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Product Review : KleanColor Brows Essential Kit

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Today i will be reviewing KleanColor's Brows Essentials Kit. First of all i had no idea KleanColor had a brow kit , but last Sunday i was at my favorite overly priced Pharmacy in Manor Park :-) doing the usual browsing to see what new products they had and saw this little gem right between the Mascaras.

I am just getting into the whole Brown "Situation" because believe it or not even though i write about make-up and all those lovely things ... i do NOT have perfect brows , in fact i only shave my eyebrows once a year because they are really thin and i am not a fan of creepy thin eyebrows :-)

This product was only $210+tx jmd which was cheap . It had three things . A dark Brown brow Powder , 3 Brow Stencils ( Thin , Natural and Thick) and a Brush.

I like the fact that it gives 3 options , but i used the one that was the closest to my brow shape which was natural because i didn't really like the way the others looked . The "Thin" reminded me of a Nike sign and i think the thick was waaay too much ... the arch was really high and i just didn't like it .

The only thing i didn't like about the product is that the lid of the brow powder came off. Apart from that , i think this is a great product to practice with if you are like me and just getting into "De-fining" your brows.

* I also did the concealer trick to clean up my brows to give it the appearance that it was shaved*

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It’s OK To “Take Your Time”, says BridgeZ

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alliance First Lady Bridgett “BridgeZ” Roache has released a video for her hit single “Take Your Time” featuring Big Wayne, which encourages men and women to take their time when entering a new relationship.
The singer especially hopes to target young women with the song.

“It can boost a young lady’s confidence that you can be sexy without flaunting it and showing all over, and you can be sexy without rushing into things. Once you know your value its natural to want a man to take his time,” says the singjay who is managed by Bounty Killer.

Filmed by Chris “Icey Jace” Campbell on location at the Wyndham Hotel in New Kingston, the video shows BridgeZ prepping for a photoshoot while a man (who locked eyes with her in the lobby) tries to find her room. The attractive lead is given the room number by the bell boy only to face BridgeZ strict manager who refuses to let him in. She glimpses him and gives him her assistant’s number as she would be on set all day.  Bridgez meets her love interest later that night for just a drink. Shots of BridgeZ and Big Wayne as well as Big Wayne and his love interest play in between these scenes.

The song was written by BridgeZ, Bounty Killer and Munga Honorable and produced by Zum (Good Good Productions) on the Freezing Point Riddim and has been getting frequent airplay both locally and overseas.

The “Take Your Time” video premiered on On Stage with Winford Williams earlier this year.

BrigeZ (born Bridgett Roache) is a multi-talented singer, rapper, deejay and songwriter from Kingston Jamaica.  Currently a part of the Alliance musical collective, BridgeZ (AKA Alliance First Lady) is managed by veteran dancehall act and Alliance head Bounty Killer. BridgeZ is known for songs such as “Best Friend”, “How You Like It” (feat. Tanto Metro and Devonte), “Put It Pon Me”, “I’m In Like”, “Roll Out” (feat. Bounty Killer), “Hand Up Deh”, “No Any Man” and “Take Your Time” feat. Big Wayne. She has recorded with noted producers including Rohan “Jah Snowcone” Fuller, Kemar “Flava” McGregor and SlyDunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. BridgeZ released a mixtape, Crossover, in 2012.


BridgeZ and Big Wayne promote positivity in “Take Your Time” (Credit Zandanta Higgins)
BridgeZ and her glam squad arrive at their hotel (Credit Zandanta Higgins)
BridgeZ preps for her photoshoot (Credit Zandanta Higgins)

Ayeola L. George

Ayeola L. George 
2 Blue Castle Dr.
Kingston 6
Jamaica W.I
876-845-2936 (JA)
767-295-7991 (DM)



O-M-G !! Scandal is officially my new t.v addiction . I promised my self that after The Hills and Gossip Girl , i would not have another t.v show that i'm addicted to. This show was recommended by a friend of mine who said it's a really good show with great actors and i would love it . At first i was a bit ... "awwwwww ... maybe this is just another lame sitcom" . But i saw it one night and was immediately drawn in . Let me tell you ... the writing is good ...if you are a person into the Arts or Film you would know what i mean by the " Writing" , it's just really realistic situations .

