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Papa San is Back!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ever since his days on the secular stage, Tyrone “Papa San” Thompson has had a heart for music and the less fortunate.  On Saturday he teams up with local charity The Rescue Package Foundation to twin two loves – philanthropy and music as headliner for Liberation 2013: The “One Blood” Album Launch at the Jamaica College Auditorium, Kingston.

Collab Filled Frenzy
With anticipation for the project growing globally, Jamaicans will be the first to sample the collab-only disc. Featuring tracks from gospel heavy hitters Israel Houghton, Da T.R.U.T.H Fred Hammond and Grammy award winning rapper Lecrae, he also hits notes with fellow Jamaicans Stitchie and DJ Nicholas. The 13 track project showcases Papa San’s versatility like never before. With his unforgettable hooks and mile-a-minute raps the music offered is fresh, inspiring and sure to please even his very picky Jamaicans.

5th Times the Charm
It’s not uncommon for Rev. Papa San to put his homeland first. Since migration he’s blazed the trail for gospel, becoming the first Caribbean gospel artiste to hit the Billboard charts and consequently the first to win a stellar award (gospel’s version of the Grammy). Now going by the name Papa Son (his new moniker from his 2011 album “My Story”), he’s had success in his pastoral ministry as Senior Pastor for Our Father’s Kingdom Ministries in Florida. However timing and schedules kept him from Liberation.

“For years we’ve wanted Papa San to be part of Liberation but due his very hectic schedule we waited. After learning more about our aim and our projects he decided to partner with us to help us meet our targets. Nothing happens before its time and the fifth staging of Liberation will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced”, says Dania-Kaye Kirkland, Marketing and Public Relations Officer for The Rescue Package Foundation.

The 5th staging also features other gospel acts KeviDownswell, Ryan MarkOmari, Dunamis, Goddy Goddy & Denise Wright all backed by On ThShout Band. The event begins at 6:00 p.m., this Saturday November 2 at the Jamaica College Auditorium, 189 Old Hope Road, Kingston. All proceeds will go to the DuPoint Primary School Book Project and other charity projects.


About the Rescue Package Foundation – 

The RPF is a 9 year old not for profit organization registered in Jamaica and primarily works with children currently in their early childhood. The primary focus of the Foundation is to provide a stable environment where the children have warm meals and a stable nurturing learning environment.

Celeb Spotting at Rip the Strip

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Montego Bay, Jamaica, October 29, 2013 - Renowned as an exclusive jaunt for celebrities and the region’s movers and shakers, the OCEAN Style Fashion Showcase Weekend, will this year be adding an event that extends an invitation to the wider Montego Bay through its inaugural hosting of Rip the Strip.
Rip the Strip will take place on Thursday October 31, 2013 from 8pm – 12 am at the Old Hospital Park on Montego Bay’s Hip Strip. It will be an explosive fusion of a first class fashion show, great live performances, including dancehall Diva Tifa who will grace the stage as one of the guest artistes and the turntables will be powered by DJ Kentucky and ZJ the Strip.

To top it off, Hollywood celebrities Vivica Fox, Antony Anderson and Omar Benson have all agreed to come into Jamaica a day early to be a part of this event. 

Douglas Gordon, Editor-In-Chief, OCEAN Style noted that, “Montego Bay has been good to us for the last five years and we are delighted to partner with the St. James Parish Council to add this exciting component to the annual event. Rip The Strip provides us with an opportunity to give back to the community and we are delighted to use this platform to try and assist the Barrett Town All-Age School.”

Underling the hype and excitement of this event is an altruistic purpose with all the door proceeds going toward the construction of a library at the Barrett Town All Age School.

Entrance to the event is a mere $200. Tickets are available at Digicel - Fairview, St. James Street & West Gate, David & Subs Outfitters, In Style Jewellery, Bay West and D& G Micro Tech in Falmouth.

OCEAN Style produces OCEAN Style TV and OCEAN Style Magazine with a mission of using television, print and web, to show the world the rich, fabulous, and engaging Caribbean life. OCEAN Style TV is a 30-minute show comprised of a worldly mix of travel adventures, runway showcases, event and fine living features. The show is broadcast to 28 islands, 3 continents and over 85 million households across a number of different markets that include the U.S., Caribbean, Europe and North Africa. OCEAN Style Magazine blends the finest in fashion, beauty, food, luxury travel and entertainment with engaging features and profiles of designers, artists, taste makers, and celebrities to showcase the good life in the Caribbean.

