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Jewel Tones For December

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Hi Guys! Better late than never or (early rather). We have been experiencing technical difficulties with our Internet Provider ( that story coming soon) And we've also switched . Anyway, let's jump into it .

December is the time people tend to lean towards the darker end of the color spectrum : Black , Brown , Navy Blue and everybody's favorite as of late "Oxtail Blood" which is basically a fancy name for a deep Red or Burgundy. The colors I've listed are known as "Jewel Tones" , because they are literally Jewel Toned . Think Emerald or Sapphire .These colors are huge for Winter or as we say in Jamaica "December " and i personally think that with all the parties and family gatherings coming up , every girl should have something Jewel Tone.

If you would like to shake up your wardrobe this December , mix Jewel tones with just about anything . As shown in the picture above , the model wears a large deep purple handbag with a green top and black shorts, she has incorporated this trend in a more subtle way .

If you are more of a daring Fashionista , mix it up with a Green patterned pants and a cool trendy top and of course your confidence :-)

Will you be subscribing to the Jewel Tone Trend for December?

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