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Appleton Jamaica To Give Scholarships to U.W.I 'S Entertainment and Management Students

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beverage Company Appleton Jamaica has partnered with The Cultural Entertainment and Affairs Chairperson (CEAC) at The University of the West Indies (UWI) to provide two scholarships worth $100,000 each for students studying either economics or entertainment and cultural enterprise management.

According to Jared Samuels, Appleton's brand assistant, the company is delighted to assist in the development of future leaders.
"We have been a part of campus life for quite some time now, and we decided that we not only wanted to contribute to the entertainment, but also to the development of the students. We want to encourage students to strive, especially in areas that Appleton is associated with like marketing, and so forth.
"In turn, when they leave school, they can perhaps contribute to the development of brand Appleton," he said.
To qualify for the scholarships, hopefuls must be students at the University of The West Indies, must be an economics or entertainment and cultural enterprise management major, and must not owe the school in excess of $50,000.
According to Miguel Reid, cultural entertainment and affairs chairperson at the UWI, the scholarships are very important because many students are facing financial difficulties.
Positive step
"I know how it feels to want to achieve your goals, and at the same time are hampered by financial constraints. So I think this collaboration with Appleton is a real positive step to providing assistance in the wake of the challenging economic climate that we are faced with. I hope this initiative will become an annual thing under the CEAC portfolio so that students can see other benefits aside from the entertainment value," Reid said.
Reid is currently making preparations for the up-coming UWI carnival season, which starts on March 14 and concludes on the 17th.
Appleton Jamaica is also promoting a new campaign called 'Something Special is Happening', which is focused on having a good time and drinking responsibly.

Image/ Information Courtesy of the Gleaner 
Reporter - Curtis Campbell

90210 Style Now Vs Beverly Hills 90210 Style Then

Hi Guys! Today , i would like to share with you the styles of the ladies in one of my favorite shows "90210" and the original Beverly Hills 90210. 90210 comes on Mondays on The CW at  I have been a fan of this show since the 90's ( even though an 8 or 9 year old should not have been watching this :-) Let's look at how the style of this show has evolved throughout the years.

I've decided to do a head to head challenge with the girls based on their style.

Girl Next Door

Annie Vs Brenda
Both Brenda and Annie are the "new" girls in the 90210 zip code . They have now been exposed to the lifestyle of the rich and famous and this is seen in the way they dress. They wear sweet but trendy no name clothing without much effort but always look totally auh mazing. Winner is Brenda . Just because even thought sometimes a lot of the outfits Annie wears are ill fitting . She has a smaller frame and her clothes seem to "drown " her sometimes.

The Socialite / Rich Girl

Naomi Vs Donna

Naomi is my all time favorite character. She has enough personality to carry the entire show Both girls have disposable incomes and far from perfect families ... but always has the best clothing . Donna was the only one who could make the signature "mom jeans" look good. Winner ... Naomi , she just takes a lot more "sensible" risks than Donna . This one was close

Bohemian / Edgy Chic

Silver vs Kelly ( Sister Act)

Sooo ... "Silver" is the love child of Kelly's mom and Dylan's dad .. which makes Silver and Kelly Sisters . I liked the fact that the writers of 90210 kept a link between the generations with Aaron Spelling's character "Kelly" . These sisters are a lot more alike than they think . Kelly was the popular super creative girl who had more fitted outfits and was famous for her crop tops and mom jeans . And Silver pushes the envelope with her Bohemian outfits . She wears lots of hats , scarves , vests and boots and her hair seems to change with each new season. My money is on Kelly in this round! I feel Silvers' style is predictable

Sexy/Trendy / Collegiate
Adrianna vs Andrea

I actually had no idea where i was going when i decided to pair these two but then i remembered that both girls had big dreams ... but got pregnant. Andrea was the smart girl of the group ( i kinda don't see how she fit in ) Nonetheless she lived in the zip code and went to the school :-) There was not really much going on with her outfits. Her signature outfit consisted of " Jeans , white t-shirt a vest/blazer and a bead bow/" . This was more of a subtle/ casual/ collegiate look which was an embodiment of her character . Adrianna on the other hand is more of a "firecracker" . She's the token "rockstar" of the group and wears a lot of leather , shorts , dresses and more figure hugging clothing. Adrianna won this round

Are You A Fan of This Show ( both generations) ?

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Wedding Spectacular 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013
Wedding Spectacular is a two day wedding expo where various businesses relating to weddings and events come together to exhibit their products and services to the public as well as seminars and Fashion Shows . 