The Storyline

Olivia is a professional 'fixer' who makes problems go away before anyone even knows they exist. For the moneyed, the powerful and even the President, Olivia is a legend in her field. Her spectacular success is mostly due to her unbreakable rule of always trust your gut. No matter how careful you are, when you do damage control for a living, you're bound to cause some damage to your own life. She and her crew eat, sleep, live and breathe crisis. Each week, as the team races against the clock to defuse intriguing new problems before they become full-blown disasters, they also have to deal with their own personal issues. They may call themselves 'gladiators in suits', but little by little, Olivia and her crew begin to reveal the chinks in their armor.

Olivia is played by Keri Washington who i think should get a few Grammys for her role because this show is the business . I cannot wait for January 31 to see what will happen . I don't think wifey is gonna take that Divore situation so easy .. Do you watch Scandal? What do you think will happen with Fitzy and the Divorce situation ... leave your comments below

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Yves Saint Laurent changes name

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Yes Guys you read that right French Fashion House Yves Saint Laurent ( Eve. San. Lah. Rah) has changed their name. I know this story is like so last year but why not bring it back :-) This decision was made by resident designer Heidi Slimane who made the decision too re-brand the label to Saint Laurent Paris.

Heidi Slimane

According to Slimane ,he was inspired by the founder who named the brand Saint Laurent Rive Gauche in it's initial stages. See what Slimane had to say below :

"It is interesting to see how much reaction this retro branding has created," Slimane told Vanity Fair. "Clearly, this period of the history of the house was not well-known, which I trust was a surprise for Pierre Bergé [Saint Laurent's long-term partner]. I went back to 1966 - just before the events of 1968 [when 11 million workers revolted against the conservative politics of then-President Charles de Gaulle - the biggest general strike in history], but the awakening of youth was in the air, and Yves Saint Laurent wanted to dissociate himself from the clientele of haute couture and embrace this new generation."

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Lash Extensions : A new Phenomenon ?

Monday, January 28, 2013
Hi Guys ! I am back!!!! Today i would like to share with you a trend that is sweeping the Beauty community , in case you have not guessed it from the title .. it's Lash Extensions. Lash extensions is relatively new to the Caribbean and U.S , but it has been around for years in Korea .

Lash extensions are not to be confused with 'self stick" lashes where you get 2 lashes and a lash glue then apply them over your natural lashes . With Lash extensions , synthetic lashes are glued one by one unto your natural lash and not on your lids to give your lashes a full , lustrous natural look. This is done by using a special made glue that lasts for 2-4 weeks! You heard that right ... Lash Extensions would kinda be similar to getting a weave done with a amount of time it lasts for.

 Do's and Don'ts of Lash Extensions
  • Do extensive research about this new service . Before i did this post , i did my research. I called local salons and Beauty/Cosmetic Shops , i read Magazines and so on .
  • Do Get a Consultation : This consultation should be free .. notice the opportune word "should" , we all know that in Jamaica nothing is really free
  • Do Make sure the Lash expert is certified. This service is a bit on the pricey side and there are people who will tell you that they can do it for a fraction of the cost . As i mentioned in point one ... Research . In your research you will find that it is an intricate process ... the lashes are glued onto your natural lashes . They say beauty is pain ... i can imagine that it will be "painful" to have not lashes at all :-)
  • Do not get your lashes wet after 24-48 hours of application. This will cause them to stick together giving you that clumpy, overnight "walk of shame" mascara look.
  • Do not let products that are rich in moisture get in contact with your lashes . Anything like heavy creams, shampoos and conditioners will loosen the special bonding glue used to apply the lashes.
So , far the one place i came about that offers this services ( legit) is Salon Innovation . Click the link below to contact them.