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Optimum 6-IN-1 Miracle Oil

Monday, October 28, 2013
Hi Guys! Today i would like to share with you a product I've been using in September since my 2nd Blog Anniversary. Soft Sheen Carson was a sponsor of the event and they went hard with the Goody Bags! Thank You Soft sheen Carson and to all of my guests who have not received their bags they are still here waiting for you :-) One of the items in the Goody Bag was the Optimum 6 -IN-1 Miracle Oil .

Pic 1: Sample size ( given away at 2nd Anniversary Event ) Pics 2-3  Full Size of the Product : Can be found at Beauty Supply Stores Island wide and Megamart

As the name suggests , this little bottle of heaven contains 6 Oils and 6 Uses

Oils                                        Uses
- Argan                                 Hot Oil Treatment
-Coconut                              Daily Leave-in Conditioner
-SunFlower                           Moisturizing Scalp Oil  
-Apricot                                Conditions Braids , Loc & Extension
-Jojoba                                 All Day Frizz Control
-Avocado                              Dry Skin Hydrator

As you can see these 6 "amazing" oils can be used for Hair, Scalp and Skin. It is also very light and has no Build Up therefore it can be used daily. It contains No Silicone , Mineral Oil or Parabens. Can be used on all Hair-types.

My Thoughts

As it relates to any hair product I'm a big skeptic, they all boast all the great things they can do and they are usually beautifully packaged with all the bells and whistles. This product is a pleasant surprise! I'm in my awkward transition stage where I'm trying to get my hair to be completely natural not for any grand reason in life, just that I'm interested to see how much it will grow. I'm a proud weave wearer and at this stage its hard to find one product that does not cost an arm and a leg to work with your natural hair and weave. Girls ! You will love this ... i would describe the texture as oily because of its liquid form but its not messy and looks like you rubbed grease in your hair.

On your weave all you need is about a pea size amount and that's still too much! Focus this on the ends of the hair and rub the remainder on your leave out , around your edges and throughout the rest of the hair. It brings that hair to life !  For my natural hair ( the braided portion under the weave) i use it as a hot oil treatment by putting in in warm water, then using one of those bottles with a sprout to go between each part then allow it to steam for 10 minutes. After I've done this i realize my hair feels moisturized. Ladies, you know sometimes you wash your hair with braids it can feel really dry right? Well once you use this treatment your hair feels so soft and refreshed. I'm not done yet! Due to our inclement weather here in Jamaica , my skin has been really dry :-( i use a drop of this in my lotion and my skin isn't so ashy ... again .. it does not look like you fell in oil or dabbed your self with baby oil. I must give our retailers props here in Jamaica because it retails on average for $9 abroad and i saw it at Megamart in Kingston for a little over $600

If you've tried this product please let me know what you like or didn't like
Also share how much you paid for it

*If you were at my Anniversary Event , i would love to know your thoughts on the product*

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The Shining Star ( Inspiring Documentary )

Sunday, October 27, 2013
The Shining Star is a film Documented By Winston Stunnaz About a Foundation That Was Created By The Mother and Father Of Son Ben tolmei Who was Diagnosed With A Rare Disease Called Cyctic Fibrosis At The Age Of 6 Weeks Old. Before The shining Star Foundation Was Created Ben Tolmei Had Visited Jamaica in 2009 Along With Food For The Poor And Some Students From Lyn University, Ben Traveled To Rural Areas Of Kingston, Jamaica On a Mission To Build Housing, Provide Food, And Care For their Sick And Impoverished People. This July The Foundation Built A Home For A Mother And 4 Children.

For Videography Services contact Vision High Filmz 

"Be the Change you want to see in the World"

Blogging Workshop

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Hi Guys! I'm pleased to announce that i will be a part of a Blogging Workshop here in Jamaica in November. The focus of my presentation will be "Blogging to make money in the Digital Age". This might be a strange concept in Jamaica , but its really popular worldwide and people actually make an income from it. People like Perez Hilton and Necole Bitchie all run successful Blogs and make a living from it. See the Flyer below for more information.

