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Lip Service : Eos Lip Balm

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Hi Ladies ! Today is the last day for this feature :-( It was fun looking at all the hot new lips trends and helping you how to achieve each look at home. Today , I've decided to take things down a notch and focus on healthy lips rather than "hot lips" .

I know most of you have heard about EOS lip balms and their amazing powers. Everybody from Beauty Gurus to Wall Street Tycoons use this product and all agree that its pretty fierce.First of all , you have to know how to say it! The correct way is E-O-S , rather than EOS ( in one word), now that we've got that out of the way , let's get into things shall we.

Spotted ! Chuck Bass leaving the Empire Hotel with his EOS Lip balm in hand , it's gonna get pretty chilly Upper East Siders , so bundle up ,xoxo

Why is it so Great?

First of all , it has been deemed as "Lip balm that makes you smile". It is also :
  • 95%Organic 
  • 100%Natural
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Shea butter & vitamin E
  • Smooths on clear
  • New smooth sphere precisely glides on to lips
  • Twist-off top
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Petrolatum-free
  • Phthalate-free
How To Use It

Twist off top , Apply to Lips , smile! You are good to go :-)

I truly hope that you all enjoyed this featured because i  enjoyed researching and writing about all those trends for you  :-) Always remember that Fashion is dynamic , go out and try something before its "out"

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Girl Talk: Bitch Ass Ness!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ladies , this is the last girl talk and i wanted to make it a bit personal since i don't talk alot about my life on here. Don't worry i  won't bore you too much with my life issues. This topic was inspired by BritPopPrincess ( Patricia) on YouTube , I'll put her video below just so you can hear what she has to say.

First of all , i personally do not have ANY close female friends , not ONE. I do still have my B.F.F from High School but we barely speak because she's in the Navy and we both have separate lives . I did however have a group of friends i was tight with for over 11 years in High School  We grew up , grew apart and ,some of us wanted other things out of life than just being a "baby mama". Anyhoo , my thing is why are we as females so mean to each other? Why this "Bitch Ass Ness". Why is it that when we stop being friends with a group of people must they continue to talk about you? Slander you and say mean things? I must admit personally , it doesn't bother me ... i don't let trivial things and small minded people get to me. It actually makes me feel important that while I'm busy working and trying to make a name for myself , there are people out there who set aside time , buy credit just to talk about me . Wouldn't you feel special? After all , I'm a Blogger , i need those extra page views:-)

I think that when girls pick on you , its because they are insecure. Maybe they didn't have the life you have growing up and they find it alot easier to pick on you instead of facing the fact that they are obese and need to just totally stop eating and stop picking on you because you are naturally slim and can eat as much as you can without gaining a single pound.

My next reason why girls are mean , they are just jealous or "bad minded" as we say in Jamaica. They say misery loves company . While you might work from the comfort of your home and earn a decent living , they might be doing things they are not proud of and will never get the sames results as you.

The Solution : Get rid of the bitches! I did and my life is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. There is no drama , i don't have to listen to the stories of dead beat baby daddies or boyfriends who are suspected of cheating  I am able to fully focus on me and have clearer thoughts . They say no man is an Island , but why have an Island filled with Parasites?

I know I'm not perfect but these days i have no time for Bitch Ass Ness .The time i could be spend doing that ... i put it into my blog :-)

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Miss U.W.I 2013 Casting is Tuesday and Wednesday : Applications closes Today!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The casting for Miss UWI 2013 will be:

Tuesday, October 30th at the Students union multi purpose room 10am-5pm. 

Wednesday, October 31st at the Rex Nettleford Hall's Multi Purpose room 10am-5pm. 

You can download the official Miss UWI application form -

Lessons In Etiquette : Meeting the Parents

Imagine this : One night you are all snuggled up in bed with your significant other and they turn to you out of the blue and say " I think we should have dinner at my parents house this weekend". If your first retort is " Oh S*@t!!! You are not alone.
Meeting the parents for the first time can be quite daunting . What if they don't like you , or you don't like them . After all you never get a second chance to make a first impression .

