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Blogmas Day 25 : Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014



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Kim & Kanye West for Balmain 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


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Blogmas Day 23 : Best Costume Jewelry For the Season

Only 2 more days left of Blogmas :-) It's kinda bittersweet but alas! We will go on. As you can  already tell by the topic .. we will be talking about the best Costume Jewelry for the Season! Costume Jewelry is great for the Season and also because Trends change so quickly.

Multi-Colored Gem Statement Necklace 

Beaded Fabric Bib Necklace

Crystal Cuff

Cluster Statement  Ring


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Blogmas Day 22 : The Vajacent Trend

Monday, December 22, 2014
According to Urban Dictionary , Vaj : "Another way of saying Vagina". Two angles are adjacent when they have a common side and a common vertex ( center point ) but never meet. Where am I going with this introduction? Well , if you've been paying attention to the latest Trend on the Red Carpet , Runways and here in Jamaica .. you would have noticed slits that go all the way to the Vaj ...see what I did there? This new trend has been coined by the Fashion Editors over at Elle Magazine which they predict will go into the new year.

Ever since Kendal Jenner a.k.a Kendall stepped out in her white Fausto Puglisi dress at the MuchMusic Awards , there has been various re-creations of this hot new daring trend. The then 18 year old reality star teen donned the long sleeve embellished number with confidence and exposed pelvis Bone.

Tips for Wearing this Trend 

Confidence goes a long way! If you are planning to wear this trend , once you have that Dress or Jumpsuit on .. ensure you feel good and is not constantly tugging on the sides. This makes it extremely obvious that you are no confident. If you find your self constantly tugging or looking down ... don't wear it! Another touchy issue is that of the type of underwear and also that of shaving ( we get real on this Blog ) Ladies! Ensure your grass is moved to perfection! Jamaica is an Island with various breezes ... Imagine the North East Trade blowing in .. then out of nowhere comes a Photographer.. then snap! That un-mowed lawn suddenly pops up on Facebook or wherever for all to see ... No Bueno

Disposable Underwear - Purchased from Golden Closet in Kingston Jamaica $1,050 
As living breathing females there are certain lubrication that  happens down south ... unless you are at there age where it's a dry spell ( if you know what I mean ) You need to wear underwear ... sure in the Picture Kendall looks like she's not wearing any .. and maybe she's really not . The kind of underwear you need for this dress is a Disposable one. You can get this at most Lingerie stores in Jamaica or on sites like Amazon or Ebay and so on.

Will you be wearing this trend?


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Blogmas Day 21 : How to Entertain like a Boss

Sunday, December 21, 2014
We are almost at the and of Blogmas ... I know I'm excited as it was a challenge to write a post for 25 days straight! Today I will telling all you ambitions , talented cookists how to entertain at your parties like a boss.

Your job as the host is to ensure all your guests are comfortable and to facilitate socially networking ( not really) but just as a formality. Be sure to tell your guests the type of party it will be so they will dress accordingly and know whether or not to bring something. Invited guests it is your job to not show up with with two long hands as we say here in Jamaica if you are supposed to contribute to this party. One thing I hate about most parties is that the bathroom situation is never right. It is important that your Bathroom has these few essentials:

Paper Hand Towers: The regular towels are just gross if there will be a number of people wiping their hands in it.
- Liquid Soap in a Pump: Please make sure there is actual Soap in this pump so that guests are not pumping air. The Bar Soap is not recommended for hygienic reasons.
Extra Toilet Paper: If it's my party I would put a sign on that door that says "No #2" but that's not a good guest. Soo, I will just say ensure you have extra toilet paper as I'm assuming that at these events people usually eat the Toilet Paper since it always goes missing.
- Air Freshner Spray: Lordt! You all know why you need this so I won't event tell you ...get your spay to get it right.

Another important thing you need is a music .. if its a classy uptown party of course you won't play the likes of Alkaline. Of course you can't have a party without food , most people will opt for Hors D'Oeurves since they are bite size pieces and relatively inexpensive.

