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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Natural Skincare : The Vegan Way

Maintaining a healthy Lifestyle not only includes what goes into our bodies , but also what we use on the outside. Natural products have become a Phenomenon in today's' society , because more people are learning how to take better care of their bodies. Traditional companies are even coming up with "Natural Alternatives" along with their existing commercial products. I recently discovered a small shop straight out of El Paso Texas that makes Natural Products. I was however intrigued by the VEGAN PRODUCTS

RUSTICO NATURAL is the manufacturer of handmade Natural Products. This small shop came about when owner Diana moved to El Paso Texas ( in the desert).This move began to take a toll on her skin because of the extreme desert conditions which even resulted in skin bleeding. Diana tried several bar soaps and moisturizers from "Commercial brands", but all her efforts proved to be futile , as nothing could alleviate her problem. Eventually, she stumbled on a Natural Milk Soap that "miraculously" healed her skin. Unfortunately, that company closed down. What was Diana to do? Open her own store of course ! Through extensive research, testing and planning she learnt how to make her own Natural Products. By April 14, 1997 , she launched her first batch. Diana decided to use the Cold Method, as this holds all the ingredients benefits intact.
    One of her lines is called " Vegan Skincare". This line currently carries Vegan Bar Soaps , Lip Balms and Hand and Body Products. All Vegan Soaps contain natural ingredients such as : Coconut Oil ,Olive Oil , Castor Oil and Several other natural oils. All these ingredients have important functions.

Shown Above : (Vegan Soaps ) and Lip balm .

Diana has been making Natural Products for over 15 years and hopes that the world will one day discover that everything we need is provided by Mother Nature.

Did you know that over 5,000 chemicals are used in personal care products alone? With that being said ... would you rather contaminate your body with harmful chemicals or beautify it with natural products?

RUSTICONATURAL products can be found at the link Below 

Tips for your Summer Trip!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Hi Guys! I know that for most of you , with Summer comes travelling. The whole thought of packing can be quite daunting. So i have come up with some essential tips that will guarantee you have a safe yet productive trip.

Show up at least two hours before the boarding time : Two hours sounds long , but seriously think about it .  Airports are so far away, so the drive alone can be close to an hour , give or take certain annoyances on the road (like those men with the black pants and red stripes out by "Airport Road" for example) . Then let's say you use a certain local airline carrier , they are sooooooooo slooooooooooow , by the time you get to the boarding area , your flight number is being called.

Be sure to pack in due time. I know most people have demanding jobs which doesn't allow them the flexibility to designate a day to pack. Here is a solution : Start packing two weeks before , and add one to two items per day to your suitcase. That way ,when it gets to the night before , all you will have left is your personal items.

Make sure your travel documents are up to date ( that should have been point one)  There are some people out there who are like " I had no idea my passport/visa expired". Like seriously ? you should always check to make sure that all your documents are up to date.

Fill in your travel information such as "tags"  and so on from home. I really hate being that "annoying person/family" who "holds up the line" . Sadly , every year , we are "that" family . If you travel on American Airlines on the 23rd of December and there is a hold up in the line its my family

Be sure to split up your belongings. Lets face it , its not unusual for luggage to get lost. What i like to do is put at least two pairs of underwear , small personal items ( less than 8oz) , something to sleep in , as well as a pair of shoes that can be worn with any outfit. That way , if my checked baggage gets lost , i won't be running around trying to buy stuff to wear.

These are the tips that have worked so far for me . Do you have any special travel tips ? Or maybe weird travel routines?

Make Up Mayhem : Face Primer

Monday, June 25, 2012
This is the last Monday of the Make-Up Mayhem series... i really hope i helped to shed some light on the products i featured and you are all more comfortable when and how to use these products. Today , we'll be looking at Face Primer .