 Think of when "Charlie" met Viola in "Monster In Law" or when "Greg" met Pam's father in "Meet the Parents", sure these are just fictitious characters but the reality is there are terrible parents who exist in real life. Here are some tips for all those meeting the parents for the first time. This might be helpful since Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. The good thing is this means your relationship is being taken to a whole new level so be on your best behavior.

1. Dress Appropriately! This is very important. Appearance is everything. If you are a thief! Dress like a businessman lol. Using "Monster in Law" as reference again , the minute Viola walked out and saw Charlie her immediate response was "Playing dress -up are we?" Not only was she threatened by her beauty , but she obviously knew how to put herself together. Ladies i would recommend , nothing low cut, too tight or short. I'd say dress " Modestly Trendy". A nice fun dress works with a cardigan ( if you find it's too revealing) You might want to leave your flip-flops at home as well as your 5 inch heels! Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk around in comfortably. Guys ! Your turn. Wear clean fitted clothing! No "Rock star" tight jeans showcasing your "jewels". Remember its a family you are meeting rather than auditioning for a porn film! Please make sure you are properly groomed.

2. Manners Are Important: In Jamaica we have a saying " Manners will take you a far way in life". These days manners have some how fallen by the wayside. However! It's still great to have some even if you have to borrow them from a book. Simple things like showing up on time . If you are too early it would seem waay awkward and if you show up late you are basically saying "i really couldn't be bothered to come so I'll try on all the shoes and dresses in my wardrobe until i know i am really late". If the dinner is set for 7 p.m show up like 15 minutes before. Address the parents as "Mr and Mrs" unless they tell you otherwise. Remember to sit up straight , don't chew with your mouth open , use your napkin and pass your food to/ from the correct sides.

3.Make Yourself useful: I'm not gonna lie , i don't think i should go to any body's house to play maid! My profession is not a maid so i don't see why i should "volunteer" to wash the dishes! I'm always myself in all situations .I'm not a lazy girl , but I'm not gonna jump through hoops to impress anyone , not even the Queen! This simply means " Don't be a Princess" . Don't park yourself on the peoples sofa and bark orders at everyone else ! If the mother asks you to bring out a tray or bring out the desserts then oblige!

4. No "Foul" Talk : If you are one of those people who can't express yourself without using an expletive , then  don't talk! As they say " If you have nothing good to say , don't say anything at all'. Watch your mouth until you become more familiar with them and know which words are acceptable .

5.Limit the P.D.A : When two people are in love , they can't keep their hands off each other. (that's a known fact) However , there is a time and place for everything! Literally, keep your your hands to yourself. Your boyfriends mother might not want to see you groping her son! Also , if the dinner turns into a sleep over , you can expect not to sleep in the same bedroom ( in most cases) Try not to make a fuss about this , it's not your house!

As i always say , there are tons of other tips and advice , however , these are the ones that work for me . You know the type of guy/ girl you are dating , do your research and find what best works for you.

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Jessica Biel changes her name to Timberlake

Saturday, October 27, 2012
If you follow trends , tabloids , magazines watch M.T.V or live under a rock, you would have already known that Jessica Biel has decided to change her last name to Timberlake . Timberlake and Biel tied the knot last Friday at a lavish ceremony at a beautiful venue in Italy . Being a huge Justin fan , i wanted to see what her hair , make-up and dress would look like ( so i can pick it apart .. all in good fun). So here it is below

The 30 year old actress expressed that : "My professional name will still be the same, but for life, yes, I think it sounds great. I think I really won the jackpot of names." -People Magazine, Nov 2012

Biel wore a "whimsical" Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown and expresses how happy she is to be building a life with her new husband . Who wouldn't be happy spending the rest of their life with the guy who brought sexy back?

( Photos -People Magazine Nov , 2012)

What do i have to say about the dress : Its an 'Off the Runway Dress" . I actually think it fits with the Italian theme really well and it also matches her personality. I think this dress will be talked about as a Trend setter because its a non-traditional dress. I guess its all about perception , people will absolutely love it , then people will also absolutely hate it.

