame, this time with a flowing skirt that creates a nice graceful flow.
  • Ball Gown: This is exactly like the shape of the ball gown above. With this shape however, it is advised to choose one with a bodice that has beading or padding to create that shape.
The Inverted Triangle: The shoulders are a lot wider than the hips and waist. This is what we call "top heavy" in Jamaica.  Your best picks are:

Inverted Triangle
  • Ball Gown: As you can see, you can never go wrong with a good ball gown dress! They look good on 3 out of 4 shapes.
  • Short: Dresses that are below the knee are great to create a distraction from your top and focus on your legs. A full dress might be overwhelming and can have the bride look like she is about to topple over.
  • Mermaid: The shape of this dress will create a focal point and also an illusion that everything is in proportion.

Rectangle: The shoulders, waist and hips are all similar in size. This is more of a slender body type in case you got confused. The best types of dresses for you will be:


  • Empire: A high waisted bodice, creates the illusion of height and hips.
  • A- line: With this type of dress you can create the illusion of an hour glass figure in a breeze depending on the type of fabric.
  • Sheath: The free flowing dress is also create to create hips.

Now that you know the types of dresses for your shape .. dress shopping should be a breeze.


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Five Steez gets ‘Deadly’ in ‘These Kingston Times’

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Independent artist, Five Steez, has released his first single, 'Deadly', from his forthcoming digital EP, 'These Kingston Times'. The track is available for streaming on Soundcloud and as a free download exclusively on Bandcamp until the release of the project.

'Deadly', produced by DJ Crooks, features a classic Hip Hop break-beat mixed with a vintage Reggae sound and a signature Dancehall chant. Equipped with sharp verses as well as a hypnotic hook and bridge, Five Steez makes this one a sure crowd pleaser.

"I had fun with this record because it's so Hip Hop, and it fuses elements from different Jamaican genres so well,” says Five Steez. “I just went in with the flow and, of course, I had to big up people like Heavy D and Chubb Rock, who were also born in Jamaica."

“I'm glad that Five rocked it like he did,” says the California-based, Jamaica-born DJ Crooks. “It's Hip Hop at its purest, really. This is how we can honour the dynamic nature of the Jamaican music culture, paying respect to Reggae and Hip Hop at the same time.”

'These Kingston Times' is said to be the modern tale of the Jamaican capital, Kingston. “I wanted to paint my city the way I see it, and in a way I've never heard the story told before in music,” says Five Steez. “Since Hip Hop’s genesis with DJ Kool Herc, there has always been a Jamaican influence and involvement in the genre, but you've never heard about actual life here in ‘yard’, as we affectionately call it. It's a new perspective in Hip Hop, but parallel to that of urban environments worldwide.”

‘Deadly’ does not even scratch the surface, however, according to Five Steez. “The project gets dark, deep and grimy at times, but I want to ease people into it without giving away too much of what it’s really about till they hear it.”

‘These Kingston Times’ is set for an October 14 release via Bandcamp, iTunes and other outlets.

Five Steez is an independent rapper from Kingston, Jamaica who began capturing attention in 2010 with his ‘Momentum’ mixtape series alongside Bronx-based DJ Ready Cee, and later his 2012 debut album, ‘War for Peace’, which received great reviews from various outlets, including iTunes. Steez has since gone on to organizing Kingston’s premier Hip Hop event – Pay Attention.

30 Days of Water ? Are you Freaking Kidding Me!

Guys! Let's take a minute away from the Fashion , Beauty and all things glamorous to focus on the current crisis in our country. I saw an article .. well various articles floating around Facebook yesterday and decided to read them. To make a long story short , according to them ( our leaders ) there is only 30 Days worth of water left in the Heritage Dam to serve the Corporate area ( Kingston ).

We have roughly around 30 days of storage left at the Hermitage Dam based on present usage and with the restrictions that we have placed on the distribution network and a similar amount of days the Mona Reservoir. We are operating at around 60% capacity".
-Mark Blair , NWC Vice President

My thing is this: How do they expect those two sources to serve all of us here in Kingston? Every year we have a drought resulting in water shortages yet nothing has been put into place as it relates to alternative sources ( since we have the same problem every year )

I'm not an expert in this area , but! How do we run out of water on an Island? Like .. How? We are surrounded by water.. why can't they create a solution where the water from the sea can be used to as an alternative source? Sure it might not be safe to drink 
( they might need to come up with a filter system ) But why can't the leaders come up with solutions instead of fighting over power?

