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Happy 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Happy New Year !

I would like to Thank everyone who made 2013 exceptional

George Maculsky
Stephen & Luke Josephs
A- Bar Restaurant & Lounge Team
Chic Hair Jamaica
Softsheen Carson Jamaica
Chic Image Consultancy
Alter Ego Team
Kumea's Hair Perspective
Revenge of the Rich Clothing Company
Recardo Hewitt
Oneil Walters
Chad Cunningham
Miss U.W.I 2013 Pageant Team
Veggie Meals on Wheels
Rseenal Di Artillary
Andre Shirley
Reve Jewellery & Accessories
Rosey Martin
Rural Elite Promotions
Garnier Circle
Tarik Wolfe
NoMad Carlos
Yola Moi
Kemar Daswell
Kishmar Shepherd
Floyd Thompson
Nacqueve Howell
Bamboo Village Restaurant
Burger King ( Manor Park)
Discount Pharmacy ( Manor Park )
Diva Supplies
Oem Performance Team
Roberts Travel Service
House of Gems
Worldwide Novelties
Kevin Frith
Stretlaw Media Company
Vision High Filmz
Randy Richards Photography
John Alessi Pr Firm
Kingston Bridal Week 2013 Team
Secret Hair Design
Kew Korner Restaurant
Shanna- Kay Britton- Edwards
Yuri Stewart
Poshteisha Dawkins

Of Course my Family ( the Rhoden team .. yard and abroad)

* Everyone who contributed positively to making my 2013 a great year*

There were so much i accomplished that i had no idea was even possible in 12 months! The Highlights of my year was having my 2nd Bloggerversary Event and securing a Contract before the end of the year. I know 2014 will be a great year and i expect there will be challenges.
I hope to keep putting out posts and some new material.

Thank You all so much for the support!

* If your name was not on the thank you list above .. please put it in the comments section*

Dreams , Goals and of Course Resolutions

Monday, December 30, 2013
Hi Guys! 2014 is just days away to many of us that means absolutely nothing ... to others like myself it means I get one more year to accomplish new goals. At this time of the year it is not uncommon for people to make resolutions of things they hope to do in the New Year ... Others set goals both realistic and unrealistic.

Times are hard and some people got so depressed last year that they feel like there is no hope for the new year. My thoughts and words of encouragement to people who feel this way "Once there is life, there is hope" ... It sounds corny but i want you to really think about this. For some miraculous reason you are still alive which means there is something you can do. Instead of thinking the worst think positive. Sure that's easier said than done because there are some of us who have truly lived a full life and had bad experiences which leads us to think this is it ... "I will always have a bad life". For 2014 I challenge you .... make a list of the things you truly want to accomplish for that year that means something to you ... not your parents , significant other or boss or whoever ... you! It can be something materialistic like getting quality weave or getting a Michael Kors Watch or something more substantial like going to University, get a better Car or House. I want you to set that goal and really work towards it. The road to accomplishing your goals will be hard and you will want to give up but push! Let 2014 be the year you become a better Y-O-U!

Thank you all so much for the support throughout the year on this Blog and like I've been doing since i started this Blog, I will thank you all individually in a special post with your name:-)

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Top Trends of 2013 According To Lucky Magazine

Friday, December 27, 2013
Hi Guys! While reading Lucky Magazine Online, I came across the top trends of 2013 and I decided to share it with you.

The Skort


H&M Beaded Top

Knee High Gladiator

Michael Kors

Midi Rings

 I know that there are a lot more trends that were popular this year however it is impossible to put them all in one post , so I named the ones the I liked the most
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What NOT to Wear to the Airport

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Hi Guys! I trust you are all in high spirits ... there is so much emphasis placed on Christmas but remember its only 1 day. Today, we'll be looking at things to never wear to the airport. The Christmas Season is what they call "Peak Season" in the Travel Industry, therefore Airport is FULL. People are going to extremes to dress up for their flights. However! Less is more. Here are things you should not wear to the airport.

Too Much Accessories: Ladies and Gentleman, there is no need to wear every accessory in your collection. Security measures change quite often and you will have to take them off at each check point and please also think about the people behind you each time you go through the metal detector and there is a "beep" or you have to take them off one by one.

A Belt: Again, this will set off the metal detector and will have the people behind you totally peeved! Think about all the times you will have to take it off and put it back on. If you must wear a belt, wear one that is plastic or made of fabric. Spikes are all the rage this season but stay away from Belts with excessive hardware.

Flip Flops: This kinda depends on how far you have to travel and also how committed you are to walking with an extra pair of socks. Think of all the germs on the airport floor and how many people pass through on a daily basis. Ewww

An Underwire Bra: Ladies, this one is for you. I know sometimes we might want to feel extra sexy and need that extra push underneath but the wire will set off the metal detector and you will be there wondering why you keep setting things off and you will be sent to the back room for further security checks.

