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Reggae Bar heats up this Saturday with "Indian Night"

Monday, March 31, 2014
This Saturday is Indian Night at Reggae Bar. Reggae Bar is located at 11 Long Lane, Stony Hill. If you are looking for that House Party Vibe with high energy and great vibes ... Be there this Saturday from 11 p.m

For directions call or text 876-545-0623 or 876-875-6019

Behind the Seams: Courtnie & Toni

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Haute People is back with another exciting Season of Behind the Seams! For this season you will meet Designers, Musicians, Socialites, Entrepreneurs and so much more! To kick off the season , we'll chat with the Dynamic duo Courtnie & Toni. If you don't know who Courtnie and Toni are.. you've not been out enough.

Courtnie & Toni
H.P: How did you guys meet?
Toni:We met in High-school, Campion, it was her, I and another girl who for some reason everyone thought were sisters or cousins so we naturally gravitated towards each other, I ended up dating her brother, we ended up at the same college and just developed a true unspoken friendship.
Courtnie: I've known Toni since high school…Everyone said we looked alike, so I had to meet this chick who had my face, and it’s been a ride or die friendship ever since.

H.P: Describe the other person using 3 words?
Toni: Beautiful, Trustworthy, Headstrong
Courtnie: Hilarious, impulsive and driven.

H.P: What is your favourite memory together?
Toni: Ha...memory, I literally feel like every week we create new amazing memories.  I can say though our last Summer was EPIC. I forced her to drive with me to Negril we stayed at Hedo - memory on its own- one night, then in Mobay at Palmyra with no electricity the next and then ended in Ochi at our friend's party villa for Kampai. I hope one day I find the courage to write about them all.
Courtnie: I honestly can’t pick just one. We do so much crazy sh*t on a regular basis. Some of the ones that come to mind are cruising around in our middle-of-nowhere college town in a hoopty giving mad trouble. Also last summer was amazing, especially SPF weekend and our Hedonism II adventures. And I also have to give honourable mention to when we were 16ish and really starting to do road, because we thought we were so grown up; just thinking about it makes me laugh…But I think most of our memories are just too juicy to share on this forum lol. [ps. I am the shy one ;-)]

H.P: When/how did you get into Blogging?
Toni: I love writing, its kind of what I have always done so I was silent Blogging on life in Jamaica, cooking and eating out when I realized Cor was also doing her picture Blog so we got to talking and we had thought about Vlogging... But I am really shy so we decided to start the Blog first.
The idea was really to share our opinions on stuff that we feel, hence why we do 'On...'  topics to kind of help girls through life. You can see what we do that works & follow and also see what we do that doesn't & DONT FOLLOW... Maybe I'll save a life, or a bad decision. ^_^
Courtnie: Well it's important to note that we are both in the Social Media field so Blogging is something that comes naturally to us. But the driving force behind the Blog was a few months ago, we started to get restless and we were looking to go exploring the world and what not, so we conceptualized a Blog to document a Eurotrip that we were planning. However, that fell through (for now), but the Blog is up and running and we are just having fun sharing our experiences, gaining more knowledge in the social media realm and expressing ourselves creatively.

H.P: On a Typical Friday Night .. we can find you at ....
Toni: Typical Fridays we are sleeping mostly because we don't like Uber, but Uber has been good so I think this season I could be doing a few Bacchanal Fridays/Ubers, but we much prefer to stay low key and hang out with each other at Cru or watch movies & just come out for the bigger parties. "Cuz jah know, we turn up".
Courtnie: This has two answers. We are either in bed watching a movie/reality TV marathon, or at some bar guzzling wine. After the wine guzzling, you can literally find us anywhere.

H.P: Finish the sentence "I cannot live without my .......
Toni: Cell phone...Lord I would die. But maybe that means without my Internet, I definitely need them both.
Courtnie: I cannot live without my chap stick! I am a chap stick addict. Besides that, definitely my cellphone. 

H.P: Favourite places to shop?
Toni: I love love on-line shopping my favourites are - CelebBoutique, NastyGal and FashionNova. For shopping in Jamaica I really like Posh by V in Barons Plaza, & Style Savvy & Zen in 7th Av. For bigger events I find styles I love and have them created for that I would def recommend Neahlis, Kaysian or YC (never personally used her)
Courtnie: My favourite places to shop are and Pablo’s fabric store! Lol I recently got into designing my own clothes so I like to go and look at the fabrics, and then I have a good friend who draws what I envision and a seamstress brings it to life.  

