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Make -Up MAYnia! My "Nail Story"

Friday, May 31, 2013
Hi Guys ! Friday ! Friday ! Friday ! You all know how i love FRIDAY! Today i would like to share my "Nail Story" with you :-) It might be boring for some people : It might be inspiring for others . Whatever it is .. i'm sharing it

I've always had a problem with my nails . I describe my self as a "Chronic Nail Biter " . I remember reading articles online and talking to other Nail biters and they always say " think of when you bite your nails" most .... Most other Nail Biters always say "When I'm nervous or stressed" . It was not like for me ! I bite my nails because they look and taste good! Gross i know but thats the way it is . The funny thing is ... my nails grow really fast but i just can't stop biting them. I challenged myself to grow my nails really long for my birthday and they did . They were really healthy and looked really nice too ... i tried different polishes and different nails trends and i love them . Soon after that ... i went back to biting them .. they looked sooooo good . All that hard work to grow them was down the drain.

Enjoying my Real Nails

Fast forward to two weeks ago ... i dceided to get fake nails. This was not a hard decision because i ', working on a new Project ( that i will be sharing soon) where my nails will be featured a lot! With this project ... i don't want to seem like "hey .. she's doing that and look at her nails " I'm one of those people who don't really care what others have to say . But! i thought it would be a good idea to look " presentable" ... nails included!

Original Salon Length

First try ... i liked them . I think she did Acryclic ... in my opinion they took sooo long . I hate long beauty treatments :-(  ... i opted for a nude colour because i wanted something that would work well with everything ... then she added little dots .. which i didn't mind . When i got home ... i realized they were too long . I have to admit ... i'm not that domestic so no problem there to put my clothes in the machine or clean up a spill . But ! when i got a cooking ... thats when things went wrong . I could not do anything! Then all the food got stuck it my nails and it was sooo not hygenic and i had to be cleaning them over and over again . Sooo ... after all that .. i decided to go back to the Salon to had them cut and it was a lot better . I use my hands a lot ( so does everybody else) I write and i also do crafts ... so i need to have a grip of my tools.

Nails After they were Cut

For now ... i have a love/hate relationship with these nails . I love that they look good and add a more delicate touch to my hands . But i hate that they kinda limit me to do certain things .

If you are a Nail Biter , Nail Enthusiast , please share your experience and tips below . Also , if you work in the beauty industry ( MUA) how do you keep your nails clean since you have to touch people's face alot .

Everybody share your comments , suggestions , tips etc

Ask Rane ! Q &A Forum

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Hi Guys! So i decided to launch this Q&A forum where my readers get to ask me anything they like ... as long as it's PG :-) This Forum will be every 2 weeks and it will be 5-10 questions . Send in your questions early if you want them to show up. Your identity will be kept "secret" because not everyone likes to divulge their info.

Q : Is your "real" name Rane?
A: No , my actual name is Lorane. I just took the "Lo" off because people kept spelling my name WRONG! (which is a Pet Peeve). I get all my mail in "Rane". And i also thought it was a cooler "Media" name. Lots of people do this like Robyn Fenty a.k.a "Rihanna".

Q: Are you a Jamaican?
A: Yes ... i get this question so often . I have no idea why people would think i'm not a Jamaican. There is not one way that a Jamaican is suppose to act or dress etc . I do admit that i'm Americanized but that's due to socialization . I didn't get up one day and decided to "act" like a "valley girl" .

Q: If you could eat only one type of food for the rest of your life ... what would it be?
A : Cheeseburger! Yessssss ..... i looooooove Fast Food . I know it's bad .. but! I'm not the best cook and i hate having to wait on a meal to be cooked ... soooo it's easier for me to buy Fast food . Hands down Cheeseburger .... specifically Wendys ( to all the Intl readers ... we only have Burger King and Wendys as "Burger Options" )

Q : Have you been outside Jamaica?
A : Yes ... every holiday . Mainly to U.S.A. I actually have this weird thing about Airports ... i love them . I like the different types of food , different people and checking to see which airport has the best bathrooms.

Q: Dogs or Cats?
A: Definitely Dogs! I hate cats ... they annoy me ... i'm allergic . I think dogs work for your affection while cats act like they deserve it . I hate the way they always rub up against you and purrr .

