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I & K Hair Silky Human Hair Silky Weave Review (Chocolate Brown)

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Hi Guys! Every 3 months i'm sent a product to review from This time i chose the I&K Silky Human Hair Silky Weave in Chocolate Brown. is one of the UK's leading online retailers of 
<a href="">hair extensions</a> 
hair care and beauty productsThey provide a wide range of hair extensions products and over 40 successful beauty, hair care and hair electrical brands. 

The length i picked was the 14' and it retails for 34.99 ( as shown here )  The same hair is available in 18', 22', 24' and also 26' (click the drop down box above for pricing). 


I love the Packaging! When i pulled it from the shipping box , i was like "Wow", this looks like some really expensive hair. Its white with Gold Writing and there are 2 little "Boxes" instead of the traditional one.

My Thoughts

I got the hair sewn in last Thursday which makes it a full week today because i wanted to see how the hair would "wear" in this crazy weather we've been having here in Jamaica. I got the 14' inch which is pretty long for me at 5' 1' , it goes a little below "the boob".First off , the hair had a really "interesting" scent , i would describe it as a "Strong Factory Smell" , kinda like the way a new dolls' hair smells, but stronger. I would therefore recommend washing the hair before installing it. It does shed ... nothing too crazy like 4-5 strands per day. Most human hair will shed because its not growing from the scalp to obtain nutrients so i'm glad it wasn't too much. There was minimal tangling and "bunching" mainly at the ends. 

As it relates to the colour , i was expecting it to be a bit darker but its more of a " Dark Blondish Ash Texture". This would be more of a #4 as described on the site, but in actuality it looks like a #8 I'm guessing its due to the resolution and the fact that the colours of images will change based on each computer and its setting.

The hair itself is very light in weight (i used another pack of hair to get fullness) so i would definitely recommend getting more than one pack for fullness. It very low maintenance, it is processed hair ( according to the packaging) so it comes with this nice sheen so you don't have a lot to do other than brush it throughout and apply some oils. This hair loves Argan Oil! A little goes a long way! I'm not telling anybody to go out and buy Argan Oil , but the texture of the hair really comes to life with that Argan Oil.

Overall i would give this hair a 7/10 and would recommend to a friend and also ordering a sample of the hair from the website , just to see how the colour looks in reality.

Visit to see more products 

Quick Review!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Hi Guys! so sorry I've been an "absentee" Blogger ... but you all know whats been going on and that has been taking up all my time ( i like to dream BIG).

I bought the Vape Mat at MegaMart yesterday for $149. It has been raining every afternoon here in Kingston Jamaica (where i live) and after the rains comes the Mosquitoes . The "Mosquito Truck" passes through my Community i'd say probably twice per week .. BUT!! I think the spray pushes the "outside" Mosquitoes inside . Long story short .. i need something to Combat the "inside Mosquitoes".  (This is what it looks like below).

I picked up the Vape Mat because i have Asthma and i can't manage the regular Mosquito destroyer. To my surprise i picked up the refills and there is like a heating pad thing that's needed for me to put the strips on.Then it hit me! My flat iron heats up so it will work . Annnnnd it does work ! the trick is to allow the Flat Iron to heat up then put on the strips. After that i closed my windows and doors and made the Vape go to work .

The scent is not too strong ... it smells kinda like a home candle and if you look closely you will see the fumes going up and the mosquitoes starting to drop like Flies! The strip comes blue but turns white once the fumes are released. This was a good buy and i would recommend it to a friend . The only downside is that the heating thing is electric so it does burn current but these days in Jamaica .. you pay for light you aren't even using.

V.M.A's 2013 Recap

Monday, August 26, 2013
Good Morning Haute People! If you watched the V.M.S's last night you know what went down. For most of you who missed out , check out the photos below:

I was psyched for that N'SYNC Reunion!!! I am a HUGE CRAZED J.T FAN!! As soon as i heard he would be performing at the Awards i was hoping there would be an N'SYNC Reunion!! It felt like High School and a Concert in my Living Room!! I must tell you that after J.T's performance  ( switched over to Devious Maids) that was it for me ... Hands down .. best performance all night !! He's still got it :-)))

Most Disturbing Performance of the Night !!! Lawd God Miley "Wahm To Yuh?
I understand she might be going through the motions of a child with divorced parents .. but!!! WHY!!! And why isn't she doing squats?? ... *enough said*

I was surprised to see Danity Kane ... where was D-Woods? 