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* I do not own the rights to this Video , it is the property of Lavish Lashes on Youtube*
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Quick Break

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Hi Guys! I know i have not been 100% with my Blog for the last week and a half . I have been posting sporadically and i apologize . I have some things coming up that i want to let you know about them here really soon ( if i can remember) But! Things will be back to normal next week :-)  So i will see you all next week :-) But please read all my other posts until i see you.

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Being Jamaican ( Rant)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
I decided to do this post because it has come to my attention that i am not "Jamaican" enough according to the standards of some people . First of all ... i am Jamaican 100% , i was born in Jamaica , raised in Jamaica and i still live in Jamaica . We are all different God created us all this way because he wanted us to be unique . There are some people out there ( in this very country) who believe that there are certain things a Jamaican should do . For example:

  • All Jamaicans MUST like Ackee and Saltfish ( i hate Salfish ... i just don't like the taste of it)
  • All Jamaicans MUST have a GIGANTIC JAMAICAN FLAG depicting that they are in fact  Jamaican ( I don't have a flag and will never waste money to buy one because I'm Jamaican and i don't need a Flag to tell me that i am , I'm not brain dead i know my nationality .. it is on all my I.d's
  • All Jamaicans MUST listen to Irie Fm ( I like Zip Fm because they play music from all genres)
  • All Jamaicans MUST watch the local news ( I think the news is depressing and i hate that our news comes so late when all the good programs on cable are going on ... i actually think if they brought the news at 5 or 6 .. they would have more times to bring original programs thereby bringing up their viewership ...think about it. While I'm on this ... i think local t.v literally chases us to Cable . Whats with all the politics and those boring functions?)
  • All Jamaicans MUST act "Jamaican" ( Really? how does one act Jamaican? do i wear black green and gold everywhere i go?
This post came about because of something that happened recently that i wasn't pleased about . I asked a particular organization a question about the requirements for taking part in a program they had ... the response was " YOU HAVE TO BE JAMAICAN .. BUT WE HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL category. Things like that hurt me . Its a shame that in these times " the age of technology" that there are still people in this country who my granny would describe as " Daaak" !! If you think like that you need to get out of the dark and explore this country ... get out of your square box and literally go to other parts of this Island . I think socialization has a lot to play in my life ... i didn't get up one day and go " Let me just not "act Jamaican" for the rest of my life . This has been me from the very beginning. Don't get me wrong enuh ... i don't hate my country or nationality . I just don't like when people say stuff because i may not do the things that the "typical" Jamaican person is suppose to do or like . I wonder if these people knows the motto? I have been this way from High School , Prep School and College . I will not change .... i will not be changing my writing style to fit what might be considered as "Jamaican" . That's not me and it would therefore be fake.

I am a non confrontational personal but when you attack me because you think i don't meet your standards ( you will get the horns)

A New Look For Busy Signal

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall Singer  "Busy Signal" shows off a new clean shaved look! He finally cut his cane rows and also opted for a more trendier "fitted" look . His latest Album "Reggae Music Again" has been listed as one of the top 25 albums of 2012 by BBC Critics , Djs and Radio Presenters. This album was the only Reggae album on the list and ranked at # 7 . This is a good look for Busy ( pun intended).

First Impressions : The Jamaica Blog Awards

Monday, January 21, 2013
Firstly , i would like to thank all those who nominated and voted for me , and i would also like to thank my sponsor I did not win ... but " It was an honour being nominated" . It was my first year at the Awards and i was disappointed . I was expecting it to be in "Award Format" . I get that they were trying to make it a laid back , comfortable  environment ... But!!!! Where were the chairs? Some chairs in the section designated for the awards would have been nice . There was seating available at the cafe' for guests and all . It was a 3 hour event that started late might i add and everybody was literally just standing there .

I also didn't get how or who judged the Blogs. There are some really good Blogs out there ( you all know my favorite two , i always mention them and tag them when there are tags) I deem these Blogs " Top Rank" , they have page views , great content and their Blogs are just good to look at ... i was looking to see these Blogs cop awards . Instead the Blogs who won were the ones who didn't have a ton of page views and had a basic template. Is it that you chose these Blogs to encourage them to get to the standards of the "Top Rank" Blogs? I know a ton of people have been thinking this because there were whispers in the air at the event . 