Those are all the questions i got for this week . Thank you all for sending them in :-) Please send in your questions for the next forum in 2 weeks to

Make-Up MAYnia : Make -Up by JayAnn , Summer Make-Up

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Hi Guys! Today C.E.O and Managing Director of "Make Up by JayAnn" will be telling us how to create a "Summer" Make Up Look. Make Up by JayAnn provides  Make -up services for : Weddings , Photo shoots , Commercials , Fashion Shows , Clubbing , Graduations , Music Videos and T.V Shows.

1) Prime eye area using NYX eye shadow base in MILK or any eye shadow base.

2) Apply a deep purple to the crease area and blend.

3) Apply a lighter purple next to the deep purple and lightly blend

4) Apply a sky blue eye shadow to the inner tear duct and lid directly beside the lighter purple.

5) Apply Glitter over blue (optional)

6) Apply Lashes (Optional)

7) Apply eye-shadow to lower lash line

Here is the finished look!

You can find Make Up by JayAnn at the following places:

*The Make -Up By JayAnn logo is subject to Copyright and should not be duplicated*

Make- Up MAYnia : Milkshake Active Yogurt Mask Product Review

Monday, May 27, 2013
Hi Guysss! It is that time of the month when i get my Product from . This is kinda like Christmas because i picked the product ( in the back) a.k.a "long time" , so i don't know which I'm going to get . is one of the UK's leading online retailers of 
<a href="">hair extensions</a> 
hair care and beauty productsThey provide a wide range of hair extensions products and over 40 successful beauty, hair care and hair electrical brands. 

This product could not have come at a better time ! I took my weave out for the week and my hair is completely natural now ( i don't see the point in having it processed because i wear hair so often and my hair is in braids anyway) . I wanted an aggressive treatment to restore moisture and treat my damaged hair from all those chemicals and heat. The Milk_ shake Active Yogurt Mask retails for 13.69 on the website . The size i received is the 200 ml.

Packaging: It comes in a really simple medium size white bottle with the "active' text in yellow . I thought the text/ font was really interesting because it reminds me of "Text Speak " , with certain symbols like " >" and "_ " . I would definitely describe this as a "New Age" product .

Product: It smells like a Vanilla Milkshake . When i got it i was trying to figure out what the scent was then i was like "Duh ... it's Milkshake" , but it's definitely not overpowering. Your hair won't smell as if you were dunked in Milkshake . The texture was a bit  thick which i'm not too crazy about because it means I'll have to use a lot more and it will be gone pretty soon.This is not the case! A little goes a looong way with this product. All you need is a little on your scalp , then simply rub the remainder throughout your hair.

To Use

Apply to CLEAN , damp hair. Leave on for 3 -5 minutes and rinse. I went for 10 minutes and also used a steam cap just because of the state my hair was in. Those extra minutes really helped because my hair was soft and felt sooo moisturized ( without that oily/ heavy feeling) and it was easy to comb through. This is a hair mask enriched with Yogurt Amino Acids,Rice,Avocado Oils ,Hydrating Agents and Vitamin E . All these ingredients are great for Moisture and Repair.

Final Thoughts : I would give this product a 9/10. I found it was a bit messy to spread because of the texture and colour . I would definitely recommend this product to a friend as it is great for all hair types.

Lucky Fan To Join Alison Hinds in Bahamas Concert

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Ayeola George
Lucky Fan to Join Alison Hinds In Bahamas Concert

AGSelectPR, Grand Bahama Island, Thursday, May 2013:  Alison Hinds fans have only one day left for the chance to walk away with a whopping prize package that includes round-trip tickets to join the Barbadian entertainer in the Bahamas for her Birthday Bash Weekend, courtesy of Grand Lucayan Bahamas Resort & Spa and Caribbean entertainment news site

On Friday, May 31, the winner and guest will be flown from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Grand Bahama Island via Bahamas Air for the festivities and will spend two nights in an ocean-view room at the AAA four diamond award-winning resort.

“Grand Lucayan is thrilled to host the ‘Caribbean Queen of Soca’ Alison Hinds and is excited to be able to give one lucky winner the chance to join in the festivities,” said Benjamin Davis the hotel’s General Manager.  “It will truly be the experience of a life-time,” he added.

On the day of their arrival, the prize winners will join Grand Lucayan guests and local residents alike in welcoming Hinds during an intimate meet-and-greet cocktail reception and dinner in the Grand Ballroom at 7 p.m. The concert-series begins at 8 p.m. with a captivating performance by Bahamian saxophonist George Wilkinson, followed by Hinds who will dazzle guests with hits from her Caribbean Queen album.