A face primer is one of the best ways to insure your makeup stays on longer, they're relatively new products so few drugstore brands make primers. They pamper the skin and create a protective barrier. Primers are excellent for people with combination to oily skin. They are also used to fill in fine lines , as well as pores. Think of a paint job for a car/house. The primer is that weird grayish white color that goes on first so that the official color will blend better and stay on longer :-)
Face Primer has the ability to transform your face into a smooth flawless canvas. It is relatively simple to use and some brands are even infused with moisturizer , so if you have oily skin for example, there is no need to use additional moisturizer. Recently , women have been using Milk of Magnesia as a face primer because it works quite effectively to "suck up oil". When purchasing this product , try to buy the ones that are specifically for your skin type. Some popular brands are:


L'Oreal Studio Finish

There are obviously more than two brands of primer out there , but these are the "known" ones that I've actually read about that had great reviews. Below is a video of how to apply Face Primer.

*I do not own the rights to this video. It is the sole property of BlushBeautyTutor. Head on over and check out that page on YouTube.

DhengiBrand "DhengiDame" Tee

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi Guys! I received this Tee from DhengiBrand Clothing . This is from their DhengiDame line. Its really comfortable , the tag is not itchy and its just a cool laid back shirt :-) Check out this and all other designs at

Mission Complete !!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hi Guys! I must apologize for falling behind as it relates to this post. As you know in Fashion .. one day "You are in ... the next day you are out" . Mission catwalk Season two has come to an end with Gregory as the victor.

Gregory Williams rules the catwalk!
New Mission Catwalk Winner heading to London Fashion Week

Twenty eight year-old Cross Roads Jamaica resident Gregory Williams is the mission Catwalk Season 2 winner and will be heading to London Fashion Week later this year as part of his wining package valued at $3 million dollars.  

The designer, who won one prior challenge on the show, had a tearful reaction to the announcement made on Tuesday’s finale episode.

“When I heard my name, I couldn’t help it. This was a competition and I had worked hard so it was just a relief to get to the end.”

He was judged on 12 looks he presented at Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) 2012 on June 8. Though he has a penchant for high fashion, Gregory made a strong effort to present ready-to-wear pieces.

For Novia McDonald-Whyte Jamaica Observer lifestyle editor, “Gregory got the nod at the end of the day because he is truly a designer! One who’s not only capable of thinking outside the proverbial box, but one who makes a woman crave his designs.” aptly summing up the views of fellow judges Keneea Linton-George host and executive-producer of the series and menswear designer Carlton Brown.

Guest judge Kay Davitian, a former head of quality control at Jones NY and Ralph Lauren gave Gregory some sage advice.”You are a true designer and you will go far if you put your head to learning the trade.”

His learning has already begun with advice on running a small business from NCB who will contributeJMD$500,000 to his HOD Designs clothing line. Gregory will also receive industrial sewing equipment valued at JMD$200,000 courtesy of Singer Jamaica, a contract to sell his designs at SOHO boutique, a six-page fashion editorial in Ocean Style Magazine, a scholarship to pursue fashion program at London College of Fashion, an apprenticeship with Master Savile Row Tailor Andrew Ramroop and the chance to show a new collection at London Fashion Week in September accompanied by his Mission Catwalk model Sydia Valentine.

Fellow Jamaican Crystal Powell came a close 2nd, but a lack of cohesiveness in her collection of beautiful pieces cost her the win. 

“Her passion is evident and her precision will put her in good stead in what is undoubtedly a fickle fashion market,” predicts McDonald-Whyte. 

In third place was Rebecca Stirm of Belize, a strong contender throughout the show, whose final designs were not “aspirational” according to Linton-George. Rounding up the top four was Trinidad’s Ryan Chan who did have an impactful collection but lost points for “slapping on” ready-made beading.