The fee for the Workshop is $2,500 Jamaican Dollars compared to $250 usd which is the average cost for Blogging Workshops worldwide. Be your OWN BOSS ...Make Money from your Bedroom!

For more info call: 876.541.7772

Haute People Weekend Sale

Hi Guys! We are always trying to get you the best deals on product and services and more importantly get the word out about your Brand.This Weekend we are pleased to announce our Sale!



STEP 1: Send your 200x200 Photo/Logo as well as your link to 
(be sure to include the e-mail address associated with your Paypal account)

STEP 2: Wait for your PayPal Payment Request

STEP 3: See your Ad live on Haute People

Who Needs an Ad ?


Business Owners , Bloggers , Authors , Singers , Actors 

This Ad will run for 1 month from the date you made payment

Contact : 
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Fitting a 2 Piece .... Correctly

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Hi Guys ... i trust we all had a productive Heroes Weekend. Today, I'll be giving a few quick tips on how to fit a two piece bathing suit. I know its closer to December, but here in Jamaica it's always Sunny :-) This post was actually inspired by a friend of mine who wanted to make a splash for Heroes Weekend.

Wear your Size: No brainer but!! Sometimes as women we like to squeeze into smaller sizes hoping that it will create an illusion that we are that size but its actually the opposite. If you are a size large for example and you purchase a size small ... things will come popping out! And you will look like you are in pain.

Start from the neck down: This is for the swimsuit top. If you have one of those tops that have strings that tie around the back and neck .. tie the neck first. This gives you control over the boobage situation. Make sure its secure enough that it will not fall off but make sure its not too tight to strangle you. When you do it this way, you are able to as i said control how much you want to show up top. If you have a larger chest ... pull it down to make sure it sits under your boob ( the way a push up bra would fit) then use you hands to scoop them into the top. This ensures there is no sagging and things are up and perky . TMI .. but it has to be said.

Pick the right colours: There is an art to shopping for anything at all. Buy colours that compliment your skin tone rather than what everybody else is wearing. Sometimes as women we like to do that instead of buying what works for us. For darker skin tones , buy brighter colours and lighter skin tones would be the opposite.

Consider your Body Type: Again, this is one of those hit or miss things. You have to be aware of your body shape when buying swimsuits. The right style can make your look like a Brazilian model ,while the wrong one can having you looking like "Big Momma" in Big Momma's House ... No Bueno.

I hope this post helped to give you some ideas on finding the right 2 piece for you . If you have any tips you did not see here ... please comment below.

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Behind the Seams: Secret Hair and Nail Design

Thursday, October 17, 2013
If you live in Canada in the Ontario area you might have heard the name “Stacey Johnson’. Stacey Johnson is synonymous with “Secret Hair and Nail Design” where she skilfully plays the role of Salon Owner, Manager and Head Stylist. Stacey has been a pioneer in the Beauty Industry for over 16 years which stemmed from an innate Passion when she was a young girl. With a mission to “Rejuvenate Your Next Look”, this had led her to branch out into the Beauty and Fashion Industry and has released 3 publications 2 Magazines
(Make Me Over and Elite Events Magazine) and a novel called “Salon Brokenness” where she gives an insight of the Beauty Industry mixed with aspects of her personal life and how she was able to be “un-broken”.
Hot Secret helps to mentor and train upcoming stylists in her Salon and is involved in Community related endeavors to build her credibility and her place in the beauty industry which she hopes will uplift and motivate Young Women. Hot Secret is an advocate for women who has experienced “Brokenness” by hoping to inspire them by beautifying them from the inside out. Hot Secret is known to make hair literally come to life ( well kinda ) with a “Wearable Hair Collection” which features Shoes, Shawl , Tights, and Earrings all made from Hair. 