The following day, June 1, the soca music veteran will celebrate her birthday with a rhythm-filled concert at 8 p.m., featuring local acts DJ Tiko T, DJ Magician, Raquel Oliver and Jah Hem. With a stage set in the resort’s infinity pool, the VIP ticket winners can enjoy her hotly anticipated performance from the beach, Waves Bar or the pool itself.

During their stay, the prize winners will also enjoy breakfast daily at the resort’s international buffet-style restaurant Willy Broadleaf.

Interested participants should ‘like’’s Facebook page, then click on the contest tab and upload a photo of themselves or someone they think deserves the prize package to and in no more than 100 words say how Hinds’ music has impacted their lives. The entry with the most votes will cop the coveted prize package. The deadline for entries is Friday May 24 at 6 p.m EST.

Participants must be at least 18 years and able to fly from Fort Lauderdale. The contest is also open to local Bahamians who will be provided with ground transportation to the resort.

Qualifying entrants must also ‘like’ the Grand Lucayan and Alison Hinds’ Facebook pages.

Caribbean Founder and Editor Ayeola George sees the competition as a means of engaging and rewarding the thousands of visitors who frequent her site daily for their latest updates on the Caribbean entertainment scene.

“Alison is excited to meet the lucky winner and I am totally thrilled to make the announcement!”

For more information or reservations visit or call 1(877)434-2996.  Event tickets can also be purchased by calling 1 (866) 870-7148.

To enter click HERE.


Keeping It 100 : Keeping You Fashionable for under $100

If you look to the right side bar of the page , you will see a picture of a well dressed lady in a Hat and a Rihanna Inspired Necklace with the Words "Keeping it 100 " on her T-shirt .

Keeping it 100 is a small  online Boutique catering to Women "Urban Chic" Clothing. All pieces are trendy yet diverse , you are sure to find pieces with an edge that has been seen on Celebrities like Rihanna.  The stores C.E.O Kesha  understands that as women we all want to look good and have the most Fashionable items , these items can cost a pretty penny as Fashion is Dynamic. This store has all the latest trends in : Accessories , Tops , Bottoms and  Dresses/ Jumpsuits. The pieces you will find at Keeping at 100 are transitional and can be used to update your wardrobe and can be worn multiple times with different outfits.

The great thing about this Online Boutique is that all items are "limited". This ensures that you do not have the same items as several other people.

If you are looking for Fashionable items at an affordable cost check out Keeping it 100  
Below are some of the latest specials: 

 FREE shipping with Purchases over $50 . Code: SHIP100
Buy more than 1 Item and receive an additional 5% Off Your Purchase. Code : BUNDLE100

Make Up MAYnia : Emily Newland , Director of Chic Image Consultancy

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Chic Image Consultancy is a Premier Image and Fashion Consulting firm based in Jamaica that caterers to Individuals , Celebrities , Athletes ,Small Businesses and Corporations over the world.
Chic's Director Emily Newland was featured on the "College Edition" of America's Next Top Model . Today , she will be talking about "Make - up on a Budget ".

Hey my beauty fanatics!!
It’s been a crazy month but I took a little time out to fill you in.
Here is a list of products I find to be professional worthy and most of all pocket friendly.

Elf cosmetics has been on my radar for years now and I’m happy to see it’s catching on.  I find that their brushes are affordable and great to use and mix with your more expensive brushes. Especially their angled eye shadow brush.
Elf brushes can be purchased at Monarch Pharmacy in Loshusan ( Barbican).
They also have a tested and proven brush cleaner which is one of the most affordable.


I remember saying to myself not too long ago that I believed drugstore foundations weren't as good as high end foundations. But, before you bring out the pitchforks and torches, this is probably one of the first drugstore foundations that marked my turning point into a new drugstore loving era. This is the Maybelline Superstay 24HR Foundation and if I were to sum it up in three words, it’s flawless, it covers, and it’s comfortable.
So, what does this Foundation Do?

Maybelline says this is supposed to:
  • ·         Stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day
  • ·         Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and no transfer
  • ·         Withstands heat, sweat and humidity
  • ·         Oil-free, dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free
  • ·         Suitable for all skin types
The Key Characteristic though here is the Micro-Flex Formula. Maybelline boasts that this stuff moves with your skin and won’t cake and flake up like some foundations do. It’s long lasting and controls most oiliness. 