I know this post was a bit "different" from all my other posts and I'm looking forward to some comments . If you were at the Awards or was nominated , please share your comments about The Awards and the general process.

One Love :The Jamaican Tag

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Sooo ... i was tagged by Jamaican Fashion & Beauty Blogger Ashley Miles-Barnes from the Pink Socialite to do this tag last week . I was a bit adamant to do it because i am a "Double stuffed" Oreo .. in fact that's what my friends called me at U.W.I . I will however try my best to answer all the questions as best as i can.

Title your post "One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag"
 Link back to the blogger who tagged you (you may add a brief definition of what a tag is for the benefit of your readers)
 Copy and paste the rules at the beginning of your tag
 Copy and paste the questions as well so readers know what's going on
 Answer the questions
 Tag 7 other Jamaican bloggers to continue the trend. Kinda forces you to make friends, no? 
1. Why did you give your blog its name? (If it is named directly after you, try and make your answer interesting. eg: Did you feel nervous at all about putting your name out there? Did you just lack creativity at the time?)
2. Why did you start blogging and why do you blog now?
3. Do you think being Jamaican influences your blogging style?
4. What do you think about the increase in bloggers in Jamaica?

5. What is your favourite thing about being Jamaican?

6. Ackee and saltfish or “(mackerel) run down”?

7. Stew peas or stew chicken?

8. Tastee Patties, Juici Beef Patties or Mother’s?

9. Pantucky or KFC?

10. What do you hope to be the future of blogging in Jamaica?
1. Well ... my Blog was actually inspired by "ELLE" Magazine ( which i talk about a lot on here) Elle to me represents high fashion , elegance and just anything that is of high quality . If you look up the word "Haute" you will find that it is exactly what i just said . As for the "People" ... The Haute "People" are my readers . Once you read this Blog .. you are "Haute".
2. This Blog came about because I've always dreamt of working at one of those High End Magazine as the "How To Girl"  ( Like Andie in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days ) But that has not happened so this is the next best thing . I blog now because i love the feedback i get from my readers plus i've made it into a Career for myself so that's pretty cool.

3.Being a Jamaican does not influence my blogging style . As i said i am an Oreo .. 

4. I love it! If it wasn't for the Jamaica Blog Awards i wouldn't know there was so much of us out there . It shows that we are learning how to utilize the resources we have to garner an international presence . I just wished people took it more seriously instead of a mere hobby

5. Hands Down .. The People! We are so outspoken as a People and Good at anything we do 
( once we put our minds to it) 

6. Neither ... i hate Salt fish .. and i hate Mackreal ...

7. Neither 

8. None of the above . I don't like Patties ... but! if i had to pick i would go with Tastee. ( Patties give me Diarrhea so i stay away .. is that T.M.I ??

9.I have no idea what Pantucky is ... so i would say K.F.C ( even though I'm not a huge fan)

10. I hope that Blogging will become an actual Career in Jamaica . Did you know it is a 2.7 Billion Dollar industry in the States ? I just hope that more companies will hire Bloggers as a part of their Marketing Teams because we are truly the "voice of the people". I also hope that more Jamaicans will accept it as a form of Journalism instead of tossing aside it as a "glorified reporter" ( I've actually been called that which is quite odd because they are 2 different things .

I hope i answered the questions well enough . Maybe i should start an "Oreo Jamaican Blogger Tag" . Because these questions were kinda limited . We'll see :-) 

Oh i'm gonna tag Exotic You and Beauty Jamaica

*Picture is the Property of KingstonStyle , i Do Not own the Rights*

D-I-Y : Quick Rose Vase

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Hi  Guys! This will be my first D-I-Y for this new year . This year i really hope to step that aspect up because i love doing them plus it saves me a lot of money. Today's D-I-Y is actually unplanned and came from a quick piece i needed to lively up my Home Office which i must say came together really quickly ( pictures coming soon on Facebook) .