Haute People had the honor of being contacted by this visionary herself and had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about the Beauty Industry and Hair Trends.  Going into the interview, there was one major thing I wanted to know about Hair Trends in Canada and how they are different or similar to Jamaican Hair Trends. To my surprise, The Jamaican Culture actually has a greater influence on Canadian Hair Trends than the other way around. Because of our unique Culture and almost sunny weather all year round, Canadians tend to gravitate towards the Jamaican Hair Trends as they can be worn all year round. In Jamaica on the other hand we tend to be more influenced by the U.S Hair Trends as those are seasonal and after a while we like to change things up to create that element of mystery.  Let’s now hear from Stacey “Hot Secret” Johnson.

H.P: What is the most rewarding part of your Career?
S.J: The most rewarding part of my career is my daily conversations with my clients, beautifying them, achieving their desired style and seeing how happy and confident they become when they are leaving the salon.

H.P: What are some of your favourite styling products right now?
S.J: BBD Line of products (Stretch moisturizing crème, Lacquer hair spritz, Glass moulding crème)
Nairobi Line of Products 

H.P: What is a quick, easy and transferable style women can use when they are looking for a change?
S.J: Hot Secret New Inter-Changeable Wig and Hair Pieces This technique consist of (one) wig multiple style change. You can use this technique to change your look from long, medium, short and curly within seconds, no need to have countless wigs in your closet, minimize your time in the salon and personalize your hair to your different life style.
Secret Hair Design Specializes in Styles for Men,Women and Children Relaxers, Weaves, Cuts, Up Dos, Natural Styles , Makeovers and so much more.
Stacey will also be in Jamaica November 10-11 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel participating in the “Hair me Beautiful” Trade Show hosted by N.A.H.C. Please come out to see the “Hot Secret New Inter-Changeable Wig and Hair Pieces”. 

Be sure to stop by the Secret Hair and Nails Designs to see this new creation.

Follow on Twitter
Subscribe to the Hot Secret Salon Show on Youtube
Stacey has also won numerous awards for her extensive knowledge and contribution to the Beauty Industry. Some of the Awards include: Hair Show Extreme Extravaganza - Salon Presentation.

Youtubers I'm loving!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Hi Guys! I know after a while that must get annoying As a Blogger , there are various things that inspire me , one of these is YouTube. There are a few channels that i subscribe to because i like them for Entertainment value or the actually person seems similar to me.


I started watching April and her Husband Justin a few months ago and they are sooo inspiring. April always seems sooo positive and loving towards her friends, husband and cats .Plus i like her cooking videos. Check her out if you get bored of the Beauty Vids , its a breath of fresh air!


I was introduced to Judy back when i was Blogging for the "Miss Uwi Pageant" earlier this year by two girls on the team . I was like "why would i watch this" But it was one of those "pleasantly surprised" things. Judy is a Beauty Guru turned Mommy to her 1 year old daughter "Julianna" and her Husband Benji . It a fun Vlog

Missy Lynn

I saw a random eyebrow tutorial that showed how to get a natural looking brow (not one that had your brows looking like you got sponsored by Nike ) then i saw Missy Lynn's name on it . What inspires me about Missy is her work ethic . I think shes in the Army or Marines and she manages to balance her YouTube Career and her job there . She also won the Nyx Face Awards 2013

These are my top 3 Favorite channels that i have to watch right away when they release new videos. I know most of you are probably wondering "why are you putting this post up". My answer is simple ... It is inspiring that these people have used the power of the Internet to build lucrative careers for themselves and that is what i aspire to do . Sure i live in a 3rd world country , but one has to have dreams and goals right? What inspires you? Please share in the comments section.

They belong to those named in this post.

Grunge Fashion Trend 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013
Hi Guys! Happy Monday! Today i bring to you a rather interesting trend that you will either love or hate. According to Voguepedia:
"Grunge is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money" - Jean Paul Gaultier 1993.

90's Kids Wearing "Grunge Fashion"
Grunge Style is therefore a raw, messy, edgy way of combining various pieces of clothing that would not usually work together. Grunge Fashion emerged in the mid 90's out of Seattle Washington when a new sound of music "Grunge Music" came about. This new sound featured elements of " Punkrock, Heavy Metal and Indie Music. Grunge is back for this festive season. Below are some ideas how to put pieces together to create a "Grunge" look.

