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What NOT to put in A Mothers' Day Gift Basket

Monday, April 28, 2014
Hi Guys! Mother's day is right around the corner ( literally ) whether you were raised by wolves or a real live human, this is to time to show your Mother how much you love her :-) Gift Baskets are one of the most popular gifts people tend to give their moms on this special day; whether you make it yourself or purchase it from the store. Here are a few things to NEVER put/get in a Mothers Day Gift Basket.

1. Perishable Items: Believe it or not, people will pack perishable items in a gift basket .. ask me why, I could not give you an answer. Remember the basket is a light straw like material that is great for holding items of a similar density. Let's say for example you decide to pack a fruit basket ( with real fruits ) use a different container one that has the ability to cool rather than a flimsy basket.

2. Mixed Items: This is a bit similar to point one *but not really*  If you pay enough attention to Gift Baskets, you will notice they are always categorized. For example you might see a Bath Basket which has Shower Gels, Loofah, Various Scrubs and so on ...or you might see a Food Basket with Fruits& Nuts, champagne, chips etc. Never mix food with bathing stuff or perfumes with chocolates. This will not end well.

3. Items with prices: This is Gift Basket Rule #1. Ensure that all the price tags have been removed before you hand that Basket over to mom. If you bought it in a store, the onus is on you to go through and check that all the prices have been removed.

4. Cliche Items: "A mothers love is never-ending, but a cheesy gift is unforgiving" :-) Refrain from getting your mother the usual mug or picture frame. See if you can get more personalized items .. these might be a bit more expensive , however this woman only gave you life :-) Nothing is too expensive.

These are my top 4 Items to never put in a Gift Basket.

*Images may be Subject to Copyright*

Monday Motivation

The Deiwght Peters Show Airs in May!

Thursday, April 24, 2014
The Deiwght Peters Show Kickstarts GDP Studios

Anchored by the global success of his much vaunted model agency, Saint International’s CEO Deiwght Peters is setting his eyes on new frontier. He will be front and center of his new eponymous prime time TV show ‘The Deiwght Peters Show. Premiering on TVJ next month, the pop variety series will be a different take on night-time television in Jamaica. The show marks the genesis of Peters’ international television content production outfit called GDP Studios. Viewers can expect to see the usually fashionable Peters styled to the nines in the trendiest suits. ‘Guests to the Deiwght Peters show can expect to have a fun time when they come to the show,’ the Executive Producer and host notes to the Gleaner team.
‘We want viewers across the world to be entertained by intelligent Jamaican humor and fun’ he also notes. Indeed from the pilot, the set deserves much kudos.

A key element  of the show which is bound to be a ‘must-see’ will be the Stylin 876 which includes a style review segment with Peters’ group of fashion insiders known as the DP Rad Pack .They will review the social landscape across the world  compile the dreaded list of best and worst dressed. High Profiled national personalities, vibe mistress Tricia S, and live entertainment augmented by all the surprises and give-aways make for a compelling mix for night-time TV.
Angela Thame
Peters engaged the services of top-flight television producers Angela Thame and Sonya Stewart-Perkins of Panache Entertainment. Thames’ resume notably highlights The Oprah Winfrey Show and the once-popular Our Voices (co-hosted by current Minister of Culture Lisa Hanna) among her experience. The technical production infrastructure is designed by partners CPTC in collaboration with Kelvin Osbourne’s Clear Sounds. The cast of production staff include Creative Design Director Omarr Fogo and writer/researcher Michael Edwards. Editing is handled by Robin Chin and the team at Enhanced Realizm.‘I am proud that this will be a world class product created, and packaged by an entirely Jamaican crew’ Peters beams.

The exclusive show brief secured by the Gleaner outlined The Deiwght Peters Show as a surefire winner because its:
  • UNIQUE TV FORMAT/AUTHENTICALLY JAMAICAN: The multidimensional set, content, multi-platform approach, the show elements including Stylin ‘876-multiple guests in the same screen time, etc. make the show different. The opening montage showcases Kingston nightlife from the streets etc.
  • BOLDNESS: Deiwght provides insights, and asks questions others are scared to do
  • TRENDSETTING: The show’s live audience format, the RAD PACK panel assessing trends and the ‘hotstepper of the week’ award spells different on local TV.
  • CUTTING EDGE: The SKYPE ’N SURPRISE feature where some of Jamaica’s coolest companies being skyped onto the set and offer surprises to the audience
  • HILARIOUS: The hosts infectiously dry wit, and his impromptu on-set antics with guests playing WORD ASSOCIATION or MY FAVOURITE THINGS adds wild humor to show.
 The show will air on Fridays at 9p.m with a repeat on Tuesdays at 11p.m. In the words of Peters characteristically bold declaration, ‘ Night-time Jamaican TV will never be the same again’.

