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Haute or Not? Socks and Slippers/Sandals

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Hey Haute People

Today I wanted to look at a trend that in the past few months has been reinvented and elevated. Fashionistas and Haute People alike are not sure what to make of this but have no fear it won’t bite if you do it right. Of course I am talking about the socks with sandals look more commonly termed here in Jamaica as “slippas and socks”

This trend has graced the spring runway of many high profile designers such as Hermes, Alberta Ferretti, Burberry and the like from as early as spring 2010. But in Jamaica will this former faux pax ever be accepted on the High street? The transition would be difficult for the fashionable among us to accept and that’s a fact.

When most Jamaicans even think of this combo I’m sure they picture it at home; around the house or as an alternative only to be used after a long day of football kicking or stiletto and stocking wearing: to be done in the shadows where civilized society cannot see their feet. However, celebrities and designers nowadays have shown us that it is possible in daily life to attack the look head on and that its not impossible to “Make it Work”.

Recently Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen  stepped out with this look at the airport and while most have crucified them for their pairing  it shows that the sock/sandal combo can be comfortable and although it’s a daring approach it opens the door to other possibilities.


Here are some  ideas for rocking this look suggested on These options might be a little easier to digest and execute

The main idea here is to pair socks and sandals whether low or stilettos  that complement each other without one overpowering the other.

The trend is surprising but manageable as long as you keep it Haute and put your best foot forward and who knows Caribbean Fashion Week is right around the corner and this look may be coming to a runway near you.

Haute Mess

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Style Week 2014 Highlights

Monday, May 26, 2014
Hi Guys! I'm not gonna give a long intro like I usually do sooo let's jump into it shall we. Style Week was the event on every Fashion Enthusiast, Blogger, Model , Socialite and everybody else. This event commenced on May 22-25,2104 with the opening event at the Mercedez Benz Show-Space. Based on all the pictures on Social Media it looked absolutely auh mazing. Fast Forward to Sunday night at Fashion Block and that was where the streets came to life ... literally. For my international readers , Fashion Block is the closing event for Style Week , where they "Block" one of the busiest streets in New Kingston Jamaica. Since I was in the crowd and got a good vibe from the people in the streets here is my "In the Streets Review"

Time: The show was slated to start at 8:30 p.m ( according to the Flyer/Schedule) and it started 9:30 p.m
 ( Jamaican Time ) The people in the streets were starting to get restless, if it was not for the antics of the charismatic host, The Vibes Master Jerry D, I'me sure it would have turned into an angry mob. After such a loooong Labour Day weekend with work and school the next day, it would have been nice for the event to start on time. Sure it's not for everyone , but it was a more public event so starting on time could be taken into consideration.

The Models: The show featured top models like Shena Moulton and Mr G.Q Korey Rowe ( fresh from the pages of G.Q)  I don't know what happened last night , maybe it was a case of nerves or a bumpy runway, but there was major "trippage". There were lots of gasps, face-palms among other popular Jamaican expletives from my "In the Street Crowd".

The Show: The shows's production was great overall... I must commend the organizers for incorporating the Mercedez Benz vehicles into the show while engaging the crowd. Quite often, when a Car sponsor is involved , you tend to just see the car there just randomly parked. It was great that there were so many young aspiring designers in this year's line-up, some who are even still in University. We are filled with so many talented up and coming young designers who often gets passed over by more established designers. The performers of the night were I-Octane and T.O.K which both gave stellar performances.

If you went to any/all of the events , please share your thoughts and pictures!

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Jason Derulo for Reggae Sumfest 2014!

Thursday, May 22, 2014
­­­­Jason Derulo set to Talk Dirty at Sumfest

Montego Bay, St. James; Reggae Sumfest adds a touch of sensual pop with American recording star Jason Derulo for the 22nd staging of the Festival at Catherine Hall, Montego Bay from July 13 – 19, 2014.

Set for International Night I, Friday, July 18, Derulo is no amateur in the entertainment scene.  The artiste has been in the business since the age of 16, having started his career as a producer and writer for acts such as Danity Kane, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, Cassidy, Iyaz and Lady Gaga. As a singer he is known for hits such as Talk Dirty, Ridin Solo, In My Head and Whatcha Say (#1 single in America upon release).

According to Executive Producer of Summerfest Productions, Johnny Gourzong, following dynamic performances from artistes such as Usher, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida, Derulo was a natural choice to be on the festival stage. “We have received overwhelming requests for Jason, so we are pleased to announce his confirmation on our line up. It’s going to be another great show this year.”

With the release of Derulo's third international album, Tattoos in September 2013 and his third U.S album Talk Dirty in April 2014, Derulo has not only chart toppers to share with his Jamaican fans, but also a slew of new music.