Its soooo strange ..i was actually drawn to this cover because of Britney at the top right ... why would they do that ?

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Jamaica's Hip Hop Artiste "Nomad Carlos " Hosts Listening Party for his Latest Mix tape

Friday, October 26, 2012

For Immediate Release
October 24, 2012

Nomad Carlos Hosts Listening Party

Rising local Hip Hop artiste, Nomad Carlos, is hosting a listening party for his upcoming mixtape, “Me Against the Grain”, on Friday, November 2, 2012 at Nanook Enterprises, 20 Burlington Avenue. The event begins at 8PM with the mixtape being played at 9PM for people to hear before the official release date of Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Music at the event will be played by Inztinkz while food and drinks will also be on sale.

Me Against the Grain” is a 15-track mixtape, which features production by Inztinkz and The Patents as well as features from TSD and Five Steez. It will be the second release from Nomad Carlos this year.

The content is different from what is usually heard in Hip Hop music as I bring a different perspective,” says Nomad Carlos. “‘Me Against The Grain’ shows the average lifestyle and also appeals to different emotions that listeners would be able to relate to.”

Nomad Carlos is currently creating history by being recognized as one of the leading artistes to bring Jamaican Hip Hop to the forefront of the mainstream music business. His mixtape, Me Against the Grain” will be available for free download at upon release.

Word Count: 199

Lip Service : CoverGirl Flipstick Lipcolor

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Hi Guys:-) I know you've all been seeing those Covergirl commercials with Sofia Vergara and most recently Taylor Swift advertising " Covergirl Flipstick" .  I just wanted to talk about that auh mazing product today ... don't you all just love Covergirl :-)

If you walk into any Department Store , Cosmetic Store or just any store that sells Make-Up , the first thing you'll notice about the Flipstick Lipcolor is its packaging. This sleekly designed product comes in a double ended Lipstick duo , with a reflecting color combo and a clear glass case on both ends.

It comes in 13 shades and you are able to "Flip" your look from Day to Night in an instant. One side has a creamy shade , while the other side consists of a "shimmer shade ." It's two wearable , blend able colors in one fun sleek stick!
The CoverGirl Flipstick has received the "Cosmetic Executive Women" Insiders Beauty Award and is one of Allure's Magazine "Best Beauty" product of 2012.

Get the Look!

Simply apply the cream lipstick end to your lips , then add the shimmer product on top! It's as easy at that! For a shimmery showstopping pout , apply the shimmer just in the middle of the bottom lip! For even better results , apply a lip balm to bare lips before applying this product.

The Flipstick Lipcolor can be found at Department Stores such as Walmart , K-Mart and Beauty Supply stores such as In Jamaica , it can be found in High End Pharmacies such as Monarch Pharmacies , Manor Park Pharmacy and Discount Pharmacy . Also consult your local beauty supplier to see if they have this product in stock.

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Tyra Banks "Smizes" with Rob Evans In Jamaica!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Spoiler Alert !!! I know most of you already heard that the models head to Jamaica for an "Island" inspired photo shoot . The episode will air this Friday October 26 , at 7 pm. Banks who has reportedly been to the island several times expressed that she loved it and knew she had to come back for one of the cycles.

This episode will feature some of Jamaica's models, local celebrities as well as some familiar spots. This episode will see the girls going "Dancehall" and will feature a hot Jamaican Dancehall Artiste , who have been making waves on the music scene this Summer :-) You just have to watch to see who it is .

Rumors have sparked that the 38 year old Mogul and 24 year old " AB-TASTIC" Male model has been dating because they have been spotted out on intimate dates . Do you think they are an item? or is it just for the Camera?