Behind the Seams: Living Extinct Denem

Living Extinct Denem is a unique Fashion Brand located in Atlanta. With the motto "Life Without Purpose is Extinction", this brand looks far beyond Fashion or just wearing clothing to looking at one's purpose in life. They strongly believe that "The frequency and energy each individual has can change any circumstance once its over-stood". Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with the Brand.

H.P: We've noticed there is a unique spelling for "Denem" is there a story ?
L.E: You know I get that question alot. The only answer I can come up with is I just wanted to be different, with no boundaries and usually because it is spelled the way it is people remember it because they say "oh yeah your Denim is spelled with an "e" instead of an "I" right?

H.P: How long has this brand been around and what was the inspiration behind it?
L.E: I started Living Extinct Denem late 2008 in Atlanta. The inspiration came from things I had read on worldly things, creation of life and all these theories on how life began, places I had been through travel and it came to me one day like we are living but slowly becoming extinct because of the many things we take into our body from the food we eat and the environment and so on and so forth, that it just seemed natural to call my line Living Extinct Denem. Of course, I added Denem because I feel among most emerging designers especially in Atlanta, that I am one of few who truly know how to make and construct denim jeans. It has become my niche I guess.

H.P: You've tied your brand with having a purpose ... explain?
L.E: The motto goes "Life Without Purpose is Extinction" and that to me means having a righteous purpose in life creates a legacy, one in which a life's story can be told and motivate others for generations to come. My purpose in life has come to helping many people realize they are infinite in power if they only reconnected with what's within. That is the reason I have the pine cone as my logo. The pine cone represents the pineal gland or what some call the "third eye" which gives us emotion, intelligence, melatonin which affects our sleep and so much more. I believe when people can positively affect the frequency of the mind the world can become a better place to live and flourish.

H.P: What would you say is your stand out piece/s?
L.E: My stand out piece is my Nlightened Mind T-shirt. This one depiction truly represents what the brand is... enlightenment of self!

H.P: Do you offer international shipping?
L.E:Yes we do offer international shipping. I would love to grow an international following so definitely we do.

H.P: As a Designer, what are 5 things you can't live without?
L.E: Hmm... 5 things I can not live without. Well my trusty scissors, tailors chalk, my singer industrial sewing machine, the internet and coffee. Gotta have the coffee for those long long nights of sewing and creating new ideas.

H.P: Where can we find your pieces?
L.E: You can find our clothing at We are talking with a few boutiques to soon carry our brand in Atlanta and surrounding cities.

Photos are the sole Property of Living Extinct Denem. They should not be duplicated without permission from the Brand.

Orange Lips for Spring!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Hi Guys! Spring has sprung and not only are the flowers in full bloom , so are the trends. If you've been an avid reader of this Blog you would have noticed I spoke about the Orange lip trend briefly. Today I will be giving a few quick tips on how to wear this Lipstick by skin-tone.

Bright Orange: Yikes! Sounds scary I know but listen before you run away. Bright Orange Lipstick will look great on Pale Skin Tones. If you are of a lighter skin-tone with a yellow undertone , this will look great on you.

Revlon Colour Burst Matte , Audacious

Neon Orange: This electric colour is great if you have a golden or olive skin-tone. If you do not fall into this category and would like to still wear this colour, add some Bronzer ( in moderation) and you are good to go.

Bobbi Brown, Orange

Sheer Orange: This is not as thick or matte as the other colours named above. This is also great for all skin-tones. This is also more on the safe side if you are not 100% ready to go all the way with this trend. It is safe for all day wear in and out of the office.

Tom Ford , True Coral

Images may be subject to Copyright

Join the Hair Revolution!

