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Whats "Haute" Now ? Hand chain

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Hi Guys ! Today we will be looking at a very interesting emerging trend that's so "Haute " now. I'm talking about the "Hand Chain".

The "Hand Chain" , is simply a chain for your hand :-) If you love wearing chains or multiple bracelets on your hand , this will be the perfect accessory for you. There come in different styles and metals ( gold and silver) . While doing research on this trend , i kept hearing about "Caggie Dunlop ".

 So Just to give you a little info on who she is in case you stumble on her . She is a British Reality Actress of "Made In Chelsea"( ( The British Equivalent of The Hills) and Girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction  So i guess she's pretty huge in the U.K. Legend has it that when Caggie appeared in an episode of the show in her hand chain bracelet , it sold out completely at Urban Outfitters  Check out these pictures Below:

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1 comment on "Whats "Haute" Now ? Hand chain"
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