You will Need
  • A vase or a clear container
  • Tissue Paper ( Crepe Paper in Jamaica)
  • Tape Measure/Ruler
  • Flowers ( you can rip some from an old vase if you like)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun /Fabric Glue ( if you have regular glue that's fine)
  • A marker
Step 1 

Cut your Tissue Paper/ Fabric in 14' strips and measure an inch and a half in width.

Step 2

Take your Tissue Paper in hand and crumple them

Step 3 

Roll the strips loosely and you will begin to see what looks like a rose begins to form . As you go closer towards the end of the tissue paper , make sure it's really loose .

Step 4 

Glue the ends of the tissue paper to somewhere on your newly formed rose.
( sorry i have no pic for this step , as i said it was really quick)

Step 5

Glue your roses onto your vase and add flowers . To get your flowers to stay in place . Simply create a "tape grid " at the top of the vase . To do this , you simply place clear across the top (vertically and horizontally) until you see a grid . Take each stalk of flower and place in one of the small squares .

This is a quick inexpensive way to really brighten up your space . This will be a great conversation starter for all your guests .

Brick Stone Pizza :A Slice of Heaven in Down Town KIngston

Monday, January 14, 2013
Last Saturday i had the pleasure of visiting one of Kingston's hottest Pizzeria on East Queens Street. Today Haute People goes Behind The Seams with Kenneth Austin , the owner of Brick Stone Pizza. Brick Stone Pizza is a relatively new Pizzeria which specializes in original Italian Pizza.

H: P: How long have you been a Pizza Chef?
K: A: 14 Years

H: P: What motivated you to open a Restaurant?
K: A:  I felt there was nothing left to do. After being away from Jamaica for over 25 years , I chose to stay here and set up this business because of availability . I believe that the country is still young and there is a lot of room to grow. The possibility of growth is tremendous.

H: P: Why Downtown?
K.A: The commercial district from Kingston starts here. This is a great area to set up a business. The view is amazing and different, when I look out I feel like I’m in a different country like England. There is also a lot of space for many professional Jamaicans to do business here. I would highly recommend and encourage for more professionals to do business down here. The city is full of so much history.

H.P: What would you say sets your pizza apart from local Pizza restaurants?
K.A:  It’s authenticity. It is the original Italian Pizza made from sponge dough. This special dough cannot be easily duplicated.  I use a special Marinara sauce with a few ground herbs found in Jamaica. You cannot beat the original. People also talk about the crust … you can have your crust as thin as a paper. I offer choices to Jamaica, the choices are unique because of the high quality products used and all my pizzas are reasonably priced. I also offer the whole wheat dough which is a great healthy alternative to the regular white flour dough.
H.P: What is your best seller?
K.A: Pepperoni. The School children really love Pepperoni

H.P: Tell us about your special delivery rate
K.A: This is mainly for the zone. It goes form North Street and its surrounding area and close to the Sea side. You can get your pizza delivered in these areas for $100.00 jmd.

H.P: Is there a story behind “Brick Stone Pizza”?
K.A:  Well, I use a Brick Oven and the Pizza is baked over a stone plate.  On top of that all the pizzas are handmade and put into that oven by hand, no rolling pins or anything like that is used.

H.P: What is the National Observer Special?
K.A: This is the Pizza that was feature in The Jamaica Observer . It has Chicken , Bacon , Cheese and Vegetables

H.P :What are some of your specialty Pizzas?
K.A : Fish and Seafood Mix. My international clients love this !

H.P : Finish the sentence …. “I cannot live without my”
K.A : Pizza Shop !

During a quick tour and an impromptu driving lesson Mr . Austin expressed that he hopes to set up more branches across Jamaica because he enjoys making Pizza and hopes to branch out into adding more items to the menu. He is also a strong believer in paying his employees for their hard work and instead of opting for a fresh paint job for his Pizza Shop , he gave his employees a bonus for Christmas. Seconds after this two young men walk into the Pizza shop and ordered a special Hawaiian and Pepperoni Pizza. When asked what their favorite pizza was they quickly expressed that they don't have a favorite and they like to try them all because of their unique taste. The excitement on their faces made it obvious that they are true fans of Brick Stone Pizza.