My final tip above all else is to ensure your house/space is clean! There are some people who like having people over and hate cleaning ( if you know what I means ) Unless you are one of those weird people on Hoarding: Buried Alive .. CLEAN !!! These are quick tips I hope will help you for your parties during this festive season.


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Blogmas Day 20 : How to be a Fashionable Man for the Holidays

Saturday, December 20, 2014
The harsh reality is that the typical male cares zero about how to Mix Prints or tries to figure out if the Belt is supposed to match with socks or should I wear a Tie or Bow-Tie. This post is to guide that Typical man on how to look Fashionable for the Holidays. In today's society, there is a special species of men that are Fashion Forward. Today, we will be sharing tips on how to be a well dressed man for the Holidays.

There is one thing that all well dressed men have in common and that is confidence. It takes a serious amount of confidence to wear Leopard Print Pants with a Floral Blazer. Aside from confidence, there are a few key pieces every well dressed male needs as a part of his Wardrobe: A Leather Belt, A Blazer, A Suit , Dress Socks , A Dress Shirt and a Tie. These pieces should be either 1 basic color or a stand-out piece so that they can easily be mixed and matched.

Men often get discouraged when they hear these things as they feel "Oh No I will have to go Shopping". There are stores like Lee's Fifth Avenue in Jamaica that offer a selection of the items named above and if you are looking for a variety of items you should definitely check out Paul Frederick. This is an online Boutique that offers a wide selection of Dress Shirts , Ties , Suits , Sport Coats , Pants , Sweaters and so much more to fill your closet.

Holiday Styling Guide

In order to guide you to look your best for this Festive Season , I've come up with a Trendy Look.

I like the color of this Blazer as I feel it's subtle enough to go with just about anything. The Dress Shirt is white and will compliment the Grey really nicely and will be great to mix and match with a number of outfits. The Tie is a great deal as you might not want to wear it with the Blazer , but it's great with other outfits. The belt selected is a standard Brown Belt ... which is necessary to hold your pants at your waist! And finally the shoes ... you can't be wrong with Velvet Loafers. Ensure you wear socks with those Shoes and if you don't remember to Lotion your feet!

Check out Paul Frederick for quality Menswear


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Blogmas Day 19 : How NOT go go broke AFTER the Holidays

Friday, December 19, 2014
Tis less than a week to Christmas and all about the town ... people are scurrying about ... spending up all that cash! People tend to go crazy during this time of year over spending and getting all crazy. By the time it reaches December 31,2014 most people are broke and wonder where all the money went. If you are looking to go into the New Year with dough, follow the tips below.

Only buy what you NEED: Unless you got a million dollar bonus , there is no need to go to every store and participate in every Sale. Focus on key items you need to update your home and wardrobe, and only gifts for essential people.

Make Purchases after Christmas: Most companies will hike up their prices and tell you it's a deal...But! If you purchase items after Christmas it will be significantly cheaper just because they are clearing out their stock for the new year.

Plan in Advance: There are so many saving options where you will have enough cash by the end of the year. There is the popular Partna Plan here in Jamaica .. Banks have various goal oriented savings options so it's important to check those out.

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Blogmas Day 18 : Street Style , Taylor Swift

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Blogmas Day 18 is off to a late start! Have no fear!! Swifties will appreciate this post as I bring you Street Style courtesy of Taylor Swift.

December 15,2014

December 12 , 2014

December 8,2014

December 17, 2014

November 13, 2014

October 28, 2014

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

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Blogmas Day 17 : Christmas on a Budget

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
It;s really sad that during this festive season , not everyone will be able to afford to re-paint their houses , buy nice sheets or will even have a lavish Christmas Dinner. Let me start by saying this is not the end all or be all of your life so relax while I give tips on how to make the most this season a a budget.

Breathe: Christmas only comes once a year .. it is no different than other day except it's the time they said Jesus was born . If you don't have it to spend .. you just dont. Please don't stress your self on the things you don't have or looking at what your friends are buying. Just Breathe and you will be fine.