I found a great loose powder working on Wealth Magazine shoot by the cosmetic sponsor.  Saccha loose powder is surprisingly amazing to use over foundations. It gives excellent coverage due to how thick it is.


What I liked:
  • ·         Easy to find; available in any drugstore.
  • ·         Blackest Black is nice and opaque, no need to go over the line multiple times to achieve full, even coverage.
  • ·         The formula is extremely smooth and creamy. Not too dry, not too wet, perfect gel texture.
  • ·         Each liner comes with a brush and the brush is actually really good for applying this type of gel-textured liner. One thing I like about it is that it is flat and has a precise edge so it's easy to draw winged liner without making the lines blurry or too wide.

·         Quick Drying.
·         I haven't experienced any flaking, smudging or eye irritation while wearing Blackest Black
·         Under $1000 each, depending on where you shop.

What I didn't like:
  • ·         The Eggplant shade is not as opaque as the Blackest Black shade. I had to apply multiple layers to make an opaque line. Applying multiple coats causes the liner to flake when touched.
  • ·         The Eggplant shade isn't as strong of a color, either. It looks soft and faded and it lacks impact. I would have liked it to look more like Eggplant.
Blackest Black could be a little blacker; it's not quite as dark as MAC Blacktrack. It's really not bad, though.
·       While some places carry these for under $10 (I paid about $7 for mine), I've seen others price this as high as $12. MAC Fluidlines only cost $15 for the same amount of product.
·       Very small shade selection. Only four colors (black, brown, charcoal, purple).
Like I mentioned above, I'm really glad I took a chance on these. I'm rather impressed by the quality of them. The Eggplant wasn't exactly up to par, but I'm definitely going to buy Blackest Black again. It applies just as easily as the MAC Fluidline gel liner I normally buy, lasts just as long and looks just as good. The formula is creamy and a little on the wet side so it applies smoothly and without skipping. Plus, the brush it comes with actually works perfectly and I honestly wasn't expecting it to. Add another one to the list of shockingly awesome drugstore makeup items.I normally get my supplies for Maybelline at Beauty Spot near Spartan Gym


I usually prefer waterproof liquid liners/pens over crayons and pencils because of their longevity. However, because of the price of this eyeliner I didn't hesitate to give it a chance. As an immediate pro, I loved how it glided on. It was really easy to get a solid and pigmented line unlike a regular pencil. It didn't smudge or smear like some liquid liners and it's more of a crayon texture than a pencil. It would be hard to get a ultra thin line due to the thickness of the tip and I don't see it working well with a cat eye look. But it would be great on or below the waterline. My biggest con is that it didn't last all day like the waterproof liners. It wore off after a few hours. But, for the $400 price, I would purchase again from Body Accents in Mall Plaza.


Revlon Matte Red is the perfect substitution for a mac matte lipstick...TRY IT !!! ....especially if you are an avid ruby lip wearing kinda girl who can't keep enough red lipsticks stashed away. Best prices for around town for Revlon is at Chesterville Pharmacy in Winchester Business Center:)

Call/Whatsapp : 1-876-2891109

Make-Up MAYnia : First Impression , Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Monday, May 20, 2013
Hi Guys! This product has been regarded as the "Holy Grail" product in the Beauty Community for some time now and i thought i would do a review (finally)

I purchased this product at Discount Pharmacy in Manor Park for $1139tx Jmd . It is the standard 3.0 ml liquid make-up size and comes in a small bottle with a white cap.

It is extremely lightweight , i did not feel like i was wearing Make-up at all . I like the "feel" of the formula/texture , it does not come out bulky and it's not one of those foundations that sets immediately . Based on the reviews , they made it seem like it was simply a single application type product , but it's definitely build-able.

The only thing i didn't like about this product is that it doesn't last the entire day. It does hold up to an extent, but my face got shiny throughout the day. It wasn't a crazy oily look , it was more "dewy". I would recommend using a powder to really set this Foundation and also for your face to look more "Matte".

Final Thoughts : I give this product 8/10 . It did not come with a pump , so you will need an applicator . I would also recommend buying the "Nearly Naked" Powder , along with it for best results . If you have extremely oily skin , i would not recommend this Foundation.