Monday, April 21, 2014
Strength Of Nature Global Presents National Hair Revolution Day, Uniting Women Of All Textures 
and Style Choices 

Atlanta, GA ( April 26, 2014 - Strength of Nature, LLC presents National Hair Revolution Day, an annual campaign that celebrates the freedom of hair choice and versatility. Strength of Nature recognizes that women are no longer monolithic and that when it comes to hair, women write their own rules. Join Strength of Nature and countless beauty influencers and brands as they celebrate the first annual National Hair Revolution Day on Saturday, April 26, 2014.
Strength of Nature,LLC, the maker of African Pride, Beautiful Textures, Mega Growth, Elasta QP, Soft & Beautiful, TCB, and Proline, continue to change the rules in hair care ground-breaking new products including the Reversible™ Straightening Texture Manageability™ System and more. With such a diverse portfolio of hair care products, the company recognizes the importance of inclusively celebrating women as a whole. The mission of National Hair Revolution Day is to allow the opportunity for women across the country to celebrate style freedom, digitally or in-person. Whether relaxed, weaved, pressed, loc'd or natural - Natural Hair Revolution Day encourages all women of all textures to be proud in their mane choice.

How can you get involved?
Help spread the word about National Hair Revolution Day  with the hashtag (#MyHairRevolution): tweet, blog, Instagram post in forums, share a link on Facebook, etc.
We will gladly announce, via the Strength Of Nature social media platforms, any event you organize on National Hair Revolution Day. Just email us at Some ideas: are meet ups, instagram picture parties, twitter chats, and more On National Hair Revolution Day, show your hair pride and use one of our social media badges which can be found on our Pinterest board at

Proudly show the world how you've observed National Hair Revolution Day and upload a video on YouTube for a chance to be a part of our national campaign using the hashtag #MyHairRevolution. Send entry to
Will you be in Atlanta, Georgia,  on April 26th? Stop by the Beautiful Textures booth at the World Natural Hair Show for a chance to be a part of our social media campaign

Strength of Nature is one of the fastest growing companies in the multi-cultural hair care category, driven by its strong commitment to consumer understanding and innovation. Strength of Nature's Mission is to deliver high quality, innovative products to women and men of color at fair and affordable prices. Strength of Nature markets a number of leading brands including Profectiv MegaGrowth, African Pride, Dream Kids, Beautiful Textures, Elasta QP, Soft & Beautiful, TCB and Pro-Line.

The Garner Circle PR
Nicole Garner - Pr@TheGarnerCircle.Com
Eugenia Johnson - 
Join the conversation - #MyHairRevolution 
Tag: @MyAfricanPride @LovinMyTexture @MegaGrowth @ElastaQP

D-I-Y No Sew Turban

Hi Guys!! I apologize for the absence of today's' "Life after the Catwalk". As you know Designers can get busy ( look out for that later this week) As you can tell from the headline above, today I will be showing you how to make a no-sew Turban.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Old T-shirt ( anything that has a stretch T-shirt material)

Step 1

Remove the bottom part of the T-shirt. Cut that part of the T-shirt that has a seam.

Step 2

Taking your ruler , measure 8 inches up from the T-shirt. ( See picture below) Cut across where you've marked off the 8 inches. You should now have 1 wide continuous band.

Step 3

Fold your new band in half and cut along that line. You should now have 2 separate pieces. Lay one of the bands length wise and the other vertically, it should look like a "T" or a cross. Fold the length wise one over the vertical one, you should now have a lop sided "t".

Step 4

Take the bottom fold to now form a "L" shape. 

Step 5

Holding both ends , simply pull them away from each other. You should now see your Turban starting to form. Pull out all four ends to form a wide "X". Take the top parts of your "X" and fold it under the bottom "x". Do the same for the other side. You should now have one band , flatten your band. Repeat the first fold you did above by folding the top half into the bottom half.

Step 6

You now have a Turban! Take your hands to stretch the Turban just so it fits your head. It might look small but it will fit. Wear with your favorite Spring outfit and you are good to go :-)

Some images may be subject to Copyright

Behind the Seams: Mamayashi

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Mamayashi is the brain child of Jamaican born "New York" bred designer Mamayashi. The designs are inspired by funky Afrocentric Fabrics, figures and  ideals and features: Clothing and Accessories for the hip Fashion lover. Today Haute People goes Behind the Seams with the multi-talented Designer.

H.P: Mamayashi , that's an interesting name ... How did you come up with it?
M.Y: Greetings! First let me say I'm honored for the interest in Mamayashi Collection. Mamayashi is actually two words, Mama and Yashi. Yashi is part of my name and it reflects the original vibe I wanted to bring forth through clothing.

H.P:  How Long have you been a Designer?
M.Y: I have always been making clothes by the virtue of being a tailor's daughter and spending hours in his shop. I have been designing professionally for about 9 years now.