H.P:What can young Fashionistas" learn from Courtnie &Toni ?
Toni: From me I just hope they learn the importance of not being afraid. Whatever you think is perfect for you rock it! With that being said though... My other huge Fashion Law is to not leave your house unless your prepared to rock it. If you feel like going out to Ultra and want to wear jeans, not do your make-up AND wear flats just stay home. "Your confidence naw go pull you through". The second you decide to put on jeans put on some heels and accessories to match. Fashion has to cover your whole body I don't go out just to be there, I wanna be seen... And someone is always looking.
Courtnie: Fashion-wise, the most important thing for me is to be comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, you won’t feel good and if you don’t feel good, you don’t look good. I also hate seeing girls in the club with their shoes off. It is the easiest way, in my opinion, to show that you are not about that hot girl life. If you can’t wear your heels throughout the night, just wear flats. You won’t look as tun up but you definitely look way worse with your damn shoes off.

You can Follow Courtnie & Toni on Instagram 
@courtnieluv and @jamaicangrades 

Visit their website at

Wiz Khalifa ‘Play Hard’ for Reggae Sumfest

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
For Immediate Release

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wiz Khalifa ‘Play Hard’ for Reggae Sumfest

Kingston, Jamaica: US Rapper and Black and Yellow hit maker Wiz Khalifa has been confirmed for the 2014 staging of Reggae Sumfest. With the date to the much anticipated show fast approaching, the organizers are pleased to announce Khalifa’s involvement as part of the 2014 staging, July 13th – 19th at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex.

The artiste will grace the stage on International Night 1 of Reggae Sumfest 2014, slated for Friday July 18th. Patrons can expect a high energy performance from the Young, Wild and Free Rapper with songs like On My Level, Remember You and We Dem Boyz from his upcoming Blacc Hollywood album.

Wiz Khalifa began to gain recognition in 2007 following the release of his album Show and Prove in 2006. Khalifa then followed up with the release of his second album Deal or No Deal in 2009 taking his career to higher heights.  The four-time Grammy nominated artiste quickly became a household name, and in 2011 was voted the Best New Artiste at the BET Awards as well as the Top New Artiste at the Billboard Music Awards. His first mainstream studio album, Rolling Papers, debuted at # 2 on the Billboard top 200 chart. In 2012 Khalifa released another strong album O.N.I.F.C. (Only Nigga In First Class) which like its predecessor also debuted at # 2 on the Billboard chart. The album included the platinum single, Work Hard, Play Hard.

Wiz Khalifa has steadily made a strong name for himself in the music industry and will be a welcome addition to what promises to be a stellar cast at the Greatest Reggae Show on Earth. Khalifa’s Sumfest performance will follow the release of We Dem Boyz, the first single released off his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood. Speaking with Billboard about We Dem Boyz, Wiz Kalifa made reference of the single being his biggest hit to date. “I like We Dem Boyz as the first single just ‘cause of the energy. I feel like it reaches so many audiences other than just a rap audience, sort of like how Black and Yellow was a big sports song. Just get everybody riled up, like more of an anthem,” Wiz Khalifa said. The album is set to be released later in 2014 and features Miley Cyrus, Adele and Juicy J.

In addition to Wiz Khalifa, Reggae Sumfest 2014 will feature Tessanne Chin, winner of NBC’s The Voice, along with Sanchez, Chronixx, Jah Cure, Zvuloon Dub System from Israel and much more.  Sponsors for this year’s festival include Digicel, Iberostar, Secrets, Pepsi, Jamaica Tourist Board, Gleaner and IRIE FM.
431 Words

For further information, please contact: Carlette DeLeon at 876.754.1526 or

Sunset Beach Resort & Spa Special

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Montego Bay is deemed as the Tourist capital of Jamaica so you will notice that it is designed to look like one of the better cities in the United States. The Buildings are more modern and the roads seem more like highways which is not common in Jamaica except at certain points if you decide to travel from Parish to Parish.  Montego Bay is known for its beautiful beaches and all Inclusive Hotels.

The formerly renovated Sunset Beach Resort & Spa is located in the beautiful Parish of Montego Bay Jamaica known as the "2nd City". This Hotel is located only 15 minutes from the Donald Sangster International Airport and is the ideal Island Get Away due to its location.

This All Inclusive Hotel features 288 rooms that are all well equipped with day to day necessities. Each room features one King Bed or 2 Double Beds and also include: Dressers, Satellite T.V, Full Baths, In Room Safe, Iron+ Ironing Boards, Coffee Makers and own Private Balconies.

Guests have the option of from choosing from these Rooms based on their Individual needs and Preferences:

Standard: This is the typical room and is great for people who love nature. If you opt for this room, you will get to view the beautiful garden and picturesque Jamaican mountains.

