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Hip Hop to "Take Over" The Jamaica Music Scene on December 15,2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Jamaican Hip Hop Here to Takeover

Kingston, Jamaica: The Hip Hop community in Jamaica is making a powerful statement as its front runners are uniting for “The Takeover”, a stage-show to be held at Funky Munky, 17 Holborn Road, on Saturday, December 15, 2012. The event, which begins at 8PM, will feature The Sickest Drama, Nomad Carlos, Five Steez and Kabaka Pyramid.
The show’s admission is $500 and $300 for college students with identification cards. Showtime is 10PM and refreshments will be available at the bar.
In spite of Hip Hop lacking local mainstream acceptance, a few Hip Hop artistes and others with Hip Hop influences have been steadily rising and attracting both local and international attention. Five Steez is defying the odds and has been receiving great reviews locally and globally since the independent release of his debut album, “War for Peace”, in August 2012. Nomad Carlos has also begun creating a stir on urban music websites with November’s release of his “Me Against the Grain” mixtape, his 2nd project for the year. The Sickest Drama is now poised to follow-up on this line of ground-breaking Hip Hop releases with a project entitled “Legend in the Making”, to be announced later. Additionally, Kabaka Pyramid is capturing Reggae audiences worldwide with his conscious Reggae/Hip Hop fusion since the release of his free “Rebel Music” EP in the summer of 2011.
Spokesperson for “The Takeover”, Dan says, “Hip Hop has its roots here in the Jamaican sound system culture through DJ Kool Herc, a Jamaican immigrant to the Bronx, who is recognized as the father of the culture. The genre is destined to come full circle with the emergence of this new movement of artistes who use and fuse Hip Hop right here in Jamaica.”
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Behind The Seams : Miss Uwi 2013 Contestants

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Hi Guys ! Today Haute People goes "Behind The Seams" with the Miss Uwi 2013 Contestants. Check out the pictures below.



Lubica Slovak Jamaican Based Slovakian Designer played the role of judge at the Miss Uwi 2013 Casting.

Miss Uwi 2013 Contestants to Make An Appearance Corporate Mingle

Planning is in full swing for the Miss Uwi 2013 Pageant . This years' them is "Diamonds" and it promises to be out of this world ... Think Alexander McQueen Big!

The competition has been narrowed down to 25 Semi- Finalists and the girls are slated to make an appearance at the popular " Corporate Mingle", on Friday November 30, 2012 at The Spanish Court Hotel. The event commences at 6 pm and ends at 10. All are invited ! Admission : Business Card .

Come out and Mingle and see the girls first hand !

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Blogmas 2012 !

Hi Guys ! I know most of you are probably wondering what the heck is Blogmas? Well ... Its like Christmas for Blogging . Its pretty popular in the states and people have been announcing Blogmas and Vlogmas ( Vloggers) through social networks .

I love Christmas and i was looking to do something Christmas related on my Blog :-) For BLOGMAS , I'll be doing Christmas related posts everyday in December ( I'm challenging myself)

Also , i would like to tag Beauty Jamaica and Exotic You , because i really like their blogs :-) So i hope you guys see this and do BLOGMAS with me on your blogs :-)

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Lady In Red : The Spring/Summer 2013 Collection By Keneea Linton

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
The "Movers and Shakers" of the Jamaican Fashion Industry were invited to an Exclusive viewing of the Keneea Linton Spring /Summer 2013 Collection dubbed "Lady in Red".

Keneea is a naturally skillful and creative designer whose collection focuses on clean cuts and sophisticated finish that highlights the stylish contemporary look synonymous with Keneea Linton Designs . Since her launch in 2005 , Keneea has produced wardrobes for Miss Jamaica Universe and Miss Jamaica World , had collections presented at   Caribbean Fashion Week , Island Couture , Miami  International Week , Fashion for charity in Soho, New York and the first Jamaican designer to be featured at Brooklyn Fashion Week. She is also the host and producer of Mission Catwalk , a reality TV series aimed at discovering and supporting talented fashion designers from across the Caribbean.

The Event
The event was divided in 3 parts : Cocktails , Runway Show and a Pop Up Boutique . Upon entering the room , the first thing you saw were fashionably dressed mannequins in Red Gowns. The decor and ambiance set the tone and mood of the night as flashes of red lights gleamed from various corners of the room , beautifully complemented by red candles plus sofas and the beats of Bob Marley in the background. Mission Catwalk contestants such as Shenna Carby ( Season 1 Winner) and Crystal Powell ( Season 2 Finalist) were also in attendance . Below you will see pictures of the decor , as well as some of the esteemed guests who were in attendance. ( This post contains lots of pictures .. grab a drink .. you'll be here a while )


The Show 
The show featured key pieces from the upcoming 2013 line. Most pieces consisted of lace which was the item that seemed to be cohesive with the line as well as a Chanel inspired Blazer .. which i loved :-) This is definitely a timeless piece ... a look for all generations . The thing i liked the most about this line is that its relevant to our times. The pieces were really clean cut , well sewn and there was something for everyone regardless of age , social background , or financial status . They all looked really high end .. but not over the top .... really elegant and lady like. You could tell by the resounding sounds of the audience that this collection was well received . One male even expressed that he was "sent" by his wife to buy something because it is known that Keneea Linton always has great pieces.

The Pop Up Boutique

Key Pieces from the line were available for buyers at the event .

I really like the initiative Keenea has taken . She is giving Fashion a voice in Jamaica and she's also fostering the talents of young people in the Creative Industry . In my opinion there needs to be more people who are as committed as she is to Nation Building rather than Self Proclamation . Go Keneea ! We can't wait to see what you have in store for us for Season 3 of Mission Catwalk.