H.P: You are a Designer and a mother ... any tips for " Career Mothers"?
M.Y: Its such a learning experience. Everyone's journey and opportunity is different, but just try your best to spend time with your youths.

H.P: What was the first thing you ever designed?
M.Y: Hmm, most likely some doll clothes from when I was very young! The piece I remember the most was a long pleated skirt :)

H.P: What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
M.Y: This collection is still inspired by Rastafari and African minded leaders, like Marcus Garvey. The style has developed in a uniquely relaxed yet sensual way.
H.P: Describe the "Mamayashi Woman"
M.Y: The women that wear Mamayashi Collection are definitely smart people! She is aware of her culture and has a relaxed confidence. These people are more into timeless pieces that always look fresh and relevant. They like clothes that are comfortable yet make a statement and get many compliments.

H.P: Where can we find your pieces?
M.Y: We are online based at, you can shop directly from our website. You can also connect at For further inquiries, email

*Images are the property of Mamayashi*

Life After The Catwalk : Mwanza Glenn

Monday, April 14, 2014
It is officially the second week of "Life After the Catwalk", this week we caught up with Season 3 contestant Mwanza Glenn from Georgetown Guyana. Let's find out what he has been up to since the competition.

H.P: What motivated you to try out for the show?
M.G: My drive as an artist and the will to perfect the art, along with friends, fans and family, that's what motivated  me to do Mission Catwalk.

H.P: What would you say is the one thing that "sold" you to the show creators? 
M.G: Awwww, I really cant say but i think its my unique afro-centric approach to fashion.

H.P: What is your fondest memory being on the show?
M.G: That would be when we were off set and back at the Hotel when David and Theo give Shernicia a hair make over, hahahhaa, that was awesome, the fondest memory ever , I mean the whole new opportunity to meet new friends who then turned family, who share the same  goals, talents and dreams and you learning what fashion means to each and every individual , awww ,  Those are a few things that was most amazing.

H.P: How has your life changed since being on the show? 
M.G: Through the friends I met, and their approach to fashion, and the love Jamaica has for the arts, has changed the taste for fashion in my mouth.

H.P: Runway Show or Pop-up show? 
M.G: Guyana Fashion Week, Caricom Secretariat Fashion Show ,Rorima Wedding Expo,Guyexpo,Ms Guyana Universe just to name a few.

H.P:What can fans expect from you in coming months? 
M.G: Well presently I am preparing for Wedding Expo launching a few fantasy couture and ready to wear Bridal pieces, two international shows are in planning for this year by the grace of God and I will be  Launching a new line in July, or you can follow me on a everyday basic@MwanzaGlenn1, 
Facebook: Wanza's Designs

H.P: Where can we find your designs? 
M.G: Online or at Roxian Fashion and General
Designing (301 Church Street, North Cummingsburg,Georgetown ,Guyana, South America ) and soon to be two other location Countrywide.

Images may be Subject to Copyright
Video is the Property of Mission Catwalk

Miss Uwi 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014
The Miss Uwi Pageant has been a staple event on the Uwi Social Events Calendar. This Pageant is used to showcase the diversity of students on campus as well as the perfect merger of brains and beauty. Every year Pageant hopefuls compete for various prizes as well as the coveted title of "Miss Uwi".

Last years' pageant was EPIC, with the theme "Diamonds" the overall pageant was nothing short of amazing ( with the exception of a chair shortage on pageant day) In 2013, students were able to see the girls on their journey and was even treated to a motorcade at "Homecoming" with the contestants riding around the ring road in a Limo.

For 2014 the Pageant date was March 9th based on an Article in the Gleaner  READ HERE However, it did not take place until March 21,2014 ( a Friday ). When the Uwi Guild website was searched, we only found 1 post relating to the Pageant. The Pageant also moved to the Mona Visitors Lodge.  The actual show was nothing to talk about since there was hardly any promotion or any pictures. Word on the street is that the reining Miss Uwi 2013 was not invited to the event, so our question is "Who handed over the crown". The highlight of a Pageant is the handing over of the Crown to the new queen as the reining queen takes her final walk. Let's hope that next years' pageant will be better planned, executed and promoted.

If you were at this years event , sound off below

Haute People Teaser Video!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
I'm pleased to present to you ............................ The Haute People Teaser Video! If you like it share it .. spread the word. Help us grow.