My greatest concern is the fact that they have the audacity to limit the water usage .. yet THERE IS A WATER PARTY EVERY WEEK!! These are some of the reasons why we are and will remain a developing country. 

NWC signs Billion Dollar Contract for Aquifier Recharge Project: 
Click HERE to read

Please do chime in below 
If you are an expert in the Water Conservation Field .. pleassssse comment

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Girl Talk: Should I remain Friends with an Ex?

Monday, July 21, 2014
Hi Guysss! Its week 3 of Girl Talk .... we are excited :-) I received a question via E-mail and thought that it should be today's topic. I'll give my opinion and some general tips.

Should I remain friends with an ex?

In my opinion No! They are called an "Ex" for a reason. I think this can create a lot of problems especially if there was no closure and that person does not realize there was none. I personally don't remain fiends because I just don't see the point. With that being said, here the the worst reasons to stay friends with an ex.

1. You Hope someday they will change: Here's the thing ... in actuality people never change for other people, they change for themselves. If you met a person who was one way.. maybe they are not looking for a commitment, there is nothing you can do to change that ( not even the best sex in the world ) . If they do change, it will be for themselves rather than for you.

The Break Up - Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston 

2. To Keep tabs on Them: This is wrong on soooo many levels. We live in the age of "Social Media Gratification". Trolling an ex's Instragram or Facebook will bring more harm than good. Just one day while you are scrolling through, you might see a girl or guy that could possibly be your replacement. Also! there are certain phones that show the location of where a person is ( best invention ) . But again! This should not be used for Trolling.

3. Because you are lonely: We are humans and at some point we do get lonely ( even those people who've lived with each for years) Sometimes there is something that is just missing which makes you feel lonely and totally dependent. If you are feeling lonely on a Saturday night for example and call over your ex to watch a movie .. this will make you feel worst because they will have to go home at the end of the night and you will be back to square one.

4. You feel bad for them : If you initiated the break-up, this is all your fault Let's get real , sooo you sprung a surprise break-up on your significant while they were going through a difficult time in life. Maybe you needed attention they couldn't give or you are just a jerk! If you feel like you owe them an apology , give them a genuine one, don't drag it out and move on!

5. To keep them on the back burner: Cynical and Sinister. Keeping an ex around because you feel like there is nothing better out there can be detrimental to you both. This holds you back from venturing out into the dating pool and unfair to your ex. Sometimes you just have to close a door and make sure its closed fully!

Share your thoughts on staying friends with an ex


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Imitating is Intimidating

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Jamaican women who can not afford the hefty retail prices for designer handbags are willing to settle for the next best thing - "MADE IN CHINA". But what about that sassy diva who purchased her $500USD Michael Kors handbag that our Chinese "frenemy" are so gloriously imitating? Talk about a horror story when a total stranger who is admiring your handbag walks up to you and asks you if it is real! Be honest! You want to slap the hell out of that b@&$h!

Wearing a beautiful leather accessory that can be mistaken for a knockoff is so-so in comparison to paying the original price or more for a FAKE. It happens many times and it can happen to you if you don't know where to shop or what to look for.

Where to shop:

  • Designer brand's website.
  • Authorized retailers. Don't be afraid to shoot an email to that designer's website asking them for authorized retailers in Jamaica.

How to shop

  • If a store or individual has too many pieces of a $300USD or more Dooney & Bourke handbag for sale then start asking questions.
  • Prada for $100USD? Let's get real.
  • Feel the quality of the material and inspect the craftsmanship. An authentic piece looks like a work of art because attention to details is of utmost importance.
  • Smell it. The smell of fake leather often makes me feel nauseated. It is almost like plastic.

Now that you are armed with a little more ammunition you are ready to go into the retail wild. I am just an email away if you need any more advice.


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United Nations Pageant seeks inner beauty to promote tourism, goodwill and cultural style.