The event was held on February 23-24 at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston. Haute People was invited to "come on down" and see what the booths had to offer.  Below are some of the pics . If you were at the event at either or both days .. please share your thoughts below. I thought it was a great event. The set up was great and i liked that it wasn't "stuffy" , it was a really fun "down to earth" event and everybody participated. Congrats to that older engaged couple at the event ... its never too late to find love

Make -Up Artiste Extraordinaire Paul March

White Lotus Designs Wedding Dress

Salon Innovation


Kia was one of the main sponsors of the event

Mission Catwalk Season 2 Runner up Rebecca Stirm showed her Collection at the event

Rebecca Stirm and Miss Belize 2012 ( white)

The event was hosted by the "Curvacious Diva" , Yanique who had the audience in high spirits

This bride to be was soooo happy she won a dress from Bliss Bridal Boutique that she was moved to tears

Spring is in The Air : 60's Stripes

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Hi Guys! This is another trend i "predicted" for this year ... Stripes!!! Think back to the Sonny and Cher days .. those really big bold stripes . It will take a lot of confidence to wear these :-)

For this trend ... try to find the stripes that run vertically . Horizontal stripes are great too .. but i find that it can make you look a bit "stocky" . So if you want to create that illusion that you are taller than you really are ... then horizontal stripes are your best bet .

A great way to wear them is with bright bold Neon Colours. To really stand out this season ... wear them with a cool pair of ankle skinnies ( mentioned in my last post) . The Gap has launched "The Skimmer" jeans which are just a cool , fancy way to say " ankle skinny jeans. If you really want to shake things up ... try to find "coloured" stripes . I kinda get the idea when people hear about stripes .. they think" Black and White".

Remember with all these trends .. try to make them your own ... don't just wear fashion ... create "style".

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Guys ... the Gap now ships to Jamaica !

Spring is in The Air : Black , White and Gold

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Sooo .. if you are avid reader of my Blog you would have realized that some of the things I've listed so far for Spring are actually what i predicted would be fashionable for 2013. It's kinda cool that they made their way because I'm just getting into the "art" of trend spotting and i really didn't want to mislead people and predict the wrong things . With that being said ... Black , White and Gold is the new Black :-)

Three color dressing is a great way to pull an outfit together without much thought . However .. you have to know which colors to use. Black , White and Gold are the perfect trio. Try to coordinate these with more "cleaner" outfits. Which means go for a more subtle look rather than a cool laid back look with jeans . Think of Jumpsuits , Rompers, Maxi Skirts and Blazers .. just really nice tailored pieces , then simply add that splash of gold and a hit of white.

If you want to make a true statement ... add a Black White and Gold watch or Cap Toe heels :-)

This trend is not just limited to Clothing and Accessories . You can also incorporate nails , cell phone accessories and even hair accessories. With any trend make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear and above all .. as i always say ... be confident.

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Spring Is in The Air : Coloured Pastel Skinnies

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Hi Guys ! As February begins to wind down, we begin to approach March Madness where we are introduced to Spring . Side note : I have to let you know that we don't really celebrate the seasons in Jamaica , but we are however aware of them and the time of month when they are ... it always seems like its Summer in Jamaica. With that being said with the remainder of this week , I'll be looking at the top Spring trends for 2013.

Coloured jeans are definitely back ! .. again , in fact i don't think they even left . These jeans have been around for a good 2 years and its like each season there is a new colour added . Last year it was all about Mint Green. For Spring this year , I've been seeing Lilac , Peach and Chartreuse 
( its a greenish, yellowish , mustardy colour :-)

There  is a bit of a difference between your "standard" Skinny Jeans and Pastel Jeans . The "standard" coloured jeans are mainly primary colours such as Red , Yellow and Blue ( colours that are not the typical blue denim).

 Pastels on the other hand are the secondary colours ... with degrees of white added to it which gives it that nice soft powdery colour .

How to Wear Pastels 

The cool thing about these jeans is that they can go from Casual Friday to a really high end Launch Party with just the right accessories. I saw where brands such as The Gap and J Crew went for a more subtle look and paired it with neutral tops and minimal accessories.While Marc Jacobs went for a more bold look by mixing it with prints and patterns in one of his latest campaigns. I would say .. it depends on the situation , accessories and of course the right amount of confidence.

You can get Jeans like this in Jamaica at Style Savvy ( click the word for details )

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