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5 Must Have Items for April

Spring is no longer around the corner ... It is Here! If you have not been paying attention to trends ( if you are into trends ) Now is the perfect time. Below are 5 must have items for April.

1. A flower headband. These were huge last year and could be seen on everyone ( literally ) from babies to news anchors to models to even moms. These are especially great since its festival season to add flair to your outfit. Be sure to choose colours to compliment your skin-tone.

2. An Everyday Bag: If you are as into handbags like myself, you probably have a few ( maybe more than a few) The thing about handbags is that while they are functional enough to hold all your essentials, there must be that one handbag that is able to go with every/any outfit. This bag is dubbed as the Everyday Bag. This is needed for this busy season when you are going from event to event and is looking to change outfits rather than bags each time.

3. Orange Lip Stick: This trend has been on- going on YouTube and kinda reminds me of those days I was younger and would see older ladies in Orange Lipsticks that came in that gold tube. This trend is not for the faint of heart as Orange is not the most subtle colour. To be a part of this trend I would recommend selecting the right one for your skin-tone. If not this can either make you look totally crazy or just really weird.

4. A Sun-dress: It is hottt ... Its always hot in Jamaica.  So a Sun-dress is needed. Midi Dresses are still popular for this season so you might want to cop a few of those.

5. A Pedicure: Yasss ladies get those feet in check. This is the time for flip-flops and Sandals so make sure your toes are in good condition. If you are not too keen on going to the Salon and spend hours, save a few extra bucks by doing it at home. Visit the University of Life a.k.a YouTube for great in depth "D-I-Y" Videos.

If there is something you think is a Must Have item , please comment below to let me know

Life After the Catwalk

Monday, April 7, 2014
Hi Guys! Today is the start of the series, "Life After the Catwalk" which features the contestants from past seasons of "Mission Catwalk" . Haute People has caught up with 4 of these contestants and would like to share what they have been up to after the show.

Today we'll be catching up with the Season 3 contestant from Saint Johns Antigua and Barbuda,Argent Roberts

H.P:What was it like being a part of the Saint Avant Garde Fashion show?
A.R: Its always a good time to be working with the Saint family. This being my second year I must say was no different from last year it always is a great production... the team... the family... its just a great experience.
Argent Roberts Backstage Saint Avante Garde

H.P: In what ways have you grown as a Designer since the show?
A.R: I've competed in many different shows/competitions before. However the Saint Avant Garde competition has definitely pushed and opened my mind to other possibilities.... I'm an avant garde designer, this comes naturally to me so whenever it is I have to showcase a piece for the Saint show I know I have to come hard and come strong and I think any designer would think that.. because of the level of seriousness and professionalism involved, one would not want to mess that opportunity up. After all we're showcasing our designs to the top representatives of the world. Who knows what opportunities would come out of doing just that. So I have developed another level and sense of awareness, organization and design aesthetic .

H.P: What do people remember you for?
A.R:  Lol what do people remember me for..... lol... I think everyone has grown to recognize that I have a flair for the dramatics and ethereal nature.. things that are deep and poetic very serious and different... even in my wearable designs, there is that signature flair for the dramatic to catch your eyes...

H.P: How would you describe your Style?
A.R:  My design aesthetic comes from a personal space .... I mainly design based on how I feel.... everything has this surrealistic look about... its very animated and otherworldly.... ethereal I must say.. but easy one would identify my work as couture or avant garde ... lol back home they refer to me as the avant garde prince.... that's so weird to me though. But I am humbled by it.... its better than any award any day to have people come up to me and congratulate me on what I'M doing... that also aids them in being themselves and as expressive as we can be.

H.P: Tell us about your latest collection?
A.R: I actually have three collections in development and these are all for men. The collection is called "Skeleton boi" an everyday wear line. 2 T-shirt lines as well as a jacket line with some intricate pants. one I have already completed and showed.
There's also my women's wear line from last year titled as "The Reuz"

H.P: You have a flair for the dramatic .. is your latest collection a reflection of that?
A.R:Both the female and male collections are actually a bit more relaxed and a lot more wearable in comparison to what I'm accustomed to be doing... but everyone will still identify key signatures in the clothing lines.... for instance the pieces are adorned in intricate places with buttons and zippers in contrasting colours or sizes .... an intriguing detail that has become a signature look for The Reuz and for Skeleton boi.