The Review


At the end of the interview i was treated to my very own special pizza which is shall dub as "The Haute Special ", which is made from some of my favorite foods/toppings : Shrimp , Cheese , Pineapple, Jerk Sausage , Chicken and Vegetables.

First of all ...I'm not gonna lie or front , this is one of the best Pizza's I've ever tasted and i am a Pizza Lover . I'm one of those people who could eat Pizza all day if possible . I liked how thin and "tasty" the crust was and did not have the "doughy taste" like regular pizzas . I always eat Pizza close to the crust then throw that part away.  There was also something about that sauce .. it didn't have that obvious "ketchup" taste . It was there and i tasted it and it was not too much . I especially liked the way how all the toppings complimented each other. Pineapple on pizza can be quite overpowering but i liked the fact that the way it was placed gave my pizza that pop of flavor.

My final thoughts: I would highly recommend Brick Stone Pizza to a friend without hesitation . The Customer Service is 100% , the Pizza is 

Brick Stone Pizza is located at 105 1/2 East Queen Street , just in front of The Gleaner Company .

Call them at 876. 854.1384

Click To Like them on FaceBook

* Photos are the property of Haute People*

A Week In Trendspotting : Nail Art

Friday, January 11, 2013
Hi Guys ! T.G.I.F and boy am i tired .. i was a loooong week especially with the Blog Awards coming up next week i am just super exhausted . ( Pleas vote ... the links will be at the end of the post ... vote from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access .

With that being said 2012 was a great year for nail art . We saw so many different trends from tuxedo nails/toes to cute bunny rabbits and we can never forget the popular "Rihanna Claws" . Below are some of the nail art trends for 2013.

The  Snow Caviar 

I actually saw a picture of this on Club Intuitions' FB page and thought they were so cool . The beaded nail trend is definitely in for 2013 . Tip : Be sure to get an all white manicure as this will look more sophiscated . To shake things up ... add glitter to the beads.

Racing Strips

To achieve this look , simply paint all your nails in one solid colour , wait for them to dry ... then using your nail art pen or dipping a toothpick into a different colour nail polish , simple draw a stripe in the middle of your nails .

Nail Jewellery

For this look ... all you do is add something sparkly or glittery with nail glue to make your nails stand out . I would recommend doing it on one or too nails because i think it would be too much on all the nails.

Ultra Shiny Metallics

I personally think metallics will never go out of style. The Ultra Shiny versions actually come with the sheen in them . But! to substitute that i would use a clear nail polish on top 

Diagonal Tips 

With a pop of color  Say good bye to your " Plain Jane" French Manicure where there is a straight line going across . Stand out with your diagonal manicure.

*Images may be Subject to Copyright*

I got these tips from Glamour Magazine , but they had like 15 Nail Trends for 2013 and i chose my favorite looks . I liked that most of these trends are super easy and you don't have to be a nail technician to do it .

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A Week in Trendspotting : Fashion

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Hi Guys ! Today it is all about Fashion . Let's see whats Hot for 2013 . Remember to Vote for Haute People in the categories below . You Don't have to be Jamaican to vote .. all you need is access to the Internet . You can vote ONCE per DAY :-) VOTE , VOTE , VOTE ( Please :-)

Bold Stripes !

 I'm not really a lover of stripes , but the Fashion people say its back so we have to listen to the experts:-) That'a really cute top though


 We saw a lot of faux leather in 2012 . This year it is all about Luxe leather . Of course this is not ideal for everyday wear in Jamaica ( unless you like sweating ) . I would say invest in at least one quality piece and wear it with another material like maybe Cotton . Also , try to find colors besides the traditional Black or Brown leather if you want to really stand out.