This is the first time that casting for the show was open to designers from around the region. Mission Catwalk’s first season, won by Shena Carby, consisted of Jamaican designers only. Linton-George says requests are coming in from every island regarding season three. Interested designers and models can visit for information and can catch up on all season 2 episodes

GREGORY WILLIAMS -MCW Season 2 Winner-Credit Tiffany Lue Yen
Gregory and his model Sydia Valentine await the judges’ results-Credit Tiffany Lue Yen
Gregory Williams CFW 2012 Collections
Gregory Williams designs Episodes-1-10
Gregory Williams Episode 11 mini collection
Gregory is congratulated on his win by judge Novia-McDonald Whyte-Credit Tiffany Lue-Yen
MCW judge Carlton Brown, Season 1 Winner Shena Carby, Keneea Linton-George and Gregory Williams at season 2 finale party
Model Sydia Valentine Gregory and MCW season one winner Shena Carby
Gregory reacts to the announcement of his win at MCW season 2 finale party

AGSelect Public Relations

*All Images may be Subject to Copyright* 

Product Review : DivaGlam Cosmetics

Hi Guys! I recently received these 8 products from DivaGlam Cosmetics in Dixon California.

The Products were packaged really nicely in a bubble wrapped envelope and also a really nice purple and pink gift paper with a little ribbon :-) Packaging is really important to me. You could have the best product in the world and you just throw it in a bag ... and it loses the effect. So kudos to the DivaGlam Cosmetics team for that.

Here is what i received :

Mineral Liquid Foundation 
This shade is called "Warm Yellow" . Even though this was not in my skin tone , i still actually tried it at home (in my bathroom just to test the texture. I like that its creamy and lightweight. Quite often , liquid make-up tends to feel "heavy" or "cakey" . This one has a really nice smooth velvet finish.
The unique thing about this foundation is that it comes with like a mini- plastic like brush, so you can actually "paint" it on for a more even finish.

Pressed Mineral Powder

This was in the shade of Medium Dark , however it was still too light for my skin .  It is a "pressed" powder , however it goes from cream to powder . It comes in a "3 way" compact , pretty much like an Iman Foundation.The first part has a clear plastic showcasing the foundation,then under that you will find a sponge and a mirror. Let me tell you ... the sponge is really really soft , you can tell that its a top quality sponge. This is as the name suggests " compact" . Everything is included :-)

Fire Opal Eye Shadow

I loooove this shadow! It has a kinda "Rust Gold" thing to it. I know that sounds scary , but its really pretty. I especially love the fact that it comes in a little shaker so it minimizes spilling. I also love the sleek clear container it comes in.

Eye-shadow and Shimmer

The eye shadow is in the shade "Chain Link" and its #569 . This is a dark grayish shade. This is great for a smokey eye , and because its not extremely black , it can even be used to create a really subtle "Daytime Smokey Eye". What i really like about this is that , it has shimmer in it. So if you are like me and like a little shimmer in your eye shadow , you will love this :-)
The Shimmer i received is called "Heart Strings" and it is #26 . Ok so i have this weird thing about smelling make-up right? It smells like French Vanilla :-)  Its like a really light gold , so when the sun hits it , it reflects beautifully. You can use this to create a daytime look or maybe a "Golden Godess" Diva look .. like J.LO :-)
Both products are available in what are known as "pots" . I actually prefer the individual pots than the compact shadows , it makes me feel like the shadow was made just for me :-)

Moisturize Rich Lipstick

I have to be totally honest , i'm not much of a "Lipstick Girl" , but i'm really starting to get out of my comfort zone and try different things. This one is called " Cherry Bomb". Its a sort of dark purple mixed with a little red. Its not too red , nor is it too purple. It goes on like butter. You can feel your lips being moisturized. This lipstick is not one of those that is susceptible to "feathering" , it goes on and spreads out evenly on your lips. Also , it is packaged in a little Lipstick box , then the case itself , feels like really soft velvet :-) Again packaging is great !

Lip Polish

This Lip Polish is really "Glossy". Its kinda like the aftermath of Lipstick+ LipGloss all in one little container :-) I like that its reaaaaally red. So if you are looking to do a Dramatic Red Lip , i highly recommend this product. However , since its soo red , i would recommend applying it lightly.