Ocean Front: These rooms are newly renovated and face the beach. If you've never experienced a Jamaican Sunset in real life , this is the perfect room for you.

Ocean View: These rooms are located in the Sunrise or Sunset Towers of the Hotel. Guests who opt for these rooms will get a view of the Montego Bay Marine Park and the Caribbean Sea.

One Bedroom Suite: These rooms feature a Living Room with an over sized and is great for families with 2 or more children.

Spring is the perfect time to plan your next Caribbean Getaway , all the trees and flowers are in full bloom and it is the perfect time to escape to the warmth of the Caribbean.

Special Deal

Sign up by clicking this link below and get a discount on your stay at the Hotel,-Spa-Waterpark?isPopup=true

This package includes Hotel and Airfare all for the low price of $1220usd and is a 7 day deal. This package is beneficial to those people who are looking to experience an Island getaway at a discounted price. Sunset Beach Resort and Spa is a 4.5 out of 5 Stars , which means the service you receive is second to none. Be sure to grab this special before time runs out.

Sign Up For More information at

UWI Guild Elections 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Hi Guys! If you are a past or current student at UWI , you know that Elections are a big deal! If you are not too keen on campus activities ... Elections usually take place around "Carnival Season" March/April.

Elections are taken very seriously, after all UWI is its own community with its own government.

Tips for Elections

1. Vote wisely: Do not vote for candidates based on popularity but rather what they can do for you in the long run.

2. Vote: This is so simple and easy , yet so many students opt out of it. If you choose not to vote at the Guild Elections you can always vote at the Hall Elections ( those are fun) As long as you are attached to a hall you can vote.

3. Listen to the Speeches: Back in my day (2011) These speeches were done in the Assembly Hall. This gives you a chance to know how each candidate does in front of a crowd. It also gives you a chance to put an actual face to a name.

4. Take it Easy: I've seen students get carried away with elections as if they are the Countrys' elections. There is no need for disputes , graffiti , rowdiness and so on .. just relax

Click HERE to get information on Elections 2014 and all other Campus Activities




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Do it Month : Haute People Talk Show?

Monday, March 17, 2014
Hi Guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ... mine was restful which I'm extremely thankful for. Now! with formalities out of the way, this month I did something else that I've always wanted to do .. Haute People is now on Blog Talk Radio! This was a fairly easy step, however it requires time and dedication.

These days I find that my time is limited as I've set so many goals for myself this year that I'm working on achieving. The talk show does not have a name or launch date, but I'm set up and ready to go and I have all my required equipment.

Please remember to try to "Do" something you've always wanted to do for this month. Subscribe to the Haute People Newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the box to the right.

Keep up with us!



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Haute People Partners with Canadian Based Company

Friday, March 14, 2014


KINGSTON, JAMAICA March 14 2014: Avid Readers of Jamaica’s Popular Lifestyle Blog “Haute people” will notice a change on March 19, 2014. Haute People have joined forces with Canadian Based Company, VacationsCanada. VacationsCanada is a top seller worldwide for luxury Cruise brands like Thomas Cooke Cruise Network and located in Oshawa,Canada and is the brain child idea of Kenroy Staine. The company has been in operation for over a year and has cited its success through Staine’s extensive experience and knowledge working in the Hospitality Industry for several years.

Kenroy Staine was born in Jamaica and moved to Canada in 2008 to be closer to his Wife and Family. Staine made the bold move to specialize in Air, Hotel & Cruise Travel which became one of the fastest growing niches in the Hospitality Industry. The approach he uses to serve his clients is to think like the client:I always want more information. I want to be able to make up my own mind. And I always want value. Even when people have the money, when they’re spending this much on a cruise they always want good value.” Vacations Canada is an agent for Fly Jamaica, so readers are able to book flights through them.

VacationsCanada will be partnering with Haute People to merge the Lifestyle of Canada and Jamaica by producing Entertaining in the Travel as well as to create a familiarity of the brand to the Caribbean Diaspora in Canada and Jamaica on a whole. Features on the Blog will be every Wednesday and will showcase a combination of Staine and Rhoden’s creativity.

Readers can expect engaging content on a weekly basis.

For Media and Accreditation please e-mail

Behind the Seams: Warrier Clothingline

Thursday, March 13, 2014
Behind the Seams is back for 2014 with a fresh new local brand called Warriers Clothingline. This brand was discovered on Facebook and I actually saw the creative genius behind the Brand at Corporate Mingle in February. Haute People had the chance to chat with Courtney Waugh from the Brand.
H.P: Tell us about your brand?
C.WWarriers Brand is a unique, different cool style of clothing that has its own unique look and style that even a customer can customize their own way on how they want it on their shirt.