Fashion Looks

Katy Perry

Miley Cyrus


Robin Thicke & Paula Paton 

Holland Roden (Teen Wolf)

Lady Gaga

Lil Kim

Ariana Grande

Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift
All Photos are Subject to Copyright.I do not own the rights to these photos .

Casting Call For Models For Our Fashion Show!

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Model Casting!

Featuring Designs From Mission Catwalk Season 1 Designer Andre Shirley
Kingson's Popular Boutique "Alter Ego"
Glam Culture

Participate in a Fashion Show for one of Kingston's fastest growing Lifestyle Blogs "Haute People"!

Thursday August 29,2013
12:00 p.m - 3.00 p.m

157 Constant Spring Road
Shop #3

Dress Code: Jeans and T-Shirt/Tank Top
Hair pulled back off face with natural/daytime makeup

3" Heels or Higher. Little Accessories

Applicants must be aged 16-27
Minimum height 5"4"

Fashion Show will be conducted on a volunteer level and everyone is understood to be participating on a pro bono basis.
Participating models will be given permission to use the final images for their own portfolio/promotion.

For more information please call 890-9764.
Call 876) 899.1292 for Directions

You are Cordially Invited to The Haute People 2nd Anniversary Event

Monday, August 19, 2013


KINGSTON JA, AUGUST 19, 2013: Jamaican Fashionstas, Bloggers, Media Personalities and avid Readers, mark your calendars for September 24 2013. Haute People will be celebrating two (2) years as an official Lifestyle Blog. Prepare for a night of High Fashion, Great Fun and beautiful people at the event. This event will be held at Abar Restaurant and Lounge located at shop #21 Springs Plaza, Half Way Tree. The event will feature an exciting Fashion Show featuring Mission Catwalk Season 1 Contestant, Andre Shirley and one of Kingston’s’ popular boutiques , Alter Ego. Come see our models rock the runway in true "Haute" Fashion.There will also be live Entertainment by Jamaican Hip Hop Artistes, The Sickest Drama (TSD) and Nomad Carlos.

Haute People was launched in 2011 by Lorane “Rane” Rhoden. This Blog started as a Fashion and Entertainment Blog but has grown into a Lifestyle Blog as the years progressed. The term “Haute” is synonymous with Beauty, Fashion, Hair and Nail Trends. A favorite among our readers is “Behind the Seams”, where influential people from the Creative Industry are featured. Haute People have been featured on Sana Hashmat Couture, Pepsi Tumblr Blog, Domestic Diva Designs, Inspiration Gratis, The Lucky Magazine Online Community and Azans Home Adventures. The event will begin promptly at at the Abar Restaurant and Lounge, Shop#21 Springs Plaza (facing the Kingston Bookshop). The first 30 guests will receive complimentary Goody Bags from “The Goody Lady’’. Complimentary Hors d'oeuvres will also be served throughout the night. This is an exclusive event and guests should R.S.V.P to by September 16, 2013.

This event is sponsored by: Abar Restaurant and Lounge, Worldwide Novelties Inc , Stretlaw Media Company , OEM Performance Automotive Service Centre Ltd, Chic Hair Jamaica , Make-Up by JayAnn , Randy Richards , Chic Image Consultancy, Alter Ego,Reve Jewellery and Accessories, Kumeas’ Hair Perspective , SoftSheen Carson, Veggie Meals on Wheels, JamDeal

Please Visit :
Visit the FB Page:
For more Information please call : 876.890.9764
R.S.V.P to

Significant Details Boasts New Spacious Location In Kingston

Sunday, August 18, 2013
Hi Guys! Happy Sunday! Yesterday i had the pleasure of going to the Re-Launch of Significant Details. For most of you who don't know, Significant Details is a Cosmetics and Beauty Supply Store located in Kingston Jamaica. The store has been open for around 2-3 years and also carries Stainless steel, Titanium, and Leather ware for Men. The Previous store was located at the Pulse Complex on Trafalgar Rd in Kingston. The store owner Kimesha Oates is one of the nicest persons you will ever meet and she is knowledgeable of all the products in the store. Please see below for the photos.