Flannel/ Button Down Shirts

Rihanna wears "Grunge" streetwear
Rihanna is the queen of the grunge look. As i said it's one of those trends that you either love or hate. If you plan on going hard on this trend , you need flannel ( plaid ) and a button down shirt somewhere in your look. The button down shirt can be tied around the waist or worn as a top with gaudy accessories. If you are as daring as Rihanna , put your button down shirt inside a pair of shorts so that they hang at the knee.

Ripped Jeans

Runway Models wearing ripped jeans on the Runway

Think Kanye on Kimmel ( trusting you watched that interview) Remember this is an edgy , effortless look . You should look like you found some jeans somewhere in your house and ripped them yourself. Ladies , be careful about the size and placement of the rips , even though its suppose to be raw , it can look tacky/cheap if too much skin is exposed.

Cool T-Shirt

This trend became popular in the 90's when going to rock concerts was considered cool. Teens would rep their favorite bands by wearing "Band T-Shirts". It doesn't have to be a band shirt , just a comfortable T-shirt you feel confident in.


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Designer Jeffrey Campbell introduced "statement shoes" earlier this year. These shoes came with a chunky/ platform or wedges. There were even some that can be considered as a weapon as they had spikes! These shoes and many inspired by them made their way into fall. You can also include combat boots if you desire.

There are many variations of the Grunge Trend because we are all different and have different personalities.Whatever trend you subscribe to at any given time, be sure to wear it with confidence and make sure it suites you.

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Highlights from "Miss Global International Pageant 2013"

Saturday, October 12, 2013
The Miss Global International Pageant 2013 was held in Jamaica this year. The Miss Global Pageant has seen 9 successful stagings without ever missing a year due to its popularity among the locals and international visitors and because of what it means for the Island. The main goal of the pageant according to Mr. Ramchandani is to promote Tourism , which truly embodies  this year’s theme ” Uniting the world through beauty and Tourism”. This year contestants are a great mix of exotic beauty, poise and grace . There are Contestants from Zambia, Sierra Leone, Poland and even Ethopia. This year;s pageant was held at the newly renovated Sunset Beach Resorts and Water Park in Montego bay on September 28,2013 .

Miss Global International 2013 , Jody Liu Miss Singapore

The year the crown went to Miss Singapore, Jody Liu . See below for highlights.

Behind the Seams: Revenge of the Rich Clothing Company

Thursday, October 10, 2013
Today Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with a new clothing company, Revenge of the Rich. This brand offers trendy , one of a kind pieces for the Fashionable male and is supported by some of Jamaica's most talented local artistes. Let's hear what founders Richard Gordon & Akeem Boothe has to tell us about their brand.

H.P: How long has Revenge of the Rich Been Around?
R.O.T.R: We are actually coming up on our 1 year anniversary. Revenge of the Rich Clothing Company has been around since November of 2012.

First design ever created and also the best seller to date

H.P: Is there a story behind the name of the brand?
R.O.T.R: The founders ( Richard Gordon & Akeem Boothe ) had a natural love for clothing and was caught up in the whole obsession of looking cool as all teens were. At the time they started off customizing jeans for themselves and their friends which gave them the idea for their first creation the "Stoner Life Tank Top". All that was left was to find a way to get it mass produced. This posed a problem as major industry players tried their best to shut us out of the fashion industry and others tried to limit our creativity because it wasn't profitable for them. This didn't detour us and we vowed to never quit. Finally after breaking somewhat into the industry the name Revenge of the Rich was born. Not because we were rich with cash but rich with great ideas and creativity. And after fighting to break into the industry revenge was the order of the day (hence the name Revenge of the Rich).

H.P: What inspired you to start a clothing line?
R.O.T.R: The inspiration for starting a clothing line came from us just wanting a change in the whole Jamaican clothing scene. Generic china made clothing and simply for the fact that everyone looked alike when they were going out. This inspired us to make authentic, high quality, unique clothing to help spark a change in the Jamaican style of dressing.

H.P: What are some of your "key pieces"?
R.O.T.R: Some of our " Key Pieces " are our Stoner Life Tank Top, Camouflage Long Sleeve Shirt , and most notably our Camouflage Trousers which most of our customers seem to really love.
Catalog showing all designs/creations

H.P: How would you describe the overall look /feel of your brand?
R.O.T.R: The overall look of Revenge of the Rich is contemporary street wear with a designer touch. Focusing on the materials we have at hand, and how we can best transform them into unique articles of clothing by thinking outside of the box.