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D-I-Y : Picture Frame Earring Holder

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Hi Guys! I'm back into the groove of things :-) I'll be sharing my LIME experience with you guys pretty soon . LIME is a Telecommunications company in Jamaica. Anyway , today i thought i'd do something really simple just to get things going. I"ll link a video on this D-I-Y as i have to purchase more space to upload pictures :-)

You will Need :

Old or Broken Picture Frame ( if you want to buy one , that's fine too)
Tape , Glue ( Optional)
Glitter ( Anything at all you like to decorate)

Step 1 

If you are using one of those picture frames that has a back and a glass , carefully remove those . I actually used a large frame that was holding my white board in place that literally fell apart , so i skipped that step ,

Step 2

Start Threading ! The pattern you want to use is all up to you . My frame had really tiny hooks , so all i did was basically push them through and looped them to create a sort of diagonal design . You would simply use your tape or glue to affix the thread to the back of the frame to create a sturdy base . As i said , the pattern is all up to you . You can do straight lines across , a grid or anything at all.

Step 3

Start decorating . Again , i've decided to break out my red glitter because i had some left over from my Peter Pan  Collar Necklace D-I-Y :-)

Step 4

Add your earrings ! You should now replace the back you took out to secure the your pattern. If you used a large backless frame like me , you can use ribbon or chains so that it can be hung.

I hope that i have inspired at least ONE person to go out and be creative today . Above all be C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T !!

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Jewel Tones For December

Hi Guys! Better late than never or (early rather). We have been experiencing technical difficulties with our Internet Provider ( that story coming soon) And we've also switched . Anyway, let's jump into it .

December is the time people tend to lean towards the darker end of the color spectrum : Black , Brown , Navy Blue and everybody's favorite as of late "Oxtail Blood" which is basically a fancy name for a deep Red or Burgundy. The colors I've listed are known as "Jewel Tones" , because they are literally Jewel Toned . Think Emerald or Sapphire .These colors are huge for Winter or as we say in Jamaica "December " and i personally think that with all the parties and family gatherings coming up , every girl should have something Jewel Tone.

If you would like to shake up your wardrobe this December , mix Jewel tones with just about anything . As shown in the picture above , the model wears a large deep purple handbag with a green top and black shorts, she has incorporated this trend in a more subtle way .

If you are more of a daring Fashionista , mix it up with a Green patterned pants and a cool trendy top and of course your confidence :-)

Will you be subscribing to the Jewel Tone Trend for December?

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Haute Survival Guide : BLACK FRIDAY!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hey haute people!
With black Friday starting today in the United States and of course shopping being a national past-time for many of my fellow haute subbies. I wanted to share some tips that may be helpful in navigating
1. PLAN: Although it seems obvious many people forget that planning and adequate preparation is the beginning of any good black Friday excursion or sales rack exploration. Planning for purchases not only saves time and money but it eliminates unnecessary purchasing or purchasing on a whim and the best thing of all you're not stuck in some checkout line that you didn't anticipate or plan for before hand
2. MAKE USE OF SPECIALS,COUPONS AND SALES: This tip is kind of self explanatory especially during Black Friday  If you're anything like me if there's a discount card, coupon or sale available i'm all over it. These can form apart of your planning before hand and can help to act as a guide when making purchases. IF THERE'S A DEAL MAKE USE OF IT.

3 BUY THINGS IN SEASON: I know this seems weird and I'm sure you guys normally hear this saying in relation to fruits and vegetables but I've actually found that this saying holds true to buying clothes as well. That means buying a winter coat just before winter or at the beginning of whatever season it is. This is a tip that can maybe depend on where you are and what deals are available to you
4.INTERNET aka THE SAVIOR: in the modern day of the internet there are millions of deals and opportunities now available to us that includes internet shopping,printable coupons and deals available through a stores website. During the black Friday explosion a lot of deals are also available online this is amazing news for those of us not in the states or in the respective city.

5. GRAB A FRIEND: I've always found that shopping with someone you trust can yield extraordinary results. Not only do you get advice about how things look on and what's haute and whats not. For me shopping with a friend is like sharing a religious experience and going to church with your bestie. I love the experience and i mean who's going to be more honest than your trusted friend.  


NB. All of my tips are from my personal shopping experiences and results could possible vary for others.........

GEO <3

Double Style

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Hi Guys!!!! Its Wednesday ( Hump Day) Today i want to look at the styles of two very similar young women with different styles. We've seen them grow up right before our eyes on their popular sitcom "Sister Sister" and a ton of "Cutesy Twinsy" movies . In case you haven't guessed it .. it's Tia and Tamera!!!!


Did you know Tia is actually the younger of the two? A.K.A "Melonie / Med School" . Tia has more of a sexy sultry look and prefers clothing that is more revealing and a tad more risque. She effortlessly combines her sensuality with being a new Mom , and manages to look like a "Breath of Fresh Air" in whatever she wears.

Tia also takes a lot more risks with her hair . She has gone from a pixie cut to long flowing tresses to Ombre , then back to a shoulder length bob . Tia also just wrote a book on Mother-Hood called "Oh Baby " Where she talks about all the ins and outs of pregnancy that other books tend to leave out.


Tamera is such a Sweet heart and her style is a true embodiment of her personality :-) Her style can be described as "Girl Next Door " . She mainly wears Fun Dresses with cute accessories and also Jeans with more "Sensible Shoes" , such as flats and flip flops . She still manages to look trendy but unlike Tia who is not afraid to take fashion risks , her style is more "safe" , but fun .

Tia's hair is always more subtle and is often worn curly as in the days of Sister Sister. Tamera recently gave birth to a Son Aden John Tanner Housley .

Check out these Pictures below of the Ladies

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