Layers of Clothing: Yes its Christmas and "farin" is cold. However if you pack on the clothing .. again you will have remove "all a dem". Also stay away from clothing with metal or padding of any form. These will be a huge hazard.

Remember to carry travel size items of your favorite products in your carry on or handbag. Other wise you will have to discard of them or have them checked.

Check out this funny video from YouTube Sensation Jenna Marbles on Airport Etiquette

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels

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Tessanne Chin is "The Voice"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Tessanne Chin wins "The Voice" 2013. Things were crazy here in Jamaica today as we anticipated the announcement of a winner. In our hearts we all knew that Tess would come out on top because of her amazing pipes and sweet personality.

As we say in Jamaica "Wi likkle but wi tallawah" [ We are small but mighty]


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International Reggae-Dancehall Artiste Rseenal di Artillary "Ready Fi Tek It" is a Big Hit

Monday, December 16, 2013
International recording artist Rseenal di Artillary, the acclaimed “lyrical artillery” of the Dancehall, has just released a single featuring a sample of The “Gaza's Don and Lyrical Genius” Vybz Kartel. The song which is titled “Ready Fi Tek It” racked up overnight many listens on iTunes literally hours after it was posted. Based on the rapid, positive feedback the producers decided to place the track in a listening session amongst some very harsh music critiques who all overwhelmingly said that this song has both top local Chart & international mainstream potential.
“Ready Fi Tek It” was produced by Kareem Goodison & Fada Scur of Orange Hill Records & Makonnen of EZ-Mak Entertainment with distribution Worldwide by Orange Hill through iTunes. The song was arranged with the Vybz Kartel's Sample, from his recently released track "Wi Have it Lock" produced years ago by Sam Diggy Music. Rseenal deliberately orchestrated this track in solidarity & support to "The Teacha" who is currently battling several charges in court to date, with an aim to entice & rally Jamaica’s dancehall fraternity, the Caribbean & North American markets to support the relevance of both these artiste to the genre of dancehall music while seeking to make an indelible mark in the business.

Mixing & Mastering was done by Makonnen who has done work for established acts such as Lil Wayne, Sizzla Kalonji and Capleton. Recording was done at Iyah Gift's One Hart Music Studios.
Rseenal have done the official music video for “Ready Fi Tek It” and is now having it edited with the hopes of getting it out to the public in approximately one week. The video was directed and edited by Jahdean Van Gogh's Jah Workz & Yosef Imaginations.

For more info 
Management: Orange Hill Records

[LISTEN & DOWNLOAD “Ready Fi Tek It” on iTunes ]

What to Wear To Meet The Parents : The Christmas Edition

Hi Guys! It's just one more week until Christmas ! I'm excited yet kinda disappointed. I feel like as people we spend a year preparing for one day that goes by really quickly. Today's topic is kind of a touchy one. Congrats to all the couples who have made it to this point ... meeting the parents. Here are a few tips on what to wear on that special day.


The most important thing is to make sure you are properly groomed. Please ensure that you went to the Barber before hand and get yourself a hair cut, line up and a proper, proper shave. Not one of those butchered looks that leaves your face in stubbles and band- aids. Stay away from tight "You're a Jerk" Video looking pants.

 There are nothing wrong with wearing fitted pants that is the right fit for your body ( now ) not a 12 year old you. If you are wearing Jeans, make sure the colours are subtle. And please, buy a belt! There should be no swagging or hanging of your pants on that day! It is important to show the girls father that his daughter is with a decent, responsible man. As it relates to accessories or in guy terms "bling" keep those at a minimum. If you wear earrings, get a pair of small knobs, keep anything that says your name at home. Also ensure your shoes are clean. They can tell a lot about you just by your shoes.


Ladies, I'm sure that we all have an image of what we would like to wear when we first met his parents. For me It's that scene from Monster in Law, where charlie is wearing a beautiful Pink Dress that's not too tight or modest .. its just perfect.

 You can go for that route or wear something that looks nice that you are comfortable in. Try to stay away from elaborate hairstyles, those can be for the club ( later on). Make sure your hair is neatly combed whether weave or natural. Stay away from 5 inch heels at this time. I know there are ladies out there who are great at maneuvering heels this height, but this can leave a bad impression on the mother. She's a woman just like you are she thinks things .. just like you. For accessories, keep them at a minimum. Stay away from noisy pieces like bangles or huge earrings and anything that contains derogatory statements like "B**tch*

We all have different personalities and styles and of course different parents. The few tips I've given in this post can serve as a guideline, but is not limited to the things I've named.

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Nailing The Season: Fun Nail Art for December

Friday, December 13, 2013
Hi Guys and a Happy Friday to you all. Today, we will be looking fun nails art trends for December. Yes! we just talked about trends for "fall" (which we don't experience in Jamaica) but Christmas is a whole other season and another trend.