H.P: What can your supporters expect to see in coming months?
A.R: In the upcoming months persons can expect to see the continuity of my releases for the men's wear line... so far I've showcased the everyday wear line the first part of the collection and coming soon will be the T-shirt line in 2 parts the 1st of which is a collaboration with a rapper (purist) called Ratchet boy and then I'll unveil the T's  for Skele

Argent Roberts pieces can be found at:

Images may be Subject to Copyright
Haute People does not own the right to these Photos
Video is the Property of Mission Catwalk

Product Review: I&K Hair extension Care Pack

Saturday, April 5, 2014 is one of the UK's leading online retailers of 
<a href="">hair extensions</a> 
hair care and beauty productsThey provide a wide range of hair extensions products and over 40 successful beauty, hair care and hair electrical brands. 

Every 3 months I am sent a product/s to review.

 I&K Hair extension Care Pack

About a week ago i received the I&K Hair Extension Care Pack. This bundle as I like to call it retails for 27.96 Originally , however you can now get it at a special rate of  £19.99  .This Care pack consists of : I&K Moisturizing Shampoo , I&K Moisturizing Conditioner , I&K Leave-in Antistatic Spray and Hair extension Loop Brush. These products can be found in the Hair Extensions sections on the website under Hair Extension Care.  I like the fact that has a section dedicated to Hair Extension Care as finding the right products to maintain the life of your extensions can be tricky and pricey. 

How it Works

I&K Moisturizing Shampoo

I was a bit hesitant using the Shampoo on the extensions since most Shampoos contain alcohol which dries out the hair leaving it dull , lifeless and tangled. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I : a) realized the shampoo was clear b) It did not contain alcohol and c) When it left my hair feeling soft. I think there is something about a clear Shampoo which makes it more authentic as it contains less artificial ingredients and its less harmful on your hair. The Shampoo had a nice clean fresh scent which was not too overbearing. The only thing I did not like was that it took a few washes for it to lather ( maybe my hair was extra dirty) but I like when a Shampoo "comes to life" the minute it touches my hair and 

I&K Moisturizing Conditioner

The conditioner did not smell as pleasant as the Shampoo , the scent reminds me of Sulphur ( that product used for Dandruff) I was really expecting it to have a similar smell as the Shampoo.  Once you move past the scent , it is a great product its super moisturizing and nourishing. It is recommended that you use it after Shampooing and for best results leave it in for 5-10 minutes with a steam/heat cap. I only used the after Shampoo method and I saw where it complimented the Shampoo really well , the hair was soft , the general texture of the hair was silky but after conditioning , it was soft like real hair growing from my actual head. I like that the texture is medium: not too creamy and not too runny.

Anti-static Spray first product to the right

The Anti-static Spray is recommended to use after conditioning hair. This is a process and it is recommended that you use each product accordingly for best results. I cheated a bit and used this product the day I received it since my hair was frizzy and had tons of fly aways. In essense it calms the hair down. I find that it workd best on damp or towel dried hair and! It's a leave in so there is no need to rinse. This smells soooo good. This is like the Shampoo in a spray form.

Hair Extension Micro-loop Brush

As it relates to the brush , I have never seen or used anything like it. Since its a loop brush , the bristles are together instead of straight out. It just looked like it would never work because of how the Bristles are placed. This type of brush is great for tangling wet hair and it did just that. I would recommend using it on wet hair 

Overall I would recommend this Care Pack to maintain and extend the life of your Hair Extension. I would give this product 4 1/2 out 5.

Get this Product HERE

Expo Jamaica starts today!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

1.       WHAT: Expo Jamaica 2014, is Jamaica’s and the Caribbean’s largest trade exposition under the theme “The Business Hub of the Caribbean”.

2.       WHO:Hosted jointly by the JMA and the JEA for the past 32 years. Instituted by the JMA, 42 years ago.In collaboration with JAMPRO - Buyer Recruitment partner for Expo Jamaica.

3.     WHEN: Takes place APRIL 3-6. Open to the public from 5:00pm April 4, and from 10:00 am on April 5 and 6. (Officially launched on February 25). Closes at 9 p.m. each day.

4.     WHERE: National Arena, Kingston Jamaica.

5.     COST: Adult $600; Child $200.

6.     HOW: Exhibitors of Jamaican made products only will be on display in the arena. Visitors are invited to visit booths, interact with exhibitors and see the wide array of products made in Jamaica. Buyers will be especially accommodated on “Buyers Days”. Buyer Days will be April 3 - 4 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

7.     WHY: To reinforce the fact that Jamaican manufacturing is very much alive, and to bring to public attention the wide array of quality goods and services that are Made in Jamaica and that are available for local, regional and overseas consumption.