Lip Liner

I received this Lip liner in Burnt Red. This is quite similar to a "Kohl lip liner". It is a "True Color" , meaning that it goes on red and you only need to apply once , its quite effective. No "Double Lining" necessary. I especially love the fact that its gray and not the traditional "black" color , with the color on the tip, i believe that beauty products should be pretty

I must say that i loved each and every one of these products. I love where DivaGlam cosmetics is going with their line and the thought that went into developing and packaging these products.  If you want the "Diva Look" , check out DivaGlam Cosmetics on the links below :

DhengiBrand Clothing : "LIVE IN THE FRESH"

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Hi Guys! Are you looking for a brand of clothing that is stylish yet versatile ? Basic and straight to the cut? Then look no further than DhengiBrand Clothing . This brand was developed in 1975 but recreated in 2003 by C.E.O Gerald Lawson and Vice President Kirk Alston. According to Lawson :

" The roots of my fashion fresh were formed in the Brewery Town section of North Philadelphia , where i was born and raised"

"Philly" is synonymous with Cheese-steaks and Tasty Cakes and now DhengiBrand :-) The auh mazing thing about this brand is that the clothing is not "too flashy" yet not boring. The creators made sure that the clothing is affordable and comfortable.

DhengiBrand has 3 categories :

DhengiDame:  This is the female line that carries : T-shirts , Hoodies and Sweatshirts ( shown below)

DhengiDude : This is the male line , and it carries T-shirts and Hoodies . See how he looks "fresh" :-)

DhengiYouth : This is the children line. This line carries children clothing and caters to little girls known as Dhengidolls and little boys are Dhengidukes. In the children category you will find T shirts. 

All T-shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. This means that when you wash your Dhengi shirt , the shape will be maintained. It will not shrink nor will it get stretched out ( like most t-shirts that you wash by hand)
Living "fresh" does not only entail having swagger , but also helping the community. Dhengibrand also gives back to the community. In fact, they donated t-shirts to over 20 different families of underprivileged children in North Philly. They are also involved in events such as : donating T-shirts to Aids victims , Breast Cancer Survivors and so much more. If you want to "Live in the Fresh" check out DhengiBrand Clothing at :

Disclaimer : All photos are the sole property of DhengiBrand Clothing. They should not be duplicated without permission by the creators.

Look Book Alive!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Hi Guys ! There is an extremely new software , well more of an app called "Look Book Alive". This is extremely new and i was soooo excited when i saw an e-mail from the creators of this new Phenomenon telling me that i could share this new development with you guys :-) Isn't that nice? Check out what it is below :

Look Book Alive is an application available for any mobile device in the world (iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets, etc) where instead of offering the traditional photo catalogue that many designers have already developed, we provide vertical full HD videos which will allow the customer to appreciate with an incredible image quality (cinema quality) every detail of the garment, the fabric,  the way it suits the body, those characteristics that are not shown in a picture but are important for the customer to appreciate. 
Customers will appreciate the possibility of having direct access in their phones to all the styles of their favourite designer, seeing them in movement and getting a real feeling of the clothes not just a mere picture. Through LBA they will even be able to choose  to see the style in the colour/size they need so the experience will be even closer to reality for them. They will of course be able to buy from the app itself, so this will make the already good experience of shopping their collection online, an extremely different one far from the traditional photo look books that everyone already has. 
Different, dynamic, interactive.

After reading this i had a few questions to ask myself , which I'm sure most of you after reader this will want to know. So here is the main one :

Will there be any implications for international shoppers as it relates to buying from the app itself?

the app links to the payment system that the brand has already, so when a buyer wants to buy from the app, it goes into the secure zone for payment that the brand has already developed. it's up to the brand to decide whether they want to use this app as a look book only or as an online store as well.
Is there a cost for this app?
no, it's generally free, it's like downloading whats app. but it's up to the brand itself to decide whether they want their customers to pay $ to get it downloaded, but i seriously doubt any brand will put any cost to it!

By the end of this week and next Week , customers will be able to download this great new app. So be on the lookout for that. In the meantime , check out this video below , just to see how "Alive " it looks :-)

Disclaimer : This video is the sole property of the creators of Look Book Alive. I do not won the rights to this video.

