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Pool Party Essentials

Monday, June 30, 2014
"Pool Party , If a even the Beach mi Affi Reach" - Summertime, Vybz Kartel

Jamaica is an Island Paradise in the West Indies , with miles of beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful people. Summer time in Jamaica is party time, if your "Summer Body" is not in order, we'll pray its ready for next year. Almost every party in Jamaica at this time is Beached themed. If you can't make it to the beach , the next best thing is a Pool Party. Here are all the things you will need for a Pool Party.

1. Summer Body: For my international folks, the Summer Body is simply a more toned version of the body you have throughout the year. There are some people who are fortunate to have that body year round and some who might have to work for it. Pleaseeeee don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing anyone .. I believe it's all about confidence and how you dress your body at the end of the day.

2. Hot Swimsuit: This one is for my ladies ( I've been seeing you guys in those teeny tiny shorts ... that's a whole other post) You need a one of a kind swimsuit that will make you stand out at whatever party you attend. Singer Denyque just showcased her WETswim at CFW and you are sure to find something to suit you. Tip: Please shave or wax.

WETswim by Denyque
3. Sun Block: I feel that here in Jamaica we feel that Sunblock is only for "Farin People" who is lighter than us .... You are sooo wrong! You need to protect yourself from the Sun guys ... it gets really hot here.

4. A Cool Group of Friends: You need your A-Team to "build the vibes". Be sure to have that one sober friend in the group who will make sure you are not tripping over yourself , giving lap dances to guys you would never dance with in real life .. and most of all not drive yourself home while you are under the influence.

5. Cool Party Song/s: This is not a tangible item per say ... but you do need a few song/s to get the party started. Every year in Jamaica we have that one song that is known as "The Summer Anthem". It's that one song that every body knows that is played at all the parties.

Denyque - How to Rave

Check out a few past Summer Anthems:

Party Shot - Popcaan , Summertime - Vybz Kartel,  Ding Dong - Holiday

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From a Woman’s Perspective: To Our Men

Thursday, June 26, 2014
To make your woman feel like a queen doesn't mean an overnight shopping spree to Paris or an Audi in her drive way. Well let me correct myself, for the materialistic high maintenance women this is what she requires to feel special and loved. For the low maintenance woman, here are three (3) simple things you can do to make her the feel like Queen in your life.

Quality Time

The trip to Paris would be much more fun if she went with you, or drove around in the Audi with you as the driver.  She feels special when you have time for her, not too busy to listen to her rant about her co-worker that just doesn't stop talking. If she has to fight too hard for this quality time, it means the fight is one sided and only she recognizes that this time is needed for growth in the relationship. Spend quality time together for example; to talk about anything, the more that’s revealed in a relationship the closer you get as a couple.

Compliment Her

We put effort in putting ourselves together; while we should do this for us, we also do it for you. Sometimes we even go the extra mile and make sure our hair is done how you like it, or wear that perfume you love so much. Compliment her; let her know she looks beautiful! Don’t let her get those compliments only from others, while she waits wondering when it will come from you. A compliment tells her you are paying attention, that her efforts are not wasted; it might even say you’re proud that she is yours.

Be a part of Her Life

This means knowing her aspirations and don’t be a bystander, play a role in letting her accomplish them. If she has a hobby, you don’t have to get involved in it with her, if for example you have children, take them and allow her some free time to participate in her hobby. If she is a BloggerJ, read every one of her posts and give feedback and even make suggestions for her next post. There is even the option of making goals together and accomplish them as a couple.

Doing these three simple things makes your woman feel like the queen in your life. She will also feel secure in the relationship, because you are investing time, paying attention to her and have plans to be a part of her future since you are involved in her life.


Weird Summer Trends

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Hi Guys! If you've noticed , the major theme of the recent posts have been centered around Summer. After all it is Summer so why not talk about all the wonderful and in today's case the NOT so wonderful trends.

Below are some of the weirdest Trends for Summer 2014

Leather: Everybody and their grandma can be seen wearing Leather. But .. leather in Summer? Whyyyy? Quick solution/ tip . I would say it depends on where you are in the world. Maybe Summer for you is cold so you can get away with the leather trend or maybe like me .. Summer is Hott!!