Make-Up MAYnia : How to Make-Up your Bank Account

Friday, May 17, 2013
Hi Guys ! As I've explained in my initial post . Make up MAYnia will not only feature Make-Up and Cosmetics but other important things in life . Today , i would like to share with you some tips on how you can make money here in Jamaica . This is not one of those "get rich quick" schemes, these are legit ways you can make money .  These tips however are mainly for people between the ages of 18-35 . They might not be suited for everybody.

Market Research: When i was in University i always wanted extra money . Mainly for "Maintenance " Hair , Clothes and all that good stuff. There was a girl in my class who did Market Research and told me it pays and they are always looking for people to join their various teams. These companies don't require that you have a a lot of experience , but they require you do have some level of Education. You simply send a resume and a passport size photo and you will be called if there is work ( which is all the time) . I must warn you , if you are not a "People Person" or not into travelling , this is not the job for you! You will be talking to people from all aspects of life and parishes , after all it's "Research". ( I hope to do a follow up post on this to go more in depth") *If it's requested*

Offer Services: Again , I'm using myself as an example. The Degree i did was kinda "Multi-purpose". I did a lot of Writing, Event Planning , Film ...It was crazy but fun. Anyway, if you have a special skill that you do really well , why not package it and sell it to people? For example if you are great at Writing like me ... Offer to Write resumes , Business Plans all that stuff that people want but don't have time to do , or they might not know how to do it in a Professional Way . Think what your special skill/s is , perfect it and sell it! Make sure you do it well because people will not pay for crap.

Start a Blog! I've said this like probably 10 times .... the Internet is there for everyone! There is no limit to who can have a Blog and who can't. I must warn you ... it's not for the faint of heart ... it requires a lot of time and dedication.  If you decide to do it don't just do it because it's the "in thing" to do .... really think about it .There are tons of companies out there who will pay you to write reviews or even manage their very own Blogs.

Never Spend more than you make: Common Sense! The world has gone "Online" and everybody has a Credit Card. That does not mean you have to buy everything ... literally.

Sell Items Online: There are soooo many places you can sell items you no longer use . Sure you might not get a lump some of Cash for your items but it's still a few extra bucks . If you are a Creative person and make your own items ... Set up an Online store . Etsy is a great website for your original products . They emphasize that the products you sell are handmade ( they are really good at finding out tricksters) so make sure if you decide to do it your items are truly handmade.

Disclaimer : I am by no means a financial Adviser . These are things I've tried myself that has actually worked . I really hope this helps someone.

*Images may be subject to Copyright*

Make-Up MAYnia! Rihanna for River Island ( Again)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Hi Guys! As you know , i'm a huge Rihanna fan ... sooooo with that being said i had to share this info with you . Earlier this year in February ..Rihanna launched her line for River Island a U.K Brand which sold out days after ... and she's back with her Summer Collection! See the Pictures below:

"I just wanted stuff that I wanted to wear because at the end of the day that's what got me into designing - seeing things on the rack that were great, but that could have been a little more me," said Rihanna. "Maybe they could have been a little longer or shorter, or have a little more sex appeal or a little less. I wanted to make clothes for fat days; stuff that I want to wear. I was being selfish. Hopefully, my friends and people who shop at River Island will have the same taste." - Rihanna

Check out the Video below

This Collection will be in stores on May 25,2013
* Photo and Video may be Subject to Copyright*

Make Up MAYnia : First Impression , Avon

Monday, May 13, 2013
Hi Guys! Make Up MAYnia continues this week . I hope you all had a lovely weekend and is now ready to take on a brand new week . I personally think the Avon Brand is heavily saturated here in Jamaica and i think some of the products are either a hit or a miss . I picked up the Avon Speed Dry 30 a few weeks ago at a Beauty Expo.

Usually when i purchase nail polishes , there are 4 main things i look for : Packaging , Longevity, Colour Pay off and Dry time. To make things easier I'm gonna rate this product by category .

Packaging : 5/10 - Nothing too fancy . It just has a rectangular shape with a black top. I like that it's small enough to travel easily without worrying about it taking up too much space in your cosmetic bag. It's really flat.