8.     Buyers Recruitment:500+Buyers including representatives from the USA, the UK, Canada, India, Nigeria, Belize, Bermuda, China,Czechoslovakia, Suriname, Antigua, Cayman, St. Kitts, Guyana, Grenada, St. Maarten, Trinidad, St. Lucia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Jamaica, Bangladesh, British Virgin Islands, St. Martin have registered to attend.

9.       Manufacturing and Export Facts: Contribution to GDP – 8.6%, Employment – 75,000, Contribution to Government Revenue – Approximately J$30B Annually, Manufacturing earned over $US 900 Million in exports.

1  New Features: To The World Platform (opportunity for exhibitors and manufacturers to do product demonstrations); What’s New! What’s Hot! Showcase (display of all your favorite Jamaican products launched in the market since 2012) ; iEat, iTweet, iWin Campaign (consumer social media campaign where consumers can simply see, snap and share their foodie memories for a chance to win amazing sponsor and exhibitor based prizes); Farmer’s Market (your place for the best in fresh produce and ground provision) Digitized Business Matchmaking ( internet-based software platform for exhibitors and buyers to conduct business, schedule meetings and view profiles prior to the show – this is now LIVE) The Hub (Expo Jamaica Buyer’s & Exhibitors’ Fete to kick start the official event. This happens April 3, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. – 12 a.m.) Experience JamaicaAn invitation for Jamaicans, members of the Diplomatic Corps and international organizations on the island, as well as Jamaicans residing in the diaspora to vacation on the island and get deep discounts of up to 50% from participating tourism stakeholders.

  1. Industries on Display: Art & Craft, Beverages (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic), Business & Other Services, Chemicals, Construction, Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals, Food & Agro/Fresh Produce/Processed Foods, Furniture & Bedding, Information Technology & Communication, Minerals & Metals, Printing, Packaging & Labelling, Textile & Apparel.
  2. SPONSORS: LIME (Main Sponsor); Jamaica Public Service (JPS), Caribbean Export, Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, JAMPRO, Lithographic Printers, National Commercial Bank, Creative Media and Events, Caribbean Airlines and Grace Foods.
1  Other Partners, JHTA Kingston Chapter Members: (The Courtleigh Hotel, Spanish Court Hotel, Knutsford Court Hotel, Jamaica Pegasus, Altamont Court, Hotel Four Seasons, Terra Nova Hotel, Strawberry HillNMIA, VIP Attractions, Galaxy Leisure and Tours, Bob Marley Museum).

1 Media Partners: SportsMax & CEEN TV, RJR Communications Group, CVM, Love FM, Power 106, Nationwide News Network, SunCity and Jamaica Observer (Exclusive Print Media Partner).


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Jamaica Epicurean Escape Set for May 22-25 ,2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Food Enthusiasts ! Be sure to mark your calendars for May 22-25 , 2014 ; The Jamaica Epicurean Escape is back for a second staging of the event which came about in 2012. This event was scheduled for November of 2013, however the organizers decided to take things to another level with a bigger event and decided on May of the year.

If you love quality food, show cooking and meeting world renowned chefs and of course a great time with friends and family, this is the event for you. The Festival will take place at Grizzlys Plantation Cove ( formerly Richmond Estate) and spans over 3 days.

The Food

The event will feature over 32 Food Stations, Chef Demonstrations with a special emphasis on Food Education. Whether you are a veteran in the Kitchen or a "Newbie Foodie", we all will be able to learn something. Patrons will have the chance to meet Jamaican renown chefs as well as International personalities. Be sure to some with your Cameras or whatever smart device to take pictures.


An important aspect of the festival is showcasing our diverse Jamaican culture. There will be various activities such as : Drumming , Dancing , Musical performances and of course a few head liners. This year, patrons will be treated to the vocal stylings of Award Winning, International Singer Melba Moore. Click Here for more info on Ms Moore.

If you are looking for a family friendly event that is a great combination of Quality food and Entertainment, why not go to the Jamaica Epicurean Escape?

For Pricing Details CLICK  HERE. Don't Miss the Early Bird Special which ends April 19,2014. Get up to 40% off Original Ticket Prices

Click Here for the "Haute Coverage" of the 2012 event

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