The Leather Trend
In this case what you can do is wear faux leather or a material that looks like leather but is not. This way you can still be trendy but smart. We all know how leather attracts sweat.

Birkenstock: I personally hate these Sandals with a passion but that's just my opinion. They make your feet look broader than they actually are and if you are short they make you look even shorter. If you have no idea what Birkenstocks are .. think of a Sandal version of crocs. 

Birkenstock Sandals
My tip : Do not buy them  Look for the ones that have patterns and a little platform. If you like this trend, I've seen them in Collectibles in Mall Plaza in Half Way Tree Jamaica.

Thigh High Cut-outs: Don't get me wrong .. I love a good cut-out. What I don't love about this trend is that women are deciding to go without underwear. Ladies .. even Rihanna wore underwear in her see through Dress at the Fashion Awards.

Solution : Disposable Underwear .. they do exist .. above is a picture of Disposable Underwear . I actually bought a pack from Golden closet here in Jamaica. Ask for Carlene .. she will hook you up!

Make-Up Overload: It's refreshing to see how much make-up have sky-rocketed here in Jamaica. Everybody is a make-up artiste ( nothing wrong with that ) Ensure that you know how to apply the Make-up you are putting on so that it looks good.

The Free University a.k.a YouTube has so many beauty gurus that you can take tips from. Here in Jamaica we have Lyric, Paul March , Kimberly Patterson , and Sue- Ann Gregg and so much more.

Shredded Jeans: We all know about cut-out jeans but this new Jean Trend has your Jeans looking like it went through a shredder or a grater after-which you got attacked by a Dog.

Solution: Keep it light and neutral, keep the accessories minimal or none at all since there is so much going on with the Jeans.

What are some of the weirdest Trends you've seen this year?

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Haute Imperfections

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
On a daily basis we are told in Fashion and Beauty that something needs to be “perfect” or “flawless” to be viewed as worthwhile. That trend is changing slowly but surely with the introduction of petite and plus size models for example that defy the industry standard of beauty.

On this note there are some in the Fashion and Modelling industry who have been able to make a successful career by using their imperfections to their advantage.

Models nowadays set the standard of beauty for the rest of us but the truth is that there is no cookie cutter way to be beautiful. These “imperfect” models give the rest of us hope and their beauty is the focus of today’s haute feature

Sean Ross

As a child Sean Ross was teased for having albinism a condition that for some is a life-long struggle. Sean however has decided not to play the victim card but instead he has been able to channel his unique looks into a legitimate fashion career. Sean has walked for major designers in London, New York and Paris and his unique look to this day is the source of his notoriety and the key to his bank. Sean has also been a guest on the Tyra Banks show and has been able to show the world that having imperfections can be your golden ticket. Sean was also featured in Katy Perry’s music video for ET.

Sean is Haute both on the runway and in front of the camera

Winnie Harlow

Chantelle Winnie, more popularly known to her thousands of instagram followers as @winnieharlow has taken the fashion industry by storm and her most prominent imperfection makes her stand out as the most unique. Chantelle has vitiligo, a condition that similar to albinism affect pigmentation and the presence of melanin on the skin. but that hasn't stopped her from securing a spot on the latest season of America’s Next Top Model. chantelle is the only Canadian in the running and is the first model with vitiligo to compete in top model history. As a spokesperson for vitiligo she puts a face to a condition that most struggle with in silence and  acts as example of beauty in the face of adversity.

Remember hauties beauty comes in all shapes colors and sized.

Always be true….. be you

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Mini "Me" Bags

Monday, June 23, 2014
Imagine NOT carrying your whole life and the kitchen sink around for this entire Season ...Go ahead , stop and Imagine. Wouldn't it be nice to have a smaller Bag that's functional yet stylish that fits what you need? There is the solution and its not the "Baguette".

The "mini" bag dates as far back as the 50's , the era of the voluminous "poodle skirt".  This bag is the ultimate solution to those oversize totes that can really weigh you down ... literally. These bags also attract unnecessary attention to you in these hard times where unscrupulous people think "the larger the bag , the more money you have.

Tips for wearing a Mini Bag

Look for ones that compliment your outfit: Since these bags are so small , they can easily be missed or get lost in your outfit. Look for ones with an interesting print like Zebra or Snake-skin ... just something that will make your outfit stand out.
Check out the Laurel Leopard Bag from Juicy Couture.