H.P: When was Warriers Clothingline started?
C.W: In 2001... I came up with the idea to start this clothing line and I knew it had to be different from the rest of clothing line that was out there at the time.                               
H.P: What inspired you to start this brand?
C.W: Two things:There is a bible verse from Revelation Chapter 4 to Chapter 7 that speaks about the 7 seals even most of our reggae artist sing about it also, the meaning for the 7 seals is completion so god sends his angel to earth to complete a mission with the 7 seals he gave them, and how the logo started there is a tile that is at one of the Warriers Brand members house that have a unique letter W on it so I grew it from the tile an when I went home the logo was completed the same week.                                 

H.P: We notice your spelling is Warrier with an "e" is there a story there?
C.W: Yes, I was working at the time and I was late for work and I had to get the logo officially Done by a Graphic Artist and when she asked me about the spelling she was going to charge me extra to change it so I told her no let it stay because I already spelt it that way when I drew the logo. Now, when you Goggle the name its the first thing you likely will see come up.    

H.P: Finish the sentence .. I cannot live without my......
C.W: My ability to stay focused, real friends, the Warriers Brand, God, knowing where i'm coming from.  
H.P: Where can we find your clothing?
C.W: At this present moment I don't have a store so all the orders that I receive is delivered  or wherever they feel comfortable meeting up with me, it a wonderful feeling to see that when a customer get their shirt or merino the look on their face when they see it is priceless! I even pat myself on the shoulder for a job well Done so I'll do it any day.

Click Here to like Warrier Clothingline on Facebook

Do it Month: Healthy Lifestyle

Monday, March 10, 2014
It is officially Week 2 of "Do it Month" and I must say I have not been on point with the posts :-( All that will be explained in due time :-) I don't believe in diets, I believe in Lifestyle changes. I've always found it weird to see people wanting to lose weight for a particular occasion .... then go crazy with exercise ... eat food they hate only to gain the weight back. Why not just make up your mind to change your Lifestyle and life a healthier life?

For this month (and on wards) I've decided to eat healthier and exercise more. If you are reading this and you know me ... you know that I'm a skinny girl .. I've been that way all my life. That does not mean I'm healthy. I still would like to exercise for a healthy heart and eat better for a longer life :-) This will be a challenge because I hate exercising and I like food that is not the best for me. I looove Chinese Food , Pizza , Burger , Pastas, Lasagna, Chilli ( you get the picture ) anything that makes me feel gooood. This is another thing I will be doing for this month. If you are on a similar journey please share your story

Follow hautepeople on Twitter to follow my new journey.

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Do It Month : Driving the Distance

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Continuing with "Do it Month" , I decided to do another thing that I consider major which is driving out of town( Kingston) all my myself. I drive a standard car .. thats means It has gears , a stick-shift and a clutch that I have to work all by myself ( I'm pretty bad @$$) *not really*  Driving a standard car over long distances involves a lot of work!

My experience

When I hit the highway I was super scared, the road was moving faster than I was ... I was thinking to stop in the road ( bad idea) and hope somebody would see me and magically drive my car all the way for me What a silly idea. I changed into a higher gear and drove like a boss.. sure I was scared but again .. It's something I've always wanted to do then I finally made up my mind to do it. Ladies , especially I know driving can be quite daunting as we tend to worry about other vehicles on the road and all the bad things that can go wrong. My advice ... Just make up your mind and do it!

This might be silly to some but inspirational to others. Is there something you really want to do? Use this month to just go ahead and do it .. stop living your life in regret and wonder.

March is "Do It Month"

Monday, March 3, 2014
Hi Guyssssss! I feel like I haven't posted in forever! It's a new month and I've decided to launch a new series called "Do it Month". This simply means I will be doing things I want to do that I didn't get a chance to do because of whatever reason.

The first thing I did so far is to launch the Haute People Newsletter .. yay! I wanted to do this for the longest time but I kept putting it off thinking it would be hard. Guess what, It's not that hard. It does require time and dedication like anything else in life but I think it's a fun new way of engaging different readers. The focus of the newsletter will be a sort of a round-up of things that's happened/happening each month both locally and internationally.

I'm really hoping "Do it Month" will inspire at least one person to find the courage to do something you always wanted to do. To subscribe to the newsletter, simply enter your e-mail address in the section to the right of this page that says "Subscribe to our mailing list".

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