I thought I would do something different and show some pictures and hope you will be inspired


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The Worst Christmas Gifts Ever!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Hi Guys! Last year I did a Gift Guide for the Fashionable Girl. Read it HERE, where I basically gave guys an idea of the gifts you should by for the Fashionable lady in your Life. This year it is the total opposite. I'm gonna talk about some of the worst gifts you could possible give to someone.

A Donation in your name: Yes Christmas is known as the Season of Giving and its always great to help out a person in need (once you have good intentions) I don't know about anybody else, but this "gift" feels like a slap in this face that says "hey , I'm not gonna give you cash in hand because you are never getting my money". I'm all for the idea of it , but that gift can be given some other time.

Socks: There are people out there still giving socks! unno stop it! Its completely ok if you live in a cold climate but what about people like me who live in Jamaica? What am I suppose to do with socks? I can understand if I was still going to school because back then you can never have too much socks. But! I don't need it now.

Oversized Photos ... of other people: Why would anybody want a large photo of somebody else to hang in their house? Why do you have a large photo of yourself anyway. I'm talking about photos the size of Agnus in "Matilda" (90's people know this movie) Everybody loves photos, but if you feel the need to give somebody a photo of yourself consider a 5"7".

Gift for Pets (and not the owner): I love animals and I have no problem with them. Why would you give my Dog a gift and not me :-(  lol seriously though

Fruitcake: I personally don't like fruitcake but I've heard people say its delightful. However, I don't think something like that travels well, let's say a person got a Fruitcake and has to take 3 buses home ... how would that work on the bus? Do you put in your bag or ask a person who is sitting to hold it for you?

Obvious Knockoff Pieces:There is nothing wrong with wanting a nice quality designer piece after a year of bills and expenses.Whats not nice is getting something you thought was designer to have it fall apart days later or have somebody point out its fake. Guys especially, if you are going to get us something nice make sure its the real deal.

I'm a firm believer in "Its the Thought that counts" however that also means you should think about the gift you plan to give a person. I'm really happy with just getting something ... but please make sure you take what i like into consideration.

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What is the worst Christmas gifts you've ever received?

How to Dress (Appropriately) for a Christmas Work Party

Monday, December 9, 2013
Hi Guys! Happy Monday .. top of the morning to you! Its December and its the month of Office Parties. Gone are the days when people would wear their work clothes to the Office Party. People have "turnt up" the Office Party Dress Code. However, there are things that are still inappropriate.

Things to Never Wear

Excess Cleavage: Not because its the end of the year it means you and all your parts are to break free. If you decide to wear something low-cut , make sure its well above your navel or wear a cover up.
Too Short / Too Tight Clothing: Leave this for the club! Maybe you have plans to hit the club after the event, why not skip the Office Party and go straight to the club?

See Through Garments: Highly inappropriate. Sheer has been popular this year but it can be subtle.

Heavy Make-Up: There is nothing wrong with wearing a full face of Make-up but its how you apply it. If you are not sure, go to YouTube or ask a friend who knows how to apply Make-Up to do it for you.

Things to Wear

DO wear clothing that will flatter your shape. Work clothes can hide all that. To the single ladies , maybe you've had your eye on a guy all year. Now is the time to stop him in his tracks by wearing a dress that fits you without looking like a hoochie.

DO wear sensible shoes. Stay away from those "Lady Gaga" type heels. Make sure you can walk firmly without tipping over.

DO make sure your hair is freshly done.Too many times I've seen ladies well dressed and the hair is a mess. This is your one shot to relax and forget about papers on your desk. Make the extra effort to ensure your hair is right.

This is not a fashion related tip but if there are alcoholic beverages, try to limit yourself. There is no need to get so drunk that you are not standing in an upright position. Also, like with any party there will be music, dancing is always fun and a great way to relieve stress. But leave the "Bump & Grind" to R.Kelly

I really hope these tips help at least ONE person. I know by now in Jamaica most of the hype Christmas parties have passed  but for all the others. Have fun ..

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Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Hi Guys! I'm finally back just in time to share something with you. I was contacted by Jason from Bonobos, which is a Mens Clothing store to tell you all about "Giving Tuesday".


Giving Tuesday is a National Giving Day
Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday  …now Giving Tuesday is coming to Canada on December 3, 2013.

It is a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Cyber Monday. The “Opening day of the giving season,” it is a day where charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favorite causes and think about others.

“We have two days that are good for the economy. Now we have a day that is good for the community too.”

The Bonobos Involvement

Bonobos will be giving 20% of their sales from each purchase will go towards the 4 Charities shown below. As a shopper , you have the opportunity to choose the one that is right for you.

Participate by visiting the Bonobos website by Clicking HERE

It is always better to give than receive, who knows maybe that small sacrifice you make today could be you saving another persons life.

Even though its a Canadian based Charity event, you will still be able to take part from wherever you are in the world. That is the beauty of Online Shopping :-)