Bag Shape is Everything: These bags come in a number of shapes from circular to abstract/interesting shapes like Lips! Now, since the main purpose of a bag is to fit essential items, you will want to look for the ones that are square with a rectangular base.

 These are small but deep enough to hold your keys, a phone and even some make-up and other stuff too.

A Little Sparkle doesn't Hurt: A little sparkle never hurt anybody!  A gem embroidered bag can be used as a statement piece to pull a plain outfit together. Sparkles say " I'm sophisticated ... but I'm still ready to rock n' roll!

Believe it or not the Mini Bag trend is a way for women to put less pressure on their shoulders by carrying a lighter bag. Do you remember those days of school with the heavy bags that would literally tip you over , then by graduation one shoulder would be significantly lower than the other.

Will you be trying this trend?


Summers' Hottest Accessories

Saturday, June 21, 2014
Summer is Here! Today is the first official day of Summer (excited awkward jump ) Accessories can make or break any outfit and can range from a dainty ring to a nice pair of shoes. Here are the top accessories for Summer.

Pastel Perfection: I feel like Pastel does not go out of Style and they simply make the colors lighter or add new colors. Whatever it is .. you need to grab something Pastel. If your budget does not allow you to go full on Pastel , add something as simple as a watch and work that into your Wardrobe and you are good to go!

Color Block Shoes: This crazy trend that emerged somewhere between 2012 and 2013 is back! Since color block shoes are 2 colors or more you want to keep your outfit as neutral as possible. Fashion is subjective and we are all allowed to wear what we want .. But! that is not an excuse to colour block from head to toe.

The "Tiny" Bag: "Honey they shrunk my bag!" This trend has been spotted on the pages of magazines like Elle and Glamour Magazine. This Summer less is definitely more ... The over-sized Tote is unfortunately not a staple item for this year. These bags are smaller than the average bag , but because of their bucket square shape, they are able to hold your essential items.

Wide Brimmed Hat: Thank you Pharell Williams ! The wide brimmed hat is no longer just a beach item. This can be used to dress up or dress down any outfit. This style of hat has a regal Chanel vibe and if you are a true Fashionista why not add a pair of fabulous gloves?

Wedge Sandals: I bet you're all thinking this is totally unexpected right? Well Wedges are versatile and they can be worn with anything. This means you can go from casual to "dressed up" in just a snap! Besides they are really cute and comfortable.

What Trends are you looking forward to Trying this Summer?


Single? Perfect

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Singleness is not a death sentence. It can be an exciting trip or a lonely journey. The road you travel on depends heavily on your choices. The best choice is the fun and exciting road. Take these suggestions into consideration to avoid the lonely road. 

Single? Perfect! Use the Time to Explore Who you are

It’s my opinion that this is one of the first things to do while single. Once you know who you are, the difficulty level in knowing the kind of person you would want to date decreases. Identifying the characteristics and personalities that compliment you best is easier.

Be Confident and Brave in Your Singleness

Now that you know much about yourself and the type of partner you want; take action! Tap into your confidence and be brave and ask someone out. In particular females; stop waiting for him to ask you out, just go for it. 

Don’t Block Yourself in a Box

You might very well have a type, the cliche' “tall dark and handsome.” Free yourself from the box and be open to other options like a “tall fair and handsome.” Get the point?

Have Fun Being Single

Approach dates positively. Going on the date with negativity about the outcome, is setting up yourself for a negative outcome of the date experience. Once you have a positive attitude; you’ll be more fun to be around, giving you an advantage of being like able and even irresistible.

Take Dating Mistakes Note 

For example, have issues being on time, make greater efforts to be on time. This could very well be the dating pattern that is unproductive/ a turn off for the dater.

Singles…Please, Never Settle!

The dating scene can be rough. You have date so many people and still can’t find “the one.” Yes this can be very frustrating especially as you get older. BUT it’s better to stay single than settle for someone you are not sure about, because the biological clock is ticking or you’re just tired of being single. Such relationships tend not to last.