Born to Haitian parents in Florida, do not be surprised if Derulo comes back to his Caribbean roots during his Reggae Sumfest performance, which will mark his first appearance in Jamaica. Known for his energetic style of performing and having professional experience as a dancer and actor, Derulo is a performer at all levels. The artiste is also a fan of Jamaican music which he says he grew up listening to at home.

Reggae Sumfest will be staged from July 13 – 19 with a Beach Party on Sunday, July 13 at Aquasol Beach, the All White Party on Tuesday, July 15 at Pier 1 and stage shows from Thursday to Saturday at Catherine Hall. The festival will feature some of the greatest local and international performers. With the announcement of Busy Signal, Chronixx, Jah Cure, Beenie Man, Sanchez, Bounty Killer, I-Octane, Assassin, Mr. Vegas, Aidonia, Bugle, Nature, Spice, Alkaline, to complement the headliners, Wiz Khalifa, Sean Paul, Tessanne Chin, and Freddie McGregor anticipation is already frenetic for the 22nd staging of the show. Sponsors for this year’s festival include, Digicel, Iberostar, Secrets Resorts and Spa, Pepsi, Jamaica Tourist Board, and more.

For further information, please contact: Carlette DeLeon at 876.754.1526 or

Style Week is May 22: Get ready for the fierceness!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here is your Schedule

Read My Post on Style Week Etiquette Here

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Corset / Waist Training 101

Monday, May 19, 2014
Today is a new week with an entirely new vibe :-) There is a popular new body contouring Trend known as "Corset Training" or "Waist Training" that I think I should shed some light on.

What It Is

Waist Training is a gradual process of waist reduction where a steel boned corset is used to cinch the waist. This trend dates as far back as the 14th Century, the Shakespearean era, where women would wear a tight laced steel corset to cinch the waist to create an hour glass shape. There are two types of Corsets: Over the Bust and Under the Bust, these are exactly as they sound where one is worn over the bust while the other is worn under the bust.

How does it Work?

Before I get into the "How To's" here are a few Golden Rules I found while researching this trend.

Rule 1:   A Corset Shall Never Hurt
Rule 2:   A Serious Corset Training Is Long Term
Rule 3:   Reduce the Waist Size Slowly
Rule 4:   Never Wear a Corset on the Bare Skin
Rule 5:   Only Use Custom Made Corsets

As mentioned above, the corset works by gradually cinching in your waist. Think of the Corset the same way you would think about braces ... it has to be worn for a period of time before you can reach the desired effect. The Corset not only gives the illusion of a smaller waist while you wear it, but your waist is suppose to maintain that shape after you take it off ( which is the whole point ) It is important to note that the Corset is not a miracle product and you are still expected to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Safety Pre-cautions

Be sure to purchase authentic corset with 100% Steel bones. This is a fast growing trend, therefore there will be dupes of the Corset. Since this is a beauty commitment, its better to spend a few extra bucks and get the real deal instead of buying a cheaper version that could mess up your shape.

Never go to bed with the Corset On. This could lead to serious respiratory problems. Imagine sleeping with a contraption that is squishing all your internal organs together ... No bueno

To find more info on this trend:

Visit this Website

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Style Week Jamaica Etiquette

Friday, May 16, 2014
Happy Friday! May has been officially dubbed as "Fashion Month". There are so many great events taking place throughout this month. One of those events is Style Week! I guess you could say Style Week is our little version of "New York" Fashion week.  This event is put on by Saint International Jamaica Limited located here is Jamaica and runs from May 21 - 25, 2014. This agency is synonymous with names like Shena Moulton and Korey Rowe. Whether you are a V.I.P guest or first time guest at the show/s. There are certain things you need to know.

DO Dress Fashionably and APPROPRIATELY : Ladies and Gents! Since this is a Fashion show, it is important that you have a certain look in mind and execute it as best as you can. Fashion is about taking bold steps in expressing your personality by the clothing you wear. Please also ensure that the outfit you select is appropriate for the specific show you attend. Ensure that whatever you wear you are comfortable.

DO try to arrive on time: Believe it or not .. Designers hate when their guests arrive fashionably late. Sure I'm not a Designer, but can you imagine spending money and time putting together an entire collection then people just show up any old time they feel  ( what a long sentence ) Anyway, If the show starts at 8:00 .. 8:15 is a good time to arrive. That way you are not too late but not desperately early.

DO sit in seats assigned: In most cases seats are assigned: if you notice each ticket has a different price which is an indicator of where you will sit. Note: The first 3 rows of seats are for V.I.P guests such as: Editors, Media Personalities, Celebrities .. just all the movers and shakers of the industry .