Find Alternatives: There is always a dupe of just about any product on the market ... even on Christmas Trees. You might look on Instagram and see people with huge Christmas Trees and you can only afford a mini Tree. All you have to do is get your Tree , get some inexpensive decorations and make it a center piece.

DIY Gifts: No money to buy gifts? No Problem! You have two hands don't you. Visit sites like Pinterest , Youtube or P.S I made this and make your very own gifts.

Buy in Bulk: Instead of trying to prepare a Christmas Dinner all by yourself , ask friends and family to bring items to prepare. This will save you a lot of money ( and time )

I hope you all have a Productive, Festive and well rested Holiday Season

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From Hard-Times To Haute Times

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Emerging from the catwalks of the Houston, Texas fashion scene is a soft-spoken entrepreneur of fashion, with bold statements on style and culture. Kimma Wreh is the creative mind behind TeKay Designs. As the Head Designer of the couture fashion label, Kimma specializes in creating non-traditional and multi-cultural bridal and formal wear for men, women and children. The fashions are  a mix of ethnic and contemporary designs. Wreh is from the country of Liberia and is a naturalized US citizen. As a first generation immigrant, Kimma Wreh is an example of the type of persons the United States has always welcomed to it's borders. Recent comments by President Obama explain the policy our nation has taken towards immigrants.

 "For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations. It's kept us youthful, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. It has shaped our character as a people with limitless possibilities.--President Barack Obama (Nov, 2014 Statement on Immigration Policy).

On the heels of New York Fashion Week 2014 where Wreh's gowns were previewed, the fashion label showcased two new collections during the Houston Fashion Week 2014 events that led to Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs being awarded "Best Couture Designer" for the "Crown Collection" of formal gowns and "Best Bridal Designer" title for the "Queen of the Brides" gown collection. Wreh also won "Fashion Designer of the Year Award" from the Ward Educational Foundation; (A non-profit organization with a school for girls in Liberia). The Houston Fashion awards acknowleged Wreh's consistent contributions to philanthropic causes. Moreover, Kimma was awarded "2014 Top Designer of the Year" award by D-Mars Black Lifestyle Magazine. As an added recognition. Wreh received the Rising Star nomination from Fashion Group International, New York in the Accessories Category title. In 2014, R&B singer-songwriter Angie Stone, Chante Moore, and TV news anchor Deborah Duncan of "Great Day Houston" have worn TeKay Design's statement  necklaces. These celebrities joined the ranks of tennis superstar Serena Williams, actress Ashley Rickards and Busy Phillips by wearing TeKay Designs.

Earning many accolades and celebrity endorsements throughout 2014, it appears Kimma Wreh is on easy street. 
"2014 has certainly been a breakout year for me. It's been very busy and exciting. It appears my hard work is beginning to pay off." explains Kimma. "It has certainly been a life of struggle for me. My humble beginnings started in my home country of Liberia where I lived a normal life until a series of military coups during the 1980's. My father was a government offical and my family had to flee our home in 1986 because the militants were causing atrocities throughout the country. These were the darkest days of my life. My family lived in fear for months. My parents were able to help me flee the country for a better life in the United States. When I arrived in the US, all I had was $100 and a small suitcase.  It was a blessing to enroll in college at Howard University, however it was challenging. I successfully completed a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Howard University. I later earned my master's degree in Business Administration from LeTourneau University. During my tenure at Howard, I began creating stylish African fashions for my personal wardrobe. After receiving numerous complements and request for custom dresses, I decided to start my business with my sister. Although my sister and I began working separate businesses, we occasionally collaborate on projects. TeKay Designs has been in operation for over 16 years now, and it's truly been a love of labor. The challenges with being a single mother and startup business gets to be hectic and exhausting. I must divide my attention between my kids, the computer, calls and meetings with customers, suppliers, event promoters, seamstresses and fit models in the same moments. Dispite the challenges, I feel blessed to have achieved what I have."  
Kimma Wreh's fashion ideas exemplifies the entrepreneurial drive that is all-American. TeKay introduces new cultural designs, fabrics and embroidery into it's gown collection and brings forth advanced sewing techniques, beading, ornamentations and cultural education. With each season the gowns spark dynamic thought and dialogue about culture and design that is always interesting. Culture and style is TeKay Design's aesthetic signature and philanthropy is always an agenda for Kimma.