Longevity : 3/10 - I tried this on my nails 3 times so that i can give a fair/realistic review . 1. With  Base Coat and used an excess amount of water . I did the dishes , i washed my car , i washed my hair and cleaned my Make-up brushes . All this was done in one day on a Sunday before 7 pm and by 8 pm all my nails had chipped and the polish had been completely washed off 3 nails. 2. Painted my nails on a Friday , used no Base coat and only washed the dishes and bathed . Two of my nails chipped . By Sunday they had all chipped. 3. Used Base Coat and did no water related things other than take baths ... the result was much better. Only 1 of my nail chipped.

Colour Payoff : 10/10 - The colour is called "Red Wine" and i would say it's a "True Colour" . It really looks like Red Wine and has that kinda Purplish "Deep Red Look". It also has a really smooth finish and it's really light ... but you will only need one coat .

Dry Time: 9/10 - The bottle says 30 so i assumed it was "30 seconds". It was however roughly around 45 seconds until it was fully dry compared to a lot of other brands that seem to take forever.

Final thoughts
I would recommend this product to a friend if she doesn't do much. This would be more of a 1 day wear in my opinion if you are looking for a great Polish that will last throughout that ONE day . Apart from the chipping , it has a really nice finish, a wet "glossy salon look" and is sure to be a conversation starter . The price on the actual Avon Website is $6 USD which i personally think is waaaaaay too much for Avon .

*Main Image may be subject to Copyright*

*The opinions expressed in this post are my own , based off my personal experience*

Make Up MAYnia : Get The Look with Tiffany Davidson Makeup Artistry

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hi Guysss! Yes! We've made it to the end of another week ... and it is auh mazing :-) Today's Make-Up MAYnia Feature is from Tiffany Davidson Make Up Artistry. Tiffany Davidson is a certified Make-Up Artiste, certified Skincare Specialist and Aesthetician . She has worked extensively in the Beauty Industry and has done training with leading Make-up Brands such as Revlon, Black Opal and Sascha Cosmetics.


Using an angled eyeliner brush, fill in your eyebrows with a dark brown brow wax or brow pencil and/or brow powder.
Use a concealer (one shade lighter than your skin) to outline the brows to achieve the perfect HD brows. Make sure to blend this concealer into the skin using a fluffy shadow brush or your fingers.
A Spoolie brush is then used to the further blend the powder/wax, into the brows.


Apply a concealer (one shade lighter than your skin) to the under eyes, nose bridge and forehead.
Choose a foundation that best suits your skin type. For combination/oily skin, choose a foundation that does not contain a lot of oils such as Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. 

For normal/dry skin, choose a foundation with oils that create a dewy appearance to the skin such as Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation.
Apply a cream/liquid foundation to the face using a flat top powder brush. 
Using a brush instead of a sponge, allows for flawless blending of the foundation into the skin.
Apply a setting powder over the cream/liquid foundation using a fluffy powder brush. A great setting powder to use is Black Opal's Deluxe Finishing Powder.


Apply a peachy-pink blush to the apple of the cheeks and blend upwards along the cheek bone.
Apply a highlighter such as a bronzer to the cheeks, a little above the blush. 

A great bronzer to use is the MAC Sheer Tone Shimmer Blush in Trace Gold or MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Gold Deposit.


Outline the lip line using a skin tone lip liner.
Apply a pigmented deep pink lip gloss with slight shimmers.
Put these all together and here you have the finished look!

- Tiffany Davidson
Professional Makeup Artist

Tiffany Davidson Makeup Artistry


Call/Whatsapp : 1-876-396-7984

Tiffany Davidson ProMUA |

*Images May Be Subject to Copyright*


Thursday, May 9, 2013
We all love a great deal for just about anything ... Just in Time for Mothers Day is the




STEP 1: Send your 200x200 Photo as well as your link to 

STEP 2 : Wait for your PayPal Payment Request

STEP 3 : See your Ad live on Haute People

How Needs an Ad ?


Business Owners , Bloggers , Authors , Singers , Actors 

This Ad will run for 1 month from the date you made payment

Contact : for more info

Sana Hashmat Couture UNITES Fashion & Philanthropy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” – Coco Chanel

True Fashion extends far beyond what meets the eye, it is a part of our character which makes us stand apart from the next person. It is not strange for Fashion to be associated with anything materialistic especially in these times when people will do just about anything for clothes. There is however one company that is breaking down these unrealistic social standards and “Fashion Stereotypes” for a positive impact on humanity.