DO NOT hoot and howl or whistle! There is a time and place for that .. but it's not at a Fashion Show.

DO NOT be that person who gets up in front of everybody else because you are filming or taking pictures
 ( and you are not a professional photographer or videographer)

For Ticket Info: Saint International Limited

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Cuticle Tattoo

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Hi Guys! I know that title sound painful, but hang on I'll tell you all about this new trend in just a bit. I hope you've been keeping up with the inspirational posts and have been applying some of the tips to your own lives. If you love a cool ..eclectic type of Manicure , you will love this trend.

What It is

A Cuticle Tattoo is basically a faux /"fake"  Tattoo for the cuticle. This can be done by either using a Marker , Pen or Stickers with various shapes on the Cuticle. This is great because it hides that skin right above the Cuticle as your Manicure starts to look unsightly. These are great because they make a statement and it gives a tattoo effect without going under the needle.

How To

As mentioned above you can opt for the D-I-Y Method which is cheaper and more fun as you get to create any design you want or you can purchase stickers. These Stickers are: Paraben free, Sulfate free and Phthalates Free. They transfer easily and wash away easily. The stickers are available from the Ciate' Brand of Nail Products at Sephora.

Are you bold enough to try this trend?

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How To Run Your Life ... Your Way

Monday, May 12, 2014
Hi Guys! Happy Monday, before I jump into this post let me preface by yet again saying I do not have the perfect life nor am I in anyway perfect. I seem to be on this journey in the pursuit of happiness ( like any other 20 something year old) .. I guess. Sometimes as humans whenever we set goals ... things always seem to come in our way, these are called obstacles. Below are tips to help you Run your life your way.

1. Think Positive thoughts: Believe it or not, the mind is a powerful thing. Whatever we think is what we become. We have over 50,000 thoughts per day, that's a lot right? Out of that 50,000 let the majority of them be positive thoughts. If you wake up thinking you will have a great, productive day no matter what, then more than likely you will.

2. Learn to say "No" more: I'm the kind of person who will go above and beyond in life and at work or whatever circumstances ( unless I don't think something/ someone is worth it) without complaining. It is highly recommended that every now and again you say " No" to certain things and people. When you do, you send a message that "Even though I don't mind doing whatever it is that needs to be done ... I have a limit". When you say "No", make sure its in an assertive yet respectful tone.

3. Set Goals: Goals help to give your life direction , they are like a Blueprint for your life. There are times that some of these goals will not be accomplished due to circumstances beyond your control but regardless of that .. it always helps to have something In place.

4. Surround Yourself with like minded people: During the teenage and young 20's we tend to look for people who have similar characteristics as us .. its just natural. However, as we get older and life changes we find that having the same characteristics as people is not enough for us to truly live a fulfilling life, what if there is always that one person who always has negative things to say about life and people? That kind of negative energy drains you physically and emotionally. Entertain people who are on a similar path as you and you will feel a lot better.

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3 Jamaican Trends that need to Stop

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Hello people! I don't usually do posts on a Saturday but this is a special case. Now ... I've been noticing a few trends here in Jamaica that I feel must stop now! This will be kind of a rant and it's all in good fun not to offend anybody

1. Wearing Flexi-Rods ... in Public: I don't know why certain people must make things "gheddo" . Every time I'm on the road and I mean Public places like Half Way Tree .. there goes a girl in Flexi Rods going about their merry way proudly. I'm all for "to each their own", but ladies must have class to a certain degree. Flexi Rods are used to curl hair ( in your home or the Salon) why must you wear it out on the streets?

2. Making eating out an "event": I don't know about anybody else .. but! I eat out because I'm hungry and too lazy or tired to cook.  Tell me why ...when people go out to restaurants there must be Instagram photos or Foursquare check-ins with captions like "addicted really". One popular example is Tutti Frutti , Frozen Yogurt does the body gooood .. but it's just Yogurt.

3. Matte Paint-Jobs : I'm not even sure if that's the right name .. but I hope you know what i'm talking about. It's a paint job that's not shiny it looks more matte. Again to each their own but guys .. seriously why would you spend all that money to "matte" a Datsun?

These are the top 3 Trends in Jamaica that I feel needs to stop. As I said initially, this is all in good fun and not intended to offend anybody.

