This Vs That : Dove / Secret Deodorant

Hi Guys! It was a bit of a scary weekend here in Jamaica , Hurricane Isaac almost hit us but we were spared. Of course I'm sure there were parts of the Island that suffered more than others , and to those people my heart goes out to you .

Today , I'll be looking at Dove and Secret Deodorants . In High school all i used was Secret Deodorant . I guess this was because Secret was soooo "over" advertised . I was never interested in the traditional "roll-on" that my friends used ,  it was always Secret. Recently , in my "adult" life i discovered Dove . Dove was always famous for their "soaps that were not really soaps" . But then they did lotions , re-launched their deodorants , - re-branded , make shampoos and conditioners , chocolate and even ice -cream. Before this intro gets any longer , i'll jump right into it :-)

Dove Deodorant

The thing is love most about Dove Products , is that they are less expensive than secret ( well not in Jamaica)  I started using this product around University . I loved the "soaps" and how moisturizing they are , so i was hoping that the deodorant would be just as good . I must say , i was pleasantly surprised . They are scented , but they are mild . The great thing about this product is that they don't come in clear gels , but they are like "semi clear " i would say . They don't leave that weird white cakey looking thing once you apply it and it lasts all day! Of course this depends on how much your perspire , but if you are like me and don't really sweat alot , then its a great product to use . I usually use the ones from their "Go Fresh" line or the traditional ones like Powder or Fresh .

Secret Deodorant

Secret ... Oh Secret . As i said , I've been a Secret user for years (until i discovered Dove) . I have a love hate relationship with this product . I love the fact that its  "highly fragranced"  , believe it or not , i don't use perfumes , so this is great for me . However , i feel like they went and added a few extra bucks to this product . Sure its a great product , but its too expensive . In Jamaica for example its almost $700.00 JMD for one that size shown above , that's crazy!!!  I'm honestly confused by this product now. They are sooooo many variations . I'm glad that they try to include everyone and their different conditions , but do i really need to spend like 15 minutes just standing in a store looking at deodorants trying to make a decision? Also , sometimes when i use the "Ooh la la lavendar" , i get this weird rash under my arm :-( What's up with that . Then is stop using it ... no rash .

What is your favorite deodorant ? Is it any of the lines from Dove or Secret?


  1. Lovely post. I love Nivea and Dove, they smell good, keep you fresh and are good for the sensitive skin.


    1. Nivea is Great .. its a bit expensive in Jamaica ... but i guess i'll stick with Dove :-)

      Thnks for the comment :-)

  2. Hi Rane, I love your post! I actually have gone thru so many different deodorants, but I think I've found my favourite one and it's the Secret Clinical Strength line, I guess it just depends on your body chemistry when trying to find a good deodorant.

  3. Thats so true Debbie ... I've settled with Dove for now ... Thanks for sharing:-)

  4. I'm still confused! What is the better deodorant for me. I want a deodorant that can whiten my underarms and keep myself fresh all day. What should I buy? Dove, Secret or Belo??.... That deodorants are driving me crazy! I don't know what will I buy... Please help me!!