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Saturday, June 29, 2013

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RiRi Hearts M.A.C Summer Collection

Friday, June 28, 2013
Hi Guys! It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Rihanna launched her summer collection at M.A.C a few weeks ago which is dubbed as the " RiRi Hearts" Collection. Remember a while ago when the singer launched RiRi Woo? It sold out within days at M.A.C stores world wide.

The latest collection features 5 products and ranges from $15 - $26.

Making its way back into the Collection is RiRi Woo. The newcomers are : RiRi Boy ( Lipstick) ,Heaux ( Lipstick), Lustre Drops ( Liquid Bronzer) , RiRi Hearts M.A.C Powder Blush Duo.

RiRi Woo $15

Lustre Drops $20

RiRi Boy $15

Heaux Lipstick $15

Duo Bronzer/Blush $26

* images used in this post are the property of M.A.C Cosmetics , i do not won the rights to these photos*

D-I-Y Vanity Storage Tray

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
D-I-Y: Vanity Storage Tray
You will need:

·         Baking Tray
·         Glue ( Hot Glue Gun Optional)
·         Felt
·         Scissors
·         Glitter
·         Paint Brush/ Make-Up Brush
·         Small Container

Step 1
Be sure to remove all stickers or labels from your baking tray. We want to start with a clean surface.

Step 2

Cut your felt in the shape of a square that fits the shape of your baking tray. Make sure it extends towards the sides of your tray. 

Step 3
Apply glue to the inner base & corners of the tray. Allow the Glue to Dry. Repeat the process with the leftovers by gluing them to the sides of the tray.

Step 4
Cover the inside of the Tray with glue by using the Paint/ Make-Up Brush.

Step 5
Apply your Glitter to the inner & outer sides (for a more consistent look) if you decide to do a more complex design, shape it out & add your Glitter. Allow to thoroughly dry. Add your favourite Accessories or Perfumes.

I bought all my supplies from Azans in the Springs

Mission Catwalk Meet and Greet ! June 22 @ Lee's Fifth Avenue , Kingston Jamaica

Saturday, June 22, 2013
Hi Guys! This is a special Saturday post ! It is the Finale' of Mission Catwalk. The Organizers of the show held a Meet and Greet today at Lee's Fifth Avenue so that the public could get a change to meet their favorite Designers.

The final 3 were :  David Rolle ( Bahamas) Renardo Lloyd (Jamaica) and Theodore Elyett (Bahamas) The winner will be announced on Tonight's final episode of Mission Catwalk at on TVJ . The Meet and Greet was a cool event , however i wished it started on time and i wish i could have stayed longer for the in store Fashion show . If you are a Blogger and was at the Fashion show , please leave your link so that i can share it with my readers .

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Today is the OFFICIAL start of SUMMER 2013!

Friday, June 21, 2013
Today is the first day of SUMMER! For us Jamaicans it is Summer all year round! It has been humid and we can only imagine that it will only get hotter .. wear your Sunscreen ... drink lots of water and break out those Make-up blotting sheets ladies!

What are some of your plans for Summer?
What is Summer like in your part of the world?

I made a Guest Appearance on Azans Home Adventures !

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Hi Guys! Below is a very nervous video of me making a guest appearance of one of Jamaica's newest Web Shows "Azans Home Adventures" . Azans is located in the Springs Plaza ( Half Way Tree) and in Liguanea at Sovereign Center. I went on to show you guys how you can use everyday items found at Azans to make things that you can use . Please over look my jacked up Hair and Make-up  , it was a looooooooooooong and hot morning :-) Please share

The link is Below

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First Impression: Maybelline Color Show ,Coral Crush

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Hi Guys ! Happy Tuesday :-) Monday has passed and you can now breathe (we all hate Mondays).  Today i would like to share my thoughts on the Maybelline Color Show in Coral Crush.