Significant Details is now located at the Lee Gore Complex at 31 Upper Waterloo Rd Unit 11 (Its on the same side of the Road as Mega Mart ) Call them at 876.620.9309. 
Email: Good News for All Shoppers ! If you are not able to make it to the store for whatever reason .. 
Significant Details also ships Worldwide. 

( to be in the loop for New Products & Discounts)

Back To School Shopping With Haute People : School Lunches

Friday, August 16, 2013
I know when you hear School Lunch , you immediately think those crinkly brown paper bags with a soggy sandwich and "juice" or a lunch bag you filled with left overs. I'm actually talking about On Campus and off Campuses lunches ... This is the U.W.I Edition:-)

I was an Off Campus Student at U.W.I , that simply means i did not live on "Hall"so i had to commute to get to school.When i first got to U.W.I i was in awe of the amount of food places on campus ... there was K.F.C and several other food places.

My Favorite On Campus Places ( this is in no specific order , just how i remember them)

Beehive: I was an Humanities student so it was literally "just right there". I liked it because they had Veggie dishes ... I'm not a vegetarian but i don't like meat so it was perfect for me. The food is probably like a 6/10 and the service was 8/10 ... they always gave me a little extra macaroni salad or vegetables when i asked so that was a huge plus. They sold regular Jamaican dishes and sandwiches back then.

Nardo Stall : I have to big up Nardo stall. This was located just outside N1 Lecture Theatre. I regard Nardo as a true Entrepreneur ... he sold everything! Even painkillers ..and he was such a good spirit , i remember the guys would always stop to talk to him about whatever and he was so engaged in each conversation ... it was like he was one of us students. The thing i liked the most about his stall ... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas HOTDOGS! Hmmm mmm ... you could get everything on that Hot Dog for $150 ... then top if off with an ice cold bag juice and you are good to go.

Deli : I think it has been re-branded as Dukunoo Deli . This was a good walk from Humanities but it was worth it . They had my kind of breakfast on the days when i had classes at 8 a.m . They had eggs and pancakes and all that good stuff :-) They also had burgers , fries , bagels , wraps , various types of coffees and just all the things you would find in a Bistro . It was a bit on the expensive side ... but i didn't mind because i liked the food.

Off Campus Places

Sovereign: List done ... lol . This was my favorite place to eat because it is a Mall ! My friends and i would go on either Tuesday or Thursday when we had a few classes and just really eat and relax and forget about school for awhile . I loved the overall atmosphere ... plus it was the place i would see people i knew from Prep School who also went to U.W.I that i didn't see because the place is soo huge. It was just a nice vibe.

Wendy's: This reminds me of Mcdonalds ( which i love but it shut down in the 90's in Jamaica ) I went here on Mondays when my classes were spaced far apart and i had time to kill. I was a bit of a loner here because everybody else thought it was expensive ... but! What i did was use my Friday lunch money since i didn't have school on Fridays.

Burger King: Barbican B.K enough said ... this was because of the Hershey Pie ... You always need just the right amount of Chocolate to combat the "perils" of school That Hershey Pie did just that .

This post was based on MY favorite On and Off Campus Places to have lunch . What are/ were some of your favorite places as a U.W.I student ? Comment below.

*Images May be Subject To Copyright*

Back To School Shopping With Haute People: Reve Wellness Festival 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013
Last Saturday Reve Jewellery and Accessories held the "Reve Wellness Festival" at Devon House in Kingston Jamaica . This event has seen successful stagings over the years and is one of the most anticipated events that Patrons look forward to each year from the brand. The Award Winning Brother- Sister Duo, Teasea and Duane are passionate Philanthropists as they believe that it is equally important to give back to the community and the country on a whole as the admission fee was "Peace and Love". The event featured a live Fashion Show, Live Music, Dance, Jewelry, Clothing, Arts, Natural Hair and Skin Products all of which were from Jamaican Brands and Designers.There was also a Book Drive where patrons were asked to donate a number of books for 7th grade students.The show was a huge success and attracted a huge turnout. However! The highlight for me was the Fashion Show ! See Photos below.

Live Dance Performance


Mission Catwalk Season 3 Winner : Theodore Elyett

* All Photos are the Property of Haute People*