Beat the Heat : The "Haute" Way

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Hi Guys! Its no secret that Summer is here.... in Jamaica Summer is always here Here are my top beauty products/ tips to help you "beat the heat".

Water : Thats a given. Make sure that you stay hydrated. Our bodies lose a lot more water during Summer. This is because our bodies lose water through perspiration. Drinking water is simply putting back what we lost.

Sunscreen : It is important to protect your skin from those harmful rays penetrating through the atmosphere. In June especially where the sun is at its "hottest"  because this is when "Summer Solstice" occurs. You need protection. Sunscreen also protects skin from pre-mature aging.

Anti- Humidity Hairspray : This heat can not only be detrimental to our skin but also to our hair :-( There is no need to have "flat curls" or "dead hair". I recommend Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity hairspray. Its not too stiff/sticky nor is it too soft. It gives your hair a great hold with movement.

Moisturize : Be sure to have a really good moisturizer that's not too greasy. Heat can take a toll on your skin that can result in itching , flaking and even bleeding. So please , just moisturize :-)

Get a good lip-balm or chap-stick:  Chapped lips are just not cool. I like to stick to the traditional brands like : Chapstick , Eos and Maybelline.

What products do you usually use for Summer??

Make-Up Mayhem : Bronzer

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi Guys! Make-Up Mayhem continues today. Let's talk about Bronzer

Bronzer is a lightly frosted , tinted powder that gives skin sheer, natural color effects and highlights. It is used on areas that hit the sun directly such as :  forehead , nose, chin,cheeks and even collar bone ( if needed) .
Have you ever wondered how J.LO appears to always looks soooo "golden"? Thats because she uses bronzer !

Bronzer is generally applied pretty much like blush to the areas named above. It is also used for contouring , that is to create a more defined look ( think of model Giselle's cheeks) . It can even make your nose appear smaller. Can black people wear bronzer? Yes ! However you have to be careful . I would say consult a professional make-up artiste to know which shade/ brand is right for you. Selecting the wrong shade of bronzer can make one look sallow or just plain dirty  Based on my own research .. the experts  say "for women with darker skin tones .. buy a shade that is darker than your skin tone and pick one that's a bit shimmery".

That way , when the sun hits the areas , it will reflect beautifully in the sun and it will add warmth to your skin when you are not in the sun. The brands I've came across so far are : L'Oreal H.I.P Bronzer,
an Iman shade , Black Radiance and Mary Kay has shades for darker skin tones ( and soo many other brands). The video below shows how to apply bronzer.

Disclaimer : I do not own the rights to this video. Check out DaintyBrownGirl on YouTube

Product Review : Jamie Bentley Earrings

Friday, June 15, 2012
Hi Guys! I recently featured a store called Jamie Bentley in Canada ( see post ) where you can get luxury for less :-)

I received a lovely pair of earrings called "Dione" and they are a black Alloy ( imitation Onyx) with 2 rectangular Onyx gems held by contrasting gold clasps. The back is gold plated.

They are veeeeeeery pretty :-) They were packaged in an envelope with bubble wrap on the inside . Then inside that , there was a small black velvet draw string bag. Everything was intact ( which was very important) because I'm considered an international customer.

I actually wore the earrings out the same day because they came Tuesday morning :-) Let me tell you , the compliments just came rolling in. The thing i like the most about the earrings is that they have a regal feel to it .. it appeals to all ages . Also , they can be dressed up or down ( look out for this post soon)

The best part is that they look super expensive , but they are super affordable. To purchase Dione and all other items please visit Jamie Bentley at :

Mission Catwalk "Turns up the Drama"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mission Catwalk Turns Up Drama with ‘Wild Card’ Finale

 Some Mission Catwalk viewers were in for a surprise on Tuesday’s episode of the Caribbean reality series when instead of seeing Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) presentations from the final trio, eliminated designer Rebecca Stirm, who also showed at CFW, was brought into the mix as the wild card and a contender for the winning title.  Needless to say the top three, Crystal Powell, Gregory Williams and Ryan Chan were caught off guard by Rebecca’s return as well.
For her part, 19 year old Belmopan Belize native, who was already preparing a collection for CFW was thankful for the second chance.