TeKay Designs has participated in various charitable causes and social endeavors aimed at uplifting the lives of women who are disabled or disadvantaged. Wreh's recent initiative is making gowns for wheelchair bound women.  Her recent encounter with Mrs. Deborah Grayson Carpenter, former contestant for Ms. Wheelchair Texas Pageant and Ambassador for the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, is an example of Kimma's generosity.
 "I was touched by Deborah's story and positive outlook on life.  I created a couture gown, veil and headpiece for Deborah because I wanted her to feel glamourous during the fashion show, despite her spinal cord injury.  It was amazing to see her on the runway. Deborah is the first person in a wheelchair to wear a TeKay Designs gown".
The Crown Collection is a line of pageant gowns that positions the TeKay brand within a network of pageant queens who are ambassadors to philanthropic causes. Kimma believes in giving back. Some of the African inspired gowns produced by TeKay are created in Ghana, Africa. Skilled seamstresses and embroiderers work to produce dresses and men's attire for an entire bridal party. TeKay outsources work opportunities for women to create elaborate couture gowns for brides who want culturally themed ceremonies. It's important to give back!" explains Kimma, "I feel good about creating jobs for women in Africa. However, the current Ebola epidemic appears to be a distraction for many West African countries. Africans have been stigmatized by this deadly virus and it has effected doing business in West Africa. Although I've not returned to Liberia in over a decade, I'm stigmatized because I'm Liberian... I am Liberian, not a virus! Ebola hysteria and stigmatization has inspired me to begin plans to work on a fundraising event to help provide medical supplies to help combat the Ebola virus --while celebrating African culture. Fashion events are an excellent way to promote the creativity and culture of Africa." states Kimma. 

African fashions are still on the rise across the world. Consultancy Africa Intelligence (, is a South African based research firm that has recorded 16 major fashion shows in Africa during 2011. There are several international fashion events which serve African-based designers as a platform to showcase their work. Moreover, new trends and labels are promoted on websites, in fashion magazines like the Nigeria based Arise Magazine. African inspired dresses are being created in every city by cosmopolitan designers like Kimma Wreh who are reshaping the image of Africa one garment at a time.



MEDIA RELATIONS:Macintosh Smith  

P.O. Box 692454
Houston, TX 77269

Blogmas Day 16 : Best Places for Christmas Stuff in Jamaica

Welcome to Blogmas Day 16!!

Christmas is just 9 days away! With that being said ... we've come up with a list of places to get those last minute gifts, decorations & things for the home.

Mega Mart: The great thing about Megamart ( Kingston ) is that they open 24 hours!! Yes there is always still a line but it's convenient. They also carry a wide range of items and a wide range of brands so you have plenty options. For even better deals, sign up for a Megamart Card and you won't have to pay full price on most items.

Christmas Ornaments at Megamart Kingston

Azans: Another giant in the retail/wholesale type business. We have to admit there could not be a list and not have Azans on it. Just last week the Half Way Tree branch was having a crazy side walk sale where they had good quality curtains for $500 JMD!! You can get household items , decorations , and other bits and pieces here. I would say the Crossroads branch has a wider selections of items. Be sure to check them out on Facebook for discounts & deals. They are open on Sunday Dec 21 , 2014 so check them out!!

Fontana Pharmacy: Fontana Pharmacy have stepped up their game! They are fully social media friendly and have incorporated Discount Cards and a Website quite similar to CVS or Walgreens overseas. They have a wide selection of Gifts , Decorations , Health & Beauty Products and an amazing Gift Wrap service. If you are looking for the Frozen Toys .. you can find it there.

Woolworth: With a slogna that says "it's well worth it" I can say you won't be disappointed when you go to this place. My only little issue is that they could use an additional Cashier at Christmas time since they are always so crowded which is both bad and good. The great thing about Woolworth is that they've been around for so long and they know how to do the Holidays right in terms of pricing and products.

