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March Into Spring :First Impressions : Santee Mascara!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Hi Guys! This post is soooo late . This part of the month has not been good to me with all the pollen , dander and dust :-(  I'm feeling like 90% myself and i have something to share with you :-)
Most recently i discovered Santee Nail Polishes and i must say I'm in love with them . While i was out and about on Saturday , i discovered their mascara at Cherry's Springs Plaza!

The picture above shows how it's packaged when you see the brand in stores. The mascara i got was the MC-122 in black . The mascara was $250 jmd . First of all , it was very very light ! It felt like there was nothing in it and i was wondering if it was one of those "testers" . However the sales clerk assured me that it's "real" and new.

The Real Deal

Apart from the product being light , it was kinda "gloopy" . It's like when you have Mascara for really really long and it starts to change from a semi liquid to semi solid . Yup , that's what the texture was like . I seriously don't know if they had it in the store too long ... or that's how its suppose to be. I must say however , i liked the scent .. it had a really nice "perfumey" scent,

( This is how it actually looks ... the product is on the tip of that brush)


Well , it was cheap . But ! that brush gave me great coverage . Because of its shape and that slight curve at the tip , it made my lashes look super thick and long . I was seriously surprised ... i was thinking there was no way this would even show much less give such great coverage. I think it got all my lashes individually.

I would give this product a 3.5 out of 5 and would recommend to a friend .. with warning! Be sure too see if you can open it in the store to check the texture . If you've tried this product , please feel free to comment and share you experience . Do you love it?

March Into Spring:Show & Tell : A! Absolute : Perfect 18 Eye-shadow Palette

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Hi Guys! While on the road on Saturday i discovered some products that i haven't seen before at Cherry's Spring Plaza. I was actually attracted to these products because of their packaging. Today, i will be showing you my A! Absolute : Perfect 18 Eye shadow Palette.

The Palette

I liked the fact that it was cheap! It was only $400 Jmd . I know most people might have reservations as it relates to purchasing certain products because of their price , but as i always say "It's just Make -up .. at the end of the day it washes off" .

Whats the BIG deal?

The color pay off is auh mazing . The colors at the bottom are neutral are highly pigmented. These have a mix of shimmer and matte shadows . I love shimmer shadows :-) My favorite is the gold and silver. The colors on the top are a mix of shimmer and matte shadows as well. But! the colors that were "bright" showed up light on my lids :-( especially those two Pretty Pinks. See below for the swatches.

Apart from the colors that are bright showing as light ... the color pay off is great! I was even surprised . Oh! and also that deep purple colour right there has a creamy texture .. so that's good :-) It also come with Black and White shadows great for highlighting and creating a smokey eye . You get all that for $400.00. This is great if you are like me and is just getting into Make-up . It's inexpensive ... yet effective.

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March Into Spring : Going "Skin Deep " , Finding Your Undertones!

Monday, March 25, 2013
Hi Guys :-) Top of the Morning to ya! I'm just gonna jump into it . Today it's all about undertones and knowing the type of undertone you have.

What is Undertone?

Skin undertones are the underlying tint to the skin that influence whether a person has a “warm” ,“cool” or "neutral" complexion. - Wise Geek

There are 3 types of Undertones : Warm , Cool and Neutral . You can't know a person's undertone just by looking.  There has been assumptions that once a person has a dark skin tone , then they would naturally have a "warm" undertone. This is not the case; below are just some quick tips to know your undertone.


If you look into the mirror and notice that your "bare face" ( without Make -up) has a Pinkish look to it, then you would have a cool undertone. This might be true for most people who are considered "fair skinned" or those who have a really really dark skin tone . People like model "Alex Wek" who has a Blackish Blue Skin Tone.


If you have a golden , apricot .. yellowish looking skin without make-up , you are said to have a warm undertone. These people are said to have a bright "Sunny" welcoming look and will cast a natural golden look in natural light . Think J.Lo! One way you can tell if you truly have  warm undertone is by looking at the colour of your veins ... they will have  noticeable "greenish" colour.


A Neutral Undertone is one in which you have a mixture of both warm and cool . In essence , you look in the mirror and notice that it's neither warm nor cool. This is mainly common in women who have an "olive skin tone".

A good way to tell what skin tone you are is to do the following :

Take a piece of jewellery and wear it. A gold jewellery will make a warm toned person look healthy and glowy , while a cool skin tone person will look sallow and sickly . If you have a cool skin tone , then silver will work best for you :-)

*Images may be Subject to Copyright*

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90's Kid Survey!

Saturday, March 23, 2013
Hi ! I wanted to do a quick Saturday Post before i head out :-) This is for all the people who were born in the 90's . I was born in 87' so that makes me a 90's kid . See the questions and answers below!