Check Out this Video Below

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Girl Talk : Falling In Love

Hi Guys! Last Week i asked you "what are your "Girly" Issues and i got a request to talk about "Falling in Love" from one of my readers who says she's in love . I'm not an expert on Love but i can help to some extent . Today we'll be looking at signs you might be  falling in love

" Falling in love is such an easy thing to do , the birds can do it let's get to it .. let's fall in love" . This is the theme song for "Life of the American Teenager".  According to a recent study conducted by "Syracuse University Professor Stephanie Ortigue reveals falling in love can elicit not only the same euphoric feeling as using cocaine, but also affects intellectual areas of the brain. Researchers also found falling in love only takes about a fifth of a second"

Shakespeare believed that it took an hour to fall in love with another person as was the case of "Romeo and Juliet" , who fell in love at "First sight" , in my opinion that was not love it was more lust.  Anyway , here are some signs that you might be falling in love.

1. You can't eat : You want the other person more than you want food .Experts say this is the super "tell-tale" sign . Not only are you distracted , but you have lost your taste for food and that taste is replaced by thoughts of wanting to be around the other person.

2. You think about them when getting dressed: Most people have done this. Maybe it's you wanting to "show off" your body to the next person or you image them caressing you , whatever it is , you've caught yourself doing this at least one.

3. You can't stop smiling : Love makes you happy ( it should) You just find yourself with the biggest smile for no apparent reason. 

4. You miss them when they are not around : If you met your significant other at work or school , if you don't see them for one day , it is as if you are going out of your mind!

5. You start to fantasize what your children might look like : Think Kate Hudson in " How to lose a Guy in 10 days" and that crazy album she made with their "future children" ,lol . It is said that women do this more than men however.

6. You seem to have a natural glow : It is said that the actual feeling of being in love is "physical" , it can even be healing and rejuvenating . Endorphins are released which gives that "happy" feeling , the same as eating chocolates . Have you ever noticed how newly weds always seem to have that "glow"?

7. You get easily jealous : Let's say you found out your significant other went to a party or to see a movie ... without you . You begin to wonder why they didn't invite you or who they went with , instead of you.

8.Daydreaming : You find yourself imaging what your life will be like . You might  even imagine yourself cooking a meal or working on a house project together . Don't worry , it's completely normal.... ish

Those are all the things i could think of 
* I personally don't believe in love ( Other than God's love) people just "settle" or "love because they have to because it's convenient at the time

What crazy things do you do when you are in love? Please share

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Lessons in Etiquette : The Business "Meal"

Monday, October 22, 2012
You've guessed it ! Today we'll be looking at the business "meal". I would say Business "Dinner" since that's the most common ,but that would be limited to just one thing and in today's' world there's always food involved in business meetings or whatever .

During my short time at Sagicor , there were Business Breakfasts , Business Luncheons , Business Dinners , and Business Award Ceremonies. There were a lot of Business stuff that involved food. Poor little me I love to eat but i always wanted to look sophisticated . This one time there was a Business Breakfast and while i was there enjoying my Chocolate Chip muffin with my fingers ... i looked around and saw all the "Elders" eating their muffins with a fork!!!! Why ? That's optional in my opinion!! Anyhoo , let's get into it before i go telling you all my embarrassing food moments :-)

A Business Meal is a meeting where business is conducted , while eating. It is said that during this time employers get to do a visual observation of their employees behaviors , how the relate to others and the restaurant staff.

The Conversation : The primary objective is to participate in a "fruitful" conversation . This simply means no "loose" conversations that regards your personal life . While at a Luncheon ,there were two girls talking about what they did with their boyfriends on a regular basis , there is nothing wrong with that , but in that setting , that is HIGHLY inappropriate . Of course , they were asked to leave the table and continue the conversation elsewhere. You can of course talk about casual topics like the weather , maybe share a recipe or give your comment on a current issue. Also , avoid getting into a heated debate , simply "agree to disagree" , then move on.