Take my advice and enjoy “Singledom”

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Beauty Picks for Summer!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Hello one and all! If you can't already tell by the Heat Humidity Summer is Here in all its blazing glory! Summer is a wonderful time to update your wardrobe and add a few key pieces. One important thing that most of us seem to forget is our Skin. The same amount of care needs to be given to your skin in Summer because its gets really hot and our skin needs that extra T.L.C.

Foundation: Finding the right foundation in Summer can be tricky ( esp if you live on an Island where it gets crazy hot) To avoid make-up meltdown , it's important to pick a foundation that offers full coverage that is light at the same time. I've seen a lot of magazines and beauty gurus talk about mineral foundations or even BB's creams that offer full coverage. Bare minerals has a new line of foundation that has a range of colors for a plethora of skin tones, so this would be the perfect time to step out on a limb and try something new.

Moisturizer:  As mentioned earlier, your skin gets dry during Summer because its hot and all the moisturizer is sucked from your skin! Sounds gruesome right? Well .... you need to put that moisture back in your skin and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. There are some primers that function as a moisturizer and there are some moisturizers that have SPF! Pick a moisturizer that is within your price range and for your skin type.

Deodorant: We talk about all the wonderful make-up and all that good stuff and there are people who tend to forget about hygiene. This is a touchy topic but with heat comes sweat and with sweat comes B.O ( Body Odor ) We all smell different for various reasons , but it is important to get your pits in check! Deodorant Brands like secret and degree has extended their lines to "clinical" conditions sooo you might want to check those out. A great one to try is Secret Clinical Strength, this comes in Solid as well as a clear gel.

Sunscreen: I remember in my early teens I was that girl who went no where without my Banana Boat Sunscreen! I was just weird but I had my reasons ... freckles multiply in the sun so I wanted to make sure they were in check. Whether or not you have Freckles your skin needs protection from those harmful sun rays. While researching I found a Sunscreen stick! The packaging is a lot similar to deodorant so you don't have to worry about it being too messy. Check out the Neutrogena Beach defense

Hands, Elbows & Heels:  These are the body parts that can show you up ( in public ) if you are not taking care of them properly. These are the parts that are most exposed and most used, think about it. Try the following:
Heels: Gold Bond Foot Cream
Elbows: Viva Labs Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ( This product has multiple oils )
Hands: O'Keef's Working Hands Cream

This was a looooong post but I hope you can take one thing away from it

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Haute and Wholesome Food

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Hey guys today I want to look into a topic that has been getting more and more popular each and every day. I am talking about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and eating more “live” foods as opposed to the sugary chemical-filled and overly processed foods that can easily seep their way into your diet. Many people over the years have attributed good health to eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables but recently there has been a surge in the amount of support the movement is getting.

In Jamaica most people associate this vegan/vegetarian lifestyle to only Rastafarians who for the most part try to maintain a diet free from animal products, additives and chemicals like salt and sugar. However, in recent months I've come to discover that there are signs in Jamaica and the rest of the world that more and more people are opting for this more natural diet

I myself have been vegetarian for the last year and a half and have noticed some promising signs of improvement in my body namely; clearer skin, lower and stable body-weight and the absence of Fatigue.


Health Food Stores, Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants and Natural Body Care

With more persons flocking to this type of diet there has been an increase in the amount of retail outlets and stores that stock products for those seeking natural options. My favorite among these include Mihungry Whol’-Some-Food Restaurant, New-Leaf Vegetarian and the Jamaican Mangoand Lime Brand. An entire industry has been able to develop and grow from  the demand for natural foods and products.

Celebrity Following

Many world renowned singers, actors, activists and personalities have at some point or another made the change to natural food changing up their diet seeking the added health benefits including: Tia Mowry, Beyonce and Bill Clinton. Many of our very own Jamaican Rastafarian performers have participated in this wholesome lifestyle including Damian “Jr Gong” Marley and Etana to name a few.

Beyonce and Jay-z in early 2014                      Tia Mowry has been vegetarian
Decided to go vegan until Christmas for              since being diagnosed with
a spiritual and physical cleanse                          endometriosis and has been able to
                                                                            start a family and lend her celebrity to
                                                                            organizations like PETA

Benefits of a Diet Rich in Vegetables and Fruits (As listed on
1. It aids in warding off disease
2. You'll spare animals
3. You'll avoid toxic chemicals
4. You’re skin and hair will thank you

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Summer Shoe Trends

Monday, June 16, 2014
Hello Friends! Summer is upon us .. if you want to get technical the first official day of Summer starts June 21. With Summer comes hot "Summer Trends". Below are 5 shoe Trends that are hot this year.