"Maybelline has 40 hot new mail shades to make your own"

I love Maybelline Cosmetics so i decided to branch out and try the nail polish. I bought it for $413 at Discount Pharmacy in Manor Park , there were other colours for $395 , I'm guessing the ones for over $400 are the latest ones .


Super cute! As you can see from the picture above it's a small cylindrical shape which i found easy to hold. I don't know about anybody else but i find it hard holding on to the nail polish bottle and painting your nails all at the same time it's really tricky. It's a .23fl oz while the regular nail polishes are .5 fl oz ..I'm guessing that's more? I'm bad at Math ... please figure it out


It was a bit on the light side . I did my nails at the Salon and the Nail Tech had to apply two coats and i feel it can take one more. Its not streaky but it's just really light ... if you are planning on doing it at home i would recommend a Base Coat , 3 even coats and finish with a top coat to seal it all in.


It has a really creamy "Peachy" colour and also a really show sheen light creamy pink ( depending on the lighting) It's a really pretty pastel colour perfect for Summer and it will bring a plain outfit to life . It's a real conversation starter ... I've got so many compliments already.

Final Thoughts

I gave this product a 9/10 . I would definitely recommend to a friend.

If you've tried any of the 40 shades please comment below. What are your thoughts?

Vixen By Kimber Launches new Eyelash Extension Line with the Ultimate Girls Night Event

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
This past June 12th 2013, Vixen by Kimber ®, a premier eyelash extension brand, celebrated their launch with an ultimate girls night out event. 

Titled "Diary of a Vixen", the primer lash collection debuted with an intimate experience, helping women reveal their inner vixen in the blink of an eye. This "eye-conic" event featured Vixen by Kimber® mink, human and avant garde collections and introduced the 2013 celebrity lash ambassadors. Guest experienced lash couture with Vixen lashologist, a signature brow bar, a Diary of A Vixen video confessional booth and the all-new Vixen Vodka cocktails. 

They were allowed to touch, feel and play with a variety of lengths, thicknesses, colors and curvatures of the lash collection while receiving services on-sight.Vixen by Kimber models were lashed in stunning, cutting-edge eyes that ranged from playful to theatrical. Spanning in price from $20 to $40, Vixen by Kimber® can be found online at or at their flagship location in Perimeter Mall. 

Notable Attendees Included: Toya Bush-Harris (Married to Medicine), Mimi Faust (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta), Khadijah Rowe (Big Rich Atlanta)

::Courtesy of The Garner Circle PR::

::Special Thanks::
Vixen by Kimber Lashes®  
Coze Lounge
Vixen Vodka

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::Photo Credit::
Desmond B.

Ask Rane!

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Hi Guys , I knew i said i would be taking a break .. but i can't stay away :-) That's how you know you really know something ...i got 5 questions for this week . I thought I'd put the initials of the names to make it more interesting.

"M" asks : I need something to get rid of my acne

Rane says:  There are so many products on the Market for Acne . These are usually sold according to skin type and your condition . There are brands such as Proactive , Clean and Clear , Clearasil , Acne Free , Cetaphil , Neutrogena etc that have Acne products . You might also want to stay away from greasy foods that will clog your pores and drink lots of water to flush your system . If all else fails , i would recommend seeing a Dermatologist . I hope this helps.

"S"  asks:  I just got Locks, I want tips of caring for it/help it grow faster

Rane says: Hi, i have books on locks/Sisterlocks which would be beneficial to you. You are more than welcome to stop by and read them. There are also products that are recommended for the general up keep of your locks . If you have Sisterlocks your recommended products to use are the "Sisterlocks" brand of products. They look like this

For Dreadlocks i would recommend products from the 'Jamaican Mango & Lime" Line . They are available at most Pharmacies and Beauty Supply Stores.

"T" asks : I want to start a Blog , any tips
Rane says : Go for it ! I seriously don't think we have enough serious Bloggers in Jamaica . Make sure the topic you choose to Blog about is something you are passionate about , make sure you have enough information about it . Read , research , go out and investigate! Blogging is fun and also a lot of hard work . Please don't do it because "everybody" is doing it and it's the in thing to do commit to it and you will be successful.