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What I learned at University

Friday, May 9, 2014
University! Those wonderful extra years you spend in school learning ... again just so you can matriculate into the world and be in Jamaica's 10% of the "educated". Is it still 10% after all these years? Anyway, I was a U.W.I Girl ( University of The West Indies) Where I was in the Faculty of Humanities and Education with a major in Language Communication and Society:-) That Degree was a beast! If you hate reading , writing and researching ... it's not for you. It was a mixture of Linguistics, Journalism, Language, Communications, Event Planning .. just a lot of stuff .. where we were always drawing trees:-) Here is what I learned from my time at University.

I knew Nothing ... at all: If you really think about it .. you are not really taught anything valuable in High School other than Pythagoras Theorem and Algebra! When you go to University you become an adult and have to think as such. Things will come up like time and money management and this is where you realize that maybe spending time at Sovereign rather than in class may not be the brightest idea or spending your lunch money on an outfit instead of buying lunch leaves you hungry. Yes dears .. University has a way of making you realize you know absolutely nothing.

How to Bargain/Negotiate: This is a skill I learned in final year when those grades really started to count . I 'm never one to beg a teacher/lecturer to change a grade because I always get the ones I deserve. I'm talking about as it relates to extra time for writing those essays. This new skill will carry over into your grown up life and you will be bargaining/negotiating at Restaurants, Stores, Tickets and so much more.

How To Get Ready in 5 Minutes: I did not live on Campus but most of my classes were at 8 a.m and while I live in Kingston, I still lived a good distance away. I had to master the art of taking a shower , getting dressed , putting on make-up and eating Breakfast all in 5 minutes. If you think about "The 5 minute make-up" was invented by us college kids.

Social Skills: U.W.I is huge ... we are our own little community. Because of that you are basically forced to meet new people because in the long run you will need them .. trust me on that. U.W.I has this silly thing where they think its a wonderful idea to have group work and place people from different Faculties in groups .. so again .. you have to talk to people. This has helped me today to not be shy when I go to events because I kinda have to talk to people

What are things you learned at University/College that carried over into your life today?

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How To Turn your Passion Into A Career

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Hi Guys! The month of May will be more of a self help/ free style type posts. After all , one can only write about so much Clothing and Lipsticks :-) I find people sending E-mails asking me about various things about where to get this or that , how do they start a blog? how to stay inspired and all that .. so I thought I'd do some posts to help people. Let me preface by saying " I'm not perfect nor do i have the perfect life". I'm just a twenty something girl trying to figure out life and find my purpose as I go along.

Do what you love: What is that one thing that you think about all the time? When you wake-up in the morning, at night time or constantly day-dream? That is your passion. It could be Photography or  even Recycling. For me it has always been writing and fashion. I've always loved reading and looking at magazines. After moving from one job that was Digital Slavery and another one that I knew nothing about and had no interest in , I decided to go out on a limb and work from home Blogging.  ** There will be a full "My Blogging Story Post ** sometime soon ... this is just an example of how I found my passion.

Be Knowledgeable:  Having the passion is not enough ... you have to know enough about what you are about to get into. This is where you will have to do research and test the market ... you might even have to do a course on the specific thing you are passionate about. Example : Many people think that Marketing is a flashy job that involves you partying all the time and getting invited to elite events , that is a part of it. However! It involves reading and problem solving skills ... If you are not a person who likes to read and not a quick thinker this is not the job for you.

Work Smart not Hard: I'm just now starting to understand this. Many young people like myself  throw themselves into their career and completely forget about actually living. If your passion involves you working on a team where there are others working towards the same goal ... take the load off yourself and give them some responsibility. This is not to say you will be using people .. but you will get more work done and have time for other important things in life.

Don't Quit Right Away ( Unless you are already wealthy ) In this case you are probably already set for life :-) Follow all the steps above and be sure that you have enough to pay your bills for at least 3 years plus incidentals .... Its a lot to think about. Don't magically shift your career overnight. It is important to set a plan and stick to it.

Be Professional: I'm sure your idea is nothing new under the Sun ... you might have discovered a new and creative way of doing an existing idea. People are skeptic when it comes to new companies. Focus on giving great Customer Service so people will want to come back to you and refer clients .

I know this post was loooong but as I mentioned this is to help whoever it is out there on whatever journey. If you have any tips , please share below

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Carnival Review

Monday, May 5, 2014
If you live in the Caribbean or of Caribbean decent you would have known that the Spring season is all about Carnival. Carnival for us here in Jamaica and the Caribbean is nothing like it is in the States with Ferris Wheels and Hot Dogs .. no my friend Carnival is a celebration of the flesh.... essentially. It is the time for women to display their bodies in scantily clad costumes , boots , make-up and of course feathers. This year I noticed that most of Jamaica was not in support of Carnival since most people have some how found religion and realized its right after the Crucifixion.

What's my Take?