Flats and low heals

 As I've said in the first Trendspotting post , 2013 is all about being polished and well put together , while making a statement . For this i would recommend a pointy toe shoe or maybe a cap toe ( those are still in)

Cut- Out pieces

 I have been seeing a lot of these "peak -a- boo" pieces all over the place . If you decide to do this make sure you find a piece that accentuates your best feature . This look enhances a specific part of your body and you want to make sure that you are comfortable with that part showing.

Statement Sunglasses 

 Think outside the box here ... think vintage .. think weird shapes and you will be on your way with this trend .

On the Campaign trail to get votes for HAUTE PEOPLE in the JAMAICA BLOG AWARDS ..links are below .. Voting ends JAN 14 ... Vote ONCE per day EVERYDAY . Vote for both

1 . Best Lifestyle Blog :
2. Best Fashion and Beauty Blog :

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A Week in Trendspotting : Make Up!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Hi Guys ! Exciting news if you saw last nights post you would have realized that Haute People has been nominated for "Best Lifestyle Blog" and "Best Fashion and Beauty Blog" in the Jamaica Blog Awards.  Please nominate us for both . ( Click on the highlighted words to above and at the end of this post to vote) Hurry ! Voting Ends January 14 , 2013.

Let us jump into today's Make up trends for 2013 :-)

Attention Grabbing Eyes 

Play up the drama on your eyes by making a statement with Bold Eye shadows . It was all about "jeweled" lids for the Dior Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show.

Enhanced Minimalism

Honestly , i think this will be one of the hardest looks to do ( for the average woman that is ) It's having a fully made up face that looks like you have no make up on . The secret is contouring and adding a blush that is closer to your skin-tone  for a "flush" of youthfulness.

Half Way lined Lids

This is my favorite look of all. I actually remember Lauren Conrad "LC" don this look in The Hills as her everyday "go to look". This look can be easily transformed in a subtle cat eye . 

A Pop of Colour

Indigo , green , magenta ... for the eyes and lips ( as i explained in my previous lips post)

60's Make-up

Think Twiggy in the 60's . It is all about filled in brows , nude lips and big doe eyes . To create this look at home , i would recommend buying a brow kit and a white liner to use on your water line to open them up to give them that big "Lady Gaga" look.

These are my 5 predictions. If you know of a Make-up look that i have not listed here for 2013 , please comment below and share :-)

Remember to Vote for Haute People for BEST LIFESTYLE BLOG and BEST FASHION and BEAUTY BLOG at the Jamaica Blog Awards

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Haute People is a Finalist for the 2012 Jamaica Blog Awards

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hi Guys!  Haute People got nominated for 2 Categories in the Jamaica 2012 Blog Awards . Below you will find the link to both . Voting commences today and ends on January 14, 2012. I thank you all so much for being with me from the beginning and now i need you to vote ! You are qualified to vote as long as you have access to the Internet ( you can vote from any country in the world) . You are only allowed to vote ONCE per day , but please vote as often as you wish for Both :-)

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Fashion and Beauty Blog

Voting Ends Jan 14, 2012

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A Week in Trendspotting : Lips!

Hi Guys! The New Year is in full effect and already we are seeing bright , bold and beautiful lips . Below are 4 lip trends that I'm predicting we'll be seeing for this year .

Ombre Lips 

According to Anna Phillips founder of "The Lash Lounge".

"The Ombre trend will become more popular with the everyday woman ". This trend involves blending different shades of the same colour or more of the one colour to create a sort of "gradient" effect . The Ombre trend became popular in 2011 where different colour outfits were put together , then in 2012 it moved on to hair where everybody had ombre hair . In 2013 its all about Ombre Lips

Nude Lips 

 It seems this trend won't quit . I think this will be more of the look for the everyday woman. 

Red Lips

Big , Bright Red Lips are back! This is another classic , timeless look that anybody can pull off depending on the shade they choose. Designer Charoltte Ronson went for Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in tenderness as an inspiration for an upcoming line.

Neon Lips

Ok, so i was looking through Harpers Bazaar and i saw most of the models in Blue , Green and Orange lipsticks . This look definitely requires a lot of confidence .

Have fun making a statement with your favorite lip trend for 2013

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