Friday, July 18, 2014
Pageants typically focus on external beauty, glitz and glamour.  However, the United Nations Pageant hosted in Kingston, Jamaica seeks goodwill ambassadors. 

The United Nations Pageant is an international event, dedicated to identifying and showcasing the best tourism and ambassadors of humanity. Contestants are scored on inner beauty or how they relate with others, and show support towards community service. Contestants from Africa, South America, India, the United States and the Caribbean converged from July 1st through the 6th, 2014. This was an opportunity for comradery, community service and cultural expression.

Leon Williams, the United Nations Pageant president, explained "Unknown to the contestants, we had judges socialize and mingle with them during the early days of the pageant.  The judges were revealed later on day three of the pageant and participated in activities with the contestants throughout the week. This provided opportunity to know each contestant personably. During this part of the process, a person can excel at the finals --but not get along with others; and this will hinder their chance to win. This opportunity offers more than a pageant title.  The winners become ambassadors who foster goodwill and help those less fortunate. Retrospectively, we also look at contributions each contestant has offered in their home community. Humanitarianism is a strong indicator of good character."

TeKay Designs, a sponsor and official fashion designer of the pageant, launched a pageant dress line titled the "Crown Collection" during the fashion show segment of the contest. The winners of the Miss and Ms. United Nations 2014 wore couture TeKay gowns. TeKay also offered gift certificates worth a total value of $5000 USD amongst three winners. "We retail at Shades of Africa boutique in Kingston, Jamaica, and were looking for opportunities to launch the new pageant collection in the Caribbean. This pageant was appropriate for launching the gown collection because this event embraces multiculturalism, tourism and community service. TeKay Designs creates ethnic fashions for people who want to express cultural chic. It's beautiful that the pageant encouraged contestants to wear ethnic attire. I've enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals of diverse cultures from around the world and form lasting relationships." states Creative Director, Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs.

Precious Chikwendu from Nigeria won the "Miss United Nations 2014" title. During the ceremony Precious announced, "My mission is to out-reach to people who want yet can not afford quality education, but can use their talents to make a difference in the world. I plan to work with schools that are involved in environmental rehabilitation. I plan to help the younger students gain additional vocational skills to enhance creativity. I wish to setup vocational centers with curriculum for tailoring schools and food catering centers where students may acquire skills for the future.  The United Nations Pageant was a humbling experience and I'm pleased for the friends that I've made. Each day was full of activities. We got up every morning around 5 am for fitness and exercise. Our activities were non stop until the evening. This was my first visit to Jamaica and I'm glad that we volunteered to work at Dunrobin Primary School to clean and paint the school facility."

The United Nations Pageant brings together representatives from a wide range of cultures from across the globe. The pageant's principal objective is to identify and showcase the best tourism, and goodwill ambassadors. Those who have the skills, talents and character best suited will promote their respective countries in furtherance of tourism, goodwill and cultural expression. 

photo credit to Photographers:Vladimir Dorsainvil
Ian B. McDonald

The Miss United Nations Pageant
Pres., Leon Williams
12 Market Street
JM876 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Phone    +1-876-924-2345 ~ Jamaica, 
              or  1-954-566-2712 ~ Miami, FL

Kimma Wreh,
Creative DirectorP.O. Box 692454
Houston, TX 77269

5 Signs You are in a Healthy Relationship

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Healthy relationships don’t just happen overnight. They require hard work, time and two people who are motivated by their love for each other to achieve a successful healthy relationship. Healthy relationships require so much work, that the following 5 signs of a healthy relationship is just a small percentage of all the signs.


Trust is an essential ingredient for a healthy relationship

There is really no point in being in a relationship if you can’t trust your partner. Without trust, insecurity will cause slow growth or no growth at all in your relationship. You will spend too much of your time worrying about what your partner is doing. Your willingness to be open and honest with your partner is none existent. And being able to talk freely with your partner is one of the foundations to building an unbreakable relationship.

You Have Disagreements with Little to no Arguments

In a healthy relationship disagreements are dealt with peacefully

Disagreements are a must in every relationship, simply because no two people are the same. As such, you will face conflicts. You are in a healthy relationship if when these disagreements arise, there is no loud shouting and going at each other like enemies would. In a healthy relationship disagreements are dealt with peacefully. 