Table Manners : Contrary to what others might believe , your elbows can rest on the table. However! this is before the meal is served. Once there is food on the table , remove them! You may however place  the "edge" of your elbow on the table , just to be comfortable . It would be pretty awkward to just sit there with your hands and fingers trying to navigate your way to eating that meal .
Be sure that you are polite to your colleagues and the restaurant staff by saying " Please and Thank You " before and after your requests. Always remember that Salt and Pepper are a team . If you ask for one , take both .Try to be careful with your portions , be sure to taste your meal before dunking salt and pepper all over your meal. It insults the chef and also the staff , you are basically saying that " You can't cook to suit me". Napkins are generally placed on your lap and not as a bib around your neck!!! If you choose to leave the table  , place your napkin on the table and not on your plate. Sometimes the waiter will return and re-fold your napkin . Don't start eating your meal until everyone at your table has been served. Turn off your cell phone at the table or put your phone on vibrate if you are expecting an important call . Cell phones are my biggest pet peeve . Imagine this .. you are their sitting at the table having an engaging conversation with your colleagues , when all of a sudden a cell phone rings and the person picks up and goes " Yeah man , mi nah do nutten important , mi jus a eat some food , you a guh di dance laytah? Like seriously? If you must answer your phone ,politely excuse yourself from the table and go to the bathroom.

Eating the Meal : It is always confusing trying to figure out the "ownership" of plates and utensils . Why must they place them so weird? It always looks like the plate is yours but as it turns out , it's your neighbors'.

  • Glasses - on your right hand side, and working from the outside towards the dinner plate (center) can be a red wine, white wine, and water glass.
  • Bread and Butter Plate - this will be on your left hand side. Never butter your entire bread at once. Break it into small pieces and butter them as you go along!
  • Napkin - your napkin will either be placed on the plate in front of you or it will be on your left hand side.
  • Forks - will be placed on your left hand side.
  • Spoons and Knives - will be placed on your right hand side.

Generally, forks and spoons are used toward the dinner plate.  So if forks are on the left, they are used from left to right (in towards the plate).  Spoons and knives are placed on the right, so they are used from right to left (again, towards the plate).

If you've decided to order soup, always place the spoon on the plate when not being used.  Don't leave the spoon in the bowl because you run the risk of bumping the spoon and sending soup flying across the table.  Accidents can happen, and if you can avoid this problem during a business meal, you should take all the precautions possible.

Dress Professionally . You can still wear trendy clothing to these meetings , but the same rules applies , no low cut tops , pants should not be so tight that its obvious the type of underwear you are wearing. Skirts and dresses should be on the knee , 1 inch above or 2 inches above.

* Information Business Meal  Etiquette * 

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The "Brit" Factor : Britney Spears is Elles' October Cover Girl

Saturday, October 20, 2012
:-) I am a huge fan of Britney Spears up until now, even when she had her breakdown .. i was still a fan ... Today ... i had a moment. While buying my regular magazines , i saw the Elle Magazine with a very familiar face ... at that moment i knew i had to buy Elle this month ( I like Elle... but i don't buy it every month) Check out the photos below :

The Cover Photo : Versace Leather Dress

Stretch Nylon-blend dress, Lisa Marie Fernandez , $595, collection  at select Saks Fifth Avenue Nation wide . Sunglasses , Gucci $295. Embellished Crocodile Bag, Dolce & Gabbana , $3,595, Fishnets , Falke $46 . Her own earrings and ring

 Tiered Gown, Just Cavalli. Pave' Diamond bracelet, Bulgari ( price on request) Suede Boots , Kanye West ( price on request) Her own Ring. The Guy in the photo is Jason Trawick , he's her Fiance' , he was in the "Criminal " vid with her.