1. Favorite Disney channel original movie?

Zenon! I loved her hair and outfits and all the cars ... wait did they have cars? Anyhoo

2. Favorite music artist?


3. Favorite Nick Jr. show?

I loved Blue's Clues . The songs were so catchy ... and Steve was sooo cool

4. Favorite candy?

Fun Dip ! Grape Flavour

5. Favorite game? (board game, school game, etc.)

Connect 4

6. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal toy?

McDonald's was in Jamaica in the 90's for real real ... my favorite toys were the mini beanie babies

7. Favorite book?

I liked Nancy Drew

8. Favorite clothing store?

Umm ... Times Store . It was right where Lees is now in Halfway tree .. they were the only store that i can remember that had a Santa Claus who gave decent gifts every Christmas 

9. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?

I mainly watched Nickelodeon  ... Doug , Clarissa Explains It All , Taina! These were all such good shows 

Haute Girl : Tonaya Wint

Friday, March 22, 2013
If you were at  the Youth View Awards earlier this year , you would have seen this young lady rocking a super exquisite one of a kind Dress. Our Haute Girl Today is ... Tonaya Wint Owner / Head Designer at Wintdesigns. Tonaya is a self taught Fashion Designer who has BIG DREAMS of making her mark on the Fashion Industry.

H.P: Who is your favorite Fashion Icon?
T.W: Beyonce', she is such a Diva and always confident in everything she wears.

H.P: What are your top 3 Skincare Products?
T.W: I don't really use skincare products. Just Moisturizer daily and Make-up whenever I'm going out.

H.P:  What is your favorite Fashion Website?
T.W: I'm on it 24/7, it's fashion forward and i get so many inspirations and ideas from that website.

H.P: Besides Designing ... what would be your "Dream Job"
T.W: My dream job is to do a number of things lol. I actually would love to eventually become a Flight Attendant, traveling the world and meeting people would be such an amazing job.

H.P: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ....
T.W: I cannot live without Laptop and blackberry, not a day goes by and i don't use them.

You can find Wintdesigns on Facebook.

*Photos are the Property of Wintdesigns , they should not be duplicated without permission*

March into Spring : How NOT to Wear Make up

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Hi Guys! So i was on Facebook when i saw some really disturbing pictures on a page called "Hot Mess"  ( let me know if you saw those pics) . The girls in these pics knew what Make-up was .. But!! they have no idea how to apply it . My guess is that .. they all planned on going out , then the light went out .. and they grabbed all the make -up in the dark and applied it with a paintbrush .

Below are some of the ways you should not apply make up .


Be sure to use a foundation that is either waaaay too light or too dark for the face . I used one that was a bit darker than my skin-tone!

Make sure that you get a light concealer and dab it under your eyes as much as you can . You want people to see that your eyes are awake .. trust me .. more is more in this case .. do not apply sparingly. We want that Kardashian look Girl!

The Cheeks

Get the boldest , brightest blush you can find in your collection and pack that on there . Make sure you get it under your eyes without messing up the concealer . Remember , you want to look "Natural". Suck those cheeks in!

It is now time to contour  forget about that super model cheek look .. that's so yesterday... today , we are creating the illusion that we have the  perfect nose.. get the darkest bronzer you can find.


It is now time to fill in those brows , there are 3 options here " mean brows" , "paper thin brows" or "nike sign brows". We are doing the mean brows today ... because we are fierce .. grrrrr . Take the darkest eye pencil you can find to outline those brows. Be sure to take your light concealer to go above and below the brows to give it that nice clean look.

Next , take a bright eye shadow or a colour that is not a part of your outfit and apply to your lids.  Its Spring so think bright colors. I did a smokey Eye .. with winged tips . I was going big so i did "batman" wings , can you see the definition?


Finally ! are the lips ... who says you can't have a bold eye and a bold lip?  Pick the brightest lipstick you can find and finish with lip gloss .

You are now ready to go to your event!

On the real ! This post was all in good fun and are just some ways you should NOT apply your make-up . I hope it was fun for you because i enjoyed it :-)

** Photos are the property of Haute People and should not be duplicated**

March Into Spring : Rihanna for River Island Clothing

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
I know what you are thinking .. what does Rihanna have to do with Spring right? Well , Spring is the season when designers release all their latest collections and in essence Rihanna is quite the designer .. ish

The collection was launched earlier this month. The pieces can be described as chic , casual , flirty and of course edgy quite like her style . According to Rihanna :

“I have wanted to design my own fashion label for a very long time,” Rihanna explains. “This has been something I wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion. Every time I saw something on a rack there was something I wanted to do to change it and so I thought that the only way I could do that is by designing the perfect thing for me.”

This collection is definitely not for the safe "run of the mill " type of girl as some of the pieces are "eclectic" as they represent the many moods of the songstress. The collection got really interesting reviews from the Fashion community, especially when she stepped out in this number ( shown below)

Rihanna's die hard fans on the other hand went crazy for the collection : It sold out just hours when it was released at the River Island Store on Oxford Street in London. The collection was launched in seven cities across the world ( London, New York, Dublin , Amsterdam , Moscow, Warsaw and Dubai)

I think some of the pieces are a bit out there .. even for Rihanna .. but ! there are also a lot of good pieces. I liked that she created pieces that she would actually wear . Click the link below to see the collection.