SanaHashmat Couture is a world renowned contemporary high-end fashion company that specializes in women’s apparel and accessories from business, evening, specialty, to casual wear – appealing to all body types and backgrounds. Although Sana Hashmat Couture already offers some products to men (cuff links and ties), it is planning to launch an exclusive menswear collection in the near future. 

Sana Hashmat Couture is the brain child of Miss Sana Hashmat, described as a “Jack of all trades.”  Hashmat is a young Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and self-taught Fashion Couturier from New York City recognized for making statements in the boardrooms of Wall Street on an intellectual and fashionable level. This avant garde brand has been creating a lot of buzz in the Fashion Industry because of its unique philosophy and products that have been featured on the Runway at New York Fashion Week earlier this year as well in the Media.
The thing that sets this prestigious brand apart from traditional brands is fulfilling a need that most Fashion Companies fail to do –its ability to create distinguished yet versatile pieces that accentuate the natural beauty of the wearer while giving them the freedom to control the fit of the garment. Graceful. Elegant. Modest (GEM) from A.M. to P.M. is the mantra of the brand which allows the wearer to feel like a liberated gem.  This brand is the only of its kind that does not use any form of unnatural or deceptive embellishments (like objectification of body, sex appeal, makeup, music, etc.) whatsoever to showcase or sell its designs from head-to-toe.  So the garments are left to speak for themselves allowing the wearer to celebrate their natural beauty while being fashionably dressed in unique blend of luxurious fabrics and appearing stylish, graceful, elegant, and modest.

Apart from creating high quality pieces, Sana Hashmat Couture’s pieces are very versatile and “can be mixed and matched effortlessly”. If you buy one piece for example a dress / jacket / coat, you will be able to wear it in different ways for many different occasions. One of the pieces I came across, which I've declared as my favourite piece is this beautiful olive gold green Reversible Dress / Coat / Jacket. I like the fact that the pieces are realistic in that, everyone woman wants to look good and have that one piece that makes her feel like a million dollars. This unique reversible piece will not just sit in your closet; you will get enough wear out of it!

Realizing the perils of mainstream fashion and unrealistic social standards that trigger fatal health conditions like eating disorders and low self-esteem, Hashmat set out on a quest to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. “Totally disregarding the unrealistic industry size 0 or rather negative 10, air brushed, flawless, and other unnatural requirements,” Sana Hashmat Couture uses a diverse group of healthy models from varied nationalities on the runway. “Our philosophy is that all women are a beautiful GEM from A.M. to P.M." said Hashmat

Simultaneously advocating to end cruelty and abuse inflicted on animals from testing and producing cosmetic products through its no makeup philosophy which is inspiring individuals to embrace their inner and outer beauty and individuality while helping everyone realize the abusive conditions animals undergo to produce such makeup products that contain toxins that are harmful to their skin and to the animal kingdom. 

“In the name of God: Allah, the all Compassionate, All Merciful” are the humble words behind Sana Hashmat Couture’s inspirational and holistic philosophy to help all of humanity, serving as the foundation of this successful company. Sana Hashmat Couture is a brand of substance that is concerned with helping everyone.  The brand has been successful in launching 6 collections consecutively contributing growth to local and global economies through various philanthropic efforts. One such global welfare campaign is the “Empowering Humanity” in which at least 3% of sales from each product is contributed to various Charities, while 2.5% of the net assets also goes to Alms giving. The contributions are made to help with Disaster Relief, Eradicating Poverty, Promoting Education, helping to feed the needy, supporting animal rights, ending animal cruelty from cosmetic testing, and conserving trees and other creations that are holistically a part of humanity. Another remarkable venture is creating and donating a special outfit to a baby girl between ages 1-3 after a collection has been launched. Also, $1,000 will be donated across various charities once the brand’s Facebook page reaches 1,000 likes. Click here to like the page.

And every step of the way, the brand never misses an opportunity to personally thank its fans for “their continued love and support” in helping it get this far from having client appreciation events to featuring their “love notes” on the page.

In today’s society where so much emphasis is placed on physical entities, people tend to neglect their contribution to humanity. It is great when a successful company like Sana Hashmat Couture takes the time to dedicate its time and efforts in making the world a better place. Sana Hashmat Couture has gained a strong affinity globally while having a positive impact in educating, empowering, and enlightening humanity through its innovative philosophy and philanthropic campaigns. All it really takes is one person to do one small thing and the world will already be ten times better.

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