Orange is the New Black: Not to be confused with the hit Netflix drama. Orange Shoes are all over the place! This hot bold colour is also a hot lip trend and requires a bit of confidence and a bit of subtlety.  You can either go full on bold and wear Orange from head to toe or simply make it "the statement piece" in your ensemble". Check out the STS Strappy Pumps from Designer Steve Madden.

Platform Sandal: I hate these .. but to each their own I guess. This reminds me of the Paula Shore Era , I could totally see him in something like this .. with socks. They have some how brought back the nineties in the form of these sandals. I have seen designs in Florals , Italics , Animal Print and so on.

Strappy "Cut-Out" Sandals: These are sexy yet functional. Ladies! Its time to give your feet some attention ( ensure your feet are in order "ain't nobody got time for jacked-up feet") As I was saying ladies. these type of Sandals speak for themselves, they come in a range of prices, designs and colours. If you really want to be a trend-setter choose one that is brightly colored like Chartreuse or Cobalt Blue.

Knee High Gladiator: These came out last year and are still going strong and have made it to Summer 2014. I've heard the guys saying it looks like the ladies are going to battle in these , but I'm thinking maybe they are wearing it wrong. First off , they have to fit your legs ... there are some that can be adjusted and some that cannot. Ladies , when you wear these ensure they are fitted .. not too tight and not too loose.

Double Ankle Strap: These are a hybrid between the Gladiator and the Platform Sandals. Again , I'm not too fond of these but I did see a few I actually liked. They are also like a "Sandal Boot" which makes them perfect for Summer.

Will you be subscribing to any of these Trends?

Comment Below 

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5 Fathers Day Gifts to give this Year! 4.0 Version!

Friday, June 13, 2014
Fathers Day is just around the corner ..whether you are an old dad , expecting dad or new dad , some recognition should be given. After-all , without you there could be no offspring ( even if it was "Turkey-Based") Here are 5 things to give for Fathers Day.

A Razor/Trimmer: Ladies you can never go wrong with this! The only tricky issue you will have is what brand to get. I say stick to the brand/s you know and trust like Gillette and Schick. If you really want to get fancy Phillips not too long ago launched a futuristic Trimmer that has 17 pre-programmed feature. If your guy is a techie he will love it. Find it Here 

Gym Membership: This is not a tangible gift, but it has long term effects. You can't put a price on a healthy life right? Besides , Summer is right around the corner so everybody wins!

A Spa Day: I know what you are thinking ... but let me explain. Guys are more in touch with themselves and their manliness today and would actually looooove this (especially if they are the only bread-winner) and would love to be pampered. Who wouldn't love a day away from the home to just truly relax?

A Luxury Gift Set : I'm not talking about the kus kus set you can buy on the road for "gran" I'm talking about one of those hard to pronounce "Pour Homme" scents.

A Nice Watch: This is a bit of a cliche' gift , but most guys are not into accessories like us females .. I said most guys. A watch is a nice yet functional accessory to give on Fathers Day. I think a watch encompasses everything a man should be: punctual , classy , hardworking and well put together.

 Would love to hear from some of the "daddies" out there about some of their best & worst Fathers day gifts they ever received.

It Starts With Me!

Thursday, June 12, 2014
I’m not nosy but, I have overheard some pretty interesting conversations from singles who are actively seeking a partner. I was there; I had my list of criteria that I wanted my potential husband to meet. Somewhere along this journey a light bulb went off! “What do I bring to the table?”

It Starts With Me!

We are so caught up in adding to the “list of things we look for in a bf/gf,” that we forget that our potential mates have their own list too. I recommend you get your values, attitude and character in line with the list you look for in a potential mate. Chances are there is someone out there with a similar list, look for you!

Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

I learnt this valuable lesson from a girlfriend who enjoys her own company. If she wants to go rock climbing, she makes the necessary arrangements and go. No need to call up a friend to accompany her. She can be bad all by herself. This is a part of character building, learning to make yourself happy. Once you master this, you lessen desperation for a partner. Ultimately giving you a clearer head to choose a partner wisely, not jumping into something too quickly because you are desperate.

You don’t Need a Partner to Complete You

I am not a fan of referring to your partner as “your other half,” or making statements such as “you complete me.” You are complete on your own! If you take this concept of being incomplete without a partner; in your singleness you will be lonely, desperate, feeling empty, thinking your life is lacking something gravely important. Once you realize there is no truth to this, watch how your confidence blossoms. You’ll walk around chest high and a noticeable pep in your step.  Should I state how much more attractive you’ll be with a boost in confidence?

Once you come to terms that a healthy relationship starts with me; and start working on you first, your whole outlook on dating will change for the better. You’ll enjoy your singleness more, and if you’re in a relationship, when you start working on you, your relationship will improve.

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How to Write A Killer Resume

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Hi Guysssssssssssss! Most of the College and Universities are on break , some have already even started Summer School. Let's take a step away from the hair , clothes and make-up today and look at one key document that can get you all the hair , clothes and make-up you could ever wish for.


  [rez-oo-mey, rez-oo-mey]  Show IPA
a summing up; summary.
a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, asthat prepared by an applicant for a job.
Also, resumere·su·mé.

Get to the Point : Your Resume' should not be a document chronicling your life from your first breath to that time you had a side job as a waiter/waitress. It should be brief and mainly include things you've done academically and any awards you've received. As it relates to Schools and Jobs attended/worked , this should be done in Reverse Chronological order.

Reflect your Voice: People, People! Your Resume should capture your personality on paper. Do not write what you are not! If you are an outgoing, upbeat person your Resume should be written as such ( its not a dating kinda thing , so don't get too personal) Even though there is a standard way of writing a Resume' you should not leave yourself out of the process.

Interview Scene from "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Don't Pad Your Resume: If you are not familiar with padding it means you add things to your Resume that is not true! This makes your Resume look great ... you've accomplished so much and you will be on the short-list for an interview. Too bad its not true. Its easier to put the things that you honestly have then wow them with your style of writing. You might be lucky to get an interview with padding your Resume , but these things have a way of showing up in the future. If you know you don't speak Finnish ... "don't put it"

Other Tips

Check for Grammatical Errors

Update Your Resume Regularly

If you need a well written Resume E-mail

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Haute-sized Style: We the Tiny House People

Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Nowadays, when most people think of downsizing they think about getting rid of a few pairs of shoes or moving into a house with one less bedroom. Well what do you do if you consciously decide to live in a home no bigger than a broom closet...Let’s find out,

The inspiration behind this post is kind of like an art imitating life sort of thing. For my final semester I’m thinking of living on the campus of my university in a hall of residence/ dorm. Typical university dorm rooms are the size of well a bathroom in the real world and to help myself cope I started to research ways in which people living in small spaces still find a way to decorate and utilize their space in a HAUTE and EFFICIENT way .

I stumbled across this amazing documentary WE THE TINY HOUSE PEOPLE and fell in love with a “Manhattan Midtown Mansion” designed and owned by architect Luke Clark Tyler that measured a measly 78 sq. feet: smaller than a standard one car garage.

He was able to create a space that was comfy, livable and stylish and I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks I learned from his story

1. Trick the eye- Once you open the door of this home the first thing you see is all the light coming in through the window. Instead of focusing on the size of the room your eyes are taken outside

2. Use Multi Functional Furniture- Luke built a sitting area that folds down into a murphy-style bed and he houses his mini-fridge under his desk/dining table

3. Use a suitable colour palette- Here we see basic blacks, whites and wood tones used in a simple way to give contrast and add depth

4. Live near what you like- It’s much easier to live in a smaller space if you are nearer to activities such as work, school and recreation. Luke’s Manhattan pad is in the center of all the action

5. Storage!!!-  Even a clutch can have compartments always remember that thoughtful storage can make a world of difference. Think shelves, boxes, crates: The most unlikely solutions can be the most necessary

6. Enjoy your space no matter what - A lot of people are criticized for living in smaller accommodations but if it fits your needs there's no reason can’t be Haute

Haute Mess

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