Freedom to be you

Be yourself!

When you are around your partner there should be no need to be someone you are not. If this is the case, the relationship is built on a lie! Healthy relationships foster freedom to be 100% you. No putting on a mask. Bring you to the relationship, so that your partner can really accept your flaws and all.

Individuality is Maintained

Be an Individual!

In healthy relationships, spending lots of quality time is important because it brings you closer as a couple. Though this is true, there still must be room to maintain individuality. Each partner must still be able to pursue their own dreams, spend time with friends and family or even have alone time etc. Your partner is in love with who they have come to know, maintain individuality and you are doing your relationship a huge favor.

Clear Open Communication

Be Open & Honest

Beautiful relationships are built on clear open communication. Each partner must clearly state what they want in the relationship and don’t assume that because you have been in the relationship for so long your partner must know how you feel or think about something. This also means being able to talk to your partner about everything and anything without fear, e.g. that what you said would be used against you.
Having a healthy relationship is something that most of us want. Most of us can enjoy a healthy relationship if partners work together equally to accomplish this.


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The Tessanne Album Drama

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
I find myself doing or thinking about commenting on current issues here in Jamaica because I really don't like whats been going on. Now! The Tessanne Album Drama! Grab a cup of tea and whatever drink you like and let's talk!

The Album is not doing so well at all and everybody seems to be playing the "blame game". My biggest question ... who is her management team? The album was released on July 1 and prior to this no promotion was done! I got a copy of the "Everything reminds me of you" single at the Reggae Sumfest Launch. Great packaging and all that but! That was felt like a Beyonce' secret release overnight album kinda thing, Nobody knew that it was coming out. We all know that Tessanne is a Digicel Ambassador ( bad move in my opinion) Digicel uses these talented individuals as mere "Marketing Tools". We see them on Posters, performing at various Digicel events and basically everywhere. Why couldn't Digicel do something where for example , If you bought 3 of Tessanne's Albums you get 1 month free data or something? Who controls her Social Media? When you are a personality you need to not only have pictures of your significant other but also information about your music .... who is her management team!!

As for the management team... who are you people? Like seriously. There are so many different stories about the release date being pushed back and blah blah blah. You are the ones in charge of everything regardless of who is in the U.S and who has more power over whom ...why has there not been a representative putting out a statement? Yes, we all know that Jamaicans's don't buy music but if it was marketed the correct way and at the right time. The true supporters and not waggonists would have bought a few of the albums.

Tessanne is such a talented artiste and more work needs to go into taking her career to the next level. So let's go back to the drawing board and make Tessanne a success!

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A July Wedding: How NOT to upstage the Bride

When I think July , I automatically think "July Wedding" ... for the remainder of this month I would like to introduce you to our Wedding Series "A July Wedding" this and every Wednesday.

The first rule of attending any wedding as a female is to "NOT upstage" the Bride. What if you are just that girl who always shines , even if its in a Garbage bag. Here are a few tips to dim that shine just a tad.

Avoid Loud Colors : By loud colors , I mean those really bright almost flamboyant colors like Orange , Chartreuse and Bright Yellow. If you wear any of these colors you are sure to upstage the bride. Opt for neutral colors or if you are that into colors , go Pastel!

Look Nice: I know this is a bit confusing especially with the first tip. If the wedding is being held in a Church .. the place of worship, dress modestly. Yes, you can be modest and be trendy all at the same time. Nothing that is too tight, shimmery or that has a ton of cut-outs. Please , please , please ( my Jamaican audience) stay away from Sequence or "sea queens" as it is called .. This is not the answer to your problems.

Do NOT wear white: The Bride is suppose to wear white NOT you .. This is HER day not YOURS. If white is your favorite color and the only thing you have in your wardrobe, pretend its not for that day and do find something else to wear.

Drinking Too much: This is just a common sense tip. People tend to become funner versions of themselves when they drink. Imagine the Bride sitting peacefully with her new husband about to do their first dance .. then you get up and begin to do an impromptu version of Thriller. That is one sure way to upstage the bride my friend.

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