Well , we are all entitled to our own opinions ... its not really for me. I would be really uncomfortable dancing half naked in the streets and exposing parts of my body reserved for my future husband In that same breath I also say " to each his own". If you are comfortable go right ahead. There was one picture on Facebook and various groups with a obviously Pregnant woman who looked at least 6 months at Carnival dancing in the street. Did anybody see this?  Did you think this was a suitable environment for a Pregnant lady?

Carnival Vs Dancehall

Another thing I notice was that a lot of people were furious because they felt that Carnival is for a certain class of people (upper) while Dancehall Culture is for another class (lower) Here is where it gets messy .. while the Dancehall Culture is described as 'crude , brash and even dutty ... Carnival which conveys the same thing is celebrated because of the type of people who attend and because of the glittery costumes. Most people feel they are one in the same.

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Jamaican Singer/ Songwriter Kat C.H.R Goes for GOLD

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Jamaican singer-songwriter, Kat C.H.R has come of age with her latest project – GOLD -written by Kat and co-produced with Andrew ‘Preggs’ Thompson who has toured the world with international recording artist Sean Paul, and whose drumming and production expertise has made him a household name throughout Jamaica’s alternative music scene.

After wrapping a music production partnership with New York based music mogul and former CEO of Roc A Fella Records, Damon Dash for his DD172 Media Collective, Kat returned to Jamaica to reconnect on her original stomping grounds and record the songs featured on GOLD.

“It’s like a coming of age project for me. My music has always been true to my life. These songs represent me to the fullest. I keep my thoughts golden, I keep my heart golden and inevitably, my art isgolden. People used to see me at shows and say oh I had no idea you were going to sound like that but they are always intrigued by my contradiction. There is a light inside me that wants to shine, GOLD is that light. It’s my labour of love,” says Kat.

The EP features four tracks - GOLD, MANGOOVER MY HEAD and TURN AROUND - each delivering her paradoxical yet authentic musical style that has gained her fans all around the world. These songs showcase not only her versatility as an artist but also why she’s known as a lyrical heavyweight.

According to Kat, “this project represents growth for me as an artist, with each song I’m evoking that distinct connection between my hardcore, tomboy image, and my sensitive lyrics and smooth melodies… It all finally makes sense.”

Now armed with a wealth of experience, new management and an arsenal of new music she has signed a distribution deal for GOLD with international recording artist, Diana King’s US based record label ThinkLikeAgirL Music Inc.

“Kat C.H.R represents exactly what ThinkLikeAgirLMusic is about! Artists who have no boundaries, no limits and no fear to create across genres while being true to themselves. ThinkLikeAgirL is all about being unorthodox,” says King.

GOLD is now available on iTunes 


D'Events Communications
Creating a new and unique Experience 

Mothers Day Gift Ideas From the Busy Son

Friday, May 2, 2014
Hi Guys! I know this is already an overload of Mothers Day Gift Ideas. May 11th is Mothers Day, so there will be posts of this nature:-) There is nothing like a man who loves and respects his mother well into adulthood and treats the lady in his life the same way :-) If you are one of those Guys , but work has you away most of the times .. I am here to help you :-)

First Tip: What kinda woman is your mother? Is she a Girly girl , Adventurous  or maybe laid back? Once you know this , selecting a gift should be easy.

Spa Treatments: What better way to show your mom some love other than to send her to be pampered and waited on like a Queen for a day? A Spa is a great place for her to relax by getting various massages
 ( not the janky kind) as well as other services like: Manicure/Pedicure , Hair , Make-up and so on. Here are a few places in Jamaica to purchase a Gift Certificate:

Concert: If your mom is into good music and don't mind staying out for a few hours, take her to a concert. Concerts like these are not uncommon in Jamaica, as various International artistes usually come out to serenade Moms.

Treat her to a Photoshoot: This is a bit different .. but stick with me on this. Throughout the years your mother might not have been feeling as beautiful as she once was due to life in general. Why not treat her to her very own Photo-shoot. If you really want to get fancy and make her feel like a queen. Hire a Make-up artiste.

Take her to Brunch: Mothers Day is a Sunday .. even if you have to work on that day I'm sure you will be able to spare at least 2 hours of your time. This is the one day after all those years that your Mother is allowed to be normal and not have to get up to cook a lavish meal. She will appreciate it.

Get her a Card: Times are tough and not every guy will be able to afford all the things listed above. You can get a really nice card for less than $200 Jmd. The trick is .. write something heart felt. Love is an intangible gift that comes from the heart .. a price cannot be put on it.

I hope I've helped at least one person to get an idea of what to give his Mother on that special day.
Remember guys "Be Nice"

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