What are some of the place you like to shop for the Holidays in Jamaica?


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Blogmas Day 15 : 3 Places to Never Buy Make-up Online

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hello Blogmas Day 15!!

As you all know by now , we are in fact living in a Digital Age everything is Online. Below are some of the places to never buy Make-Up Online. 
Make-Up is something that when used on the skin must be seamless.  Buying the wrong shade can totally throw off your look especially if its from a brand you've never  tried before. Based on a quick survey I did with my friends on Facebook and of course research , here area few places you should never buy Make-Up from Online.
1. Sammy Dress: By now you must know how i feel about this website. I’m not being mean or throwing this company under the bus , but! I tried them in all the categories they offer and the results have always been bad. First- Off , the picture is nothing like it seems when you receive the actual product in hand. Also, the texture is completely off , It might be due to the climate and the length of the journey. When you get your product , you will find that it’s oily . There are a few of these products that Sammy Dress dupes , so i’m thinking they use cheap ingredients which is why the product is not the way its suppose to be.
2.  This store is great for Clothing , Shoes and Accessories for $10 or less. As it relates to Make-Up … Not so much. They have an overload of Kleancolor items and Nyx and other un-named brands. The interesting thing about their make-up is that they mainly have Nail-Polishes.
In my opinion, they should change their heading from Make-up to Cosmetics to Miscellaneous. The selection is also not that great as it relates to color. The items they have are not “trendy” as there are a lot of brightly colored items that would be great for Halloween or some sort of Costume Party , but not for everyday wear.
3. Covergirl: I know this might come as a shock to some people , but believe me sometimes big name companies have bad products. The thing about Covergirl is that it has been around for awhile and comes with a lot of hype. The thing that makes them one of the worst places on this list is that the Make-Up on the website is not true to shade. Please also consider that the resolution of a picture will differ for each computer . I made a purchase  just 3 weeks ago from the Queen Collection line and was greatly disappointed when I received the actual product. It does not match my shade. In these hard times I have a product just sitting on my dresser that I can’t use. I must give Covergirl kudos for their Style Lab where you get to virtually try on anything . But It needs a bit more tweaking to match shades for individuals of different ethnicity.
When purchasing Make-Up Online , It is important to find out whether or not the company is not only reputable , but also that the Product is True to Shade
What is the Worst Place you’ve ever bought Make-Up from Online?
Check out for shopping tips, deals & discounts for the Jamaican Online Shopper

Miss South Africa is Miss World 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014
The coveted Miss World title went to 22 year old Rolene Strauss from South Africa. 2nd Place was Edina Kulcsar , Miss Hungary while Elizabeth Safrit from USA came in third.

The 2014 Miss World Contestants

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Blogmas Day 14: Gifts for a Shoe Lover

Good Day Blogmas Day 14!!! The Miss World Pageant was on this morning and I must admit it was kinda boring but! If you have that one person who is obsessed with shoes and have no idea what to give them for Christmas ... below are a few things to consider.

Personalised Shoe Gifts: This can be Mugs , Tumblers , Key Rings , Candles ... anything that has shoes on it , they will love. I found some cute shoes related gifts at that you can check out.

Dr. Scholls Products: Dr. Scholls is like the shoe whisperer of the Shoe Industry. There are products for just about anyone , even if you have medical complications that prevent you from wearing heels. A great recommendation is the Dr Scholl's DreamWalk High Heel Insoles. This is great if you wear heels all day ... they ease the pain and make you feel like you are walking on air. They are available at most Pharmacies across Jamaica.

A Foot Spa: Not a conventional gift ... but in a way it's one of those gifts that keep on giving. If you really think about it ... there are certain show styles where your heels or toes will be exposed and nobody wants to have jacked up feet on display.

Shoes: Duh! If you have no idea what to buy .. find out if the store has gift cards and you can give them that to go crazy and get whatever they like.