*Images may be subject to Copyright , i do not own the rights to these photos*

March Into Spring : D-I-Y Wall Decor

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Hi , Hi , Hi! Today's D-I-Y Project is quick , inexpensive and fun!

You will need:
  • An Old Magazine
  • Tape 
  • Scissors
Step 1 :

Find a really colorful page or any page you think might go with your room color.

Step 2 :

Outline the words you plan to use on pages of your magazine. I used "D-R-E-A-M".If you have a really large stencil , use it . It saves a lot of time instead of taking a ruler to write all the letters.  Taking , a steady hand , cut out the letters

Step 3

Place some tape on the back of each letter and stick it on your wall . If you like , you can also tape around the words as long as you use clear tape.

See how quick and easy that was ? You can turn a plain , empty wall into your little inspiration space . If you want to get super creative , you can add  butterflies , hearts , birds or whatever you like :-)

March Into Spring : I love Spring Tag

Monday, March 18, 2013
Hi Guys ! It is the second week of March Into Spring ! I'm so happy for week 2 because I've been physically tired because of "Daylight Saving Time " . Even though i live in Jamaica , i work from home so i have to work with the American time :-( .. So I'm up super early and i go to bed super early as well . Anyhoo , there's a tag going around YouTube and i thought I'd share it ... i love tags but it doesn't really catch on here in Jamaica .. so at the end I'm gonna tag some of my fellow Jamaican Bloggers :-)

1. Favorite spring nail polish?
This is an old favourite that i brought back ... Santee's "Beach Blue"

2. What is your must-have lip color this spring?
Mac "Show me" lipglass 

 3. Show us your favorite spring dress! 

4. What's your favorite flower?

I'm actually not into flowers ... but! i like daisies

5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?

My leaf necklace from Forever 21

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)

I'm really excited about the cropped skinnies , neons and of course spring dresses

7. Favorite spring candle?
Hands down ... Bath & Body Works "Japanese Cherry Blossom"

8. Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?
Curve Connect ... got this as a Christmas Gift .. but it has a really Springy fresh scent :-)

9. What is spring like where you live?
I live in Jamaica , we don't celebrate Spring per say .. but ... at this time at the flowers/ blossoms have fallen of the trees , and you can see the leaves starting to change to this really pretty fresh green colour . There is this one tree that has those bright yellow flowers falling off ( don't know the name) but the colours are really bright

10. What's your favorite thing about spring?

I'm excited to see all the trends and bright colours!

11. Are you a spring cleaner?

Yes! Most definitely ! I'm not good as washing , or cooking or ironing or yard work .. but i love to clean . Hopefully, i will be able to do a post on Spring Cleaning *fingers crossed*

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

Not sure yet ... I've been doing a lot of relaxing lately .. but I'd love to travel ...

Tag You're it!

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Haute People "Off The Ground" Fundraiser

Friday, March 15, 2013
Hi Guys! Today i would like to tell you about something i Launched for my "Blog Business" . As you can tell from the title , it's called the "Haute People Off the Ground Fundraiser". I'm a Professional Blogger , that's how i make money . I went to school , got a Degree and i hate working for other people :-( Plus my first job out of Uni was "Digital Slavery" . Then i got recruited by one of Jamaica's top Insurance Companies .. didn't like it .. just don't have that Passion ...I consider my self a creative person . I've had other jobs before all that .. mostly Summer and Part Time Jobs .. some were great .. some horrible .. but while i was there .. i dreamed in Fashion and writing "How To" articles ... so i eventually kicked my Blogging into high gear and went Professional :-)

Blogging in the U.S is a 2.7 Billion dollar industry .. yes i said a billion dollars. Why aren't we embarking on that here in Jamaica? How come there is not support for the "Creative Arts" ? Anyway , i want to take my Blog to the level of some of these International Bloggers.. I'm just as good . There are certain things i need to reach that level . Such as:

  • DSLR Digital Camera
  • Macbook
  • Wireless Printer/Scanner
  • Professional Website
  • Graphic Artiste
In Jamaica , we have a culture where we think once people do something like this .. they are flat on their faces and are in "need" of help. The thing is .. i did all the start up by myself ...and we all need a little "push" , in some aspect of our lives . That push is in the form of a donation . Donations start at $1 Usd and the maximum goes up to $500 . If you donate $5 , you will receive a special mention on this Blog and Social Media ( if you wish) You don't have to live in Jamaica or the States to donate .. you just have to believe in the dream .. my dream :-)  I will post regular updates once i reach a certain amount and so on . This Fundraiser is of course ongoing ..