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Honoring Black History Month

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
The year was 1974 ... the 70's a time where it was all about rainbows, daisies, peace ,woodstock and Beverly Johnson. Beverly Johnson was the first African American Model to grace the covers of American Vogue. Vogue is a high profile Magazine and has seen stars of a fairer skin- tone on their covers.

Beverly Johnson came from a middle class family in Buffalo and aspired to become a Lawyer. She was an excellent swimmer and went on to study Political Science at Northeastern University when she decided to "try" her hand at modelling. Due to her striking beauty and height it was not long until she got her first assignment with Glamour Magazine. Johnson began working steadily as a model and went on the grace over 500 Magazine Covers. One faithful day in August , she went on a Test shoot for Vogue which was considered a more Elite Magazine and mainly featured models with fair skin and straight hair. Johnson's appearance on the Cover changed the idea of beauty which was more European. Many other Designers started using other African American models on their covers like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

This success in modelling was a foundation for a business empire which includes several books, cosmetics, hair, jewelry and clothing.

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Honoring Black History Month

Monday, February 17, 2014
February has always been an exciting time for me: 1. I was born on the 13th 2. Black History Month is in February 3. Reggae Month is in February. For this year I thought I would use this Blog as a Platform to shed some light on some of the not so talked about Black People in the "Lifestyle" field.

Madame C.J Walker 

Born Sarah Breedlove McWilliams Walker was a pioneer in revolutionizing the Hair and Cosmetics Industry for Black women. Madame Walker as she was affectionately called did not come from wealth. By the age of 14 she was married and had her only daughter in 1885. Just 2 years later her husband died and she had to move to St. Louis to join her four brothers who had established themselves as Barbers in the area. Madame Walker worked as a laundrywoman and managed to save enough money to get her daughter through school so she could be educated.

During the 1890's Walker began to suffer from a scalp disease which caused her to lose her hair. She then went in her kitchen and started experimenting with various home remedies formulated by entrepreneur Annie Malone with hopes that something would work so she could be free from embarrassment due to the state of her hair. In 1905 Madame Walker started working as a Sales Agent for Annie Malone where she learned about various formulas and marketing strategies until she went into business on her own. By then Madame Walker was now married and began selling her own formula called "Madame Walkers Wonderful Hair Grower" which was a scalp conditioning and healing formula.Some of her Marketing strategies involved: Sales Drives, Door to Door Selling and doing product demonstrations. Madame Walker went on to open a college in Pittsburg where she was able to train other hair enthusiasts. Eventually the business grew and she was able to employ over 3,000 employees. Walker went on to have her own line of cosmetics called "The Walker System" which focused on enhancing the beauty of Black skin. It was with hard work , relentless determination and an aggressive marketing strategy which lead Madame Walker to be the first self made Black Millionaire.

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Spring Trends 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Hi Guys! I know I'm far behind as it relates to Spring Trends but I personally like to know what to wear closer to actual spring rather than all the way in December when it's all about festivities. As you know, the world is experiencing this unique weather situation where It's snowing in places it didn't use to and all sorts of crazy things. For those people, I know you are anticipating the days when you get to wear a dress and sandals. Read Below for Spring Trends for 2014.

Pastels are Back ( Again ): Pastels seem to come back every year. My tip, keep one key Pastel piece that you love from the year before and make that be the center of outfits you create. Fashion like History repeats its self so it's important to make note of it.

Cropped Jackets: Crop tops were all the rage last year and it transferred to Jackets for 2014. This piece will be great if you are not keen on baring skin and is looking for more of a polished look. The great thing is that it can be dressed up or down. If you live in a Tropical country like myself please, please chose a fabric that is conducive to your climate. Stay away from Leather!

Wide Leg Trousers: Some of us in Jamaica say "Big Foot Pants". I love these! Even though I'm short, they make me look kinda tall and lean when I wear them with a pair of pointy toe-shoes. If you plan on wearing this trend, be sure to do so with a more fitted top or one of those cocoon type crop tops. If worn with a loose top, this can make you look boxy.

Bomber Jackets: Think all the way back to Grease with the "Pink Ladies". This is a really cool , casual and effortless look ( if worn correctly)

Tea Length Dresses/Skirts: The Tea length trend dates back to the 50's where it was all about being feminine yet modest. These Dresses and Skirts fall just a few inches above the ankle.

When wearing Trends, be sure to choose the ones that are specific to your body type. Just because something is trending doesn't mean its right for you. Remember to always have confidence when you step out in these trends.

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My Birthday Wishlist 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Hi Guys! My Birthday is on February 13th!! And yes I'm one of those "crazy birthday people" ... I can't help it I'm an Aquarian :-) I thought I'd share my wish list for this year with you guys.

Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Tote: I've liked Michael Kors ever since he made his appearance on Project Runway ...I'm not one of those girls who are just discovering his brand and has made a phenomenon out of his designs. I've been a fan since day one. With that being said .. I think this tote is a great everyday bag because It's big enough to through all my necessities in and it would make a great travel bag. I like that this camel color can be worn with everything.

A Nice Wallet: I've had my wallet for over 7 years!! Wow! saying that out loud (typing) makes it hard to believe. I got it in the last year of 6th form and I had no idea it was real leather and that it would last so long. The zipper where the coins go fell out a few years back and all the card spaces are filled. I would like one that can store coins and has a lot of slots for cards. Here is my wish WALLET.

A Silver Watch: I have 2 nice gold watches but I would like a Silver one. I find that Silver does nothing for me but I see where it would go with certain outfits instead of that gold one. I hate those flimsy girly looking watches and I prefer the Big Face Watches like THIS ONE

J'Adore Dior Perfume: Believe it or not .. I don't wear Perfume. But! I got like 3 samples of this perfume in my Christmas Magazines and It smells really fancy, fashionable and mature working single ladylike ... Long description but that's what I get from it. Besides, Charlize Theron sold the perfume in that commercial.

Phone: I am in need of a phone ... right now I'm rocking my faithful "Nokiberry" ( If you knew me in University you would know it ) Anyway , my BB went down sometime last year and I really did not think I should buy a "Rent Money" type phone because to me a phone is a phone. However! I see where its kinda necessary based on my job

These are the 4 major things on my Birthday Wishlist for this year

What NOT TO Give for Valentines Day Gifts

Monday, February 3, 2014
Hi Guys! Happy Monday to you. We are in the best month ever! My Birthday will be on the 13th sooo gifts are in order I really enjoy doing these types of posts in reverse. Below are the things to NOT give as gifts on Valentines Day.

Sex: I know this might be a shocker on this Blog... but seriously! Why would anyone give that as a gift on Valentines Day? If you are in a relationship, that's a given. In my opinion ... that's a cheap shot and a way of saying "I'm too cheap to get you anything, so I'll just give you this". Don't get me wrong there are situations where that's applicable like in long distance relationships or for busy couples .. but I'm talking about regular couples who see each other on a regular basis.

Small Appliances: Again, this depends on the person. If you are a home-maker, these gifts are fine. But what young girl would want an electronic mixer on Valentines Day?! Not me! Being too practical is the quickest way to kill the romance. Maybe it is a way of telling your significant other its time to start cooking some meals .. but why not just tell them? Why pick Valentines Day to give a small appliance?

A Tie: Ladies don't do it! The last thing a guy would want on Valentines Day is a Tie. Ties can be found everywhere and not much thought goes into it. If your guy is a C.E.O and he wears a Tie everyday then maybe .. but be sure to give something else with that Tie.

An Over-Sized Stuffed Animal: I don't know about anybody else but a stuff animal reminds me of my childhood. That is the point of this gift why It's a bad idea... it could be for anybody, even a child. Where does one store this stuffed animal anyway? Quite often this gets stuffed somewhere all the unwanted things end up .. like on top of the closet, under the bed ... in the garbage.

Assorted Chocolates: This should have been number one based on my little impromptu survey. Not only do these taste bad .. but seriously? These to me are like the "National Valentines Day Gift", they are so cliche' and who wants Diabetes on Valentines Day?

Bonus: NOTHING! Guys! If you are not the lovey dovey type, the least you can do is give your lady something to make her feel special on that one day. That's like an entire year to save to get her something really nice ... after all she took your crap all throughout the last year.

Love should not ONLY be celebrated on Valentines Day but everyday. I implore you all to not get crazy on the 14th, ensure that you are "protected" in your adventures for that day :-)

What is the worst gift you ever got/given on Valentines Day?

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This "Blogging Business"

Saturday, February 1, 2014
Hi Guys! Happy Saturday. If you are an avid reader of my Blog, you would have realized that my posts have been sparse. I was addicted to Blogging which is why I blogged everyday in 2012-2013. Then in 2013 I started getting opportunities because of my Blog. This caused a shift of focus because I was now working on "Projects" with various companies local and international and it caused the entire tone of the Blog to change. It became more of a business and the voice became more serious. This year my goal is to get back to the good old ways of Haute People where the posts were more authentic and that people could relate to.

I thank all the people who had constructive criticisms ... I heard them and I'm doing what you asked because If it wasn't for you all reading ... I would not have these opportunities.

I will also try to focus on Jamaica as a whole for this year however this will be a challenge as I find that my people are not receptive of the whole "Blogging Business" and are really tight lipped with their information. The ones I do get to participate are the ones who have studied abroad or ones who have had the chance to do some travelling and see that there is life outside Jamaica. This might sound harsh to some but It's the truth. With that being said ..... Jamaica I need your participation to make Haute People the best Lifestyle Blog in Jamaica. I have sooo many new ideas and they will all be expressed here!