"J" asks : We need more Jamaican related posts on here , when can i see that
Rane : Well, there are Jamaican related posts on here. Please go through the archives and you will see. My Blog is based in Jamaica but it is not Jamaican focused , i talk about relevant things as it relates to Lifestyle , Fashion and Beauty ... these areas are available everywhere and not endemic to Jamaica. I think it is important to talk about a mixture of things as there are Jamaicans who would like to know about popular things elsewhere.

" S" asks : Girl talk brand of lip gloss good?
Rane says : "i personally don't like it ... i think it's messy and it's really oily .. the ones i have i gave to my little niece to play with

Those are the questions for today . I apologize for the mixture of fonts today, i simply copied and pasted the questions.

Send your questions to: 

Rihanna Steps Out in Overalls in London

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Overalls are back from the 90's . I must commend Rihanna for choosing a more fitted look. Overalls tend to look baggy and messy if they are not worn correctly , so kudos Rihanna!

Image may be subject to Copyright . I do not own the rights to this photo.

Designer Inspired Vs KnockOff Handbags

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Hi Guys ! This post was inspired by the fact that Designer pieces seem to be a trending topic . I've decided to make this as straightforward as i possibly can .

What is the difference between a Designer Inspired item and a Knock Off ?

Designer inspired bags are relatively inexpensive and have similar elements of the original product . These bags are usually deemed as "legal " as they only mimic the original. These bags are fun and sturdy and are a great way to be on trend without spending too much on a bag that costs thousands of dollars.

Knock -off , Replicas or Fakes are Bags that try to match the original designs . These bags bear the logo , print and all other elements . These bags according to the "Fashion Community"  are illegal . They are using a brand that has been trademarked without their permission . If you live in New York , you will see these bags lining the street and are sold at ridiculous low costs.

In my opinion , both have their place in the market and are both obviously being sold which is why they continue to make them . If you want a "Designer" type bag , i would say your best bet would be to get the "Designer Inspired " Bag rather than the fake . The Fakes rarely last long because they are poorly made. Also , besides yourself ... you are not really fooling anybody.

The views expressed in this post are my own , they were not geared towards offending anyone.

May Favorites

Monday, June 3, 2013
I loved that May had 31 days because it meant more pay :-) Anyhoo! Let's jump into what i really liked in May.


Santee Mascara: I bought another one and i loved it and i thought I'd try another tube . I bought this one because it looks like "The Rocket" by Maybelline. I was pleasantly surprised , i like that it separates all my lashes and it not clumpy . It's more of a dry mascara and it's waterproof great for all the rain and sweat from the heat here in Jamaica.

Nail Polish

Santee M38 Nude Polish: This is the colour i showed in my "Nail Story", it's subtle , it goes with everything and it's trendy.


I was loving sheer in May. It is crazy hot in Jamaica and it's not even Summer! I like that i can wear sheer without looking too Summery but still functional. Tip : Wear a Tank top or something under it . I find that the inside shirt or Tank Top will absorb the sweat as this is the type of material that sticks to the skin once perspiration begins.


Onion bits! Chippies Onion Bits ... it sucks that i can only find them in Woolworth and not MegaMart or Discount Pharmacy ( from where i live) . I love the "old school" Chippies snacks. They are crispy and super delicious . If you don't like onions , you obviously would not like Onion Bits.

T.V Show

Awkward ... 'Poor Jenna" lol . I started watching Awkward when it just came out then i stopped . But! i really liked it in May . That guidance counselor is no help at all ... she needs some guidance herself.

Favorite Youtube

Audiobooks ... i was listening to a LOT of Audiobooks on YouTube last month. My favorite was "Rich Dad , Poor Dad".

 As you can see , i don't have a long list of items as i usually do . I've been focusing on "Business Related" stuff last month .