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Blogmas Day 13: A Rare Gem

Saturday, December 13, 2014
If you are looking for a December to remember then book a trip to Tanzania to discover tanzanite. The precious gemstone that is indigenous to Tanzania was named after the country in the late 1960's by Tiffany & Co.

Now an official birthstone for December, tanzanite exudes blue, violet and flashes of burgundy colors. Either blue or violet can be the dominant color depending on the carat weight and shape of the stone. In natural sunlight it has an amazing translucent hue unlike any other colored gem.

It is not uncommon for people to buy large loose stones for investment as it is said that the tanzanite mines will be depleted in the next decade or so. It is believed that stones are being sold from USD $1,500 to $3,000 per carat outside of the Caribbean market.

Tanzanite is popularly set in sterling silver or white gold. Australian opal, diamonds and white sapphire are a compliment to its trichoric dance.

Can't afford the flight? Then get some tanzanite jewelry as Christmas stocking stuffers.

Where to Buy:
Gem Palace - Ocho Rios

Tanzanite International - Ocho Rios, Falmouth

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Blogmas Day 12: Fun Things to do on Friday

Friday, December 12, 2014
T.G.I.F!! I thought Friday would never come ( for real ) There are so many things to be grateful for at the end of each work week. Below are a few fun things to do:

Get up a bit later

By Friday my body cannot get out of that Bed! I set my alarm 20 minutes later but prepare all my stuff from the night before so all I have to do is get ready , get food and head out.

Dress Up a Little

Whether you work from home or go to a 9-5 Fridays are always great for dressing up a little. Add some color , texture and a fun handbag.

Treat yourself to Lunch

Throughout the week most people will take lunch from home or just grab whatever is available. How about a nice serving of Curried Shrimp or Pasta to nice up your day?

Have a Drink

You can find Happy Hour at almost any Restaurant on a Friday. Link with some friends and grab some drinks!! I do not recommend drinking on the job as this might not be protocol.

What do you do to make your Friday Fun?

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Blogmas Day 11: It’s Christmas Season-Time for a break up?

Thursday, December 11, 2014
I have not done an official study; or even an informal poll, but from observations over the years I have concluded that the Christmas season is not too good to some relationships. I sum it up to just two weeks or more before Christmas, many persons call quit on their relationships. From personal informal analysis, persons break –up during this time for these top three (3) reasons.

3) Does he/she Worth This Expensive gift?

This is a season of giving and receiving gifts. You find your self shopping for your significant other’s Christmas gift; you’re examining the quality after considering that he/she will love this item! Then BOOM! You see the price and suddenly you’re wondering if the relationship is worth this much money.
Sounds shallow? Hear me out. Wouldn’t this be a good time to think about the quality of your relationship, before spending big money on someone who won’t be around for much longer?
So; coming in at number 3, is breaking up because you realize your significant other is not worthy of all this spending on gifts.

2). Is This Person Qualified Enough to Meet the Parents?

It’s also the seasons for traveling to visit family members you have not seen since last Christmas. The family misses you. While you’re making plans for this trip, you start to wonder if your significant other is qualified enough to meet the parents and extended family.
After careful examination of where the relationship is and where it is coming from; your eyes finally open to the fact that the person you are with, is not someone you want your family to meet. There you have my number 2 reason for breakup.

1) New Year, New Beginnings

New Year resolutions are upon us. Reflections on the quality of our lives are not new to us. Making new plans for the New Year to improve our lives is on its way full speed. You come to the thoughts on your relationship. The idea of having this boyfriend/girlfriend holding you back from experiencing bigger and better things, because your relationship for a very long time has become dead weight.
This is my number 1 reason why break-ups happen during this festive season. The New Year usually means new beginnings, a fresh start to make your life happier. Naturally if your relationship is broken, this is the season your eyes become open to recognizing your relationship it not working.
Hey, I am aware that this time of year can be a very happy time for some relationships too! People are getting engaged, festivities make you happy and you spend more time with each other over the holidays etc. But, I won’t overlook that the singles market will get bigger this Christmas festive season.  

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