Leather and Patent Leather Jacket. Jason Wu, $3,795 , collection at Neiman Marcus stores nationwide. Satin Bra , Dolce & Gabbana, $295. Swarovski-crystal embellished bloomers , The Blonds ( price on request) . Fishnets , Falke $46. Cutout Satin boots , Roger Vivier , $1,145. Her won earrings and ring

Swarovski-crystal embellished bodysuit with marabou and bleached ostrich-feather trim, The Blonds ( price on request) Fishnets, Falke , $46. Her own earrings and ring

Viscose-blend dress, Bottega Veneta, $2,580 , at Bottega Veneta boutiques. Yellow gold and diamond bracelet with platinum , David Webb, ( price on request) . Patent leather pumps , Gianvito Rossi , $920

I really liked the way Britney was styled for this photo shoot. They pulled looks from "Regular High-End" Stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks, and the looks were all "Britney". Of course these opinions are all biased because as i said I am  HUGE Britney Spears Fan. If she was wearing a Garbage bag , i would still say she looks good :-)

Check out the Magazine to see the interview and also what Britney had to say about her Fiance'.

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Miss UWI 2013 Application Launch : Today at The Student Union During Integration Thursdays

Thursday, October 18, 2012
The official "Application Launch" of Miss UWI 2013 will be today Thursday , October 18 at The Student Union during Integration Thursdays . Come out and mingle with Miss UWI 2012 Saneeta Myrie and her Court from 7-9 pm on the Tennis Court . Look out for a Visual Production of what took place last year. Forms will be available at the Miss UWI booth ( Integration Thursdays) , as well as on Halls , Faculty Offices and The Commuting Students Lounge as of Friday October 18, 2012.

Ladies , this year promises be be EPIC# Pick up your forms early and set your place.

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Miss Uwi 2013 is 100% Haute Approved

Lip Service: Warm and Toasty Nudes

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Making it's way going towards the Winter season are nudes.  If you've accumulated your nudes from earlier this year when they became popular , now is the time to get them back out!!

The great thing about a Nude Lip Stick is that you can choose to have a "build up" . That is unlike those harsh lipsticks that are just really Red or Really Coral , you get to decide how "intense" you want it by gradually adding it until you've reached the desired shade.

Get The Look!
Step 1 
Apply clear lip balm to your lips. This will make your lips smoother and also easier for your lipstick to be applied.
Step 2
Taking a lip liner closer to your skin tone, carefully line your lips
Step 3
Apply your favorite nude Lip Stick to your perfectly lined lips
Step 4 ( Optional)
Finish with a lip-gloss to add shine and complete the look!

Below are a few Lip Sticks to try

Nude lipsticks are great if you have created more of an intense eye. It completely pulls the entire look together by putting the focus on the eyes . What is your favorite brand of Lip Stick and how do you wear it?

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Girl Talk : The Breast Self Exam

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month . Breast Cancer affects one in eight women during their lives . Breast Cancer kills more women in the U.S more than any other disease other than Lung Cancer . With that being said , i thought this post was more than appropriate in light of this time .

I remember when i was a teenager i would see a lot of commercials on local T.V about Breast Cancer , i remember seeing women literally lifting their breasts to put on that weird machine. I was thinking two things :
  1. How will i ever get my breasts to "lift" and go into that machine
  2. Why and how should i get breast exams
I know i cannot be the only one who was thinking those things, so I've decided to fill other women in  on How to Do a Self Breast Exam and also the best time to do one.

There are 2 main steps to doing a Breast Self Exam ( BSE) 
  • Looking at the Breasts
  • Feeling the Breasts
Step 1

Strip down your top in front of a mirror. Be sure that it is a wide enough mirror that will give you a full frontal view of your breasts. Your arms should be relaxed and at your side , some people are more comfortable putting their hands on their hips. Look at your breasts carefully ... are your nipples the same size , do they look darker/lighter ? Are there any dimples or general changes in the skin? Look out for any abnormality.

Step 2

Raise your hands over your head and view your breasts from different angles , turn to the left or right , bend over . See if there are any dimples or anything that changes in the general shape. Like finger prints , breasts are different , some people have really large nipples some have small nipples , just be sure that you are familiar with your breasts and if you are seeing nay changes at all , even the slightest

Step 3

The next part is how your breasts feel. It may seem strange at first to handle your breasts. Some girls feel self-conscious about it, but there's no reason to feel guilty or awkward. BSE is a positive way to stay healthy.