“When the judges announced to me that I was being brought back as a wild card I teared up. It’s very humbling to know that I have a second shot at winning and going to London Fashion Week.”

Rebecca, who won four of the shows 11 challenges, introduced the crowd at Jamaica’s National Indoor Sports Centre to her line Rebecca Stirm Collection, which featured her trademark soft dresses.

The marine theme in Powell’s collection “Treasure Beach: Where the Desert Meets the Ocean” was evident in her use of different shades of blue and an interesting number which she called the sting-ray dress. The Crystal Christina owner, who specializes in evening wear, says she is now considering swimwear after strong reaction to her first item on the catwalk- a striking black and white one-piece.

Fellow Jamaican Gregory Williams who loves black showed his edgy fashion sensibility with unique constructions set to Lady Gaga no less. When asked if his H.O.D Designs collection will bring him the win, the 28 year-old says “I want to. But if not, I win in my heart.”

Rounding up the top four is Trinidadian Ryan Chan of Ryan Chan Designs, whose gladiator-inspired presentation was unified by shades of brown copper and gold.

The designers each presented 12 looks; worn by Pulse models including jet setters Nell Robinson, Carla Campbell, Jaunel McKenzie and Kimanee Wilson.  The collections were judged by regular panelists Mission Catwalk host and executive producer Keneea Linton-George; Novia McDonald-Whyte associate editor lifestyle and social content at the Jamaica Observer and international menswear designer Carlton Brown. 
Special guest Kay Davatian (former head of quality control at Jones NY and Ralph Lauren) who first assisted the top three in the prior episode, returned to mentor the finalists during the CFW challenge.  The winner, who stands to earn $3 million in prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week, will be announced on Tuesday June 19 following a reunion of the top 15 contenders.

Will the wild card cost a designer the title? Who will rule the Catwalk?
Mission Catwalk airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. on TVJ and repeats Thursdays at 5:30PM. The series also streams at

Information : AGSelect Pr
Photos : Tiffany Lue- Yen

DivaGlam Cosmetics : " Unleash your Diva Within"

"A Diva is the female version of a Hustla' -Beyonce Knowles

A Hustler is one who has an amazing drive to do whatever it takes to attain success at the highest levels. By this definition, Mechelle Rabot is a true "Diva" of Northern California . Mechelle has an innate passion for make-up and all things beautiful and entered the beauty industry as a hairstylist. While at Kenneth's College of Hair styling , she soon realized that she had a greater calling , which was make-up. Mechelle started working at Etee Lauder where she quickly learnt how to mix foundations for women of different ethnicity. This skill led her to work for top brands such as : Chanel and Flori Roberts. Her extensive knowledge , passion and world class experience led her to create her own line of make-up.

Diva Glam Cosmetics is the cosmetic manufacturer of beauty products that was founded in June 2004 in the "mind and heart" of Mechelle Rabot in Dixon California. Mechelle counselled a group of young women who society deemed as "doomed" From this , she formulated "Divas having Tea" which takes women from all walks of life and transforming them into their "divine selves". Mechelle believes that :
"Beauty is an outward expression of an inward state".

The unique thing about the products is that she was able to create shades for women of different  heritages. As women, foundations are the hardest to match , it takes a few tries ( and a few bucks) to get it just right.

 DivaGlam cosmetics currently carries : Moisture Rich Lipsticks , High shine Metallic Eyeliners, Loose Mineral Finishing Powder , HD Make-Up , Mineral Eye Shadow and Pressed /Liquid Foundation.

"Cosmetics has the ability to take an ordinary Woman and Turn her into an Extra Ordinary woman" . If your are looking for DIVAlicious cosmetics at a budget friendly price, check out DivaGlam Cosmetics at : and be sure to "like" the page.