H.P: The Fashion Industry is said to be "female dominated" .. why did you choose menswear?
R.O.T.R: Menswear chose us because we were just focusing on making clothing that we ourselves would wear. It came to us more naturally than female wear. We never wanted to force female wear because with our acute attention to details and quality a rushed female line would jeopardize the integrity of what we stand for. Our first female design is on the way though. A preview can be seen on our facebook page, Click Here

Left: Model wearing a Long Sleeve Camo      Right : A lot of time and effort goes into making all these pieces quality
H.P: Where can we find your pieces?
R.O.T.R: Our clothing can be purchased primarily online on our Facebook page. Some of our pieces can also be bought at Micnads Fashion, Di Trends in Half Way Tree, and Teen Bling at Sovereign Centre.

Fall Nail Trends/Colours

Monday, October 7, 2013
Hi Guys! I thought i would keep on track with my "Fall" posts even though as i explained before we don't celebrate fall in Jamaica . It is still important to be on point with the trends even if you don't subscribe to all of them :-) Below are the Top Nail Trends/ Colours for Fall .


This colour was really popular last year and has made it back this year . In my mind this is really "Dark Burgundy" , but the "Fashion Peeps" say its "Oxblood" so i guess we have to go along with it .

Midnight Blue

Another dark colour with a fancy name :-) This dark blue colour takes a spin on the regular soft , soothing Blue.

Colour Bursts

This is having a soft colour with a bold pop of colour on your nails . Think of a traditional French Manicure with an electric pop of yellow at the tips instead of white. Stick to one colour instead of that "Rainbow" look which is so out

Red/ Poppy

Red has always been the traditional "Christmas Colour" . I feel it "gives life" to the season and also brightens your mood :-)


In Jamaica , we call this "shocking colour yellow" . Its more of a lime green mixed with yellow. This is a really bold colour , so if you decide to wear it do so with confidence.

Glittery Nails

If you are a "girly girl" this trend will be perfect for you . Turn up a plain , regular 1 tone colour with glitter on top of it . I guarantee you will be in high spirits.


Yup , metallics are back! They were in for about 2 years from 2011-2012 but they went out of style earlier this year . Since this year we saw a come back of the 80's , metallics are perfect.

These are the top Nail Trends/ Colours for the fall season
If you think i missed any , please do comment

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Top 3 Lipsticks for Fall

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Hi Guys! As you can tell by the heading above .. today we'll be looking at "Fall Lipsticks" . Fashion changes with the season , so if you want to be in the know you have to go with the Flow :-) In Jamaica , we don't celebrate Fall because its hot all year round :-( But you can clearly see the leaves turning yellow or brown and falling off the trees . Below are some of the best lipsticks for fall.

For Fall darker and natural colours are in. You will see a lot of vampy looking colours


RiRi Hearts M.A.C Lipsticks "Talk that talk". Rihanna's collection launched yesterday October 2 online and today in stores . As always , people are going crazy over these $16.00 Lipsticks . It looks like a deep plum with a kinda blueish undertone. 


Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Colour "Spotlight Red" . This is described as a "Movie Star Red" by the beauty community. It is a "true" red and is great for a night on the town or a bold daytime lip. It retails from $1.97 - $2.49 on most websites.

Natural/ Nude

If you are not into that dark vampire look , you can go with a more natural everyday look. These are great if you have a bold eye look or if you are going for a no "make-up make-up" look . You can try Maybelline "Go Nude" or "One Size Fits Pearl".

There are so many fun variations of these colours as it relates to brand and specification. These are the top 3 shades that i found the came up the most in Magazines and Youtube .

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Haute People 2nd Anniversary Pt 2 ( Picture Heavy)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Here are the 2nd round of pictures of the Anniversary Event ! I wanted to make a collage to make it easier for people to see instead of several pages of photos but!! That would cut out the Photographers' Logo which would defeat the entire purpose .. so here i go with round 2. Sorry if the pics are repetitive :-0